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Peace and Healing

February 08, 2016

Please pray for a friend who is going through a really tough time. She is a new mom and her little one was just admitted to the hospital and she also just found out her sister overdosed on medication today and is stable but suffering greatly with depression. Please pray for all involved


February 08, 2016

Prayer warriors, Please continue praying for my children. Recently both children have been too afraid to speak to their dad about injuries they had sustained. My son was kneed in the privates which left a bruise on his private. My daughter fell and hurt her shoulder and refused to tell her dad. They're not safe there. They do not trust their dad to do anything for them to keep them safe. Stepmom is forcibly applying makeup on my 12 year old daughter, where she has expressed to me she does not want to wear it. She is too afraid of stepmom to stand up to her. They need all the help and prayers they can get. Court is in one month and that is just another month my children are put in harms way. Thank you so much for praying for them and us!

Husband's medical issues, loss of job

February 08, 2016

Heavenly Father, my family and I are praying for your direction and guidance through a difficult time right now. My husband almost died in late December. He is well on his road to recovery. Medical bills are piling up ( he had no insurance while in the hospital) and he had to take time off of work; he is scheduled for another surgery next week. He was notified a few days ago that his job has been terminated. We know ultimately that the loss of his job is a blessing in the big picture. We pray for our financial needs to be met. We pray for healing. We are very involved in our church so asking for prayers for a quick recovery. I am not worried as God will take care of us--He always has. My husband does need to be employed so Lord, please provide him a job. We listen to My Bridge Radio at home,in the car so we are constantly reminded of God's love in each song we hear. Lord we also lift up our hearts to others who are asking for prayer. Hear our prayers Lord.

Guidance Peace Saftey Provision and Clarity

February 07, 2016

I love God. And right now I just need Him to lead me into the next step of life. I am a high school Senior and am looking at colleges and what I want to do to make a difference in this world. It has always been a passion of mine to help and care for the hurting. And right now I just don't know what it looks like to do that in the best possible way. I know the Lord WILL use me either way but I just really want to walk in faith and hear Him speak wisdom and direction into my life. I am looking at not going to college and possible finding a place to be the Hands and feet of God. I know lots say you need college in order to succeed in life and if that's where God wants me I pray that's were I end up. But I also know that God can use me in ways I've never imagined and that He doesn't have a stipulations on how and who He can use. I am willing. And if serving Him looks different then what the world would define as successful I am okay with that as long as my Father is pleased. I want to reach the hurting with His love and I want to be a light in a world of darkness. Prayer for His guidance in this decision, provision in order to help others and take care of myself, and boldness to be the light that He has called me to be. Thank you all for taking the time to come along side of me as brothers and sisters in Christ. I pray He blesses you, Amen.

Carry me into new realm of blessings

February 06, 2016

Heavenly Father , I pray to you in Jesus name, I am in vital phase in my life which necessitate your intervention, Intervene my financial life with your giving power , i want it from your hand, Open the hidden resources of the kingdom for me nowadays, Recommend your angels Lord to carry me into a new realm of blessings, Open all the closed doors have been shut by the enemy, You are my family for i have no one except you, and you are everything and you are all in all. In Jesus mighty name, Amen

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