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Thank you to KCBI

January 28, 2015

I received a postcard today (1-28-15) from KCBI. Thank you!!!! I don't know the individual from there who handwrote me a note. Thank you for these Scriptures that I read from "The Message" this afternoon: Jeremiah 31:3; Romans 8:26,27; I John 4:4; Psalm 56; Isaiah 41:10; Psalm 40:17 & Psalm 138:3. I also appreciate this statement: "Your name was brought before the throne of God today." Thank you as I have a TOUGH court hearing on 2-4-15.

Oops! I meant to say "Thank you for your prayers..." on last praise

January 23, 2015

Here's what a special person sent me: "Praying for you, for a good divorce settlement, for emotional healing, and for God's favor upon your future. Here are two passages that helped me during my divorce. Maybe they will help you, too: Psalms 57 and 91." Thank you!!! :)

Thank your prayers, fellow Christian!!! God bless you!! :)

January 23, 2015

Here's what a special person sent me: "Praying for you, for a good divorce settlement, for emotional healing, and for God's favor upon your future. Here are two passages that helped me during my divorce. Maybe they will help you, too: Psalms 57 and 91." Thank you!!! :)

request prayer for financial gift to be legittamite

January 20, 2015

Thanks so much for all your prayers. The financial gift turned out to a scam, I have learned to stay so focused on God, never to look to the left or to the right, God Bless

I posted a prayer request and God came through in every way possible. I have a new job, a new car and my mother is doing fine in heaven. God is so good.

January 20, 2015

I want to thank you all for praying for me. God has answered all my prayers in such miraculous ways. I have a good job, I have a new car and my mother has gone to be with the Lord. All things have really worked out. Thank you all so much.

i need help with finances taxes from last year and some debt for later year 2014

January 03, 2015

I am a 52 year old widowed raising a 17 year old teenage son well i was doing so well up until i broke my arm in august 2014 my world came crashing down on me i couldn't go to work and on top of that i had surgery oct 31 2014 shoulder don't know if i will have full recovery. took a couple of loans out on top of taxes i owe i need help just need a loan i am not behind on any of my loans but my taxes yes which was wrongly done when my husband past away i am in dired need of some help i will do anything to repay a loan and i know prayer is a very strong thing i believe i am handing this over to the lord.

i need help with finances taxes from last year and some debt for later year 2014

January 03, 2015

I am a 52 year old widowed raising a 17 year old teenage son well i was doing so well up until i broke my arm in august 2014 my world came crashing down on me i couldn't go to work and on top of that i had surgery oct 31 2014 shoulder don't know if i will have full recovery. took a couple of loans out on top of taxes i owe i need help just need a loan i am not behind on any of my loans but my taxes yes which was wrongly done when my husband past away i am in dired need of some help i will do anything to repay a loan and i know prayer is a very strong thing i believe i am handing this over to the lord.

Praise Report

December 13, 2014

Lord, I would like to thank you and all the prayer warriors. Hyundai husband has come to me yesterday with kindness, love and affection. Although he didn't say in clear words, he has shown a great big step in reconcilliation ! Lord I know its just the beginning and i know that you're working on him, i ask that you fill me with your holy spirit, continue touching my husband heart and remind him that it was you father that brought us together. My husband is even asked us to go to church tomorrow. Glory be to God!!!! Thank you Jesus, Thank you father God and prayer warriors! I am forever grateful!

Lord Please Help!

December 11, 2014

Lord, please help me! I need you to fill my body and soul with your holy spirit. My husband wants a divorce, and the next he wants to work on it! I'm losing my mind and it's been the most hurtful, emotional 2 weeks of my life. I've always been the strongest person i know but losing my best friend, my husband is killing me! Everything he calls I get physically ill. Scared of what's next he's going to say. He now wants to live day by day, I can't have a hurt look on my face, I can't talk about us, and must pretend with him at home. Those are his DEMANDS! LORD, there's so much confusion and emotions, how can I do that! My heart can not take any more. ....Please lord help me.

God has answered prayers...

December 08, 2014

Each of my daughters and I have been blessed with cars. My youngest has an old 2002 Mustang which needs an oil pan, and a few other minor repairs, but we have transportation. We are always in need of prayer, but God is faithful. Thanks to everyone who prayed for us...

Son, Ryan

December 08, 2014

Well it' another year past.. I have basically the same request.. My son Ryan does not believe in GOD. And each year it seems he growing farther farther apart from the family.. Please pray my son gets saved!! Amen and thank you all.

I sold my house and I was able to buy the other house....

December 06, 2014

Just a follow up in my life story.... Thank you for all your prayers! Prayers work!!! I was able to sell the old house, I bought the new house, but then I lost my job....There is always a kink in the path....However I am still trying to bring my mother...Half of the miracle has been granted....I can't imagine God will not complete the other half....I just have to continue praying!!! But I just wanted to update you guys on the wonderful miracles of our God......All we have to have is FAITH.....Nothing is too great for GOD....Thank you for your prayers, fellow Christians.....

God Has Answered Our Prayers! Praise Him!!!

November 30, 2014

Recently, God blessed me with a full-time job that pays a livable salary. I have been there over a month, and it looks like it is going to be a place where I can thrive, praise the Lord! I want to thank Him and thank all of you who have been so kind to pray for me regarding this. I was greatly struggling financially before He granted me this job. I don't even remember having applied for this job. They thought that I had applied, and contacted me; however, afterwards, they were unable to find my application; so, after, at first making me a job offer, they asked me to fill out an online application, so that they would have it for their records! Praise the Lord!!! Thank you so much for your prayers. He has richly answered! Praise the Lord and thank you again to all of you who prayed for me! Very gratefully yours, in Christ,

THANK YOU, fellow Christian!!! :)

November 29, 2014

Thank you, fellow friend for these sweet message & prayer !!! :) I have been down, but thank you, I feel that someone cares!!! I wish that this was the only thing on my plate. However I have my mom in my home, my low finances, my daughter's suicidal issues, & my grandson's reading issues. "I pray that the Lord would grant you favor with the judge and that you would have God's peace in your heart. Lord I pray that you would make this man miserable in his sin until he can't stand it anymore. Cause him to know what he is giving up and what a blessing his wife has been. Cause him to treat her fairly. In Jesus name I pray, amen."

A kind friend

November 29, 2014

Please could you pray ft hat the Lord would be merciful and open a door for me a kind loving companion who loves Jesus and has a sense of humour.

Prayers are Answered

November 25, 2014

My husband and I were separated and he wanted a divorce, then after much prayer and Faith, we have reconciled and are more in love than ever. I recently moved to Arizona with my military husband and we were blessed with a house, car paid off, renters for our home in Texas, and I was blessed with a job. Then God is so Good, I applied for nursing school in Az after having to pass up nursing school in Texas and I just recieved my acceptance letter. Now I am praying for God to guide me with finances to be able to pay for school, but I have FAITH He will carry me through all this because His plan for my life is so much more rewarding than I can ever imagine!

Thank You

November 10, 2014

I don't know how to delete a story I posted a few years ago. My friend John was in prison for several years and you all have prayed for his release into a half way house. He did get released into a half way house and his life was a on going testimony with God. He started college in 2012 and was even working. He had no car, yet he got on the bus every day two and from work. Unfortunately death took him in 2013. He was only actually free 2 or more months before he died. He had Cirrhosis of the liver. Yet he never complained and kept up with school work, and passed all his classes, even while in hospital. God Blessed his life and John was faithful. During his Memorial Service 21 people gave their life to Christ. This was a man! who was out of prison for years. But, when he finally turned his life around, so many years ago in prison, it was for real.

Thank you, sweet Christian sister!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

November 05, 2014

Here's a sweet lady's response to my sad issues: "I'm so sorry! I am going through a divorce from an abusive and unfaithful husband. I attend a DivorceCare class at my church because it helps to deal with my emotions and pain. You are worth far more than this. Don't question why he's an idiot, no answer will be enough. Focus on you and grow closer to God. I promise Jesus is the gentleman we lady's deserve, and He promised to never leave or forsake us. Write a list of the things God says about you and put on the mirror in the bathroom so you can read them everyday!! YOU ARE AMAZING, BEAUTIFUL, AND WORTH MORE THAN ALL THE MONEY ON THE PLANET. Bless you sweet sister. I'm praying for you!!!"


October 21, 2014

This year has been a struggle for my marriage. The enemy has tried to destroy our family. Thanks to so many prayers and God's love He has moved in our home. Though we are still in the healing process I see God's hand. I debated on whether to post this praise report but to God be the glory. I owe Him all that I am. Though trials come God is still God and He is still good. I'm sure the enemy will try to deter the glory due to God but he's already been conquered. We are to remember our position in Christ. He is crushed under our feet. I never want to skimp out on giving God glory out of fear of retaliation from satan. Jesus blood has given us victory! To God be the glory. I thank Him for His patience with me as my faith wavered and anger and sadness tried to overtake me. I love my Lord so much. He is so good and faithful. May we always remember that. In Jesus name I pray for continued healing on my marriage. Amen!

Thank you for answered prayer

October 13, 2014

I requested prayer because of problems with a gas leak after Atmos changed the lines leading up to my house. God answered in the form of Murley Plumbing. After the plumbers spent two days trying to seal all the leaks caused by the work done by Atmos (my house is 65 years old and the pipes could not handle the stress of being moved and jerked on by the replacement of the incoming gas lines), I finally asked what it would cost me to have the whole house repiped for gas. Penny Murley called me about 20 minutes later and gave me the bid and also told me they are a preferred vendor for Atmos so I qualified for a rebate. The total cost was less than one full day's charges. I was in tears when I ok'd the work and told her what an answer to prayer this was. I was able to pay the full cost of the repairs and not bankrupt my savings. God was so amazing in providing a company that did a wonderful job and did not take advantage of the situation. I thank the KCBI family for the prayers and give God the glory for working the situation out. God is good, all the time.

Daughter's Home

October 07, 2014

Praise God and thank all of you who prayed for my daughter be able to keep her home. God intervened and overcame every obstacle that came her way and she has been able to keep her home. She worked hard and trusted God when there seemed to be no hope but our Faithful God helped her each step of the. May He bless all who prayed for her.

daughter still astray

October 05, 2014

Our now 21 yo daughter is still in deep in her sin. It's been a tidal wave of mental pain for me. The Lord has certainly grown me thru this! I don't despair as I used to. But my daughters & my relationship is a roller coaster at best! I won't go into too much details. Please continue to pray & thanks for your prayers!

My son in law did return from the middle east

October 05, 2014

I asked for prayer about 1 1/2 years ago and have received many replies for the KCBI family saying they would pray for my son-in-law that was call into active duty and shipped to the middle east. It has always been soo good to hear that he was being prayed for. Well, he has come back home safely. He is suffering from PTSD but he was protected while oversea. Thank you all for your prayers and support.

Marriage Restored

September 13, 2014

Praise God, I am so blessed to share with you all that 6 months ago my husband of 10 years (while he was deployed) was ready to walk out of our marriage. With all your prayers, my faith in the Lord, and holding onto His Promises, my husband and I are now on the path to righteousness. God has been so good to us and EVERYTHING has fallen into place. His blessings have shined down on us as we stay strong in our faith. My husband and I have moved to Arizona and are actively going to church. We spend more time together, and are starting to pray together. God has changed my husband's heart and opened my eyes. We are learning to cherish one another like God cherishes us. My husband is saying he loves me more now then ever before and we even went to a couples communication class together. We did a Bible Study on the book Love and Respect by Emmerson which has made a tremmendous difference in our marriage as well. Thank you all again for all your prayers!!!

Wow! My advisor says that I don't owe $6,262!!

September 02, 2014

My financial advisor looked in to IRS's report of my owing $6,262 in taxes. He said that from 2012 ( already paid the taxes) & also for 2013 & 2014 so the IRS is wrong! Pray that I can get this straightened out with IRS & that if IRS owes me that IRS can send it to me directly. My mammogram was reexamined with ones from earlier years at different facilities and it is great!!!!!! :) Laptop is now working and the fire ants are gone by God's divine touch!! :)


August 28, 2014

PRAISE REPORT; My son did get the call for the JOB we were praying for. WoW, what a load off of mom's shoulders. THANK YOU for prayers sent up for me and my son. It touches my heart that i would receive emails. Yvonne Garcia God Bless all who prayed.

