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August 30, 2014

I need my church to help me financially. I loss my job. i need a new place to live. I need a job. Christians who know I have need walk by me at times. ....How sad. I appreciate prayers....I now need people of action who will offer a hand....

Tantruming son,

August 30, 2014

My son has been tantruming and he is just turning one years old. My husband and I have been putting him in timeout when he begins to throw his tantrum. We praise him when he is being good and never scold him harshly him when he is misbehaving, only correcting statements. He goes to his aunts house often because she lives a few blocks away. At her house there are many children and an open door policy so anyone comes in! They do not believe in discipline. And their children try to make my son upset! They love him greatly but are trying to have fun sometimes at his expense. He is learning to hit, cry, scream and say no while he's over there. He sometimes comes home and has a new attitude and we're not sure what to do! I am not looked well upon I feel by the family because I am trying to keep his behavior in check and that hurts my feelings. Please pray that we will be given wisdom, grace, help, long-suffering, boldness, and guidance from The Lord (and any other prayer you may think of ) Thank you very much!

spiritual eyes to see

August 28, 2014

Dear sisters and brothers, Praise our Lord for all things! My brother is out of ICU and will be returning home to stay with mom during rehab. His vision is still impaired but he is stool doing well even on dialysis three times weekly. This morning I became sad for a while thinking about the ex-wife and how I long just to hear her voice and touch her hand. Next month will be a a year but almost two years since I saw her and heard from her since divorce court. I'm not lonely for her but misses her even in good/bad times. Too bad she doesn't want me or to be obedient to God and committed to vows. Please pray for Julie. I can only think of good things about her and pray for the best for her and her family especially since her father's passing mid July. I still have not heard from anyone since I mailed my in-laws a letter and voicemail before discovering his passing. I ask in Jesus' precious Holy name that Julie has compassion and love as a sister in the Lord to simply call me and say hello and not even talk about the divorce because she already did it and its the past. I need her to know I'm here for her ever if the Holy Spirit leads her. I believe in reconciliation and marriage restoration...even if she doesn't. I'm a man of God, committed husband, and friend. Thank you all for your prayers and may our Lord bless and keep you in His care now, during the holiday, and forever more. Amen and Amen.


August 26, 2014

Please pray for me. I have applied for a better paying job. Please pray for me that Gods will be done and I will get it if Im suppose to have it.

prayer for wisdom and help

August 25, 2014

Hi Tonight I pray for wisdom. I need wisdom for the journey i am going on. And I ask God that He make it very clear. I pray for a double portion of wisdom. Oh how great it would be to make a decision and know that it is the right decision. So I leave that with God. I ask Him for help and I am going to leave it with him. There are ways for him to give clear direction and I am looking for that in a real way. I also pray for my nephew. He needs God in his life. And Lord, all the things going on at home - Lord, please guide me. Financially - I pray for wisdom and for help. I pray that He help me be a good steward.

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