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Please help me pray for many blessings, grace and favor needed in my life all over. I need favor in my job to so that i can do better and come out on top because as his word says i am not the tail rather i am the head. I need favor for a better school for my son. I pray that God will open the right door for the best school for my son and his talents and abilities. I pray for that his father is touched by Jesus and realizes what he is doing and turns his life around. I pray for emotional, physical, and spiritual restoration and healing for my entire family. Each and everyone of the lost in my family and circle may GOD send them that experience or touch from him and heal in all areas and give complete recognition to the Lord. And lastly I THANK MY GOD for uplifting and holding me EVERYDAY throughout all these years as a single mother, for being my husband and always holding me up spriritually, financially, emotionally. Even when I didnt know you, i now know you were always there. but with all that being said Lord you said it yourself that it is not good for man to be alone, so lord i remind you of that and i remind you of all your promises to me of sending me a good partner. A person that will give you all the glory for finding me and I him in these days. A godly man with purpose in your kingdom. A marriage that would give you ALL the glory lord. A true miracle for a true, wonderful , powerful testimony for all others to see. Lord i ask for all of this in Jesus name AMEN!!!

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