Three of my 6 urgent prayers answered!! :)

August 27, 2014

I had a BIG issue with fire ants in my bedroom. I prayed and God used DIVINE intervention on them in one day!!!! :) I had a green screen & an issue with my battery on my much needed laptop and God intervened again in two days. I had a mammogram on 7-31-14 and FINALLY heard from Glen Rose Medical Center today. Radiology was concerned about the dense breast tissue, but I wasn't as this happened in Granbury in July, 2010. When GR finally got the 2010 results from Granbury, I was excited and praising the Lord. Now I need prayer for over $6,200 due to IRS (I just got the letter on Thursday a week ago. I have received about $1,600 of it!), ALL the people who owe me & my deck which a local contractor has been ignoring my calls for 2 months even though he already has the (roof insurance) money with $400 being mine.

Praying for my grandson

August 24, 2014

I have asked for prayer for my grandson Tanner. He was born 16 weeks early weighing only 1lb 4oz. He was a fighter, a true fighter. He lived 93 days before going to be with Jesus. Thank you for praying for our daughter and her family. We don't understand the reasoning of God but we do have to trust him. This was the 2nd baby my daughter and son-in-law buried in the last 14 mo, so please continue to pray for Katie & Jared Carruth in Austin.

thanks to all the people who prayed for favor for my so he was able to obtain on campus housing.

August 22, 2014

I took some time to get all the paperwork done and having to borrow money to cover the expenses but at least he is in now and now I can concentrate on getting more financial aid for his next month and semesters housing and meals. for all those of you who have a child in college understand the frustrations of not knowing all the ins and outs of obtaining all the resources that are out there. thanks again for all of you wonderful people.

Chris Wick NEEDS salvation!

August 21, 2014

Chris DESPERATELY needs the Lord. Time is short. You can look at the Middle East and tell!

Praise -- Answered Prayer

August 20, 2014

Thanks to my KCBI family for all your prayers. I had requested a prayer for my niece Mindy that she would find employment -- and praise the Lord -- she got a job yesterday. God is so good and he does provide. Thanks again for all your prayers. May God bless you today in a special and glorious way.

Salvation for Son

August 14, 2014

Thank you for your 20 year son has taken steps toward accepting that he needs help and is seeking help via Excel Center for Emotions/Chemical Substances Center. He also stated that he wants to do better and will be attending an Christian Adult Support group this Friday. The Power of prayer prevail, and trust that he will surrender it all to the God in time. It's in the Master care now!

Vent tube changed

August 14, 2014

My grandson Tanner Larkin Carruth is in the NICU in Austin. Born 16 1/2 weeks early. Today they changed his ventilator tube and it was very very risky. Just recieved word from my daughter that he is doing ok and handling it right now.

The Lord is providing!

August 14, 2014

So two days ago I posted a prayer request, asking the Lord to provide a job for me, and that same morning, I received a call with a job offering. The Lord provided one!! Hallelujah God is good. Thank you for praying!

Thank you! Thank you for what you shared!! :)

August 12, 2014

Please continue to pray the blood of Jesus over your daughter and seek His word in Psalms 103 where the Lord promised to heal the broken hearted and bind up their wounds. When Our Lord and Saviour walked the earth over 2,000 years ago, there were no Doctors, psychologists and faith was the substance of evidence not seen but hoped for and they knew how to get on their faces before the Lord. We as Christians, need to return back to basics in faith on our needs with the word of God and ask Him to move on our behalf. Jesus is the same today, yesterday and forever but we fall short because of the age we live in and give in to fear, worry and unbelief and the enemy delights knowing our faith is small . But being human, the Lord said even though our faith is small, if we believe He will honour our prayers but we also need to make sure there is nothing in our hearts hindering our prayers ... so my dear sister I will lift you in prayer and also ask the Lord to strengthen your faith as you continue to cry out to the Lord in prayer and plead the blood of Christ over your daughter as the Lord beings to supernaturally heal her ...... we ask these things in the precious Name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ ... and the church said .......................!!!! AMEN!

Sister's racists comments

August 07, 2014

Thanks for all your prayers. God is awesome! I couldn't see it, but our Lord was working behind the scenes. My sister finally came and apologize. I forgave her but only to discover the real painful reasons of her race slurs. Now, that is all in the open, we have a much deeper understanding of each other and our hurt and pain. Thank you, Jesus. Thank you all!

MY husband isn't going to Sturgis!!!!! :)

August 06, 2014

Thank you!!!!! :) I had asked for prayer that my husband NOT go to Sturgis as he is not a Christian & has come back twice (2009 & 2013) with filthy stories & pictures. Pray for his salvation. Thank you!!!!!

Prayer for daughter

August 06, 2014

About a month ago I requested prayer for my daughter . She was a single mom and newly divorced looking for her first teaching position. I am so happy let you know she has a middle school teaching position with Fort Worth ISD. Thank you so much for all of your prayers!!!!!!!

Answered Prayer

August 04, 2014

About 3 months ago I asked for prayers to let go of something that was bringing me pain. It has been a process, but I am finally moving forward in process. The best part is before I moved forward every time I got weak I would get an email saying someone from had prayed for me.

Had My Baby via VBAC

August 04, 2014

I want to say thank you to everyone that prayed for me. I got to successfully have my baby Vaginally at 39 weeks after a cesarean only a year ago. He was 7lbs 14oz and 19 1/2 inches long with no health problems, except for having jaundice like his big sister did. :)

thank you

August 03, 2014

thank you all for your prayers. we avoided eviction and are moving forward. the prayers now needed are for a promotion and moving favor as we move to another city with better opportunities for my family. thank you for your prayers and concern


August 02, 2014

This is the most powerful chapter (18) from the awesome book, "The Three Battlegrounds" by Francis Frangipane. Intro: "There is a war, a very ancient war, between the spirit of Elijah and the spirit of Jezebel. In this age-old battle, Elijah represents the interests of Heaven: the call to repentance and the return to God. Jezebel, other hand, represents that unique principality whose purpose is to hinder and defeat the work of repentance. "2 Kings 9:30-37The Message (MSG) 30-31 When Jezebel heard that Jehu had arrived in Jezreel, she made herself up---put on eyeshadow and arranged her hair---and posed seductively at the window. When Jehu came through the city gate, she called down, "So, how are things, 'Zimri,' you dashing king-killer?" 32 Jehu looked up at the window and called, "Is there anybody up there on my side?" Two or three palace eunuchs looked out. 33 He ordered, "Throw her down!" They threw her out the window. Her blood spattered the wall and the horses, and Jehu trampled her under his horse's hooves. You also need to get the book, "The Case of Faith" by Lee Strobel, a former atheist.

2-year-old drowning victim did not survive; leaves legacy

August 01, 2014

The 2-year-old little girl who drowned last week did not survive. The final round of tests on Monday revealed brain death and her family chose to donate her organs. Five other children will go on to lead longer, healthier lives as a result of this selfless act. Continued prayers for peace for the family are requested.

thank you for your encouragement and prayers

July 28, 2014

I didn't realize how great this prayer wall is...I have gotten several responses for encourgaement and stories that give me hope. Thanks, I know God doesn't want me unappreciated by my partner.

Healing restored!

July 25, 2014

God has opened the door of restoration between us and our son. We will have our grandchildren with us and forgiveness is in the works! Hallelujah Thank you of you that are praying. -Shalom.

Prayer Request

July 25, 2014

I wish to give Glory to God and express my sincere appreciation to my wonderful family in the Prayer Request community. Even though my husband could not practice medicine he is blessed to get a research job with a pharmaceutical company in another state. Above all, our 2 children our thriving successfully; both of them are in Ivy League colleges. I can't be more blessed as they were the reason for relocating to USA. Yes prayers work and I have HOPE. Thank you everyone and God bless.


July 23, 2014

Praise hasn't been more than 6 hours and God is already answering one of my prayer requests! My daughter called earlier today to tell me that we would be visiting with our grandsugars on Saturday. I am somewhat leery of the visit because the babies will want to stay with us and I wouldn't know how to handle the situation because we've never denied them anything especially their stay with us. I need God's wisdom on what to do! But, praise be to our God for his quick answer!

Results of Prayers for Infected Swollen Foot!

July 21, 2014

Thank you through our LORD, Christ Jesus. I wrote July 18th that I have been in great pain for over a month with an infection in my foot but no medicine was prescribed. (I don't understand this, but God does.) My foot is now much better. The swelling is going down and I am not in as much pain. I look forward to walking around in a few days if God wills it. I am very grateful to my brothers and sisters in Christ who prayed for me. I give glory to God for his great care through out the whole time, on bad day's as well as good, for the time we have had in prayer, the things He has shown me and his never leaving or forsaking me.

Thank you, fellow Christian!! :) I know you care!!!

July 15, 2014

Thank you, fellow Christian for the following sweet remarks!!! :) "I am praying for you! I pray God would bind and rebuke satan from your household. I pray your husband would open his eyes and see the truth! God cannot be mocked. In Jesus name I pray, Amen."

Wow! Lots of PTL's!!! 10 alone for my daughter!

July 14, 2014

My 26 year old daughter is finally being accountable to CPS, Trinity Springs and my son!!! PTL CPS has 4 requirements, my son added more plus TS, too. She went to church Sunday as my son said as long as he is my grandson's guardian (This is a BIG answer!!!) through CPS, my grandson has to go to church which is several times a week!!!!! :) She will get a more effective psych doctor who can see her hopefully this month & wean her off of her 8 prescriptions. She kept her job even though she was gone two weeks! Her boss has a sister-in-law with similar issues so he will let my daughter go to her doctor's appointments & help pay financially. My grandson can go to a prep school (West Dallas) by my son's home (He picked this area as a side ministry!!!) that is in the same system as the other prep school (Arlington). :) He can hopefully transfer his YMCA membership (as this is less expensive than child care in a home or school) to one within walking distance from my son's home!!!!!! PTL :)

Thank you for your advice, fellow Christian!

July 12, 2014

Thank you, fellow Christian, for your AWESOME encouragement. We're all together (seven of us) for my mom's birthday here in West Dallas. I drove 8 hours from Glen Rose to Sweetwater to Ovilla (lots of traffic) to West Dallas picking up family members for our mini family reunion. Eph 4:29 Let no corrupt communication proceed out our mouth, but that which is good to use of edifying, that is my MINISTER grace unto the hearers. Father i pray for this couple and I ask that Jesus extend peace into their home. Lord i ask that you send your ministering angel to watch over them. Bring peace to this family. I encourage the believer to remain steadfast, becuase God is Faithful. He shall sustain you. Declare peace!. Take Authority in the name of Jesus! That is your home, and you shall NOT be moved, covered under HIS grace, and covered under HIS love. Have faith in God, for he is with you. In Jesus Name Amen

4:30 PTL call

July 10, 2014

At 2:00-2:30 CPS met with my son. My daughter had signed a form with 4 requirements. One was that she'd get psychological help to get her son back in October. She called and had talked to her boss after being gone a week and 4 days. Her boss was VERY sympathetic as his sister-in-law has the same issues. He'll let her off for her doctor's visits and help her out financially when she lets him know!!!! She is loved and HIGHLY favored!!! :) I'm glad that she HAS to do something as she's made poor choices and glad that her boss is listening. :)

My daughter is being released today.

July 09, 2014

My daughter is getting out today. I have the PTL about my bank & my mom's phone plus this. Pray, too, that my daughter takes it seriously this time as CPS will not let her have her son alone until October WHEN she is seriously making good choices. She NEEDS the Lord plus off her alcohol, cigarettes, 8 prescriptions (She is only 26 years old. I'm 58 and I only take Estradiol. My mom is 81 on Friday & she takes only 2!), & weekly needs psychological help with her PTSD from the death of her dad & a rape. I feel that there may be a third one making this a three-strand cord as I've intensively prayed for her for 12 years! This NEEDS to be broken off her!!!

My bank reimbursed me!! PTL

July 08, 2014

It's already back in my account!!! :) Dear (my name) Thank you for contacting (my bank). My name is Tavares, and it is my pleasure to assist you today. I understand your concerns about the overdraft transfer fee that was recently assessed to your account. Because we value our relationship with you, I reimbursed your account in the amount of $12.50. This reimbursement will post to your account within two business days. We would like to see what we can do to ensure that you are not inconvenienced by this in the future. To speak with a specialist who can review your financial concerns and look for flexible options to help you avoid being charged fees, please call us anytime at (left off). If you have any additional questions regarding your account, please reply to this email or call us anytime at the number listed above. It was my pleasure assisting you with your request today. On behalf of (my bank), thank you for your business. We are happy to have you as our customer and appreciate the opportunity to assist you today. Sincerely, Tavares G

Needed Steady Work and Finances

July 06, 2014

Thank you for those of you who have let me know that you were praying for me to receive a good steady job and finances. I am not certain that the Lord has answered this prayer, but He may have: I began working a full-time job at a Belk department store a couple of weeks ago. The reason I'm not sure whether of not this is an answer to prayer is that, it turns out that the job is a commission-based job (although it pays a low hourly wage, if we don't make it on commissions); and it requires me to work some Sundays, which keeps me out of church. It IS steady work, and the people I work with seem nice; however, it doesn't pay a living wage, unless I do well on commissions. So, I don't know whether or not the Lord has answered my prayers. I need a job that pays a living wage--which this one may or may not--and that enables me to attend church, at least much of the time. Thanks to all of you who have prayed for me. Please continue to pray, and I thank God that at least I have steady work right now.

