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Please ask God to heal colin, and end deceit,

April 22, 2013

Please help me pray for a situation which continues to make me angry, break my heart, and has my stress level up much higher than what it should be. Someone who I care about (his name is Colin) may be very ill. I don't know all of the details, but for extremely self-centered reasons, the feelings of others are being discarded. This man has people around him who are helping him lie on a continual basis about what has happened, and elaborate measures have been taken to keep this deceit ongoing. There are a lot of other people who care about him who because of what these people are doing, a lot of people (many of them very young) who care about this man stand to have their hearts shattered because of lies, lies, lies...and the people who are doing the lying don't really seem to care about anybody but themselves. This has me so angry! I Please, I beg those who are reading this to please ask God to make the lying will stop! Please pray the lying will stop now! Please also ask Him to open the hearts of the people around this man, and he himself toward these people who care about him, that they will understand the severity of what they are doing, and why it is wrong. Please also pray for the healing of my friend. Please ask God to bring complete healing, and to be glorified for what He does in this man's life. Please ask God to give him a long life with a family, and a future. Thank you, so much!

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