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Virginia TV Crew

August 26, 2015

Please be in prayer for all those involved in the aftermath of the shooting of a Virginia TV crew. Pray for comfort.

for the St Paul Firefighters

September 01, 2015

please pray for all the firefighters who knew and worked with Shane Clifton. Especially his buddies who tried to save him. And for his family also.

Friends marriage

September 01, 2015

Please pray for my friend whose husband just asked for a divorce. They have 2 little kids. Thanks

Grandpa's health

September 01, 2015

Please bless my Grandpa who just got home from the hospital a couple days ago. He hasn't been able to eat and keep any food in for awhile. I pray that Jesus Christ nourishes him in body and spirit and keeps him sustained. Grandpa is so loved and treasured in our family and it's been a blessing to see our family rally around him during this time. May he make a speedy recovery, not be in pain, and stay in good spirits! Thank you everyone for your support and prayers!


September 01, 2015

Would you please pray for me? Since the shock of losing my boyfriend to suicide has started to wear off I am finding that my ability to empathize with others has seemed to have greatly lessened. Grief is exhausting and some days are better than others, but I lost a part of myself the day that my Leo died. I am a sensitive and loving person, and I feel so much shame and utter sadness about not having the mental nor emotional energy to truly be there for others. It is making me resentful towards myself, and I have been in prayer about this, but it is time for me to reach out and ask for prayer from others. I would be so grateful for your prayers. Bless you

Freedom from Addiction

September 01, 2015

I pray that every chain of addiction of alcohol and food will be broken within my family, in the name of Jesus.

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