Husband job needs

July 03, 2014

Thank you so much for all your prayers, my husband has a job that is providing for our family. He is like a new man and I know it is God's provision that has lightened his load. We still have hurdles, but God has given us a blessing with this job.

eviction, financial help

July 03, 2014

everyone has been praying for a $2000 miracle and in the last hour the miracle. Another friend from high school guided by the Lord I am sure sent the money and we are paid in full. Continue to pray that this financial bondage is broken and I can pay all who paid for us back ......And please pray that God bless them as they have richly blessed us. :) thank you.

Praise on taking care of my mom's phone issue.

June 27, 2014

I called AT&T about doing an unlisted phone # for my mom. It had a better idea of combining 11 features to get my mom's same phone # as unpublished; block 3rd party calls & if a caller sneaks through, the person just pushes *60 while on the phone so this sales company is blocked; the listing is sent to a national company that blocks solicitors as they're preying on my mom!!!!! :( They taking her precious money.

God is good!

June 26, 2014

I ask for paryer in the fall regarding 2 things. First, i was behind on my college loans. Secondly, my job at new school was not going well. Well, although I am still paying catch-up on the loan, I am making progress. My job was stressful for many months. Things began to turn around for me in February. My supervisor began treating me better and the year ended well. However,,. I found a new teaching position at the end of March, where I will be working with a couple of friends of mine. What a blessing! More money and God's favor, what more could I ask for!! The Lord is faithful! Thank you so much for your prayers, God Bless You All....

BIG praises and prayer needs

June 25, 2014

I'm letting you know as people seem to read the prayer requests more than the PTL's. I just had a BIG answer to prayer. I was at the new insurance company for 2 hours, but I saved $642.26 between my homeowner's and my car insurance!!! :) I even sold 130 plums between school & the insurance company. I hardly had to say anything! The insurance company has 4 people and 3 are family. Mom was reminded again about saying no. She said her contributions are to very important causes (through the mail). I can't mentor it daily. I'm hoping I can get there BEFORE she mails these contributions! I told her not to, but that didn't help. I still haven't gotten any information to change her phone number as she gets sales calls & she gives! For Mom's birthday in July, I'm taking her to my son's to spend Friday - Sunday there. She keeps thinking that I'm taking her for a week. Her memory used to be REALLY good. Pray for my marriage, my husband's, daughter's and Chris Wick's salvation. The time is SO short!

Mom is all recovery

June 24, 2014

Thank you for all of your prayers. On Fathers Day my mom was admitted into the ICU for servered pneumonia. Thanks to this prayer wall and the people who prayed and most of all God my mom is at home and recovering. Thank you so much KCBI for allowing us to post our prayer request!!

2months without nicotine Praise God Thank you for your prayers

June 23, 2014

I thank ALL of you for your prayers I stopped smoking May 12 after hitting and missing for the first 2weeks of the month. I have another prayer request. My mother was exploited and neglected in an assistant day care home. My mother didn't meet the qualifications because she had Alzheimer's. She was in a wheelchair 4 months after she arrived. She was placed in the hospital 9 times which should have been a red flag to social workers but I had to call adult protective services and DADS without results. I was prevented from seeing my mother When I did she was dressed like a bag lady and I had bought her a new wardrobe that was not picked up from the high quality home she was taken from with the help of adult protective services that did not do a thorough investigation. I wrote investigative reporters and the only reason I was not taken seriously because the owner of the facility is my cousin It was classified as a family dispute. My mother was my abuser She treated my cousin like she was a princess and the smartest woman on earth when it came to business which never bothered me because I was and still terrible with a budget. My mother was FOUND DEAD after I begged for a hospice aide or I offered to stay the night because I'm a nurse with 30 years experience. I was refused. I'm on a fixed income. Legal aide is not very good here I have exhausted every avenue. I believe my mother was neglected, exploited for $2400 a month and she received $2 care. The last time my mother was in the hospital was a week before she died. I DISCOVERED she was dehydrated for so long that her sodium level was dangerously high. She was in CCU and I couldn't see her because I was not on the "list". Please can somebody help me. I've appealed to many agencies who only check the condition of the home. Since my cousin's home was unregistered, I could not find an osbudsman. I know my mother was practically murdered. I have written documentation. And pray that my anger and remorse will not cause me to act out and not be obedient to God's will because I admit I have been acting out. My mother wouldn't win a mother of the year award but I honored her and placed her in the high rated specialized facilities I spent a lot of time with her. We finally bonded. She told me she loved me words I've been waiting years to hear. Then my brother brought in a already notorized POA without a notary present. My mom didn't know what she was signing but mu cousin has personal friends with adult protective services. I started mourning my mother that very day because my cousin is controlling, manipulative, Narcissistic and money hungry. I cried for 18 months. My mom died February 04 2014 and I still cry for the injustice she endured under a family member's care. A family member who told me she had planned this coup for 2 years Please pray for my family, I need suggestions. God bless all of you!! I know prayer works!!!!

Answered Prayer

June 21, 2014

This praise report is about 2 months late. Last March I requested prayer because I was moving from Denton to Greenville, but could not afford movers there. For hours, I was prompted to call a church in Frisco I had never been to. And since I do not have a car, they would know that I would probably never go to that church. Yet, they joyfully made two trips to move my belongings. Thank you for praying for me!

Answered Prayer

June 19, 2014

God is still on the throne and he is certainly still is a Prayer answering God! Jesus is on the main line! I wanna say a great BIG THANK YOU to everyone who has said a Prayer for my marriage, my family, our finances and for our son. As of June 8th, 2014 we are now back as a family living in Amarillo,Texas with my husband. God has heard and answered my Prayers! I am currently in the process of starting a new job, our belonging are in a storage unit in Cleburne because we are waiting to hear if Hubby has been blessed with a new job opportunity in another state. Still Praying, still believing for many more miracles to be poured out ( In Jesus name ) To God be the glory for the prayers that have been answered and the doors he is currently opening in our finances! God is a rewarder of those who diligently seek him :) Now Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. For 2 yrs I have not given up on my marriage, I have stayed obedient to the word of God, I have kept the Faith and stayed Prayerful and obedient to my fasting. God has heard my petitions, he has heard my cry, he has rewarded my faithfulness. Just know if you are Praying for something and you feel like your Prayers are not being heard, keep on Praying he will answer your Prayer(s) on his time! Not my will but thy will be done! Praise God!! To God be he glory!! Never give up hope!! You must claim it, believe it and you will receive it!!! In Jesus Name! Thank You for allowing me this opportunity to give glory and honor to Jesus!!!

Praise Jesus

June 09, 2014

I am asking that everyone who reads this would send praise to Jesus for God graciously providing me an excellent job that i do not deserve. I was 6 months unemployed with no car (it was totaled one month into my unemployment), no unemployment benefits, and by His grace and provision I finalky paid off all my credit card debt by being unemployed, and was also able to live without assistance on my bills up until this last month when my boyfriend lent me money I didn't have and by His amazing grace managed to make me feel loved and blessed me so greatly that there was no doubt Who gave me this blessing and not by works that I may boast...God's grace alone!!!! Praising Jesus today and always!!

prayer answered

May 31, 2014

Thank you for all your prayers. I was able to pay my rent for June. GOD IS GOOD!

answered prayer

May 29, 2014

May 26 last year I asked prayer for my friend Campel Sam Clark to come home. God in his mercy and grace provided the funds needed. Mr. Clark is back home with family. Thank you all for your prayers.

Olivia, 3yrs old

May 28, 2014

It is with deep sadness that I must say Olivia went to be with Jesus last night. Thank you for your prayers, please continue to pray for her family as there is still a long road of recovery and healing ahead. I know that God does everything for a reason and all things are done to fit his divine plan for us. Please continue to pray for her family that they may find peace through this difficult time, and that He may comfort them and see them through this. I also would like to thank every one that prayed for her from the bottom of my heart.


May 28, 2014

As we have ridden the waves of the economy and came out blessed beyond measure a few things still loom that need His infinite wisdom and guidance. My sweetie being unemployed for 18 months and now we are blessed and gainfully employed with dual income we are trying to right our financial obligations but some have gotten away from us causing our mortgage company to not want to deal with us on certain matters. Specifically, our original home in another state that is to soon go into sheriff's sale due to missed payments. We have applied for a loan to right the wrong and are asking for prayer in favor of the lending institution and the person reading our application to hear our needs and at least listen for consideration. The house is currently being occupied by my father and it's a place he calls home and we just don't have the heart to uproot him and at 81. Please pray with us in asking our Heavenly Father for favor over the lending institute and loan officer. May you be blessed beyond measure!

I prayed for help with an application for an apartment approval and my wife a closer job to Dallas and increase in pay. Favor at work increase in business.

May 27, 2014

God never fail, trust him not man to move the heart s of people to accomplish his purpose. Often people won't come through but GOD will and did for me and my family. Now I will continue to expect my wife to receive increase in pay and closer job to home.

Prayer Answered

May 27, 2014

I asked for prayers for a friend that has bone cancer. He was able to go on the trip with his family. They have returned after a much needed vacation and he is feeling better. Thank you to all who have prayed for this family and continue to pray for his comfort and strengh to continue his fight with bone cancer.

I asked for prayer for Penelope

May 27, 2014

I asked for prayer for Penelope , a 1 yr old with neuroblastoma. Penelope lost her battle with cancer today. Please pray for her family, they are not believers, and are overwhelmed with grief. Please pray that somehow this tragedy will lead them to God Almighty

God showed mercy!

May 24, 2014

After adding my husband to the prayer list at KCBI, he showed some improvement able to preach with strength and conviction right to the end of his life. My Sidney was spared from the month-after-month of extreme pain and sickness normally accompanying end-stage pancreatic cancer. My family and friends prayed for mercy and God showed it. The Great Physician allowed him to preach two times in January while he was in hospice care. Jesus called my husband home February 1. Thank you doesn't seem enough to say to all those who lifted prayers to heaven on be half of my Godly husband.


May 23, 2014

On April 6, 2014 I Posted: "I left my position as a LVN and returned to school to obtain my RN license. My employer gave me assurance that I would have a job when I completed studies, however that was not so. I have been without a permanent job since graduation. I am praying that God will bless me with a job that will allow me to due is work and utilize my skills". My prayer was answered on May 22, 2014. I got a job, and the benefits are phenomenal and God proved Satan a LIAR!!!!

The longest short road ever

May 22, 2014

On 4-28 I asked for prayers because I was about to lose my job. I did lose it. On 5-23 I have 2 job interviews and in between that time I have realized that God is good all the time, and He loves me and He is in control. I am not. Every hour is an up and down, but my hope is in the Lord. That's all I can do is hope and pray.

Thank You All

May 21, 2014

I had ask for prayers that my son in law find a job here in Dallas since he was taking my daughter & grandson to San Antonio. He got a job & pray that it works out. THANK YOU FOR YPUR PRAYERS!

Friend with Bone Cancer

May 19, 2014

I asked for prayers for my friend with bone cancer to be able to make a trip with family. He is now on that trip and enjoying his time with their family. Thank you all for your faithful prayers. We serve a wonderful and caring God.

I got the job!

May 14, 2014

Thankful for all your prayers for those who prayed for me. God opened a window from heaven. I got the job I've always wanted!

please pray

May 14, 2014

please pray for my parents and me and my brother for spiritual healing and restoration also for family. we keep losing good spirit and whole soul whole everything..and get evil spirits.. keep taken to someone elses.. stolen lost..etc please ask God to restore whole healing process and ask for completely healing and restoration give everything back to us as originally belong us... lost whole soul whole good spirts, whole blessing whole gifts crowns mind body heart,, everything.. taken to someone eleses....please ask GOd to restore everything what satin tried to destroy and has stolen. PLease ask GOd to restore whole healing process I messed up .... give back everything completely as originally belong to us.. even I spit out... realized spirit of healing restoration and blessings.. missed .. lost stolen,.snatched away . gave away switched everything...and only HOly Spirit fully control us . Thank you.


May 12, 2014

God is great! I wanted to thank those who prayed for me to get into pharmacy school. You all are great examples and have shown me that prayer works. You all have also given me a tremendous boost in my self confidence. Thank you all!!

