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July 03, 2015

Please pray for me, my husband and I got divorced back in March and I am having a really hard time with it. I pray that God softens his heart towards me and that we get back together. Please pray God strengthens me until that happens. Pray for my mom's health and healing. Prayers for my sisters business that everything works out and no one looses their job. Prayers for me I'm going back to school and need help with retaining the information. Thank you.

Father heal me

July 02, 2015

Urge fast & pray. Heavenly father hear my cry, forgive all OUR sins & deliver us from Satan's clutches, IF it is YOUR WILL restore my 20 years of marriage, help my cruel husband to become faithful husband & father, set me free from all evil thoughts which I could not control, take complete control of ourselves, mind, thought, body, soul, keep us healthy & happy, touch & heal my mind & body, help my daughter in her study, destroy all evil plans against us, protect me at my work place no one may harm me, provide me finance, hide identity IJN Amen


July 01, 2015

I have prayed and prayed and tried to believe and believe for 2 long years and I am yet to get the financial comfort that I need. I'm at a loss right now as to what to do. I have grown my Faith over the years and tried to remain patient as I hear the miracles God can perform and grant - I'm so tired of hearing how others have received miracle money, or their checks just got larger and their bills smaller, or someone helped when they didn't even ask. I don't get it - I don't know what I've done wrong and I don't know what to do anymore. I have prayed and tried to listen, but I just can't hear God....As I drove to work this morning I received a call from a collector on another amount that I did not know I had. I don't want bad credit so I paid it but now my account is in the negative once again. I never get a break...month after month...I don't know what to do or where to turn. I just yelled at God in the car this morning asking what or how do I keep believing when there is so much that I haven't gotten that I need. They say I'm covered by grace to yell at him but I don't know where to turn. I'm so exhausted and beat down at this point. I need reassurance, I need God's Grace, I need to believe, but after so long of not receiving I don't know how to do it anymore. I'm at a loss...........

Prayers for Family and Breakthroughs

July 01, 2015

Please help me pray for my family and for a much needed financial breakthrough. We are expecting a new baby next month, we are two months behind on rent, my husband and I have been blessed and our marriage has been made whole again thanks to all of your prayers and Gods mercy. But we need a larger place to live and the financial grace to make this happen. Lord please continue to work in and on us. Surround us with your protection, bless our marriage and our children. Bless me as I enter my last few weeks of pregnancy. Lord, be with us at all times. All things are possible through and with you. Bless my husband who has turned the corner, may he come to know and beleive in the Lord once again, please Lord give him paitence and give him a reprieve, lay your hands upon his mind and heart and make ways for us. Bless our union and family and allow us to experience a peace that passes all understanding. In your name I pray. Amen

Job success and Relationship commitment

July 01, 2015

Pray I keep this job and become successful at it. Pray for miracle with B and his heart seeks a commitment from our relationship

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