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Perserverance just doesn't seem enough

I'm 17 years old and a junior in high school, I have played soccer for 14 of those 17 years. My high school is one of the top programs in the state and recently came off of a state championship. My problem is I feel like I have proven myself time and time again to my coach that I should be on varsity, but he insists I am on the JV level. I have had players, other coaches, parents, even the assistant coach tell me I should be playing on varsity, but the one person who says I shouldn't is the one in charge. If there are two things I have dedicated my life to, it's God and soccer. I get better and work harder everyday, and I pray to God, but it seems nothing is going to go my way. I just need some kind of assurance that God is taking care of me and is listening to my prayers.

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