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December 10, 2016

I don't know what else to do anymore. I feel like I have no hope left. Satan has constantly been attacking my relationship for the past two years with my boyfriend Carlos. Satan has such a worldly stronghold on him. I've tried praying, declaring, fasting, and praying Scriptures with his name in it. I know I'm not supposed to give up on Carlos because God never gave up on me and I was a horrible sinner before I gave my life to God so I'm nobody to judge Carlos but it's just so hard. Giving up on Carlos is like saying God can't change him when I know God CAN and WILL. God knows I pray for Carlos's salvation and restoration of our relationship and for us to get married one day like we planned. Please if anyone knows what else I should do please help and please pray. Thanks. No negative comments please.

Prayer my marriage

December 09, 2016

My husband and I have been married four year but we've been together since I was a freshman off and on. We got married and now it just really hard I mean in this time he has cheated and left the family he has lied so much and it hurts really bad I'm just asking for prayer for faithfulness love and honesty and unity


December 09, 2016

Please pray my boyfriend Carlos messages me for us to meet up and talk. Satan is constantly ruining our relationship. Please pray for restoration of our relationship. I know nothing is impossible for God and I know God can soften the hardest heart. Please pray God softens his heart towards me to get ahold of me to want to talk so we can continue or journey together worshipping God as a couple for our future in marriage. Thank you. God bless you all.

Daughter help

December 09, 2016

My daughter is 18. She has been disrespectful for a while last night she was supposed to be home at 11:30 and showed up at 1:30 and started a fight. My husband kicked her out and she went to my dads. Please let things settle, she agrees to family counseling and she moves back. She is still in high school and is an uncontrolled type 1 diabetic

healing & restoration

December 08, 2016

Please ask God to heal Michael & give him clarity. Pray the Lord defeats all of his fears & leads him back to His path. Please pray for relationship restoration.

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