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Please Pray For Our Relationship

November 26, 2014

Please pray that Dana and Brent will find the courage, strength, and wisdom to start communicating and reconcile their relationship.

Hard choices

November 25, 2014

I'm a mom of two small children. The exchanges are emotionally exhaustive. Our 5 year old crys each time & clings to my fingers, begging not to go with Daddy. Our older daughter screams that she hates him & demands to know why she can't have more time with me. The door of his truck is shoved closed as our littlest daughter crying louder and begging me to stay. The issue is that I only see our girls every other weekend and one day a week. Of couse, my prayer is this: Father God...please let me see those beautiful children more than that. I want to give them the mothering time they need. Also, I yearn to receive the gifts of learning from them. I pray that we as their parents can learn to be ideal role models to them. I pray that the walls that divide us break down and that we can begin to talk. Most of all, I pray for my x-spouce to have compassion and share more time with me and the children. I pray, Father God, in Your Holy Name that the judge allows me much more time with them as well. Father, I miss them so much. Please..let them come back home with me and help us both to share. I thank You in Jesus name. Amen Desiree K Update: I've had that prayer up for about 2 years now. Every now and then I get a notice saying someone prayed for me today. It turns my whole day around. I still miss my girls and he does give me extra days here and there so, that's the great news. I got a job. That's awesome news as well. I'm living in a apartment. I'm thankful to God for that to. My biggest personal request, aside from more time with my girls, is for me to open up more and pray to God each day and read my bible. It's a hard flaw to admit, but it's out there now. Thank you for reading all of this and praying for me. & Thanks to God for finding me in the most special of ways.

Husband- cat scan

November 25, 2014

My husband easily gets colds/pneumonia & has a hard time getting over it, so went to the dr today with a bad cold/cough hanging on. Dr doesnt think he has pneumonia but wants him to have a cat scan tomorow at 3pm. He said it'll show him much more, like emphysema, cOPD etc. Please pray for good results.

Coming to Christ

November 25, 2014

I feel lost right now when it comes to the current relationship I am in. My current boyfriend is not a believer and I pray everyday for him to come to Christ. I became a believer while in my relationship. I feel a little lost when it comes to asking God questions and getting answers. I feel as though I am not hearing his responses, but instead only my own thoughts in my head and it's hard to differentiate between the two. Please pray for me and my boyfriend. Thank you.


November 25, 2014

Thank you for your prayers, can you please continue, I see a difference...may God grant you your hearts desires at the same time... Salvation for my son Seth his wife Janneth and baby girl Val. Rededication and deliverance for us all as a family. Legal debate and motion that will be filed Jan 2015 as it is yearly arrive directly to the clerk and judge with no interference. God knows the details it's not really financially related. Fervent prayer for this please. It will be mailed out around 12/31/14 or later in the week. Pass my two college courses needed to continue school while also needing job concurrently and finding one soon! permanently then continue with self employment preferably in skincare. Help me Lord in all these mini goals and learning more and more in natural medicine and skincare be an expert in it try to teach and guide me with ppl and courses that will aide me in growing in this beauty dept educationally.

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