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my parents' physical healing,

January 16, 2012

Please pray, too, for my parents. This is from my parents' pastor's wife to my sister. Most decisions will fall on me as I'm stateside. Because of my marriage situation, I took myself off of the executive decision. I'm Jared Smallwood's mom. Lydia, I don't know how to go about talking to you about this but to just tell you what is happening with your parents. I know it is hard for you to do anything being so far from them, but I was told that you were in charge of them. A week ago we got a call from Joyce asking what day it was as her and William had argued all day as to whether it was Tuesday or Wednesday. She is telling people at church that she missed them at church since they were not there but they were there. She is greeting people more that once as if it is the first time that she greeted them that morning. We are worried that she may forget something left on the stove or forget where she is if she is out driving somewhere by herself. Then yesterday at church William fell out on the sidewalk and he had is walker with him. He said that he was trying to get a box onto his walker when he fell but where he fell he should have had the box on there already. Someone has a power chair that they want to give him but she doesn't have the lift. Are you in agreement that he has a power chair? I know that you cannot always do something about these things but I just wanted to let you know what is happening and how we should handle it or not handle it. I hope you understand that there are several here that are concerned about them and it is not a criticism. Several have asked that I get in touch with you about them. Thanks Paula

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