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February 01, 2015

Lordy believe restoration of my marriage is coming

husband would come to his senses

February 01, 2015

Im not feelin close to him. He has a porn addiction n refuses help. I dnt trust him. Hes not goin to church n woried for him. I feel like givin up.

Mediation Meeting

February 01, 2015

My wife and I will be in a mediation meeting all day Monday, in regards to my parents estate. My sister was appointed executed of the estate and has not been properly fulfilling her duties. This has been going on foe two years now, and hopefully tomorrow will clear it up so that er don't have to go to court. My request is that that this can be settled the way my parents had wished, not. The way my sister thinks it should be done. She is trying to force us out of our home and setting ridiculous condimentions. We just want what Mom An Dad set up. Thank you.

Marriage restoration

February 01, 2015

First thank you so much for all your prayers. I believe that prayer works and God is faithful and wants to reconcile my marriage. The divorce has gone through but I know that those are just mans papers and the vow before God is forever. I pray that God will bring about a complete change of heart in both me and my wife and that there will be a burning desire to reconcile our marriage. My name is James and my wife is Jisoo. Please pray for a complete healing and movement of the Holy Spirit in us and that no weapon formed against us shall stand. Thank you so much.

Breast cancer:/ Lymphedema

January 31, 2015

one year ago i found out throgh a routine mamogram that i had breast cancer.I chose to have a lumpectomy . I also had to have my lymphnodes removed because they were also cancerous. I now have lymphedema in my arm because of it. I have had physical therapy to try and relieve the swelling. It didnt help much. I wear a sleeve about 12 hrs a day . My arm feels heavy , tight, painful , numb & have limited mobility . My oncologist has encouraged me to think about having a lymphnode transplant surgery to eliviate some of the fluid. Its quite new and not alot of drs. Preform it.I would have to travel to Texas to have it done , im from Mich. Please pray for me in making this decision , im so tired of being in pain but its not ever going to go away but I have a good chance of it going down about 50 % If i have this surgery. Financially i dont know how i could manage the trip either , i have to stay there 2 weeks after i leave the hospital. Im praying that this will work out somehow.

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