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Christian wife

October 31, 2014

My wife and I would appreciate prayers for our son, Adam to find a loving Christian woman that will hopefully share their lives together. Thank you and God bless

New Pastor Twisting Scripture

October 31, 2014

"I love how he always put a twist on what the bible is saying" A congregation member said this speaking of a pastor on Pastor's Appreciation Day. Please pray for our new Pastor. The member just admitted to him twisting God's word. God's word speaks on its own, without need for the extra "twist" of man. Please pray he stops. That God stops him. Because Satan twisted scripture when tempting Christ.

I need peace

October 31, 2014

Please pray for me - I am heartbroken & heartsick. I had to tell my adult son that I have to take some space & time out of my relationship with him today. He is and has been disrespectful & emotional abusive to me since he was a teenager - he is 33 now. His thinking is twisted & I am unable to communicate to him without him turning every thing back on me. I am very sad but I don't know what else to do. He has told everyone he knows that I have deeply hurt him. He has told me I need to apologize to him - but won't tell me when or how I have hurt him. I did apologize to him but of course that did not change anything. He has his wife turned against me & his dad along with his mother in law. He has a new born baby girl - my only granddaughter that if nothing changes I will not have a relationship with her. Please pray for me.

Prayer for neighbor in lots of pain.

October 30, 2014

Hi, my neighbor is headed up to the hospital right now. She had surgery a few months ago and something is wrong again. Would everyone please pray for healing for her?


October 29, 2014

Hi there... Sorry to bother you though private message but i am in need of prayer. I was in a car accident three years ago, a pretty bad one. I used to be very physicially active, at the gym 5-6 days a week, lost 15 pounds and was eating healthy, living a healthy lifestyle, until about a year ago now. I am a nurse and i thought the pain was just my workload, so i switched surgical units, in hope thats all it was. I am now unable to exercise, am on modified duty at work, and no matter what i do the pain is unbearable, i have low back and right hip pain. The car accident i was in with my mother in law totaled our SUV, we were hit by a drunk driver with a suspended license who was texting at the time of the accident. I am trying every day to forgive this person, i feel so much of my life as been put on hold. I am praying every day to just feel better. Ive been through multiple tests, no one can figure out what the pain is being caused from. They believe it is my SI joint, so ive done multiple types of therapies, including chiropractor and acupuncture. So far, nothing has helped. I know my healer lives, I know He is the only one who can heal me. I have this feeling in my heart that I believe is from Jesus, that He wants me to ask others to pray for me, as this is not something i've done before. I'm at a loss for what to do next, all i can do is pray, i just want the pain to stop, and i just want my life back. I just got married in August, we want to start a family, please pray, i just want to live again. Again, so sorry for messaging you in this way, but i am hopeful that this time around, through prayer, I will be healed. Thank you.

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