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Update - Faith and Hope running on empty,

November 13, 2012

""Psalms 59:16 But I will sing of your strength; I will sing aloud of your steadfast love in the morning. For you have been to me a fortress and a refuge in the day of my distress."" Hello prayer family! So much to sing about today, so much to thank our awesome God for!!! He has heard our prayers and he is doing a new thing in my life. Praise God my marriage has been saved and is being restored and renewed this very minute. For those of you that do not know my story I will summarize as best I can. My marriage had been struggling for over a year now. Struggling and broken beyond repair. After a year of heartache and hopelessness my husband confessed to me a little over a month ago that he had been having an affair with a co-worker for the past year and a half. I was devastated but God was with me the whole time. God gave me the strength and the courage to endure the news and to forgive my husband. My husband had other plans but God made the last call on what he wanted for our marriage. God has slowly turned my husbands heart around, he has transformed him and the desires in his heart. He has completely ended the relationship with the other woman. He has rededicated his life to me, our marriage and to our family. He is like a brand new man! God is so good! I know that we still have a long way to go to have our marriage be where God wants it to be but with God guiding us and protecting us I know everything is possible. God has restored this marriage and if you are struggling in yours seek him and he too will restore yours! Please continue to keep my husband and marriage in your prayers, I know we still have a long road ahead! Dear Heavenly Father, I praise your holy name today full of joy and gladness. Lord only you know the happiness that abides in my heart. Thank you God for always being with me, especially during the hardest, darkest times. Lord thank you for restoring my marriage, thank you Lord for all of the wonderful amazing changes you are doing in my life and in my husband. Lord this marriage belongs to you, please protect us from the enemy and deliver us from all temptations. Lord please continue to put the desires in our heart to love one another as husband and wife, to honor and love and respect one another. Lord I ask that you abundantly bless our marriage with unconditional love for one another, bless our marriage with joy and happiness, kindness and patience, understanding and gentleness, desire and passion for one another. Lord please erase all all bitterness, anger and resentment that still might linger in our hearts, erase it as if it never existed Lord. God you have saved this marriage for your Glory, continue to guide us Lord, do not allow this marriage to weaken or break ever again Lord. In your son Jesus name I pray. Amen!

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