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Son and Church woes

I sent a prayer last week to pray for my family to find a loving church home. I appreciate the folks that prayed for my family about this and the few that sent me a note of encouragement about church. I love and have the upmost faith In God. I believe so much in his healing power and his Word. But right now my church has really let my family and I down. Now we have a new prayer request along with our previous one about church. Please pray strongly for my son. He is 20 and contemplated suicide. He isn't on drugs or alcohol. He doesnt have a car anymore. We have already spent over $20,000 in vehicles and he has tore up everyone of them. I'm very scared and worried about my son. We have no pastor to talk to about this and when we did the pastor just said show him tough love. That was it. All of these reasons and more that we are so bitter about church, but at the same time we want to find a loving church to attend. We are so tore up about all of this but have no Christian friends to talk to. They have all abandoned us. Please pray for my son that he will find God. I have tried instilling God in his life but he refuses to listen. Pray the we come in contact with a good church home. We truly love God and wish so much for our family to be in a church we can love and help out in. Pray that my son overcomes whatever demons are tugging at him. I love my son and have tried everything to help him. Im guessing his problems are more mental than anything. Thank you. We live in the Kingsport area!!

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