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Friend's son

September 30, 2014

I just found it a few minutes ago that my good friends son may have had a stroke. She called me from the hospital saying they are doing tests to confirm. Please give the drs wisdom and for my friend to have peace.


September 30, 2014

I have a permanent disability on the whole right side of my body due to a car accident I suffered as a child. I am now an adult, its been 31 years, 32yrs as of tomorrow.My right arm is shorter &way weaker than my left arm & my right leg is way weaker too, however I can still walk with a limp & a brace. I have been actually doing pretty well most my life, in spite of some limitations, but now the "good arm" is really hurting. Dr. says to try to rest it & that its also carpel tunnel, but the pain goes up the arm and resting it is almost impossible.Its even just what we call the little things nowadays of pouring something or getting ready in the morning or having to hold the phone for more than 5-10 minutes.I try to use my right hand for more things, but like I said, it is extremely limited.I need prayer for my left arm, the good arm.

Prayer of Thankfulness

September 30, 2014

Prayer of thankfulness that will of God will never take me to places where the Spirit of God will not keep me. Prayer of thankfulness that I continue to feel overwhelming protection from God. Prayer of thankfulness that the Holy Spirit continues to guide and pray on my behalf. As a new storm of life begins to rise up, I am confident that God will see me through it. Prayer for peace, joy and safety for me and those closest to me.

Please pray for healing for Kate

September 29, 2014

Please pray for 10 year old Kate to be healed from a return of brain cancer. She has had surgery to remove the tumor, but is continuing to have seizures. She will start chemo and other treatment soon. Please pray for her complete healing, wisdom and discernment for her medical staff, and peace and comfort for Kate and her family. Thank you!

Prayer for ex-wife

September 29, 2014

His ex-wife is using alcohol and drugs and is now homeless. The children are with their dad. Dad can't stay with her any more to protect his children and his own sobriety. He would also like prayer for his boss who has severe back pain from a past motorcycle accident.

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