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Upcoming Church (GEMS) event

December 08, 2016

We are hosting a fundraiser for our GEMS program through our church. A fashion show to the story " The Birth of Jesus" , wearing the shirts the girls designed which will be fore sale. We want to ask for support from our congregation and praying that the event will run smooth and show the girls that they are supported in making the decision to be a proud Christian young lady.

Friend's Salvation

December 07, 2016

Please pray that Mike will be drawn to the Lord, see the sin he needs to repent of and that he will receive Jesus as his Savior soon. And that his wife and kids will do the same!


December 07, 2016

My best friend in the whole entire universe is having a ton of trouble. She tried to kill herself 5 times. She cuts and want to be perfect. She even told m that she's gonna stop eating. I told her to pray and she said God can't help her. Everytime I try to help her, we fight. We're fighting right now. I'm extremely worried about her. I don't want to lose her, and I hate sewing her this way.


December 06, 2016

A co-worker has some mental health problems. She also had some problems in her personal life. The boss is showing lots of compassion toward her. She wants to work & wants to do a good job. She told me if she didn't have work to fill her time she'd just sit at home & deteriorate. She is usually given minimal tasks to do. I often find her difficult to work with because she sometimes makes snide remarks and asks questions on how things are supposed to be done, she will do it completely different. She tries to be cautions , but forgets what she should be doing often. I fear she will make a tragic mistake & someone will get hurt. Even though she says vicious things to the staff & treats us poorly, when the public comes in she is always pleasant & friendly with them. Working with her can sometimes be a trial, we never know what her mood will be. I know if I had her problems, I'd want people to be nice to me. Please pray for her.

for my anchor s

December 06, 2016

for my special and trusted friend to feel better soon. I worry all the time when I know he is not up to par. thanks

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