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my marriage is a mess

August 19, 2014

Lord I come to you seeking your grace and your intervention. Thank you Lord for my husband returning home but I am wondering if this is you or works from the evil one. I am in a situation and Lord I do not know if anyone even cares about me, my feelings my emotions. Lord with all of the obstacles and mountains that we have to climb why would you put this in our path? Why must everything in our lives be so complicated? Lord heal my mind and my womb, remove the anger that I have towards the mistress and there is alot Lord, I am afraid that the stress of this is going to kill me. Lord I beg you, I plead PLEASE intervene on my behalf. Remove the mistress from our lives for good, give us a chance to restore what has been damaged between us, at this moment with her in the background, I don't think we will ever be able to heal how can we move forward?? Show me, show us how. Soften my husbands heart towards me. Bring back the loving husband that I had. Hedge my family my finances and all of our belongings under your protective shield. Look upon me with grace Lord. Help me to acquire new clients as I am quickly running out of funds to support myself and my daughter. Lord, I am seeking you out, I am begging for your intervention, I am begging for you to save my marriage, Lord save my life. Give me peace Lord, please hear me, please move my mountains, please Lord shine your grace upon me. My tears are of pain and torment, please Lord, move in my favor. Please be with me Lord, show me that I am not alone as I have never felt so alone. Lord, what am I to do?? Amen

Please pray for my headaches to be gone in Jesus Name and weakness to be gone In Jesus name and i need direction from the lord

August 19, 2014

Please pray for my total healing in my body from headaches and weakness.By Jesus stripes i am healed. Please also pray as i need direction. I also need rest.

baby for daughter

August 19, 2014

Please pray that my daughter can get pregnant. She always wanted a child. She waited until marriage for this and now she feels it may never happen she's always wanted a child. Dear Lord please bless her .

Spiritual deliverance and revival in Christ Jesus and success in Career path

August 18, 2014

That I may overcome being weak and unable to wake up while feeling spiritually suppress in my sleep without being able to say a word out or lift any part of my body. I need a revival in my spiritual life and an increase in my prayer and bible study life. I will love God to give me success in my career path and make it divinely clear to me with strength to pursue it. Thank you so much,

pray for breakthrought in husbands spiritual life

August 16, 2014

Please pray for breakthrough in husbands spiritual life. Pray for him to hear and do as the lord tells him.

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