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Prayer for Bill with prostate cancer

July 06, 2015

Bill was diagnosed with prostate cancer last week. He will have a cat scan and x ray to determine if the cancer has spread to lymph nodes and bones. Then probably the next step will be surgery in August to remove the prostate followed by radiation therapy. Please pray for complete healing. Bill loves the Lord and we are praying this will be a testimony to God and His grace in our lives. Thank you all for praying.

Pray for Diane

July 06, 2015

Please pray for Diane of Humbolt, who is having leg amputated this Friday, (7/10) in Des Moines. Lengthy rehab time and then she will get prosthetic leg about six to 8 weeks after surgery.

Prayers for peace and strength

July 04, 2015

A dear friend's daughter is consumed with fear and anxiety that she has made big mistakes in her job, but her family feels she is a good, hard-working employee and is overestimating any problem. She knows the Lord, but her family fears obsession over this may lead to a breakdown. Please join me in praying that she will feel God's peace, and find strength to overcome her fears. Thank you.


July 04, 2015

My son committed his life to the Lord on June 9th and is now second guessing that decision. The desire for drugs, alcohol, and criminal behavior are coming back. Please pray that he never forgets what the Holy Sprit spoke to him on that day and that he has clarity of mind and a sound mind. Please pray that he seeks the Lord with all of his heart.

New Job after affair

July 03, 2015

I have posted prior about my affair that was exposed and what the LORD has been doing within my life and by His Grace and Mercy the old is gone and the new man has come. God has shown me so much about marriage and how it is the direct representation of how Christ loves the church. I desire to bring Glory and Honor to my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ in all that I say and all that I do. I was no man, husband or father before. I was self centered, prideful and arrogant. I have caused many hurt and I ask that you would pray for continued healing of my wife's mind and heart. That the LORD would continue to reveal to her the beautiful and wonderful woman she is in Christ. She is an amazing woman who loves the LORD with all of her heart and all that she is. She is the true picture of a Godly woman that the bible talks about. I also pray for healing for our children, family and friends that I have hurt so deeply. In order for any counseling and restoration to take place within our marriage, I must find a new job because the woman I was with works at the same employer as I do. I desire deeply to have another place of employment. I have applied for over 20 jobs in the last week. Please pray that a door will open that will allow the financial side to be met and most importantly will allow for restoration to begin. I have not been able to even hear my wife's voice or see her in almost 2 months. The LORD is continuing to grow true love for my wife as is spoken in 1 Cor. 13. I pray the Holy Spirit will reveal this to my wife as I am unable to tell her this. To GOD alone be the Glory.

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