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My little sister Diane Pipes

September 03, 2015

Diane is in the final days of her life. She is in a Hospice Facility in Bristol middle sister DebbiePapasergia is there by her side 24/7 for 2-weeks today. Debbie is an RN and it gives us comfort here in Fargo ND knowing she is there for us. Please pray for peace and comfort for both of them. Debbie is staying awake by Diane's side.Debbie is wearing herself down. Please pray for strength for her since we can only be there thru pray and by phone. I love both of my sisters. Not being there is tearing me apart. Please just pray for our family. God bless you and thank you for your prayers.


September 03, 2015

Please pray for my family of 3 daughters and husbands that they will come to terms that we do not live forever and once a parent is gone it is too late to ask for forgiveness. I miss my family, but do not know how to bring them back. I have asked them for forgiveness with no response and yet they claim nothing is wrong.

prayer for my husband and marriage

September 03, 2015

Please pray for my husband that his heart will soften and that he sees the Lord in his daily life. He claims to be a Christian but there are no signs of change. Also our marriage of 42 years is struggling because we don't know how to communicate with each other and our disagreements end in silence or just walking away. Thank you so much!

Please pray for my little brother

September 03, 2015

Over the last 25+ years my little brother has been in and out of jail and rehab facilities. He's taken everything he can from all of the family, and we are mentally, spiritually and financially exhausted. We have nowhere else to turn, and I honestly feel at this time, he is getting close to rock bottom with nowhere else to turn either. We need help either in the form of a Christian rehab facility or some sort of "Life Coach" where he can get the extended care and "life training" so he can beat drugs and alcohol, but also so he can learn how to live in the real world. In the past, he's gone through treatment, but when it is over, basically, it seems he is left on his own, and far too easily he slips back into addiction. We don't know what to do anymore...we are at our wits ends. Please pray for him, that he will find rock bottom, and seek God's help....


September 02, 2015

Very broken and discouraged. Need emotional healing, God's provision, and healthy, loving relationships. I desire a Godly mate that will love and cherish me and friends that will not abandon in tough times.

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