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Very specific fervent prayer requests....

October 06, 2015

Finish school by Dec 2016 BA no glitches or problems all to go smoothly, although right not I am treated so badly. For legal matter to go through finally be heard and finalized, no really money related more of a victim impact statement. For recovery letter to Bar of Ca to be accepted and get a yes to go ahead assured of being allowed to take test and get license. Aside from all of that, Salvation, always that for self and immediate family.


October 05, 2015

GOD, you know how hard I try, try to be positive, try to get over this broken heart I have from another failed relationship, try to encourage others, try to be a better employee try to stop drinking and filling my body with unholy things but I continue to struggle and feel like a failure. My last relationship was so bad, I have no desire to date again. I've given up on ever getting married again or finding love and building a strong solid relationship. Just doesn't seem to be a place in my life for a success committed loving intimate relationship.I'm starting to doubt there is someone out there for me.

Brother's and Mom's salvation

October 05, 2015

I ask for prayers for the salvation of my brother David and my mom Terisa. I have invited them to church and have tried to lead by example, but I feel the need to invite others to join in to pray that the Lord draw them closer to him and that he changes their heart and causes a fire for Him to ignite. I also ask the same for my father in law James. Thank you!

bran's house

October 04, 2015

Lord we cant seem to make enough money to keep up. please send money to back all of our back owed property taxes in full and swiftly. dont let us lost our home or come under threat of losing it, or our health/wholeness/salvation/lives for that matter. Lord help with transportation issues too. in Jesus Name, we pray, Amen.

healing,deliverance&protection for my/our families,healing,deliverance&protection for Sarah in Jesus Name, we pray,Amen.

October 04, 2015

pray all hormones, heartbeats and bodily functions are balanced and restored in my family and sustained and protected. lifting up Sarah for special prayer as medication she needed on friday wont be ready until monday. Lord heal her, cleanse her, forgive her , protect her, have mercy on her, and hold her together, let her be balanced in every way, shape and form, the Lord says he will give her hope and a future and not harm. Lord rebuke the de/vil and cancel and block all his plans now , fully and forever. in Jesus Christ our Savior's Name, we pray, Amen.

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