Wife took job

May 12, 2014

My wife was offered a job at a great school and we decided she should accept the job offer even though it's a lesser paying job. It has a feel of God being "all over it," so we're going to go in the direction we believe God is leading. Thank you for the prayers! And thanks to KCBI for this resource.

Prayers for College Senior answered!

May 12, 2014

Alex got a 'B' in the class he was most worried about. Thank you for your prayers!

Friend With Cancer

May 12, 2014

I asked for prayers for a friend that has bone cancer. He will be going on a long awaited trip with his family. He has been feeling well enough to be able to go and I thank everyone that has prayed for this family. He has been in a lot of pain and discomfort and seems to be doing well enough to make the trip. Thank you so much for your faithful prayers and to a gracious God that answers those prayers.


May 12, 2014

About one week ago I asked for prayer for the healing of the relationship between me and my daughter. Since then you have been praying and God is showing me that he is working on answering. I have been invited to a dance recital for my grand-daughter and I also received a wonderful email from my daughter saying that she wanted me to know that she loved me very much, that she misses talking to me and that she has found a church close to her where she is going each Sunday. So many praises in on week! Thank you.

David vs Goliath

May 08, 2014

Please Unite With God's People. Our church is in opposition to Irving's ordinance to sell alcohol across the street from our church. City of Irving wants to lower the 300 feet distance between a business and a church/school. City of Irving wants to make an exception to this ordinance for the Texas Musicians Museum. If this is allowed, what other church/ school in Irving will be blind-sided with accepting the selling of alcohol less than 300 feet from their church. It's not enough that we are located at 102 S Delaware, an Irving Landmark where the Church of Christ was first built around 1910, but when did Irving lose respect for the House of God? Meeting with the Irving and Zoning this past Monday, May 5, voted against our petition. We were blind-sided when they told us the meeting with the Irving City Council is scheduled to be held this Thursday, May 8, at 7:00pm. Irving Planning and Zoning Committee know this is not sufficient time to prepare. We ask as citizens of God and fellow followers of Christ to join us to speak and stand up for what is right. In Jesus Name, All Honor and Glory to God.

In need of a job

May 04, 2014

I was offered a job last week to start on August 1, 2014. Thank you so much for all your prayers. May God be with you for your kindness and the time taken to pray for me. Thank you again. I am truly grateful and will also pray for the continued success of this station.

Prayer Answered!

May 03, 2014

My 8yr cousin in Japan,who has epilepsy did have an MRI this past Monday and doctors could not find any sign of cancer or any other abnormality. Doctors are said to be "puzzled that they found nothing else wrong". Praise GOD!!! Please continue to pray for his epilepsy to be healed in JESUS NAME!!!!


April 29, 2014

First, I want to thank those of you who have seen my prayer request & have been praying!! My daughter-in-law, Stephanie is going in for her 3rd round of very aggressive chemo today. This particular chemo is causing her to NOT SLEEP so, on top of the nausea, she's not sleeping either! Thank you for your continued prayers! We feel very blessed to know there are people praying for her! My nephew, Phillip is doing much better today. He has pins & rods in both hands & are still bandaged to the point of complete dependence on others. He still has surgery on his left heel & his right knee to go, so we're far from done yet. He's in very good spirits in spight of his (temporary) handicaps! Thank you, again, for your prayers & your thoughtfulness! You are such a blessing to us!

answered prayer

April 22, 2014

First I want to thank God for answering our prayers and all who prayed for my friend Campel Sam Clark who was in a serious car accident while in Turkey last May. He has made it back home to his children! Now we have another request. Because of his injuries in the accident he started having seizures. MRI found a tumor in his head and has had 2 surgeries to remove it. With 2nd surgery the hospital doesn't want him talking on phones. Please pray for full recovery and that I will hear from him soon.( its been 3 weeks)

Prayer answered

April 19, 2014

I wanted to first thank my Lord and Savoir for everything he has done for me. I then want to thank everyone who prayed for my petition. My God has answered part of my prayer, my son has a job. Glory be to God. I know that he will answer my other one because scripture says Ask and you shall receive. I know my Lord will answer so please continue to pray. God Bless you.

Lord's plans supersede our plans

April 18, 2014

Spring 2013 I requested prayer for my family's housing situation. It was a rather difficult and complicated situation that only MY Lord could fix. April/May 2013 I received a postcard from someone in KCBI. 5.18.13 I received an alert for a house and scheduled an appt to see it. 5.19.13 I took my family to see it. On 5.20.13 after prayer and lunch with the realtor who is a Christian brother as well, I put an offer on the house. 6.20.13, ONE day AHEAD of schedule, I closed on my new house. The postcard told me to wait on MY Lord, wait on the house that HE has for me, not one that I choose. To wait for HIS time to move forward and that HE will facilitate everything. I didn't think I had enough money to do so, let alone move back to NJ and start over, but in the end, I had more than enough money to buy, close, move, paint and still save some money in the bank; the payments are more than affordable for a single income, it is in a wonderfully established, quiet, family friendly, clean neighborhood closer to their schools, the kids can stay in their schools and in the same district, I could afford to help my daughter in college with her personal expenses as well as take care of my boys at home. Every time the boys complain about it being a smaller house I remind them the house was a gift from GOD and that HE has where HE wants us, the things on this earth are temporary and that I will not be ungrateful for HIS wonders and mercies and I simply tell them to pray and be thankful that we have a house and did not end up homeless when we are 1,600 miles away from family and friends that could help or give us shelter. I dedicated the house to My Lord, and had my pastor anoint it in JESUS' name when we had a dedication service praying over the new to us house. We are fast approaching our one year anniversary with the house and it has been exciting thus far. Thank you Lord, for teaching me patience, to learn to be grateful, to learn how to call on you and praise you in my time of need and how to hold on steadfast to your gifts Father. I only pray you help me be the example my children need when it comes to you. ~ from a mother who is far away from her home


April 17, 2014

I asked for prayer because my wife and I were going to court today for a temporary hearing and I said we had to little ones. I don't understand. I got visitation 1st, 3rd, and 5th weekends when there is 5 weeks in a month. that's 6 days in a month I get to see my boys and 4 days a month if there are 4 weeks. If prayer works, I don't get it.

Praise Report

April 14, 2014

several months ago I asked you to pray for my 20 year old grandson Caleb who needed a job desperately. I want you to know he got a job, fry. He worked at that job for a few months and then God opened the door of opportunity for him to go to Midland and work in the oil fields. While it is very hard work, it pays good and he is finally able to buy a car, support his son and help his mother. Thank you for your prayers, God is good and I know the Lord will keep him safe. Your continued prayers for his continued success and that he will turn his life over to the Lord 100% . God bless you all!

Heavenly Healing

April 12, 2014

Several months ago I asked for prayer on behalf of my pastor husband who was battling pancreatic cancer. God blessed him with continued strength to pastor and serve for 21 months (15 months longer than we were given). In January my husband fell quite ill as a result of the progression of the cancer. He was able to preach to more sermons before hospice had to step in. I had prayed for months for mercy and healing. By the grace of God, the suffering we were told would come did not. The uncontrolled pain did not come. My Lord and Savior Jesus Christ spared His servant from the horrors of pancreatic cancer by answering the prayers of His people. My darling husband took his heavenly flight Feb. 1, 2014. Thank you to all the children of God who prayed for someone they did not know just because I asked. Thank you to Jesus for showing mercy and grace. Our closing song at or little church is I Can't Even Walk Without You Holding My Hand and this speaks volumes for the dying and those left behind.

Please pray

April 05, 2014

KEep losing good sprits.. including whole blessings gifts crowns people whole good spirits whole soul... like whole me taken to others like everyday.. that is very hearting please pray for healing and restoration. Also please pray about failed healing process and gave away lost everything for me my parents and my brother.. PLease ask God for mercy and give all back tome.. us completely Fully as originally belong to us...everything even I rejectecd missed lost gave away spit out.. even taken to someone elses.. and please pray for delete from them...please ask for mercy and power and forgiveness... Please pray...Thank you.

job search

April 02, 2014

I have received an email that a job i inquired about previously(it wasnt open before and now is) is available!! Ive sent my online resume now waiting to get a call for an interview..competition will be tough but if God intends it for me its already mine..please continue prayers for this specific job! Thanks to all who pray!

Pray for the memorial project

March 31, 2014

Many have asked about the memorial for my dad, Rev. William Mayo. Here is the link to the memorial page on the web: People will want to be sure to put "William Mayo" in the comment section. It goes to the Pastoral Training Project. You can also send a donation to WGM, P. O. Box 948, Marion, IN 46952-0948 with a notation for William Mayo memorial or call `765-664-7331. This project helps in Mexico, Honduras and Uganda (Africa) where my siblings are missionaries. Thank you!!! :)

Victory service yet Mom needs LOTS of prayers because of Dad and also her memory

March 30, 2014

It was a victory service yesterday at 2:00. The church was very full. We had representatives from WGM (in IN), EMC (from North Richland Hills), Mexico and Honduras. My Glen Rose pastor and his wife came, too. I was so surprised especially with the ones from out of state and out of country. We had over 35 family members which is good as many of us are spread out all of the place. The service was two hours long. and that still didn't include all who wanted to share.The recurring thought was that Dad was a servant in pastoring and mission work. Many also (without consulting each other) emphasized that Dad would have loved this to be a service of salvation or recommitment. :) My sisters, brothers-in-law and I sang "What a Day that will Be" & "Till the Storm Passes Over". Wow! That was really hard! Jared read my comments as I was sitting by Mom plus Dad had said that we could get someone to read our thoughts as he knew that we would have trouble getting through it without crying. Well, my sisters had said that David and Bill would read theirs. NOT! LOL My sisters had decided to read theirs, but I'd already asked Jared to do the honors. Mom's memory isn't good so we need wisdom.

PTL and prayer for the family after Dad's passing

March 26, 2014

I had prayed Isaiah 38:2-5 over Dad and God said, "No." We are glad he is no longer suffering, but he will be sorely missed! He was always smiling and laughing. He was the Smile King in high school instead of Homecoming King. Kids at church camp would say that they could hear Bro. Bill all the way across the campus. That used to embarrass me as a kid. :) Please pray for my daughter as my dad died on her birthday, 3-24-14. From experience, it takes a long time (really you never totally get over the death of a love one) to accept the love one's absence. Pray, too, for the salvation of Chris Wick. Thank you!!!!! :)

Pray for My Husband and Our Marriage

March 25, 2014

I wanted to thank everyone for the prayers for my husband and me. My husband is currently deployed and our marriage is struggling. He is unhappy and he said he doesn't love me anymore. I have turned my eyes back to God and have complete Faith and Trust in him. I began this journey heartbroken and lost and God has built me back up and showed me that my walk with Him is the most important thing in life and He is working on my husband. We have had some communications over the last few weeks. I can see God working in his life and I know God is working in mine!! Thank you all for your prayers and encouraging words. We are still in this journey as God is working on us, please continue to pray! I pray that God opens my husband's heart, mind, and soul back to Him. Please pray for my husband's safety, open heart to God, and love and passion for me.

gymnast- coach

March 24, 2014

My daughter had been out of gym for several months because we just could not afford out anymore and she was so heartbroken and down about it and afraid she'd lose all her hard earned skills. well during spring break she got up the nerve to go ask if she could work at the gym to pay for classes and no she's a part time coach and practices full time and has been to a meet so far and will get to go to state this year! she's super excited and we just praise God for His awesomeness and how he cares about our hearts desires and sometimes all we have to do its ask!!!!!!!

Answered Prayer

March 23, 2014

About a year ago I posted about my 73 year old mother who lives in NYC who was being taken advantage of by a not so reputable attorney. We could not fire the attorney because all of our money had been exhausted and the attorney kept billing for work that we weren't seeing. A month after I posted I received two notifications of prayer. The attorney passed away and the law offices released us and we took it to another lawyer who worked our case and we are in the final stage of closing on the sale of the building. Praise God for prayer and thank you for praying for us.

granddaughter born premature in 2012

March 20, 2014

On April 6, 2014 , my granddaughter will be 2 yrs. old. She was born premature and weighed 2 lbs. 8 ounces. Was in NICU for 2 months. I asked for prayer on KCBI prayer works page, God answered! She is a beautiful, active, soon to be 2 yr. old. She has no medical issues. Thanks to all of you who prayed! Prayer Works

PTL on my son's interview

March 19, 2014

I also had the PTL on my parents' neighbor. Thank you for praying as the first round in the interviews went well. My son will have to wait until middle of the year for the next interview as that is when he will promote out.

