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November 27, 2012

we have lost our home & have to be out by february 16th or we will be forced out...we are a 2 parent home with an 11 yr old son...i do best i can to work by babysitting for sister and a couple of friends..sister will be going on maternity leave in couple weeks making my check very small every 2 wks..I also clean hosue for a good friend...found out the hard way that my husband chose last friday "day after thanksgiving" to quit his job...he used to get around 20-25 hrs per week..i told him he needed to beg for 40 hours cuz we cant do less and it was bad enough he worked for gas station which is a dead end job due to my benefits,pay raises etc ..only benefit was holiday pay.told him he needed to find a better job that would benefits us more .so the he did get the 40 hrs per week for it seems like about 2 months..WELL he got his hours for this week and next week and it was back to only be around 20-25 so before i had a chance to react or say anthing cuz i was on the phone and also watch 2 toddlers..he saying something about not being able to make it with those hours and that he was gonna turn in his badge etc and quit...well now he is un employed and has been looking online for jobs..but i think he needs to get out there and go look...we cant afford this right now with not know ing if we be homeless by feb 16th or looking into getting more help from the state... we already get food stamps/medicaid.. now it looks like we will need to go on cash assisitance...i cant add another job to what i have...i dont know what else to doing what i can for our son it just seems to be never ending case of something happening...we have made mistakes with money in the past and that why we have to move...i regret im just looking for relief from this stress as ive been physically ill because of it...

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