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pray for my mom

March 31, 2015

please pray for our mom. She was diagnosed with lung cancer in November, has a very hard time breathing, doing simple things. She is not a believer..yet..but she praises the saints for their prayers for her..."they're really working!" she says, at keeping the chemo side effects to a minimum. Her son went to visit her for her birthday, and presented with the gospel..in writing because she's both hard of hearing and reluctant to have gospel conversations. Please pray for the salvation of mom B and stepdad J. Pls pray for her CAT Scan today to be clear of cancer. Ww are are also praying for miracles..impossible with man, but not with God. That she would find second.therapy that would keep her cancer free. Also a treatment or miracle so that she could Breathe freely. Thank you saints! We love you so much.

prayers for these tough times

March 31, 2015

Please pray for me I recently found out my husband has been unfaithful and I'm currently trying to move away from him and I need the strength to get through this my kids will go with me


March 30, 2015

A loyal listener has requested prayer for healing within his family as they are suffering from illness. Thank you.

Prayer for a marriage

March 30, 2015

Heavenly Father, please rekindle the flame between a married couple. May they come together as one as God intended marriage to be.May they be steadfast in their commitment to each other and offer grace to one another. Amen

Need for salvation

March 30, 2015

Ann, a loyal listener has asked for prayer for salvation for her 3 children's salvation as well as the salvation of their families. May God be glorifed in this as His desire is that none shall perish.

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