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Old Family Business update,

February 15, 2012

I have asked you to pray for an old family business before and God answered those prayers, but unfortunately our customers have not paid there outstanding bills and we again are asking that your pray that my husband and mother-in-law(who is very ill) will not loose everything they have worked for all of their life. I know the economy is tough, but we have given them ample time to respond. I have searched scriptures for the answer and God repeatedly tells me that he is in control and will see us through. I pray that if he closes this door that he will open another one. I feel that he has asked me to reach out to others so we can pray collectively. This is all my husband and his mother has ever done and I'm afraid of what this might do to them, so I ask that you hold them up in prayer also. I know God wants you to trust Him in whatever you're going through(Ps 138:8).He is our only means of survival. Thank you Lord for this wonderful radio station and all the ones who listen. May God bless each of you.

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