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November 22, 2014

I pray that Elisa and I still be able to be in each other's life. That God allows us to be friends and that she contacts me soon. I miss her and feel alone without her. I hope she has mercy on me and allows me to try again to be a good friend to her.

Praise Report!!

November 21, 2014

I must share this with everyone whose been praying over my Legal Issue finding the right Attorney hasn't been easy. A, friend of mine who I know now threw this site referred me to Legal Shield! Only $20.00 (30 day money garentee ) They will get a Lawyer fit to my situation all cost will be paid for threw Legal Shield which comes out of my $20.00 a month membership and I can include my husband as well I encourage anyone that has a legal issue a call:310-581-1656 you ask for Jimmy Balder and that is what he will recommend you the same as me but in your situation GOD BLESS & GOD IS GOOD!!

Pray for my relationship and future

November 21, 2014

Please pray for my boyfriend and I, so we'll have a blessed marriage and family. We are going through some rough times because of his childhood traumas and depression, so please pray for his complete healing as well. God is almighty!

pray for my husband

November 21, 2014

please pray that God will help my husband to have customers who will get's hard to find people.Please help us to pray for God's provision to find customers who will get insurance.

Pray for our marriage

November 21, 2014

We need help! Depression & chronic pain have taken over our marriage & family.We need healing physically for my husband with his chronic pain, anger, depression & the many strongholds over him . I ask for prayer for me also. I am struggling with depression too. also serious resentment/ anger/unforgiveness. Many many years of unmet expectations, very little marital intimacy (feel like best friends or roomates not husband & wife), unanswered prayers for healing of our marriage & despite us both being in recovery there is still little to no transparency from him after his acting out caused loss of trust. This has completely worn me down. I need healing in my heart & mind to continue fighting. I'm tired & over whelmed. & need strength to be what my children need. what my husband needs. to balance working & managing my own health & MS w/out falling apart.

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