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9 year old with cancer

My daughter Trinity is 9 years old. In November we found out she had a tumor in her right lung. Several weeks later, it was dianognosed as a Myofibroblastic tumor. The only course of treatment, we were told, was a drug called remicade. This work for a month and then she began have allergic reactions to the drug. Then she was tested for one potential gene that has rarely showed up in the tumor but could change everything dramatically. On Feb 7th, we found out she tested positive for the ALK gene. We were then informed the Remicade was no longer working to shrink the tumor and the tumor might have grown. Doctors decided it was time to change Treatment methods. Unfortunately there not any known treatments for her cancer and she is about to become part of a clinical trial of a drug pf02340166 in hopes that it will shrink her tumor small enough to resect. Right now the tumor goes throung her lung, pulmonary vein, renal artery, the right bronchcus, and is in the left atrium of her heart. We are driving back and forth to Vanderbilts Children's Hospital from Kingsport quite frequently. I know God has lifted me up and has shown his face and support to me and has told me he is here, but God has told us it is his plan not mine. Per my phone coversation yesterday with doctors, i was told indirectly there is a good chance she might not survive.My world is falling down and i all of God's people and the people who say there is not a God to come together and please pray for my daughter. I know this may be selfish but my daughters are my life. She has a facebook page at

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