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January 29, 2013

still looking @ feb 16th to be out of house & still no where to go but will be meeting with a person on feb 1st to hopfully discuss relocation options as this person works for an agency that works with people like us... ALSO im back to work full time as of the 18th so should start getting better checks in about a week or so... hubby has a job interview today in grand haven @ 2pm @ shape corp really really hope this works out so that he isnt jobless anymore & so the job searching can stop.. also our 11yr old who happens to be 7 mentally was approved fro SSI benefits which will be good && also we have now started taking the dave ramsey financial peace class through still having days of not feel well due to all this stress... ive been told its depression.. i hate all this stress & am not looking forward to moving but know it must happen.. we have lost alot & will loose alot more before all is done as right now we have a cat & a dog... we may have to return cat to place we got her from 7 yrs ago we have had her since she was 6 months so it like we loosing a part of our family permantly... our dog if we cant keep him with us which would hopfully be on a temporary basis has another place to stay with a friend if needed..anyways things are slowly getting better but yet alot of uncertainty...

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