PTL for my parents' neighbor!! :)

March 17, 2014

My response to my sister's (Both my sisters & my brother are missionaries as were our parents.) amazing news below mine: Wow! I can't believe that he is willing to do this! I've really been praying about it and didn't really want Dad in the nursing home either. Mom would have been home alone a lot plus shouldn't be. How can Larry get his rest if he does this ALL week? He should probably just get the tractor for free as that is a lot on his plate. I think that since God has already been talking to him that we shouldn't go against what God wants Larry to do. I think that we should go with Larry's offer. No one else could better care for Dad than Larry! :) PTL Hospice should still come daily. Tania should have an idea about the weekend person. I don't just want anyone. I can go check on them, but probably not every week. Maybe I can recruit my kids to go occasionally, too. On Mon, Mar 17, 2014 at 10:12 PM As we all decided, when Lydia and I leave we were going to put Dad in the nursing home if he was still with us so we started the ball rolling on Friday as far as informing hospice. However, on Saturday, Larry Wilke came over and said God had really been dealing with him about how he could help out more. He said he wanted to see if his boss would let him work "at home" (meaning Mom and Dad's house) for the next few months. If we think it is a good idea, he is even willing to move over here and stay in one of the extra bedrooms. We asked him how Karen felt and he said she is willing for them to help out in any way. We told him we should hire a sitter for the night shift but he insists he can do it. However, if he does do it, Lydia and I feel we should at least hire someone for the weekends just to give him a break. He doesn't want to be paid; he said if we insist on giving him something then just take it from the sale price of the tractor. He came back over today and said his boss had approved him working from home so now we need to make a decision. Lydia and I talked to Mom today about our options and of course she does not want to put Dad in the nursing home. We are praying about Larry's proposal because it seems to be a great option but we also want to know how you guys feel about it. Let us know because if we decide we need to go ahead and put Dad in the nursing home we planned to make the move on Saturday. I leave Sunday. Dad hasn't changed; he basically sleeps all the time, eats very little, and talks even less.

My Grandson was born @ 23 weeks

March 13, 2014

A year ago, on February 16, 2013 my grandson was born by emergency c section at 23 weeks. I e mailed over here asking for prayer for him. Actually I just got an e mail saying some one just prayed for me and I wanted to thank each and every one for following his face book page and for praying fervently for him. He turned 1 year old just a few weeks ago Praise God. The doctors told us a year ago to turn his machines off that they didn't work on 23 week old babies. They told us there was no hope that he would be blind, that he would no know who we were and that he would be a vegetable. Doctors do not make the final decisions on who lives. Doctors do not get the final answer on who sees, or who my grandson knows. Because my grandson sees, and he is starting to talk and he knows who we are. He was healed. We fell on our knees last year and we prayed and God answers prayer. No matter where we are in our lives God knows and he is with us. you can see Kaidens story on face book at Kaidens Krew Prayers and Updates. Be inspired and know that God does love us.. Thank you every one that prayed for him and continue to do so. He has a long way to go.. but he came a long way. Amen.

Lost Dog,

March 11, 2014

A few years ago I lost my Sheltie, who was like a child to me. I exhausted myself and my resources looking for him, but I was never reunited with my little love. I just want to say thank you to all who have prayed for him and for me. Years later, I still get messages alerting me that someone has prayed for me and it really touches me. Thank you to all that have prayed, then and now.

Texas Move

March 09, 2014

Thank you everyone for all the prayers. My request was in regards to a move from TX and basically starting over with life, in terms of finding new jobs and a place to live. We have been in TX a little over two years now; my family and I found a house to rent an have been living here a year. I will have been in a full-time position as a an in-house graphic designer for two years March 12. My father has a good job and my mom stays busy as a homemaker. We have made many new friends and attend a great church. Thank you all again!

Husband's surgery for infected arm

March 09, 2014

I had asked for prayer for my husband who was fearful of having another surgery. This surgery was on the 5th of March. Today he will be coming home from the hospital. Prayer was really answered and my husband was comforted and more confident when he went into surgery. All praise to God that he is doing well and not suffering from ill affects of the anesthesia. His arm has some drainage tubes that still have to be removed and the wound has to heal. However, he should be able to heal just fine now that the infection has been removed and he is on antibiotics. He will do much better being able to sleep at home, too. Thank you to those who prayed and are standing with me believing for his total healing.

Thank you all

March 08, 2014

My husband is loving is new job and I love that gets to come home over weekend. Thanks also for the prayers on my health. I am getting better. It is slow going but I am thankful that I am getting better. Thank you all again and thanks to God for His faithfulness and goodness.

Thank You, prayer works!

March 07, 2014

I posted a prayer request a week or so ago and I received several postings saying that prayers were being said for me! I began feeling much better and stronger almost immediately! Then this morning after a bit of a setback and feeling a little weary, I opened my email and saw 'Someone has prayed for you!' It brought tears to my eyes! It was like God saying, "I'm still here, I haven't left you!" Thank you to everyone who's been praying for me! It means more than you will ever know!!

PTL Dad went home today at 2:00 p.m.

March 07, 2014

Dad is a bit better though he's still not ambulatory. He has been in the ICU/hospital for 2 1/2 weeks though he's never been in the hospital as he was born at home. He NEEDS a lot of prayer. I'm praying Isaiah 38:2-5 as King Hezekiah was given 15 more years of life. PLEASE pray for salvation of my daughter and Chris Wick. They desperately NEED Him.


March 01, 2014

Praise God you are still praying! I had asked for prayer for my situation. To most I am a single mom even though I am married to my alcohol/drug addicted husband. He cannot hold down a job any more, his health is real bad. I am in school fulltime working on Assoc. degree and I have two children, my son, is nine, and my daughter is six, and has Down Syndrome, they both go to school full-time and my husband and I are separated but I have to have his help for babysitting and I also need to find a part-time job. I had asked my church for help but they told me no! Our March rent has not been paid, and I am totally trusting God to help us! I also asked Mission Arlington, but they said no, because you have to live in Arlington or Grand Prairie, and I live in Euless. Praise God the past two weeks, God provided groceries, and a gas card! God is working! When I see the notifications pop up I smile and I know God is working because you are praying! Praise God and please keep praying! Love in Christ, Forsaken but not forgotten! :)

not evicted

February 26, 2014

Well, we moved to our new apartment smoothly and the relationship with the leasing office is back and track and rent is paid and we are liking this new apartment almost better than the old one. noisy upstairs neighbors but otherwise very safe and warm. Thank you for your prayers

Praise for Job

February 26, 2014

I want to thank everyone for their prayers about my husband's job situation. He has a full time job very near home, which is a real blessing because of the high cost of gas. I praise God for his daily provision and I thank Him for all of His blessings.

Prayers needed for teenage daughter

February 25, 2014

My heart is heavy as a mother of strong faithful Christian teenage struggles to find her way into a college. She has dreamed of playing soccer in college for many years and has been pursuing that dream but after many rejections and long conversations with her regarding how the right path for her will some day be revealed she has begun to feel disappointed and insignificant. Her self worth and self esteem has been affected and she doesn't know what to do. I continue to to tell her to pray for strength and guidance but I know she is struggling as I am. She has been a loyal and hard working an gone about the whole process with the right idea and attitude but has been let done over and over again. I ask for prayers for her to continue to hold her head high and Continue to believe that god will light the path that she is destined to take.

Praise for answered prayer regarding cancer

February 21, 2014

I praise God for this ministry and thank Him for the prayers of His people for my mother, Imelda. This month marks the year "anniversary" of her colon/ovarian cancer diagnosis. Both chemo and surgery, last year, went well. Her numbers still look good and she is enjoying more time with her family for however long the Lord allows. Thank you for your prayers for her! Angela

Praise!!! My husband has a job

February 20, 2014

We serve an awesome God! Over the past four years God has supplied all of our needs and even some of our desires. We have been blessed in many ways by many people. On January 6 my husband began a full-time job. On December 10 we placed our home on the market and we received an offer on December 12. On December 17 God provided our family with a wonderful home close to my work. We are now on our way to paying off our debts and moving forward with our lives. Thank you for your prayers.


February 17, 2014

Can you relate?-- When we go through a struggle, we AUTOMATICALLY think... that we cant overcome it. The negative thoughts overpower the positive thoughts.. Well you know, WE CAN NOT DO IT ON OUR OWN. we MUST ask our Heavenly Father to help us. In whatever it is.......... a struggle, a conflict, a grudge, a sin... WHATEVER IT IS WE ARE MORE THAN OVERCOMERS.. JESUS WILL HELP US IF WE GIVE IT TO HIM AND BELIEVE that we can do all things through him, the one who strengthens us.. but IF we go on with life worrying and crying and struggling and doing the same thing we will get nowhere and NOTHING WILL CHANGE except the people around us. START DOING THINGS DIFFERENTLY TODAY. CHANGE YOUR STINKIN' THINKIN' AS the Pastor says... that is all..

Praise the Lord and thank you

February 14, 2014

Recently I asked everyone for prayer for my health and my husband being away from home on his job. Well, I still need prayers for my health (slowly getting better but not there yet). However, my husband found a job where he will not have to be away as much and the job pays a lot more than the previous one. God has provided way more than I could have ever imagined.


February 13, 2014

Praise God!!!!We moved to our new apartment easily, rent has been paid and financially things seemto be getting back in order. Now we just need a car or truck to complete our needs and God is good...all the time......Thank you for your prayers

Praise God for prayer answered in the affirmative.

February 12, 2014

God provided both a full-time job, and a new car in December. As Chuck Swindoll said, only God is worthy of being called awesome. Thank you KCBI, and all those who prayed.

Jim K has recovered! Update!

February 11, 2014

Thank you very much for all of you who prayed for Jim K. He has recovered fantastically and his MRI was perfect. The work of the Lord was done, again!!! Thank you so much everyone!

Please pray..

February 09, 2014

pleas pray for me to follow holy spirit........and please pray for me Holy spirit fully controls me... and please pray for heal and restore what I messed up or ,missed healing process.. also please ask God to heal and restore good spirits keep loosing for me and my parents.. Thank you/

praise report

February 09, 2014

Thank you for your prayers. All rents are paid. February has beenpaid and we are clear and starting fresh. Thank you again. Kcbi listeners are so kind.

Please pray..

February 03, 2014

please ask God to give me and my parents and my brother back our good spirits, soul, blessings and crowns,,, and please ask God for mercy and restore what I made mistake during healing process,,,,our whole good spirit is taken to someone elses and we got their evil physical spirits..and keep lost good spirits even during praying and even healing moment..

spiritual difficulties

February 02, 2014

Please pray for me about good spirit is keep taking away.. please pray for spirit and soul healing and restoration. Thank you.

Spiritual Difficulties

February 02, 2014

please pray for me and my parents for spiritual healing and restoration. we are going through major spiritual warfare,,,and keep good spirits are keep taking away and evil spirit keep attack us; also pray for restore what satan tried to destroy and steel from us.


January 31, 2014

I know that this day in age that there is a struggle every single day. I just want to take this time to encourage someone out there. I am a 24 yr old single mother of a 4 year old son. I am beyond blessed because of our Lord Jesus Christ. It is through him that I have my strength. I know that times may seem so rough that you cant seem to see the light at the end of the tunnel. But HOLD ON! WAIT FOR SOMETHING BETTER. Seek his face and blessings will come. The devil comes to kill, steal and destroy. He really likes to steal joy. But dont let that happen! STAY STRONG IN THE LORD. Never settle for less than you deserve and if you know that if you are doing things that aren't of God, then change them. I AM NOT SAYING TO BE PERFECT because I am not. Only Jesus IS.. but when we feel that conviction go ahead and repent to Jesus and then don't do it again. If your really struggling, reach out to someone in the church that you can confide in, or a friend and definitely speak to God. Write down the things God has done for you in a journal and see how things turn around. :) Also something that the Lord has to remind me of is: that we need to NOT trust in Man but TRUST IN GOD. HE will never leave us. Nor forsake us. He will never do the things that man does.. He loves us more than we love our own children. So much that he sent his son to die on the Cross For our sins! THANK YOU LORD THAT YOU LOVE YOUR CREATION AND WANT THE BEST FOR US! PRAISE HIM TODAY! :) HALLELJAH


January 29, 2014

I am confuse and keep trying to keep postive. After several years of college my husband finally graduated and went go the job of his dreams, however, things are going well. He is having difficulties in the job and his earrning are not what he was promised. He is making low income and risking his life. I thought that with this job we were finally going to be able to get a house. We both work, however, we live in a one bed room apt with two kids and one bed. It is hard and Im trying to remain positive and get the best of it. Please pray for our sistuation and for my husband as he is very discouraged about the job

moved in.

