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son in the process of adoption by a single mother of two- no money,

November 13, 2012

Just got a call from a listener who is at her wits end and needs a miracle from God. She gave her last three dollars to the Lift Sit today and is trusting God to be faithful and meet her at her need. Brings to mind two things...the widow and her mite and the women with a son who obediently made the cake for Elijah knowing that it was her last flour and oil and then they were planning to die, but God met her at her need and supplied enough flour and oil for them to eat until the rain came again. This woman just gave her very last to do what she felt God was calling her to do and I believe God will supply! Here is the story... Valerie has two teenage boys of her own but also feels like God has laid on her heart to adopt a 16 year old boy who was discarded by his birth parents and also his first adoptive family. She goes to court Monday for the adoption. She is not working because she believes that God has called her to stay home and be a mom to this boy who has taken second place (or no place at all) to so many. Her heart is to show him love and teach him to accept that love as he struggles with attachment disorder. Her urgent needs are financial. She is about to lose her house, does not have food, and does not have the extras like cell phone, internet, cable so she is not being frivelous with the funds God has given her thus far. She has taken this boy to church every week and has him in a Christian school because she feels that is soooo important. She is requesting prayer for finances, health, for a Christian father figure for this boy, and for the court date on Monday to be favorable. I also would request prayer against the devil's attacks on her and the boy she is trying to adopt. The enemy is fighting hard for this boy and she is claiming him for Christ. Please agree with her in prayer that the Lord will supply and meet her at her need and protect this boy. Thank you.

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