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Hurt Shared

Today I discovered ALOT of things I didn't know. I had 8 sibling, technically. I have a twin sister, two half brothers from my mom, two half sisters from my father (one is deceased) and three half brothers from my dad (one of them is also deceased). I never had a relationship with my father, his choice not mine, or my siblings through him. Recently my half sister and I connected on facebook and I discovered that even though we lived seperate lives, we both went through an unsurmountable amount of abuse. I learned that the father I had always long to have a relationship with, was not a good man. He sexually abused my half sister and he and his 2nd wife also abused her and the boys physically. My heart broke and I cried uncontrollably when I found this out. With all that said, my prayer request is that my siblings through my father will find healing in God's hands and through His Son, His Word and His Promises. I personally have been able to rely on God for my healing and He is currently doing a mighty work in me.

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