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Baby with Heart Condition

I have requested prayer on a few occassions for a co-worker's sister who is pregnant with a baby boy who has been diagnosed with Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome (HLHS). This condition is 100% fatal without surgery upon the baby's delivery. I received an email today from my co-worker who stated that her sister is going to be induced tomorrow morning because she has not made any progress in her labor over the last week and the doctor's are concerned about the baby. After he is born, the baby will be put on medication until the surgery can be completed, but it still must be done within just a short time of his birth. Please please please pray for this family as they are waiting on the birth of this baby and waiting to go through his first surgery. Please pray for the doctor's who will be delivering the baby and performing the surgery. Most of all, please pray that God will be with the family as they are dealing with this and that the Mighty Physician will heal as we all know He can!

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