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November 14, 2012

ok so not sure where to start but guess got start somewhere..ok we have to move before february 17th...right now no idea where we are going...and income is decreasing...11yr old son having issues @ school..He does have medical issues which does sometimes cause problems with his behavior in school..he normally is a loving littl dude who loves everybody and hugs everybody but recently is has been threatening others to point of today he is home cuz he got a one day suspension from school he didnt hurt anyone but implied he would wait to hear from dr to see about adjusting his meds so he can hopfully do better tomorrow when he returns to school tomorrow with a "clean slate"......he knows we are moving so not sure if he is acting out or not...we are a 2 parent family but his dad doesnt seem to be very helpful with him.."dad" has short temper & prefers the scream/yell method over talk calm...i admit i have a temper but am better at patience than he is...i dont think son realizes how bad things are for him...

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