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prayer warriors needed! walk in faith to pray for our city

July 25, 2014

Good morning all! The Spirit is leading me to walk downtown to pray for our city weekly. Our family has been broken apart by the Denver district courts and i have been crying out to God to bring our baby home for the last 3yrs. Though broken, feeling faith in the size of a mustard seed.. i go in faith to pray for our city I spoke honestly to God stating that i did not want to pray for these people who are hurting me, that i was only doing it because He told me to.. Revelation!! God told me i need to pray for them because they need prayer the most! :) I went in faith to walk and pray, I felt Jesus walking with me thaft day :) I am here to ask that prayer warrior join me downtown in front of the courthouse once a week, on Wednesdays from 645-745am, to walk and pray for our city. If you have a prayer group that can get together weekly to walk and pray in your city/neighborhood i highly encourage today.. go in faith! Prayer is our most powerful weapon, we need to get together and use it! Thanks for listening, have a blessed beautiful day :)

for our business to be in a better place

July 23, 2014

Season is not till the fall we are slow . We need to do better sooner


July 21, 2014

Please pray that Tony doesn't come back to the salon, he is a client and not a nice guy to deal with. In Jesus name! Amen! Thank you & God bless you!

answered prayer

July 20, 2014

Praise the Lord we had nice weather on Saturday! Thank you for all your prayers! God bless you!

Solemn prayer: husband to leave adulterous actions

July 19, 2014

Last night while my husband was showing me his online acct, he passed by some private messages between him and a woman who is active in an adulterous lifestyle. After praying over it this morning I asked my husband to allow me to view this acct. He had deleted the private messages before I awoke this morning. Upon asking him why he had been in contact with such a woman, he said I was mistaken and that he had been voyuer-listically looking at images on the popular website but was not in contact with any women. My heart sank but I accepted his explanation but told him that as his wife I view it as wrong and that a married man has no place looking for interaction or attention from such women , I left it there not pushing the matter further. All day I have been filled with anxiety over this as I feel in my core that he has omitted the truth to me. Please help me to pray that he chooses through God's guidance to not follow this path and turns back to the faith we both ptofessed to carry when we married.

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