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I need prayers

April 19, 2014

I'm asking for prayers for me and my husband , I been battling with depression and my husband has been trying to help me. But sometimes he doesn't understand what's going on with me dear lord I pray that you could help me fight this off!! I believe in Holy Spirit and if you claim your free you will be free please lord help me I know I don't feel like myself I want to be myself and enjoy my marriage and enjoy the life that you have given me I ask of this in the name of the father and the Holy Spirit! Amen


April 19, 2014

Lord please bring my husband to his knees. His lies deceit and sexual relationship destroyed our famil. He thinks he is walking with God

My husband and a dear friend

April 17, 2014

Please pray for my husband as he tries to keep his business afloat. There are many obstacles that are causing him much stress that he doesn't need. He has already had a stroke and I am so afraid all of this will cause him to have another one. Also please remember my friend Gerry who claims to not be a christian I have known him all my life and he has been sent down some strange roads I pray that he finds his way back to how he was raised. Thank you

my sister's baby is very sick

April 16, 2014

Please pray for my sister and her newborn baby girl and their family. The baby was born today with hypotonia and they believe she has spinal muscular atrophy. There is no cure and life expectancy is very short. Please pray for peace and a miracle of healing.

Family, marriage, finances and our jobs.

April 15, 2014

Please pray that my marriage will be restored and my husband with come back to God and the church. He is very bitter and has been for a long time towards myself and my son. We are having major financial problems which causes us to argue and stay far away from each other in all aspects of our marriage,( what's left of it). My son hears all this and he trys to stay out of it but it causes conflict between him and his dad. We have had issues at our jobs and need a change. I think it would help the whole situation. Also, we all have health issues that need prayer. Thank you for having this for people to ask for prayer. Thank you Jesus! You are awesome and I pray Lord God that Your will be done. I Love You. Amen.

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