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Deeper Relationship

May 03, 2016

I need your prayers so I would go deep in my relationship with God, enjoy my time with Him, and never go back to my old ways and thoughts. To be fully relying on Him, and go serious in my prayer times, readings and walking in the Spirit. To leave my future in His hands to plan and enjoy the present moment and ministry with Him.


May 02, 2016

Please prayer for the Lord to heal abandonment issues , rejection and rebellion from a set of twins whom have been in and out of foster homes which weren't healthy or good places to be for five years . Both of them now have been returned home and the family is really struggling because of these past hurts and pain . The Lord already has answered many prayers of restoring this family and put them back together and they need continual prayer of healing of the past so that they can live in the present and use there testimony to bring many others to the Lord .

Daughter in law

May 02, 2016

Our relationship with our daughter in law has always been a difficult one. Please pray that she will recommit her life to God. In an effort to hurt us she told us this weekend that their children don't like spending time with us! Of course this is came as a surprise and is very painful as we have always had fun with them.her heart is so full of hatred and malice. Please pray also that our son will recognize the need to get her the necessary medical attention and therapy she needs. Above all God is the healer of her soul and can bring healing to our family.

Alcoholic needs your prayers

May 01, 2016

My husband, Tony, has made the decision to stop drinking (Praise God!). He is in for a battle and will need your prayers. Please pray that he will be restored to health and our marriage and family will be healed. Please pray that Godly men will cross his path to encourage and support him. Thank you!

Nursing school

April 30, 2016

I would just like to ask for prayer for me as I prepare to take my nursing final for second semester. Currently I need to get an 87/100 to pass this class and continue on to the next semester. I want to do this more than anything! Ever since my brother died 3 years ago after spending a week in the ICU, I knew that this was I was supposed to do. I want to care for others like my brother was and show them compassion and love as I meet their needs while they are in the hospital. If I do not pass this final I am out of the nursing program. This thought completely breaks my heart. I pray for clarity and the ability to understand and retain what I study as well as having confidence in what I know. I also pray that I will lay this all down at God's feet and allow His will to be done in all of this. That thought is terrifying but I also know that it should bring me peace because God has proven to me over and over again that His plans are always better than mine even though it may seem that mine are in the moment.

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