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Sofent that heart coviccion

February 14, 2016

Praying that Cc will seek the Lord with all heart and mind. Open spiritual eyes covict and transform. Give him sour taste for things not of God. IJN Thank u May the Lord ans your prayers.

Favor for my baby

February 14, 2016

Please pray my baby has favor in a current process for job. No weapon formed against her will prosper. Please. Thank u so much!

Adult Children

February 14, 2016

Please pray for my adult children that they will turn back to God. Pray that they will see that the world's way is not the way.

holy matrimony and protection

February 14, 2016

God, I immediately say, in Jesus Name, that the mouths of jezebel cheating women and every single harlot and strange and foreign woman , is shut now and never allowed to look or speak to S.R. Or C.C. EVER in Jesus Name, we pray, Amen. I pray the de/vil and all his allies, and every evil and temptation, and everyONE and thing NOT from You, Jehovah, are bound up, cast down and blocked, IMMEDIATELY and for good, AWAY from S.R. And C.C., in Jesus Name, Amen. Lord Jesus, strengthen, unite, protect and bless S.R. And C.C. Together now and forever. Let no weapon prosper, let no snare, incident, curse, lie, thief, perversion, stronghold,foothold ,wolf,device, trap, ex-gf, ex-bf, temptation, temptress, siren, seductress, enemy, harm, harlot,adultery, ex, fear, loss, wall, or doubt come near their tent ever, in Jesus Christ our Savior's Name, we pray, Amen!Amen!Amen!

Healing needed

February 13, 2016

Please pray for my grandson Isaac, he has had bronchitis, vomiting, fever and two ear infections within the last eight weeks. Please pray that God will strengthen his little body in order to fight these infections on his own, and not have to be on antibiotics so often. He is seven month old. He needs a healing touch form God, and we need prayer partner to agree with us in Jesus name. Also prayer for my son who is in prison, that God will continue to find favour in him, and for God's salvation and peace for all inmates in prison.

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