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Thanks for help!

August 27, 2014

I asked for help for Growth in SundaySchools here in Norway. I have already get help in the Newspapers here. A good start! Hans

Praises to our God!

August 26, 2014

I lead a women's young adult Bible study and wanted to share different praises from the group. May the Lord get the glory! Coco- Left working at the salon she was at about a weeks ago, and prayed that the Lord would provide for her finances and bless her as she wants to still continue to do hair from home. He has blessed her with an ongoing and ever growing clientele. Tatiana- A Muslim girl, Sara, that shes been witnessing to came to church unexpectedly last week and is coming again this week. Also, the Lord provided greatly at her teams' medical mission trip fundraiser last week; part of each member's trip has been paid for. Also, a large pharmaceutical company donated $1,200 worth of medical supplies and medications. Please pray about the trip, they go 2nd week in September. Ana- Her co-worker, whom our group has been praying for in recent weeks and has been very challenging to work with, went to church and had an experience with the Lord that, it appears, has changed her. She approached Ana today repenting of things she has done to her which is very outside of her character. We pray she made a genuine decision for Christ. Jessica- was feeling downcast, and the Lord brought her to the exact verses she needed to read in scripture to ignight the joy within her again.

Protection and restoration

August 23, 2014

I asked for protection for my 5 year old grandson who is hurting over his daddy wanting to divorce his momma. The dad is visiting tomorrow and was going to take his son away to stay and my daughter wouldn't 't get to know the place. I asked for protection for the boy and now his daddy decided to keep him at the family home! Please continue to pray for The Lord to protect my daughter's heart when she is interacting in any way with her husband especially in front of their son. Please also pray for a spiritual revelation from The Lord for this husband and father.

I pray for understanding...

August 22, 2014

I was in a crash with a lorry (truck) in Scotland near St. Andrews University where I was studying for my Masters degree, in March of 2005. I was medically transported "home" to the states after my injury. I became unconscious with Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) for 4 months but rarely and through the grace of God from a world-wide of prayers, I am continuously healing with having gone deaf. This is not healing. I am a very social person but I cannot be understood while my voice is unclear. I was studying to be a teacher and still having difficulties... I further pray to be understood by those who need to understand.

thanks giving

August 22, 2014

1. Twiice I have used this platform requiring prayer for my sick mum who didn't want to take treatment for her ailment, infact she was hid this from us her kids &grandkids - still does but now she is taking care of herself and is very deligent in her treatment. She is healthy and has gained weight. 2. About six weeks ago I asked a prayer request concerning my finances which I hadd foolishly messed up. Right now things have so improved the Lord's face is shining upon me, 'cause fanacial obligations are met. My Father is therfor ma sending me some Elijah to augment what I have into sufficiency according to His richies in heaven. May the wonderful Lord God Almighty Jehovah bless you all for interceeding for me. Prayer works. Abba Father is faithful in His promises.

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