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my children starting new school year

September 01, 2014

Please pray for my son as he is starting school tomorrow and is in a new class with new friends. My son has some challenges and being at school is difficult for him. Please pray that God will bless him this year at school and he will be surrounded by friends that like and accept him. Please pray that he will have breakthroughs in his challenges at school and will be a blessing to his classmates. Also pray for my daughter as she is as well starting a new year with new friends. Pray that she will be blessed with making wonderful new friends and will do very well on her placement tests. May God be with my children every day at school and guide them and comfort them and bless them. Thank you for your prayers!

financial freedom with in 3 weeks

September 01, 2014

I I AM so overwhelmed!!!! I need to not loose my vehicle just need 800 dollars to the dealer so they won't repo it!! My daughter is getting married in 3weeks and I don't have a dress shoes nothing ans my hair is gross and I'm walking her down the aisle!!! And I need 1500 dollars for be place to live!!!! I'm not sure if I can make it and this is suppose to be a happy time with my daughter and her marriage:( So please pray for dinner financial relief!!!

Healing and restoring our marriage.

September 01, 2014

Lord God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, Lord I beg and ask that you would restore my marriage. God You alone know everything from my point of view, and from my Lovely's point of view. Jesus please restore us, you know our fears and faults, our shortcomings. Please brake down my Lovely's harden heart. Jesus please let her accept you as her only true savior, and God. I know that will restore us. God I believe we are living in the end times, and that You will be coming for Your people soon Lord. Please work in my wife's heart to accept you Lord. I pray it in Jesus name. Amen

Removing Bitterness

September 01, 2014

I'm responsible for a writers group being offered a workshop at the Festival of Books. I also came up with the general topic. Now I can't participate, because of my disability. The other workshop participants are unwilling to accommodate my special need---something that could be easily done. I'm brokenhearted. This is a chance of a life time which as someone in my late sixties doubt will come my way again. Please pray for my bitterness. I've given and given and given to this group and feel very betrayed. Thank you.

Peace and understanding

August 31, 2014

Please pray for my boyfriend. He is a beautiful man of God. He suffers from anger and anxiety. Lord give him the strength to turn those awful feelings into something good. Thank you. Amen.

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