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I need all the prayers I can get and without stopping too. I had a beauty family and the devil does what he does best. After couple of years of being divorced, God told me one day to show my light and to make sure it is very bright. So I did and my child is also. The father is seeing that God has changed me for the better and he is scared because of past stuff in the relationship. My child cries to have one home and to be honest i do too. Please pray that he will be brave and strong as my child says. She is only 5 however the things she says to me are of God because she just lays it on the line. She told me out of the blue that the devil is trying to keep us from being a family again and for me to fight even when i get weak. Wow i was speechless at first but she made me promise to keep seeking Gods help for us and she prays for our family at night also. I hear her at church on the altar and i just cant control the tears. God has done amazing things for me and has made me a better person and mother. I know he has great things in store for my child and thats way the devil is working overtime on it. please pray for him to see like me and my child does. this is our hearts desire and i feel like i just need extra help. Her dad knows God and at one time had a light and i see it getting dimmer by not going to church like i do(if the door is open im there and helping out in events etc) thank you so much for all your prayers in advance. if you are a lost sheep please seek your shepard because he does love you no matter what and he will never leave plus he died already for you....that my friend is worth more than anything on this earth.

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