January 26, 2014

I had asked for prayer for help moving to our new apartment. and Praise God!!!! We are moved in and it went fairly seamlessly.

Praise for Corree

January 21, 2014

Several months ago I requested prayer for a friend who was pregnant and would possibly be placed on bed rest. Thank you for all your prayers!! Corree was able to carry the baby full term and Rachel was born healthy in June. She has had some ear infections and colds this winter. She and her family are doing great. God is good!!!


January 19, 2014

Dear whom ever is reading this, I understand that there are more important things people could be praying about and my current situation does not compare to what others maybe going through. But here I go.... My 4 year relationship has ended due to my jealousy and insecurities. I been cheated on before and remember how hurt I was when my previous relationship ended so when this relationship started, I wanted to prevent myself from getting hurt again. However, in the process of me trying to prevent myself from getting hurt..... I got hurt.... We have since split and I don't know how to deal with this situation except by crying by myself in my room. I've been praying since the split but have yet to find any comfort. I feel as though there is a hole in my heart. I wish this pain would vanish or if it was possible have a memory dump of the last 4 years of my life. Can someone, anyone pray for me to find comfort in the lord so that I may find peace and move on with the future instead of dwelling in the past.

Hearing on Thursday

January 19, 2014

Dear friends, thank you for your prayers during darkness and contemplation of suicide due to malicious ex who caused me to be ostracised from Church. Leadership are finally realising he lied and a friend was jealous of the relationship lied which hindered me reaching out for help. The hearing is Thursday, he failed to show in November. Failure to show and case will be dropped, please pray this is so and I can move forward and close this door. I'm also happy in my new fellowship and so grateful for your prayers.

Court Case

January 14, 2014

I have been waiting since August, with no evidence being presented and malicious ex who lied failed to show at last hearing. The hearing will take place next week and I am feeling anxious as the time draws close. Leadership are now realising he is a liar, if he fails to turn up the case will be thrown out which is my prayer so that I can move forward with my life. Please keep me in prayer, I am so grateful for your prayers. The Lord has delivered me from so many things that had me bound and grateful for His peace in the midst of this storm.

Answered Prayer

January 13, 2014

I was in need of a full-time job and a car. Single mother living with single daughters. I now have a part-time job and a new car. We are still in need of prayer for God's protection and provision but, He has shown Himself so faithful. Praise His Holy Name (Hallelujah)


January 10, 2014

I have need for 2800 dollars to cover all owed by Monday 1/13/2014. or we will have 3 days to move out. thank you


January 10, 2014

DEAR FRIENDS, i AM ASKING THAT YOU SHARE THIS STORY WITH FAMILY AND FRIENDS. THIS JUST HAPPENED TO US LAST WEEK, AND WE ARE SICK. WE WANT BARNES &NOBLE TO MAKE A CHANGE, FOR THE SAKE OF THE CHILDREN OUT THERE....SO THAT NONE OF THEMHAVE TO BE EXPOSED TO WHAT OUR 4 YEAR OLD WAS EXPOSED TO. THERE IS NO EXCUSE FOR IT. A week ago (01/02/14), while waiting for an appointment at the Apple Store, my wife and I took our three children (ages 4yrs, 3yrs, and 10 months) into a Barnes & Noble store in Southlake, TX to spend some time looking through the children's books. Before heading upstairs to the children's section, I needed to stop at the cafe inside the store. We noticed there was a small colorful kids table set up with Nooks for kids to play with. A sign stated this was a childrens table. My wife took our children and wqited there while I got my drink form the cafe. While the boys began trying out the Nooks, my wife stood right there next to them and began tending to our baby. from the corner of her eye, she noticed there was something playing on the Nook our 4yr old had. Trying to prevent our daughter from fussing, she didn't stop long enough to inspect what was being played....until he held it up asking "Mommy, what is this?" The HORROR struck my wife when she realized what was on this screen. Hardcore PORNOGRAPHIC video being played. A woman and a Man performing sexual acts right before the innocent little eyes of my four year old. She immediately removed the Nook and called the B&N associate over to show him what was playing. Anger isn't the word. We want to vomit. My wife quickly removed our children away from the "children's table" , found me, and told me what just happened. I found the employee and then spoke with the assistant manager on duty. After talking with the manager, I was shocked to learn that B&N (according to this manager) does NOT have their Nooks protected from pornographic material because they are in "Demo" mode. WHAT!? So anyone can go into this store and search the DEMO Nooks for whatever their hearts desire? THE CLEARLY MARKED CHILDREN'S TABLE HAS NO INTERNET PROTECTION???? (After our appointment at the Apple Store, we asked several Apple employees to find out what kind of protection they have on their Demos. All of their devices that are on demo....including the iPads at their children'd table...are protected. As one female employee stated, you can't even go onto Victoria's Secrete web page without being turned away.) Before leaving B&N, the manager took our contact information and told us that the district manager would be intouch with us. We've been waiting.......a week now......My wife called the corporate office and they said we have to wait for the district manager to get in contact with us. I share this story in hopes that no other children have to see what we couldn't protect our four year old from seeing.

Turn Your Opposition into Opportunity

January 08, 2014

----- For many years I didn't get it...but now I do. When it comes to getting a job these days I've found it doesn't matter what you know; it's WHO you know. If you really want to find a job get off the internet and get face to face with people. Pray without ceasing like breathing. Do you have any hobbies? Join a club that engages and participates in those "common-interest" organizations that can open the door to networking with people while sharing a common interest and AND it is a witnessing opportunity to share the gospel with the lost; they are everywhere. Be the friend to someone that you would want and start new relationships, stay in church if you are already there and get involved with volunteering there and anywhere where you thrive doing the things you love. Start a new workout program like bowling, roller blading, swimming; whatever it is that makes you enjoy looking forward to getting out and moving. Do something for someone else...feed the homeless. Help someone else in a real life crisis...big brother or sister. This is a great opportunity for you to use the free time to strengthen your walk with Christ and study the scriptures and seek what you can do to further the Kingdom of Heaven and the job will follow. I just heard it this way last week...If there were no monetary exchange and everyone had everything they needed like water, electricity and food and we could (you could) do anything you wanted and didn't have to worry about making money to live what would you do that drives you to get up every morning and also serves others?? What distresses your heart; where do you see a need in your community, church, neighborhood...what do you feel determined to chance if you had the time and opportunity? { without a job you have both time and opportunity; seize this today } ...And most important of all --- Depend on Gods Power to accomplish HIS will as you MOVE out to serve. Start with these three questions. Where have I been? What am I doing? And ...Where am I going? I have been unemployed for just over 4 yrs and my prayer is that God continues to help me find the road I am to walk in this life. I'm learning I must lift up my empty hands ( I have nothing to give God but my worship, praise and thanksgiving) and then I can receive the gifts God gives and continue receiving to do the task at hand that HE calls me to. God created you and me to do what no one else can do; find out what that is and the job will follow. What are you following in this life? Are you a Christ follower? Are you a world follower? Every year I reflect where I've been the last year and revisit the goals I set with both the failures and successes; then I reassess and move forward with the new year without regrets and without dwelling on either the successes or failures. Every day is a new start, new grace, new mercy and new opportunity. This is the day the Lord has made, I will rejoice and be glad in it.

Answered prayer

January 06, 2014

i asked for prayer about 6 months ago for my father to be able to sell off a piece of land he had in order to pay offer some business bills incurred due to client theft. I am glad to report that he was able to sell off some of that land and has enough money to pay off those bills and enough to buy a reliable vehicle and enough money left for him to invest with help of trusted nephew. Thank you for all your prayers and continue praying for his continued success. God Bless.


January 06, 2014

Regarding a pending court case, I think it was the shock of how I was treated by the pastor(s) guilty until proven innocent and the emotions that went with it ... but if the truth be known, i never felt loved in that fellowship ... and found the pastor unnaproachable and the comments i suffered over the years and the abusive friendship of the woman in the end who betrayed me ... maybe the Lord was trying to get me out of there for ages .... you would die and no one would have cared ... no outreach, home groups, nothing ...its sad the way its happened but yes you are right :) time to forgive and move forward and focus on the place where i currently am ...its hard to get close to others but in time it will soon all be over ... thank you so much for your note of encouragement

Thank you for your advice on spiritual warfare!!! :)

December 31, 2013

Can someone give me information about the Daniel Fast? I REALLY need major breakthroughs in my life, my family's lives and a friend named Chris. Sister you just hold on and if you are considering the Daniel Fast - then I stand in agreement with you. If you begin to wean yourself off coffee etc by Day 5 (the beginning of the fast) then you will be ready and watch the Lord supernaturally intervene in a very natural way.

Thank you for the advice on severe spiritual warfare!!!!

December 30, 2013

I REALLY appreciate the below information. bless you :) I'm going through tough/challenging times - did my first DF in November, didn't fully understand it, so spent most of the time doing research. however, will be doing it again commencing 5 January in conjunction with a corporate body of believers in line with Pastor Franklin's Church and will stand in agreement with you if you choose to partake. I'm in the UK but can still partake and watch the Lord supernaturally intervene. I am seeing the Lord's Hand on my situation while at the same time He tells me trust Him.

December 29, 2013

KCBI is a tremendous resouce to the Body of Christ - where intercessory prayer is concerned! I asked for prayer in early August because I had been sorely unemployed for a 3-4 years and for 3 years had 2 jobs - still always struggling just to make ends meet. There were times when I just wanted to check out on life, I'd get so discouraged. But shortly after I sent my prayer request to you, I started to feel a newness of faith and confidence AND peace, that I hadn't experienced in years! Within a month, God supernaturally made a way for me to be hired by a wonderful company, permanent, full time with great benefits! Thank you, KCBI for being instrumental in my Breakthrough! God bless you always!

Thank you for your advice on spiritual warfare!!! :)

December 29, 2013

I really appreciate the below advice and words of wisdom!! :) I think if you are going to place your prayers on a forum, you need to condense it but at the same time give as much information as you can as folks only go by what they read. you know the truth of the matter and others dont and unless folks know you personally, they will not be able to understand where you are coming from. I would still encourage you to fast/pray. The Daniel Fast is approaching 5 January, Pastor Franklin and would encourage you to research this as you pray for the Lord to fully intervene in your situation. You will be ok, give it over to the Lord. Its dissapointing how folks respond/react but that's people.

Thank you for the advice on severe spiritual warfare!!!!

December 27, 2013

I want to thank two people who gave me GREAT advice (praying and fasting) and then ask that the 3rd person realize that he/she doesn't have all the details of my marriage that I've WORKED hard at for 7 years. I don't talk to my co-workers about my sad marriage, the friendship gone sour had NOTHING to do with my marriage, and the Christian man who took advantage of me did just that! It also had NOTHING to do with my marriage! PLEASE pray and don't criticize since you don't have all the details about my marriage.

under severe spiritual warfare

December 19, 2013

PLEASE pray! I'm struggling with a co-worker's negative behavior toward me, a close relationship gone sour, and a fellow Christian man who was to do my home repair in trade for my motorcycle. He didn't finish what he said and left two items unfinished. He left with my motorcycle!!! I'm really struggling with depression.

Prayer for family

December 17, 2013

I ask for prayer for my family. We are facing some sudden issues that have risen up recently and we really need prayer. That GOD will bless spiritually and financially. Thank you

Daughter brokenhearted re Thanksgiving

November 29, 2013

Praise God! My grandchildren did not go to their Dad's for Thanksgiving but we were able to spend it together and they are safe. Thank you so much for all who prayed My heart is filled with gratitude to our great God and for each of you who took the time to pray.

Ashton (a 5 year old) has an answered prayer!!!!! :)

November 25, 2013

My grandson is improving in his school work and behavior!!! :) Thank you for praying!!! :)

pray for michelle m triska

November 23, 2013

pray god gives me the best life, and a bright future full of blessings

pray for michelle m triska

November 23, 2013

pray that i lose the weight i gained from the medicine saphris

answer to prayer

November 23, 2013

I have Chemical Sensitivity and I recently asked for prayer for wisdom and provision regarding my housing situation and whether or not I should move to an environmentally safe house that was available. The Lord answered your prayers and showed me to stay where I am and not to move. He has given me peace that where I am is a good place for me. Thank you for your prayers and I ask for prayer for continued financial provision so that I can stay where I am living.

help me please!!!!!

