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Please pray my daughter will speak socially/conversation

October 23, 2014

The dr's are saying that my little girl has problems because she is not saying sentences/conversing. I know all she needs is love and practice and prayer. Please pray she starts conversing with me. She's three years old.

Need direction

October 22, 2014

I have found myself in a rough place, I have received an unwanted promotion at work causing more stress as the new responsibilities are added on to my daily work load and am really battleing with my children's education my oldest is in 1st grade and he is needing a the help he can get to help him with his homework he does have a speech delay where it makes it more difficult to be understood and with my new work load I will be getting home later cutting the time I am able to spend with him and my youngest by another hour. I have been considering changing jobs but I need the Lords guidance as to what is the best decision for my family since my husband and me have been planning on having a baby and also wanting to buy a house by the end of next year. I feel I may be planning for to much with my current job but I do need the money, I also feel bad that when my youngest crys and doesn't want me to go to work I tell him I need to go because we need the money..I don't want him to think money is everything in this world

Family in need of a miracle!!!

October 22, 2014

Please pray for our family. We are in desperate need of prayer, for my husband, Darrell. He has renal cell carcinoma, Stage IV, and currently in a hospice house.We have 4 sons, who need their dad, and I know God may have other plans for us, but I am hanging on for a miracle. I am in need of wisdom and understanding through all of this. Guidance and strength would be awesome, too. Our Pastor and our church family have done so much for us, and I cannot thank them enough. My husband just trusted the Lord last November; our 3 younger boys in summer of 2013, and our oldest in November, too. So as you can imagine, how this is just so hard for us. So understanding and wisdom would be a great blessing right now.... Thank you all in advance...;-)

For my nephew's addiction and his staying in my Mom's backyard

October 22, 2014

Hello, I ask for prayer for my nephew who's been using drugs, maybe meth, and is homeless but will crash in my poor mom's backyard. My mom is in her seventies and doesn't know what to do - she says he's a cross to bear but she's at her wit's end. He is there in the morning usually and paces back & forth talking to himself, asks for money or food. His mom lives in another state and he has no father to speak of. I've prayed for my nephew Bryant many times and have dropped the ball recently but ask for your prayer for this..Another sis & I are going to look at some resources to help.

Prayer Request

October 22, 2014

I am so scared that I will lose some important people in my life. Please pray that I do not, and if I do that God will send them someone with a good heart to take my place or that he will take that spot.

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