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Desperate and sick

May 23, 2015

Please pray for my health issues. I have had many health issues since a work injury over 8 years ago. I have chronic pain and they terminated my benefits and have had poor health since then due to the stress, lack of sleep, harassment from the job, not being properly accommodated has led to other problems such as neck pain, shoulder and back. I am on many different medicines for many health problems but doctors only give me medicine and not look into my lifestyle which is a big factor in why I am not getting better. I have kids with chronic illnesses and I work a schedule that allows me to not get enough sleep and I have sleep apnea . At the moment I am having a severe flare up with my rosacea and I don't won't to leave the house but I have to work . A couple of weeks ago I had a side effect from my asthma medicine because I was too exhaust to take my medicine properly and wasn't getting enough sleep. ( would get home at :300am and had yo get back up in couple of hours to get kids ready for school). I am in the doctors office every week for me as well as my kids . I m not old enough to retire on a regular retirement but cannot continue working this way for another 10 years. No other company will hire me with no skills and this many medical problems. I donot know how much I can handle

My Apartament Complex

May 22, 2015

Hi i would really like to ask prayer for my.apartment complex i live in here in CA. I see the evil erupting throughout this place. My neighbors curse like sailors. This place is going down and needs JESUS big time. I have ministered, prayed over this place and literally have asked people at my church to pray for this complex. I talk to people about JESUS and it doesn't seem to click quite yet. The police have come several times to this complex. The ages in here and mostly seniors though. A neighbor of mine in her late 50's literally told a cop off in front of me and i looked at her and said whoa you don't say that to him. LORD was with me right there this i know and what is interesting HE had me standing there for a reason otherwise with the way this woman was back mouthing him and the other back up cop well let's just say she probably would of been thrown in the back of one of these guys' police car. GOD only knows why this happened or happens still to this day i don't know but HE also knows why HE has me living in this complex at this time being. Anyways i just for your prayers as well as im praying and others from my church are praying. May GOD continue to bless you all abundantly.

I feel very distant from God

May 22, 2015

My name is Matthew evans I feel very lost and far from God..I feel very bitter and empty..I fear I am going to loose my job, and that I'm going to disappoint my family, and that I've let God down.

For my mom

May 22, 2015

I want to pray for my mom, she had two mammograms, and the doctor asked her to make another appointment to get a third one, because the results are not clear and she thinks she has cancer. I leave this in God's hands and please help me pray for her. Thank you all...


May 22, 2015

Please pray for me as I have a broken heart and spirit. I have lost everything that I have cherished: shallow friendships, my job .... I wAs laid off 6 months ago unfairly and I am unable to find a new job and find my place in this world. I know that my God has a plan but so many times I can't see the light and it feels like he placed me in a pit where no one can help me out. It feels like he has abandoned me even though he promises not to. He allowed trials after trials , defeats after defeats for the past 28 months I seek him everyday but I found no comfort or guidance from him. Please pray for a breakthrough, for gods guidance and power to be at work. He is the only one who can do the impossible. Also, Please pray for Jimmy and I to be reunited so we can work together. We both want to serve god, use our gifts to make a difference for his kingdom . We both want to glorify him and Please Him. I also need a Job. May The Lord of hosts hear your prayers and may he intervene and have mercy and favor on these requests. Thank you .

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