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Husband and Family,

February 23, 2012

Thank you to all who have committed to pray with me this prayer. I know my God works in his time and not mine, and that just because I have not seen a change in my situation doesn't mean he has not set in place his perfect plan for my family and marriage in accordance to his will. My husband is lost and needs to know the goodness of God's mercy, and the power he holds. Please continue to pray this prayer with me daily. Lord you have said to call upon you in the day of trouble and you will deliver us. I call upon you now and ask that would would work deliverance and salvation into my husbands life and restoration of my marriage. Lord, I cannot do this alone, work through me, and restore my faith when I find weakness coming on. Deliver Craig from anything that binds him. Set him free from the controlling hold his Dad has over him. Deliver him quickly and be a rock of refuge and fortress of defense to save him. Lift him away from the hands of the enemy.Bring him to a place of understanding where he recognizes the work of evil and can cry to you for help.give him the certainty that in his most hopeless state when he finds it impossible to change anything, you can change everything. Help him to understand that we don't wrestle against flesh and blood but against powers, rulers of darkness, and spiritual hosts of wickedness in heavenly places. I pray that Craig will be strong in the Lord, and stand Against the wiles of the devil in this evil day. Father let him make decisions according to your ways, and not the ways of those who hold selfish intent for him. I pray that you place humility and forgiveness in his heart. Lord work your transforming powers into our marriage, and remove the strongholds against it. Lord I pray that Wiley will be convicted in his ways, and that you will speak kindness and love against his heart of stone, that he may learn to love Craig for the wonderful person he is and not for the conditions he places upon their relationship. Let there be respect for Craig and his decisions, especially when they are according to your ways. Show me how to pray for Craig and his father Wiley while I wait on you. It is in your name that I pray this prayer, amen ( thank you for any words of encouragement)

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