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Really VERY Confussed

So many things about my family, siblings, my father and my mother I thought I knew, now Im not so sure. I was a direct result of an extramarrital affair. My biological father was married to someone else when I was conceived. His wife died shortly after I was born. I was originally told by my mom, that his wife had died before I was conceived. But she was buried near my home and I discovered that was a lie. Which just gave birth to other lies. I also had a brother from my father and his first wife, that died. Originally I was he died of a rare illness. Now Im getting information about abuse in the home and that his death was the result of being beaten (I don't know by whom or have all the details yet). You see I recently connected with my sister from my father and his first wife. She has told me so many things I never knew, like alegations of sexual and physical abuse from our father and many other things. I just want to know the REAL truth so I can get on with my life. I haven't ever had a relationship with my father but I have been able to forgive him for rejecting me and never wanting to be a part of my life. It is my prayer and hope that TRUTH shall reign supreme and if those things that I was told really did happen to my sister, that God will use me as vessel to show about His healing that He has shown me through His Word. Thanks.

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