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In need of prayer.

I know God is in control and that we server a loving God. I have chains of fear that grip me each day concerning end times. I know that it is the devil creeping in my head and trying to change my heart. I know I cannot live in the past or constantly worry about the future to the point of panic attacks almost.I know that I can only live the day that He has blessed me with. He is in control and it is what it is and it is out of my hands. But the thoughts consume me and my thoughts so often. I want to be happy and my mind elsewhere. Please pray for me for a sense of calm and peace. I know that Iif I keep this in,I suffer alone. If I say these things out loud and let others know that I have these thoughts, they can pray for me and help me break these chains. I know that Heaven will be so much more wonderful than Earth. But as a human, I have human wants and needs like watching my children grow up and having children of their own. It is just hard for me to wrap my mind around as a human. I just lift this up to the Lord each day and pray for peace and happiness in each day. I thank God also for 89.7 for offering this service on their website. God bless all those who read this and lift it up.

I have read and understand the terms of use