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Isaiah 55v6-11

May 24, 2015

If you would please pray for me I would greatly appreciate it. My spiritual is ruined as are all other aspects of my life. I know that I am under satanic bondage and that there is a satanic stronghold placed in my life. I foolish gave place to the devil living in sin and disobedience. I need the LORD to help me come back to Him, to deliver me from the works of the devil and my own foolish pride and apathy, and to restore unto Himself. I need humility, repentance, healing, deliverance, and restoration, faith. I need The LORD to take the mess that I made with my soul and life and fix me from the inside out (Jeremiah 18) and to kick out the devil. I need psalm 51 to happen to me and deliverance from many habitual sins. If you would please pray for The LORD to help me and for me to stop being proud, double minded, and stubborn, and kicking against Him. If you would pray for my repentance toward God and faith Toward The Lord Jesus Christ and for Him to soften my heart and draw me to Him. If you would pray also for my friens Kyle and Allen for the Lord to help them and protect them and me from the works of the devil and for us to repent and draw nigh to the Lord as well as the salvation of the world. Thank you ALL and God bless you.

Get wisdom, get understanding ... For they are life unto those that find them, and health to all their flesh. (Proverb 4:5, 22 KJV)

May 20, 2015

Please continue to intercede in prayer with me for my daughter's health. Thank YOU/you. Almighty GOD in Jesus Christ: YOU truly are The ONLY Faithful Physician. YOU always operate in the lives of YOUR precious children for YOUR own Honor, Glory and Praise; for YOU alone are The Ancient of Days. In accordance to God's PLANS, my daughter's life remains safe and secure - of this I am sure - in Jesus Christ's Nail Scarred, Healing Hands. Amen

Touch my finances Lord God...........

May 17, 2015

I never really ask for financial some how it seems ungodly to ask for that don't know why I feel that way. But at this point I ask for supernatural blessing in this dept of my life and also work or self employment that will prosper, at 48 that may be hard but You can do all things.

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