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Prayers Please!

I am 27 years old and have been a teacher for four years. I am going through a VERY tough time right now, as a few months ago I got a DUI after going to dinner for a friend's birthday. I am turning my life around, attending church, and really trying to put my focus on GOD. HE as well as your prayers have helped me to know this will NOT define me! As I am going through National Board, attempting to get my PhD....This week I have my court date with the DMV to determine if I can keep my license. PLEASE PLEASE pray for me that I am able to keep my license so that I can get to and from work, church, and my other extracurricular activities that are keeping me on the right track. Your prayers and messages mean so much...the power of prayer is amazing! WHEN PRAISES GO UP, BLESSINGS COME DOWN!

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