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Imminent prayer requests as they come, we only have today tomorrow is promised to no man

April 16, 2015

I am a woman though :) May all go will with my 2pm class of skincare products at a temp on call job and that my facial waxing come out perfect with the Lords hand guiding me. All to go well. May I continue with them at least a couple of times a week and grow grow grow. My financial aide being reviewed for school go through I only have three semesters to go. May God locate my employer need to work at least part time also homeless stay with someone but its not long term. Im 48 so its hard at this age. Marriage to come to my door this year I am ready and it's over due it seems.

Husband Home

April 15, 2015

Please, please pray that God moves mountains to bring my husband home soon. It's like we are climbing this mountain and making progress and then a huge boulder knocks us down to the bottom of the mountain, over and over again. There are people in power who are ignoring the truth and manipulating things to keep my husband where he is. Please Jesus, intercede for my husband and stop the devil from hurting our family. We praise God for all provision and protection and give Him all the glory. In Jesus name. Amen.

Desperate prayer need

April 14, 2015

Hello! My husband is only breadwinner in our home right now and desperately needs a job!!!! We are trying not to be scared. We have two very young children. Also I am at home with kids during day. A LOT of loneliness stress exhaustion and depression. Pls pls pray. I write this with tears in my eyes.

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