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Psalm 65v1-2

February 07, 2016

Please pray for Jeremy's and J.P.'s salvation. Please also pray that The LORD blesses me with a godly christian wife.


February 07, 2016

Lord let the love,faithfulness,romance,desire,devotion,endurance, joy and sweet passion be strong,blessed and protected, between CC and SJR immediately, fully and permanently in Jesus Name, and Jehovah never let it waiver, dull, decrease,escape,leave or turn from them in any way,shape form or time in Jesus Name. Deliver CC and SJR from every evil,harm,loss,sttinghokd,snare,waywardness,harlot, temptation,bad fruit,etc in Jesus Name,Amen

Prayer for wisdom

February 04, 2016

I am taking the Michigan real estate sales person exam tomorrow and I am extremely nervous! I am feeling inadequate and scared of failure. I'm asking for prayer that I will be confident and for Gods wisdom to help me pass my test.

Need Guidance

February 04, 2016

Please pray that God gives me guidance. How do I discern if it is in God's will for me to go back to school for a Masters/PhD in Mathematics in order to teach Mathematics at a Christian University? I am 45 with a good job. I will have to work while getting my degree(s) part-time. I would love to shape young minds intellectually while discipling in a Christian setting. Am I being foolish? I have been praying for quite some time with no clear direction.

Lord quickly help us!

February 03, 2016

Prayer repost: My soon-to-be son in law was attacked for smiling in the direction of a bully who was already visibly upset. As he was beating him up, my 100 pound daughter jumped on the bully to get him off, and he tossed her, they only got away by running to their car & locking it. --- one week later, my husband gets a big job with a small business, he does the work, gets most of the money, when it's done, the guy wants more work, my husband asks for a large chunk down, the guy and his partner say OK, but the next day they flipped out, for no apparent reason, and told my husband never to come back. Come to find out, the bully from my soon-to-be son in law, and the guy and his partner, are all family. Were new to this area, and apparently no one does business with "this family" as they are known for being notoriously violent. Please pray this whole, entire family (D.S. , L.G., & friends) is bound up, removed and blocked immediately and permanently, by a heavenly chasm, in every way, shape and form,& at all times, from my entire family: me (B), my husband,M, my two daughters, A&S, my soon-to-be son in law C., & my other daughters boyfriend, A., now and forever, claiming it in Jesus Name, & pray all fear is removed from us now, and blocked continuously, fully, and permanently, claiming it in Jesus Name, & pray we are all protected 100%, no weapon formed against us shall prosper, & under the Authority of Jesus Christ, we pray all this above, & more, Amen.

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