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My First Kiss

August 23, 2016

Please pray that God blesses me with my first kiss soon. Pray that it will be special and worth the wait. I am 26 and never been kissed by a man.

Is There someone for everyone?

August 22, 2016

Is there someone out there for everyone? Does everyone have a soulmate? Or does some people have to be alone for the rest of their lives and lonely and never get married? I am still waiting for my soulmate, my future husband. I feel unloved, unwanted, and unchoosen by a man. No man has ever noticed me before or asked me out or wanted to pursue me courtship for marriage. I feel ugly, not beautiful and very invisible. I don't feel like a princess and never will feel like a beautiful princess on my wedding day.

Please prayer for my mental clearness and physical well being

August 20, 2016

I have a very rough month. Instantly one day my left ear just went death and it hurt like it popped. It felt like when your in an airplane and all that pressure builds up in there at once. Well I just let it go on like that not thing much of it for 3 weeks already. I then went on to have surgery on my foot firing those 3 weeks. That went ok, but the recovery not so much. It has been more painful than it should be, partly due too many fibromyalgia. I realized I had that ear infection the whole time I had surgery, probably not such a good thing. Also 4 days after having surgery I had to take a 3 hour one way car ride to my rheumatologist for follow up care every 3 months. Work on this particular ride home I started to get extremely sick. I was blacking out, I couldn't focus on anything, I we severely nauseated, my head we spinning, I was dizzy, I had a headache, I was burning up like I was in a fire, then I had the cold sweats and chills. I realized I was having severe motion sickness. I've never had this in my life. Now ever since this day I have been sick, nauseus, can't eat anything and just overall I'll feeling. Which I could deal with all this somewhat. But then I get a call from the doctor and they tell me I am being sent to a gastroenterologist for my liver! I said what are you taking about? Nobody's called me with any results so week long. And now they're calling too schedule me. They told me alt was 132, shoud be between 8-45 and my ast was 91, should of been between 2-40. My numbers have never gone above a 9 it a 11, it was even just tested 2 weeks prior and it wad normal. So umm actually really scared this time, and it takes me a lot to get scared of me medical issues. As all this was going down I have had a mental breakdown. I've broken down balling many times at odd times for no reason. I told a friend and my mom that I was ready to go and I felt good about it. And that I was happy with my life here on earth so now was a good time to go. I have since told me husband too because my friend already called and told him. I was going too check myself in to the hospital last night or this morning but I changed my mind. There is just to much too take care off here at home. So, if someone could please be so thoughtful and kind as to add me to your prayer lists. Thank you very much! And God Bless!! Sheikha

Criminal Charges

August 19, 2016

Please pray for my entire family. My 16 year old son has been charged with assault. He insist that he is innocent. My younger sons 3/4 have been exposed to sexual assault. I am dying inside as a parent you want to prevent anything terrible happening to your children. I can't afford an attorney. I worry about their future. Please help my family.

My First Kiss

August 19, 2016

Please pray that God blesses me with my first kiss soon. I am 26 and never been kissed. It hurts me so much that I haven't had my first kiss yet. I hope my first kiss will be special and worth the wait. Why is God having me waiting forever and I still haven't been kissed? Does God not want me to ever experience my first kiss? I am tired of waiting for my first kiss and feel like it will never ever happen to me. I really want to know what kissing feels like. I feel like God has forgotten about me.

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