November 21, 2013

Hello this is ANTONIO TURNER a single FATHER of 2 needing help for Christmas this year! Its hard and im doin it all on my own... Unemployment has expired... CAN YOU HELP ME OUT PLEASE??? Devante (8) an energetic 3rd grader clothes size 12 shoes size 4 love action figures and educational games... Asia (6) a little sweetheart clothes size 8 shoes size 2 love to color and barbie... We will also take food! Please please please i need help to make this a good CHRISTMAS this year! HERE IS MY INFO... 805 SOUTH IRVING HEIGHTS DR. # 156 IRVING TX 75060 (214) 995 - 7171 MAY GOD BLESS YOU AND KEEP YOU!!!

My son, Wesley

November 21, 2013

Thank you for praying for my son, Wesley. I was so touched to see many responses to lifting my son up during his recent illness while away at college. Glad to report that he is feeling better and is on his way to recovery. Praise God for his continued healing and his promise to take care of us always.


November 20, 2013

A couple of days ago , I addressed a co worker by saying Mame, she corrected me by telling me what her name is , which I already know. Today I walk pass an office and she is telling a male coworker he can call her Mame. This same person came and knocked on my office door while I was on my lunch break several months ago to ask me If I was talking to her indirectly. I'm feeling like this person wants a confrontation. But I continue to ignore her. After this morning incident , I've had patients say have a good day and God bless you. I've seen several members from my church who are patients here. I know this is only God letting me know he is always with me. Stay faithful.

God is my savior

November 19, 2013

I will honestly say that I am grateful for God and his mercy and forgiveness. Today I felt so beat down and defeated. In my head I planned how I would give up on life today and not try anymore. I have been tired of being beat down by life. I asked for prayer on KCBI and some of the responses brought me to tears. God encouraged me. I can keep going. I must keep going. Season do change and I must have faith that God will reap a harvest in my next season. I just have to learn how to wait on him. I didnt get my husband back. He has moved on. I haven't seen much change occurring in my life, but I felt God giving me peace.


November 18, 2013

exemption forms were approved

Pending Court Case

November 17, 2013

Dear Friends please kindly and prayerfull intercede as I continue to fast/pray for a miracle that adjourned case resulting from malicious lies told by vindictive ex will be dropped soon. Pray about whether to move nearby a sister Church (decided not to go ahead with houseshare) that has frequent fellowship/Bible Study where I can grow/plugg in. Please pray the Lord would sustain me, bring sleep at night and clear the rash, thank you ..... much love

Ashton needs prayer for kindergarten

November 06, 2013

PLEASE pray for Ashton as he is a VERY smart boy, but has a lot of family issues that is causing him to struggle at his prep school. PLEASE pray!!!!! Thank you!!! :)

Follow upto prayer request for Matt Clark

November 04, 2013

Matt was involved motorcycle wreck, he was in critical condition with a head injury, God has answered prayers, Matt is able to move, speak,and understand what is being said to him, and can converse. What a miracle!! Thank you Lord.

Requested prayer for a job

October 25, 2013

Well to start off, I want to thank my father god for blessing me with a job. And I want to thank everyone who prayed for me and my husband as well. I start my new job Monday. Our marriage is starting to mend. Through Christ All Things Are Possible! Have Faith & Believe! 0:-)

benign diagnosis

October 21, 2013

Hi All, .... so just got the call, diagnosed with fibroadenoma.... thanks for everyone's prayers, good thoughts, well wishes, text, emails, phone calls, etc. The UT Southwestern staff was beyond amazing every step of the way! (mammo/sono Monday, Biopsy tuesday, results wednesday before 5:00!!!!) I truely feel so blessed.

Back To TN

October 20, 2013

Thank you all so much for encouraging me and praying for me. I've been here a year In Nashville.-TODAY . Things are going well. I've had a few problems the last few months but I'm going to try to refocus on facing my fears and stopping the compulsions.

Two Weeks - Praying for a miracle

October 16, 2013

Dear friends Please pray for supernatural intervention as I continue to fast and pray. That an abusive ex will drop a pending court case against me. The wicked malicious lies he told exposed. Pray the Lord would minister to his heart to drop the case done out of malice. He has told so many lies, people have believed him but are coming round. Time is running out I'm becoming fearful - Thank you

depression my way

October 08, 2013

I'm 73 and on no meds, just naturapathic helps, I knew the LORD made some awesome helps for us w/o chemical mixes. Bought a couple of nutritional healing books and have done well with my depression since 1992. Yes the FDA doesn't recognize this, but they ok'd all the junk food in the grocery stores & harmful drugs used. Go figure.

My mom

October 06, 2013

Prayers for my mom's eyesight to be restored. Any other wants & needs of hers to be met in Jesus' name for all of the kind & loving things she has done for me & others. Thank you, Amen.

I need God's help

October 06, 2013

I am living a lifestyle that I know is not pleasing to God. I have so much inner pain, & I just need prayer that I don't have to hurt anymore from my childhood & past. That I can be healed on the inside. I just ask that God lifts this oppression off of me. I also pray that He bless me. Thank you.

Needing a Miracle

October 06, 2013

Dear God, I ask that You please pull me out of the dark pit that I am in. Please bless me with a home so that I don't have to be homeless anymore. Open a door that I didn't even know was possible. Bless me Abba. In You Holy name I pray Jesus, amen.

mom's surgery

October 05, 2013

thank you for praying for my mom's shoulder surgery Oct 2nd; she is doing well

Restoration for family

October 01, 2013

Was married in 2002, ex huband decide to divorce me in 2010. He has a addiction to porn, chat and date sites. He came back home, but fell into sin again. Met a woman on a chat site for 9 mos, left us last yr, came back stay with us for 6 mos. In those mos I have found it hard to forgive him. I ask him to move out and he decide to go back to Payette where she and her family live. Im asking for prayer for us. For both of us to surrender our lives totally to God. Ask for forgiveness from God each other and ourselves. Even though were divorce, I believe and have Faith that God can restore our lives and family. Please pray for us and my family, that God will heal our hearts, lives and family. No one is a lost cause in Gods eyes. God bless for of you.

Prayer request

October 01, 2013

Thank you all so much for your prayers and kind words. It has been a week and I feel God working on my heart and addiction.

Thank you, fellow Christian sister!! :)

September 29, 2013

from a fellow Christian: Im praying for you. God bless you. Stay in faith, God can help you both. Im proud of you for staying in the marriage. Have gone through this my husband as well.

Heather received a heart!

September 25, 2013

Thank you to all that have prayed for Heather, a young woman who received a new heart in May this year. She is doing well, occasionally dealing with the effects of anti rejection drugs and their toll on her body, but all in all she is rejuvenated! And giving the glory to God! Thank you so much! Praise to Jesus!

I had serious abdominal surgery last Monday, Sept. 16

September 23, 2013

The surgery was a success and I am home recuperating. Thank you for all your prayers. Please continue to pray for my complete recovery. The surgeon said to expect 2 months for recovery.

Prayer answered

September 23, 2013

I just want to thank everyone that prayed for my step-father who had a triple by-pass, he came out of surgery well had a couple of uncertaintees but everything is fine. He is now home healing his heart. I thank GOD and every one of my praying family and friends and KCBI, for this website. everyone is wonderful and i am very thankful to have each and every one of you who serves God and helps others. Thank You!

Healing and the faith journey ahead

September 22, 2013

Over a year and a half ago, I posted about my girlfriend (who is now my wife) who had major surgery done and that surgery saved her life. We now know that she had and still has Crohn's Disease. She has been to see the doctors and we now have been on medications that have caused the issue to subside. Now, it is not easy and there is still the emotional baggage that come with near death experiences and such. I wanted to ask for continued prayers, but also, I want to thank my Lord Jesus Christ for getting her (and me) to this place so far on our road to recovery. At times, things looked so bleak, but God has pulled us through and will continue to do so. Thank you for your prayers. I still received messages that someone has prayed for my darling wife, and that is so encouraging. Thank you so much.

I sold the house for close to the amount I asked!

September 19, 2013

I had some setbacks, but God honored my request of selling my house for enough money so I can put down for the next house. The other part of the miracle is about to take place in two weeks. I should close on the new house. I just hope God blesses me with a low enough interest that I can afford the payments. It is all in your hands, God. My credit is not the best, but I had tried to pay back my debts and make it right and God, you know that. I pray for your help, in the name of Jesus Christ, our Lord, may I be able to finally bring mother and take care of her. Amen

heart surgery

September 18, 2013

Dennis had 5 stints done early this am and he is doing great the miracles are on going praise to God our Father

My 24 yr old daughter battling depression

September 18, 2013

I reached out to the KCBI family last week, to pray for my 24 yr old daughter who is battling depression and had thoughts of suicide. Her therapist recommended we take her to the hospital to be evaluated. She voluntarily admitted herself into a psychiatric facility last Thursday and was released yesterday afternoon. Today, she starts her outpatient treatment which involves therapy, both group and individual among other things. I spoke w/her last night and she told me that she feels optimistic about her life. She is learning new tools to help her cope with this illness and wants to get better. It's one day at a time but at least we're headed in the right direction. I know the medical staff at the facility helped her get to this place, but I owe it all to the power of prayer. Thank you so much for praying for my daughter during this time, it means so much to her family knowing that people are praying for her recovery. I can't thank you enough!

Teeange Runaway

September 17, 2013

I asked for prayer for my 14 year old grandson who ran away on Saturday, he was found safe on Monday. Please continue to pray for his deliverance from chemical dependency and his salvation. He has more severe legal consequences now due to his actions. Thank you. Prayerworks does work and I have seen God's handiwork in previous requests. God Bless you all!

Daughter to pass driving test

September 13, 2013

Praise the Lord my daughter passed her driving test, and also that her Dad has agreed to pay for a 4 year college

My child

September 10, 2013

I asked for prayer a few weeks ago for my daughter. She was finally going to court after being incarcerated for 17 months, on horrific charges. I nor she denies that she did commit the crime. After her marriage of 2 years fell apart she became depressed and lost all confidence in herself. She met a man (I use the term loosely) on line that was 11 years older than her. Quickly he took her away from first her family, then her babies, then her friends all together. He introduced her meth. After she was hooked he began beating her, pimping her out and then the real monster appeared. At gun point her forced her to video him sexually assaulting his 14 month old grand daughter (a witness verified this in court under oath). the video was 10 seconds because she threw the camera down and left. Unfortunately she did not report him right away (she said he threatened her family). Now she has been sentenced to 15 years in prison and will be a registered sex offender for life. through all of this she has returned to the Lord and received forgiveness. as you can imagine once news spread around our little town mean hateful things have been said and I do not blame them at all for the anger. We are standing strong in our faith for God to see us through this and for her 3 little boys to grow up and become mighty men of God. As I see the words and hate directed at this child I love my heart hurts even more for the sacrifice my Heavenly Father gave to me so that I can have forgiveness and eternal life.

Prayer works! GOD is good!

September 10, 2013

I asked for prayer for my little cousin last month Cypress Jackson, who was in need of a heart and I just wanted to say thanks because GOD blessed her with a heart last Thursday, and she is already out of ICU. Thanks to everyone!

Gods Will

August 31, 2013

Thank you so much for all your prayers for Gods will to be done in my career path. I had over 5 failed job interviews and then i got the call that i was offered a job one hour after my mom had prayed for me with a churh member. I know that with all these prayers combined God hurd my cry and need for a full time job. God always provided and fulfills his promises to his children. I love God and I love all of you. God bless you all.

Good News

August 31, 2013

I have good news on Mr Stocks daughter who was in a car accident a couple of days ago. she already got released from the hospital and the surgery went fine. she is on the road recovery thanks to your prayers and our savior Jesus Christ.

My Brother

August 31, 2013

THANK YOU FOR YOUR PRAYERS! My brothers surgery went well...(thank God)! Right now he still has a ventilator in his throat and they have him tied down so that he won't pull it out. Please pray that the swelling will go down, and that the tumor they cut out will not be cancerous. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR PRAYERS!

found cat

August 30, 2013

Praise Jesus! My cat is ok. He was gone for over two days after his new collar scared him and today he is found! He was hungry but safe. No more collar for him!

update on 2 Abigails

August 30, 2013

1. Abigail, recently adopted from China, is home in Texas, has some health/anxiety/language issues, but is adapting to her new life with her two older brothers & Mom and Dad. Dad is having some stress issues, Mom had very recent eye surgery. Continued prayers are always welcome. Thank You, Lord, for taking care of this family. 2. Abigail, a 4 yr old who was kicked in the head by a horse, had some scary moments, but now appears to be making great strides in recovery. Thank You ,Jesus for her continued healing.

About Jim K

August 27, 2013

Thank you so much for praying for Jim K. He had an MRI and there was nothing bad on it. Even though he suffered a concussion, he is recovering very well from the accident and his faith in GOD is stronger than ever. Thank you so much for praying for his health, prayer works!!!

