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I feel like my family is being attacked

April 27, 2015

Family Youngest to grow physically. Puberty to begin. Bullying from peers and coaches to cease. Oldest son and Daughter to focus on what is right and pure. All 3 to prosper and find success in grades and sports. Healing for husbands MS. Prosperous sell of our business. The negative hold that's over my family to be broken in the name of Jesus.


April 27, 2015

My husband admitted his drinking problem this weekend. He doesn't want to go to AA meetings or anything like that. He admitted how much he hates himself, how unworthy of love he feels and how he regrets so many of the decisions he has made. I need God to give him peace and show me how to support him. I need God to light the way out of this darkness.

I think I did the wrong thing

April 27, 2015

My understanding is that it's never too late to call on Jesus and I still have hope. I thought I was so smart and didn't think things through and wait, please pray for me to be able to have the love of my life back. I think I understand more now and I want him to know I love him no matter what. I do want a relationship with the real him, and I can accept other family members no matter who they are. Anyone. I can help. I can be strong with the help of Jesus. Please help me, please pray for me. Thank-you.

Emotional difficulties in my marriage

April 27, 2015

I ask for help in praying that my wife and I will be able to work through this difficult time in our lives. As I work through understanding my emotional needs and the problems of meeting them with my wife. I also ask for help in understanding what may be borderline personality disorder within my wife. Thank you

Hearing God's guidance

April 26, 2015

I am a child of Gods, but i am fairly new with my faith. I am working on reading tge bible, and learning more about God. I have been jobless for just about 2 years, and I have tried everything to get a job. I feel like I can't hear God's voice for his guidance as to were to go from here. I would love prayers about doors opening for me. Thank you for your prayers.

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