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September 27, 2016

thank you prayer warriors, I'm in prayer for you also,the father knows what we need, to glorify him. I'm praying for the wisdom and discernment for court tomoro. I was the one who took strong drink after 61/2 yrs of sobriety, I'm a 5yrs veteran of the u.s armed forces, 25th infantry div. and my body has shown the wear and tear,i have another knee operation on nov 22 of this yr .and my car is in impound. it is my only transportation and have worked for it. so,im trusting in jesus!!! and asking alots of prayer for my foolishness, I have repented the last 31/2 mths. must do it the rest of my earthly days. fear of the lord god!!! prov. 3;5,6 Trust in the lord with all your heart,and lean not on your own understanding;In all your ways acknowledge him,and shall direct your paths.

please pray for my husband

September 26, 2016

Please pray for my husband, He has PtSD. His mom died of cancer last Dec.His 2 friends died last 2 weeks ago and also his uncle died that week.Today we found out that they found 2 cm nodules in his left lung.Please pray that it's not cancerous.Please pray for TM for grace and strength.Thank you if you pray.

healing complete no side effects no scarring for Mitch

September 21, 2016

My husband Mitch was told by a dermatologist today that he has skin cancer on his nose and face. He needs MOHS surgery for bcc and scc. I don't know what this means except I do know that the devil is a liar and I rebuke all cancerous cells in my husbands face and entire body, from the inside and out, to the top of his head through the soles of his feet in Jesus Name.

Specific requests fervent prayer

September 20, 2016

Pass all my classes this Fall semester. Add Spring semester successfully and process grants 10/1 online successfully to continue with MBA if only part time. Employment job offer January for permanent and long term position in the company God has for me. Secure living arrangement until I have a home and end homelessness. Legal to be processed and addressed; settled.

Son is struggling

September 20, 2016

Our son has struggled with drugs and now alcohol for many years now. He is 21 years old. We have tried everything. We took him to court for guardianship after he turned 18. We invited him to leave our home, he came back with promises to follow our rules but has not followed through. He struggles with depression and will not seek medical care. He did in the past and had a bad reaction to the meds. He stays with his girlfriend most nights which I don't agree with and he knows that. They fight more than they are happy together. Friday night, she asked him to leave her house even though he was drunk. He hit a parked van and was charged with a DUI. He told me he wishes he would have died in that car that night. (God was in that car protecting him because he should have died.) I try not to worry ....I try to let go and let God.....Please pray that God will guide our actions and give us the right words that will steer our son in the right direction and that he will turn his life around. He has so much potential. But, doesn't feel like he can do anything right and that everyone is against him. He feels like he has been bullied all his life. (He was bullied in grade school through high school no matter what I told the schools,,,nothing was done) I tell him he is in this world for a reason and that his life has purpose. He doesn't listen to anything. Please pray for our family!! Thank-you!!!

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