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Conflict over adult daughter

It is one of those problems that wears me down. Blended family with an adult single daughter who keeps returning to stay with us. Step-father & step-daughter wars with me caught in the middle. Finger pointing threats that he will leave. She has had the bottom fall out many times and trying to go to college has not work because the monthly debts had to be paid. Then, she had to give up her driver's license or face jail in two states. this compounds the problem that she must go to work, appointments, and ETSU classes which are spread out wide some mornings and some nights.She works the weekend on a state program caring for my sister. My daughter has only us to depend on. My husband is the only one who could take her places since he is disable. That is where one of the problem lies. He expects thanks like rain and her bedroom to be cleaned and half on the monthly debts.What i would give to have someone drive her to where she needs to go so my husband could go back to looking at the four walls. She is nearly 30. She has some serious health issues with no health insurance.She needs friends who can drive her here and there. She paid for college last semester. she made Dean's list at Northeast Tech. I need help and peace to come into our home.

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