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May 01, 2016

Pray that the guy I think is so sweet called land. He says hello and ask how it is with me. And he says I'm sweet and ask if I want to have a coffee with him.


May 01, 2016

Thanks for your prayers. I submitted a prayer request on here about my neighbor going to my church this Sunday morning, Lord have mercy she decided at the last minute she wasn't gonna go. Good Lord. Thank God i was able to get a hold of the church bus person. Anyway keep praying for my complex there really is a lot of atheists in here God only knows. I have put up with some real garbage from people who are non believers. From gossips to people calling me a holy roller. I mean really people is this the best you can do you all need Jesus anyway, God help you people and God us all whom are believerd. Good God what is wrong with people. Then this elder lady's caretaker tells me she would never go to my church after i told her she's welcome to come as well as ride the church bus. I mean this is what i deal with in my complex. Most of the residents here are seniors and i know in my heart if they all gave Jesus a chance they would all be better peoplei really believe that amen. God help these people and help me Lord to get outta here eventually. Plus i can't bring my boyfriend around here because they are all so nosey and gossipy. Good Lord help me and get me outta here. Amen. God bless you all prayer saints. Amen.

Broken Hearted

May 01, 2016

I am broken hearted. My husband does not allow me to finish my thoughts before he puts in a word. He has been loud and obnoxious. He is closed minded and not at all thoughtful of my opinions or thoughts. He is always riding on our kids for what they havent done or dont do. He does this more specifically to our son. He puts blame on him. Like tonight we went out to eat and my son said that i have salad everyday. And i said no i dont. My husband said that i needed to make a salad everynight and my son agreed. And then my husband said to my son well what have you done all week. You dont cook dinner. My son is 17, although a very young man he wont do anything unless he is told. My husband thinks he should just know to do it w/o anyone asking. Last weekend it was the same thing....asking our son "what have you done". We also have a 19 yr old daughter who my husband never questions or blames. My husband needs to snap. His behavior is out of hand. Please pray for us.

Prayer for my wife

May 01, 2016

My wife completed a yearly mammogram, and was asked to return for a diagnostic mammogram because of something abnormal. She is afraid. My mom died from cancer this Christmas; death has hit our family, and we are needing so much grace to recover. Please pray for grace for my wife and I. We are running to the Lord and His Word and His people in prayer, delighted that in our weakness He is made strong. Please ask the Lord to remove anything that is causing an abnormality, or to reveal it as harmless; that He may strengthen our faith in Him and that we may even rejoice; that the Lord's presence will be supernaturally nearer as we draw nearer to Him by the Spirit; that sisters may comfort and encourage my wife in our most precious faith and that as His Word promises, this will work out for God, as we are being conformed to the image of Jesus. ~ Thank you for your precious prayers, saints, from my heart.


April 30, 2016

Please agree with me in prayer, I will be submitting my fast to the Lord tomorrow morning with my prayer and supplication for me & c.

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