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A church home

Last year my family went through a bad time due to an injury my wife suffered at home. Our finances were wrecked because of it. But God pulled us up and out and provided even when we didnt know where the next meal would come from. We were fine with money and everything before the accident but having no insurance wiped us out. But as i said God took care of this 100 percent. My prayer request at this time is for God to provide us a church home. We are tired of church hopping. We had a church but it let us down in the area of ministering to us. Ministering is the most important part of the church. Not food, clothing, or money. Material stuff is irrelevant to me and it should be to everyone. If anyone out there knows of a good loving church where my family and i can feel at home at please let me know. This is very important as we have 3 kids and one on the way. They need church. My kids attend a Christian school but they also need a church home and we have not been able to find one that fits. So please if anyone knows of one please feel free to let me know. This is the only prayer of mine that has gone unanswered but the most important one. Thank you and God bless

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