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Prayer for Faylene's safety and peace

May 30, 2015

Please pray for Faylene, whom I'm am told is one of the most loving people, is dying of breast cancer, she is very weak and her husband who is a retired Navy Seal is very verbally abusive and possessive. She is terrified. Her friends and family are going to get her out of there when he's gone which is risky. She needs a safe place to be where she can die in peace. Please help her with much prayer for her situation. Thank you all for extending love.

The Lord intervention in my situation

May 30, 2015

Please pray the The Lord will lead me to a good job with kind co-workers and boss. Please pray that He would provide me with safe peaceful place to live. Please pray that I will find a church home and godly friends and a godly husband if this is the Lords plan for me to be married. Please pray for His protection for me. Thank you.

heal me O Lord in my body

May 30, 2015

Lord, terminate every infirmity affecting me & make me whole. Restore my health O lord & make me whole, in Jesus' name I pray.

finding a wife

May 30, 2015

The bible says whosoever finds a wife find a good thing I would like to pray in agreement

Cairn and babies

May 29, 2015

My triplets 1 year old are sick with a stomach bug for days please pray for strength for me and a healing for them pleasend Please pray for my grandson going into his 3rd open heart surgery Tuesday. In the name of Jesus he will be healed

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