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More Prayer For Trenton,

October 03, 2012

I had requested prayer weeks ago, for Trenton, the little one yr old who was in Devos Children's hospital, a victim of abuse/suffocation. He is a great nephew of a dear friend of mine. We take any small miracles given and have been elated that he was able to breathe without the tube since September 11th. But according to the doctors Trenton will be on the feeding tube the rest of his life. They haven't given much hope cognitively, sight and hearing wise as the damage was so severe from the suffocation. :( He has been sent home and the family has been such troopers through all of this. The baby seemed to at least be sleeping better than at the hospital. It has been very hard on all of them though and definitely a total change for everyone and heartbreaking. Now, a few minutes ago I heard that Trenton is being rushed to the hospital as he is vomiting, has a fever and having trouble breathing. Please agree in prayer for Trenton's healing from whatever is going on right now, as well as his total recovery from the severe injuries. Pray for a miracle please and for the family to have comfort, strength, and peace during these heartrending and very very difficult times. Also pray for the salvation of the one who abused little Trenton and for a total healing to happen through out the family as they lean on the Lord and let God be judge. Thank you.

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