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Continued prayers needed for son

November 26, 2014

Awhile back I posted about my teenage son and his struggle with hearing loss. He has now shown some vision loss. The doctors want special tests done in Omaha. He has went into a panic mode and a tailspin. He refuses to get in the car and go to these appointments, because he is scared of what they have to say. He doesn't think there is any point in finishing school anymore. Please pray for strength for him, so he can come to realize these appointments are important. Until then please pray for my strength to sit back and let him do the deciding for now. This is what the doctors have suggested I do, and it's very difficult.

Healing for My Husband

November 26, 2014

My husband had Spine/Back surgery 5 weeks ago, please pray for his complete recovery, his foot is still dragging, please pray for all the nerves to heal, as well as his state of mind, he's discouraged today.. he has his good and not so good days.. We give God all the praise for bringing him through, he is a Sheriff Deputy, his future all depends on how he heals... Thank you for always praying for our need's, Love and Blessings :)

Work hours, job location, God's will

November 26, 2014

Desperate to hear from God concerning my work situation. Please pray for wisdom on my part what to do. To wait, to talk to the director, or people at the hospital (human resources) I am tied to employment because of insurance needs for my children and myself. I am a widow. I am a younger widow but basically all that I work with are younger than me, (my children's ages), it would seem they could better work the later hours. I would like to have a job closer to my home, (the hospital is less than 10 mins away, my job more like 20 or more related to traffic and travel conditions) but I will do what the Lord wills.

Wisdom and Guidance for Job Situation

November 25, 2014

I am asking for prayer for a situation related to my job. One of the classes that I have been hired to teach is a special education English class, which I am not certified to teach. I am struggling to teach these students the objectives that they must meet in order to graduate and to gather/organize evidence for their portfolios. Please pray that God would help me to identify activities this week that would allow my students to clearly meet their objectives at their levels during the remainder of the semester. Please also pray that I can easily organize the portfolio evidence that I already have. Elements of this class have been a huge source of stress since beginning my job in August and I am currently feeling extremely overwhelmed by this situation. I know that we serve a mighty God, and nothing is too great or small for Him. Thank you for your prayers for me, my class, and this situation.

Hope for our Family

November 24, 2014

Please pray for courage, strength, and patience for my husband and I as we wait upon the Lord and trust in His perfect timing. Pray that we don't lose hope, my husband especially as we try to get him back home. We are going through the most difficult trial of our lives and we need Jesus to fight for us and get us through. We ask for God's mercy and compassion to heal our family and protect our children.

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