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Shattered Family, hurting kids, and Forgiveness sought

Please pray for my family as I have three children... My wife decided after many deaths in her family that she also "NO" longer wanted to be married... we separated about 10 months ago, and I'm not going to lie, this has been one of my "MOST" difficult years ever. I pray that God will touch my wife in the way that "ONLY" HE can and that she will leave her child like ways of selfishness... Our kids are soon 17, 15, and 13, and all of them have been struggling w/ many things... Anger, bitterness, rage, drugs etc, all have had various issues, I'm standing watching and trusting that God will do something soon, I know HIS timing isn't ours, but it has become very hard for me to work w/ "ALL" of my concern for every aspect of this caos that has now become my "NEW" normal... Divorce and separation really is worse than a death. As I mentioned above, we've experienced our fair share of that also w/in our family w/ 9 family members passing away w/in the last 4 years. We've had enough pain... Please pray for each of our three kids, that God would somehow restore their lives to something of HIM, actually I would ask that of each and every member of the family, including me... I need to remain steadfast in my pursuit of Christ and HIS will as we strive to get through all of this, in my opinion, unecessary pain and confusion direct from the PIT. Pray that the Devil will have no more footholds and that things will BEGIN TO TURN in a more positive direction... Pray that confusion, depression will be things of the past, and that business will turn and turn quickly for me... Also additional financial pressures have now created issues w/ family home, and other misc. debts and possibly bankruptcy... I need to feel God's peace and know that HE is still working, I know that HE is, but I need to feel it, and somehow gain a "FRESH" perspective and remain focused on HIM in everything. Thanks.

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