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An Urgent prayer request

August 20, 2014

I need an urgent financial miracle, please pray for me, Thanks!

For my husband

August 20, 2014

Please pray for my husband that he finds a job really soon. We are struggling financially and can't pay our bills. He recently applied for a really good job that would be perfect for him and our family. Please, please pray that he gets it.

Prayer Needs Of The Bi-Polar Disorder

August 20, 2014

Wow. This is hard. I haven't wanted to do this, but since Robin Williams suicide, I've been convicted of sending this to anyone out there who sufferes from Bi-Polar Disorder, or someone who knows and cares about someone who does. I feel like I could be the poster child for this insidious illness. It should not cause anyone shame. Our brains lack certain chemicals that those without the disorder have. It's not our fault. It's not a punishment from God. But it is a seemingly unending pit for those of us who have it. We deal with extreme mood swings. We deal with painful bouts of insomnia that affect us like anyone who can't get the sleep our bodies need. It knocks us down in such deep depression that we can't and don't want to get out of bed. It is too hard to face ANYTHING. The worst part? Wondering when the next battle with suicide will hit. Ten percent of people who suffer from BPD commit suicide. That's not acceptable, but it is a fact, and one that can be changed through prayer. We need someone who can help us monitor ourselves to know when we are going into a manic state or spiraling down to the utter darkness of depression. So, our prayer needs are many. I thank God that aim saved and belong to Christ. I would not be here if I was not a Christian, and did not have the support group that I have. I AM BEGGING YOU to lift up ANYONE you know who is Bi-Polar. Your prayers could save their very lives from being taken by their own hands. Wouldn't Satan love it if He could accomplish that. To destroy our witness. Suicide is a permanent fix to a temporary problem. I implore you to pray for us worldwide. Pray for the salvation of those who are not Christians, because Christ is our greatest hope. Pray for a Godly support group. Ask God to bless us and enable us to find excellent doctors that God works through to get our medicine right the first time. Ask Him to bless our caregivers with fortitude, patience, and all the blessings the Lord has to offer. The nights of insomnia, where we roam the house because we can not sleep and are emotionally exhausted, seem to last so much longer than a night. Pray for the gift of a peaceful and deep nights sleep. For our minds to rest, because that is another hardship of living with BPD. Your mind races and thinks and goes faster and faster so much so, that you feel as if you will faint from the toll of it all. You crave silence, and order in your mind. Pray for that part too. And last of all pray for us during times of the immense and unexplainable and overwhelming compulsion to commit suicide. Ask God to intervene. I can not tell you how many times I have been at the brink of this black abyss, and Jesus somehow arranged for a family member to stay home that day, or a friend who just had the impulse to call, or better yet, just came over. Pray for our friends and family members to love us enough to do some research on the Bi-Polar disorder so that they can deal with us compassionately and accurately. I am a child of the living King. I am Bi-Polar, but my hope rests in Him. It is not in vain. He has saved my life over and over and over again. He will do the same for you or someone you love or know. Your prayers are like rainbows to us after a thunderous storm. Prayer. Answers to prayer. God. The ONLY GOD. Who hears and answers earnest prayers always. For no other god stand's above, below, or beside Him. Thank you Jesus for giving me the courage and the words to submit this prayer request. You know that when we are so low, for some reason, we retreat from everyone at times, even you. And those are the times Father, that we need you the most. But you already know that. You are truly our hearts best friend, and I have no words to describe Your wondrous heart. The Lord's bountiful blessings and protection upon you, your family, friends, and all the components of your life.

God Still Agapes You

August 20, 2014

This prayer is dear to me because this young man I know once had a promising life and prosperous career. He had dreams of playing basketball professionally and globally. He had once positioned God first in his life. Lately I have seen a decline in his zeal and love for God and his hopes and dreams are tangled in lies, deceit, shame and hurt and so much obvious pain. Please help me pray for this young man that he will trust God with his mistakes and hurts and regrets now before Gods wrath takes a final step towards correction. Saints we have all one time or another been in the wilderness and saw no way out. One tragic mistake and regret after another I know from my own personal experience that if you surrender all to God he will begin a new life within you. Tonight and each every day lift my brother in Christ to the heavens and declare and decree that his life can be so much more. You can be so great in God!! Greater is He that remains in you. Fight for your life!! Today I stand in the gap for you!! The enemy desires to sift you up as wheat but you have the power and the choice to kneel at Jesus feet and cry out for a new beginning.David cried out after the death of his infant son..create in me a clean heart and renew the right spirit within me. Repent and refuse to be in bondage to sin anymore. God is waiting..,,, he still loves you!!! He still loves you. Nothing you do or can say will ever separate you from Gods love. The next set of choices regarding your life should bring life and not death. You are at a crucial crossroad there is always a final warning before Gods judgement. I want life for You and so does the KSBJ prayer warriors. So for the next several weeks we will as a unit bombard heaven on your behalf and your destiny. God sees the best in you my brother...even when you or no one else does. If you are reading this then it is not too late to do what is right of course you will endure some consequences because of your sin....but you will with God have a chance to be restored once again.

Prayer for my sister and her family

August 19, 2014

I am requesting prayer for my sister and her family. Her husband's mother is dying of cancer - she has maybe a week left on this Earth. My sister and her husband have had his mother staying with them and their two daughters for the last couple of days, but they are sending her to a hospice facility tomorrow morning. My sister needs strength right now to handle the situation with her mother-in-law and to help her children deal with the passing of their grandmother. I know the Lord is calling her home, but my sister is having trouble dealing with seeing a loved one deteriorate before her eyes. Please help me bless my sister with the strength to carry on during this difficult time. Thank you very much and God Bless.

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