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special needs child and younger brother,

October 15, 2013

I've written before about my ASD son and my younger boy. Their father (whom they must live with during school times due to our 50/50 custody arrangement) not only denies the oldest boys' disabilities but has now told him that nothing is wrong with him except that he does not try hard enough. (Dad still refuses to provide the therapies and treatments he needs.) The youngest is simply ignored at dad's house and has told me "he doesn't care about me; he will never notice I'm gone if I just stay with you". Their neglect, of both medical/therapy care for the oldest and just simply love/attention for the youngest, breaks my heart. Amidst talking with a lawyer and trying to get full custody arrangements, my job and career are falling apart. I have already taken a 30K cut this year, and now I will have to take another 21K cut just to stay in my career. Unfortunately, this does not leave me with enough salary to keep my travel budget (boys are in another state) to see my kids holidays/breaks/every other weekend. My heart is breaking; I have been praying for my job and kids for so very long. Things are progressing and I have faith that God is working but I'm more frequently doubting my personal ability to see it all through. Worse yet, I have no idea what to do....I just keep praying and really need answers from God about what direction he wants me to take with my career AND how to take care of the boys best. Any offer of prayer for me, but more-so for the kids, is really appreciated!

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