Thank you, fellow Christians!! :)

August 24, 2013

My daughter is still reeling from the court hearing, but she knows that God and her family loves her. PLEASE continue to pray for her. Thanks!!!

God's amazing mercy - Uncle Charlie is cancer free

August 23, 2013

Thank you everyone for praying for my uncle Charlie. On August 8th I asked for prayer for my uncle Charlie. The next day he underwent surgery. At that time the doctor was thinking of removing part of his long. He was uncertain about what type of cancer my uncle had. When he got in there he realized he wasn't sure what was going on and only took out lymph nodes. My uncle was previously diagnosed with thyroid cancer and his various doctors thought that was the cancer that was in his lung. As it turned out it was not. What is truly amazing is that they removed all the thyroid cancer and then 10 days later removed part of his lung. Because he had thyroid cancer the doctors throughly screened him, and found the lung cancer and were able to completely remove all the cancerous tumers from his body. The doctors were amazed and told him you leave the hospital cancer free. It truly is an amazing amazing answer to prayer. Thank you everyone in the KCBI family for praying for him. He knows that this outcome is miraculous. I told him God's signature is all over this painting. I'm still praying for him to come to accept Jesus as his Lord and savior. Seeing God's love revealed through this miracle I am convinced God doesn't give up on lost souls - He waits and watches and longs for them to come back to Him. My uncle has been lifted up to the throne of mercy by you all and I am so grateful. I'll be coming back to this prayer line to pray for you too. Thank you brothers and sisters.

No source of income

August 22, 2013

I am a single mom and have not worked in 4 months. I have been looking and looking for a job but nothing seems to happen. I need to find a source of income and do not want to give up. Please pray for me to find a career as soon as possible and not give up hope and not let my bills get to me but stay strong with faith and always trust Jesus Christ that every thing will be okay Thank you.

bad court hearing

August 19, 2013

Candace texted me around 9:30 a.m. 8-19-13 with this: "Not my way. He is to pick him up everyday from school. I have to exchange everyday. No financial help. Will have to get health insurance." Michael's death threats by texts (which the police said would help Candace) didn't help her cause. PLEASE pray. She is devastated! She is NOT a Christian and I told her that I had a lot of Christians praying for the court hearing. She wanted full custody of my grandson.


August 13, 2013

I want to thank everyone for believing with me about my best friend Javier Ibarra that he will realize I just want his salvation. He has realized I only want good for him. I also have realized I AM NOT GOD,BUT CONTINUE PRAYING FOR HIS SALVATION.I am allowing our Lord just to take over....I am VERY THANKFUL FOR THE SUPPORT AND PRAYERS :)

This week was the start of our Vacation Bible School at Ridgecrest Baptist C

August 12, 2013

So far, the Vacation Bible School has been getting off to a wonderful start. We are sharing the love of Christ, spreading the GOSPEL and our lessons are focused on the Apostle Paul and his conversion from hating Christians to believing in the risen Savior and carrying the gospel to the Gentiles. We are teaching lessons that focus on putting our trust solely in Christ and to fear not. Thank you so much for praying for these precious little ones!


August 12, 2013

I want to thank all who prayed for Nitty who was in jail and depressed. Thank God she was released. We are now praying for salvation. Thank you all and God bless.

Back To TN

August 10, 2013

I want to thank everyone for the prayers and support. It's hard to believe that I have been here 9 months.

Our Father is faithful & correction

August 06, 2013

Praise GOD for encouraging me to proof read my post about His story of Glory! The dates noted as 2013...were in fact 2012. And as long as I'm here...I want to PRAISE our FATHER & the SON He gave again!! This year after several days of intense prayer, GOD opened doors supernaturally & provided for me to travel to ISRAEL, leaving within one week of the request!! He provided for me to be gone 22 days, providing airfare, food, housing, blessing & (hesitant) encouragement from my husband from whom I'd never traveled alone!! The LORD GOD provided divine appointments for me to walk thru the streets of JERUSALEM testifying of Yahshua/Jesus & healing in the Beloved Yahshua's name (knowing He was at my side every step of the way!!!) It was totally HOLY "UNTHINKABLE JOY"!!! Oh how I praise THE LORD our GOD & the SON HE GAVE!!! your FATHER in heaven & call upon His name in your times of trouble...asking all things of Him in the Beloved Yahshua's name!!! :) love cj Little Hawk

Our Father in heaven, the great I AM is faithful & true. Call upon Him in times of trouble & do not be afraid. It's true...He gave His Life, His Son for us!

August 06, 2013

My praise of "I AM your Father" Story of holy amazing Glory is so long...that I don't know if this page is the right place to share. It spans 7 years and continues as I write. It includes being in the Holy presence of The HOLY ONE...and going into the heavens with Him that I could return & share what I witnessed as a living witness. This story includes the LORD GOD's revelations & warnings regarding the United States of America which is of significant importance to you & I as citizens of this nation. So I will make this as brief as possible, providing contact information for any who would like to hear the rest. January 2006, "I AM your Father" looked down from out the heavens & sang thru me, "Everything's gonna be alright. Everything's gonna be okay. All We got to do is put our hands together, got to work together. Do you hear Me? Do you hear Me, child? Do you hear Me? I AM calling out your name. Can you hear Me? Can you hear Me, people? I AM sending you My everything. I have given all I have to give. I gave My Life, My SON for you!...that you could serve one another, that you could love one another, that you could serve one another for all of eternity!...(there was much more). Immediately after the ancient of days sang, The Lord called "COME". The Holy ONE stood before me wearing a long white robe. His hair & beard were long & white. His arms were outstretched. His hands opened...palms up...welcoming all who will "COME" to Him. He took me on a holy amazing journey into the heavens that I can testify to many things: looking upon the green pastures of Psalm 23, drinking from His sacred ancient cup, being fully submerged in a pool of living water, taking on His Blood thru an umbilical cord, being birthed into a T-shaped, sacred holy Temple. Seeing The Throne! Hearing the voices of the 24 elders. Being escorted by the Holy ONE into the court...& hearing the judgment read for myself & all humanity "To become fuel for the rest" I was as a little girl & innocently wondered what we had said & done...AGAINST the Holy ONE. I knew the court elders thought of us as 'riff-raff'. I saw the Holy ONE step up amongst them & speak on our behalf, "I believe all negative energy can be transformed if held long enough by the hand in love." (And THAT is where we've been for 2,000 years now!!) The Holy ONE (both FATHER & TRUTH) then took me to the sea...the coastline. We stood side-by-side looking out to sea. A huge storm formed...billowed under...dark & ominous & came towards you & me. FATHER turned & said, "It's too (as ripe) late!! GO Now! Bring/Get/Gather as many To Me as humanly possible by the hand in love. I will wrap Myself around you like a father. I will veil you with Myself. I will take the first hit upon My own back. I will not leave you no matter what. Don't forget My people, My family." May 8, 2006, He hung a giant SCROLL in the North sky layered with ancient Hebrew script. 3 numbers were to it's left hand side. May 28, 2006 He opened the East sky & presented a diagram of the United States of America. 2 STORMS came upon us from the East. The 2nd took even the life from beneath the soil along the East coast. Ultimately the 2 storms formed one pregnant woman laying upon her back along our southern border...fully East to West. Her ripe belly womb was filled with evil stretching & tearing at her from the inside to be born upon us. The LORD GOD spoke, delivering a Warning for the U.S.A. He repeated each statement 3 times, "You will scream like a woman giving birth, but I will be there." "From out of your pain, you will be born of new life." August 3, 2011, The LORD GOD proclaimed, "This is My house!! These are My people!!" He faced me first to the U.S. Whitehouse...then to the 4 corners of earth to deliver the same proclamation. August 23, 2011, the LORD GOD struck the U.S. East coast with the worst earthquake to hit the area in 67 years. It was simply a warning strike, damaging many of our national idols (Whitehouse, U.S. Capitol, Pentagon, Washington Monument, National Cathedral, Reagan Airport) October 8, 2011 the angel Gabrielle appeared before me in a Sunday meeting church...holding a special event during Shabbat hours on Saturday. October 9, 2011, the LORD said, "We're entering the season of fire & tribulation. Walk with Me." December 12, 2011, The Lord said, "To know EXACTLY how long His earth walk ministry." "To know WHAT ELSE is 3 1/2". And "Tell them I AM calling. Tell them to seek Me. Tell them to come out of her." February 10, 2013, I was filled with the desire "To know when the Temple fell" (70 AD) and "To treat this as if a JUBILEE; focus on forgiveness." July 2, 2013, the LORD GOD spoke, "One hour" as I slept. September 17, 2013, the Lord revealed "One Hour" to be 77.7 Days per hour for the purpose of preparing His Bride, for us to watch with Him hour-by-hour...for no one but the FATHER knows the day or hour our beloved Lord will be sent to claim us, but for the FATHER Himself. We are currently in the 5th Hour. It is astounding & holy the things our Lord has pinpointed so far on His WATCH Clock! He told me to extend it to 777 days which concludes in August 2014. What happens then...and even up until then? No one but the FATHER knows for sure. Question: are you actively watching for our Coming KING? Are we doing the things He told us to do? (feed the hungry, cloth the naked, visit the incarcerated, tell others about Him? LOVE the FATHER with all our heart, mind, soul, & strength? LOVE one another 2nd?) What does LOVE look like from our CREATOR'S Eye? May we each abide & come..."Tell them I AM calling. Tell them to seek Me. Tell them to come out of her." love to all, cj "Little Hawk"

Prayers answered

August 02, 2013

I had asked all who would Pray for our Son who is in jail was facing over ten years in prison .I asked for the Lord to do his will in all this and that God would do what was best for our Son . The case all nut feel apart for the DA THEY LOOKED SHOCKED AND NOT READY FOR THE CASE after 6 months they should have been preparied But Gods mercy was working for pur son He was only given 15 months I am very Thankful for all your prayers and that the LORD hears our calls .A mothers Love Thank you .

Remember this: My boss' uncle is cancer free?

July 31, 2013

He was mentioned on a Christian radio station. It was given as a praise report by the radio jockey. :) PLEASE pray for my husband who is being VERY verbal abusive about the homeowner's insurance. He wants it to use for his "toys". I'm tired of his yelling and cursing me! PLEASE pray that God gets a hold of him and that he realizes the insurance money (which I paid) is for home repairs as we flooded.

My boss' uncle is cancer free.

July 29, 2013

My boss' uncle was diagnosed with cancer and had 6-8 months to live. He went to MD Anderson & the 3 doctors are puzzled after looking at the information from the other hospital. They can't find any cancer. PTL!!! :)

PTL & prayer for my daughter's emotional issues

July 27, 2013

Thank you, Dustin, from the Providence Church in Frisco, TX, for working SO hard in my daughter's backyard from 10 to 5 today!!! God will TRULY bless you. Thank you. I can't thank you enough, Dustin. Thank you that you also sense Candace deep need for the Lord & plan to pray for her.

Remember please pray for me to sell my house? To honor my mom?

July 20, 2013

I had asked you all to pray for me because I wanted to sell my house to get a house where I could take care of my mom until she goes to be with the Lord. I am happy to report that part of the miracle has already taken place, GOD is so GREAT!!! and you all are so wonderful for praying for me!!! Prayer works!!! I have sold the house, now I just need to be approved for the apartment I need to stay temporarily (because the house sold early!!!!) and for the new house...But I am not worry, I have put my trust in prayer and in GOD and HE has brought me this far....I think HE will carry me to the end, THANK YOU sisters and brothers in the Lord, and thank you LORD JESUS CHRIST. AMEN. I will keep you posted in the progress of this story.

Prayers for my qualifying exams

July 17, 2013

My original prayer requests were: "Please pray for me as I continue studying for my final 3 qualifying exams in my doctorate program. I must pass a total of 8 exams in order to begin my dissertation in the Fall and I have already passed the first 5. My exams are Wednesday, July 10th from8:00am - 4:00pm. I am requesting prayers that I remember the information that I have been taught in my courses, to not be stressed about anything that will hinder my test-taking skills, and for me to remain focused on my goals of becoming a Doctor of Education. Thank you in advance for all of your prayers." Thank you all for your prayers!! I passed all of my exams and am beginning my dissertation next month!! :-) God is so AWESOME!!!

Prayer request to pass my GED

July 17, 2013

On June 25,2013 I put in a request for prayer for me to pass my GED. I received my results on the 5th of July. As I opened the letter and read "CONGRATULATIONS YOU PASSED". I raised the letter up in the air and looked up and said, "THANK YOU LORD JESUS" and I started crying. I want to thank everyone that prayed for me. God bless you all. God IS AWESOME!! 0:-)


July 15, 2013

It is with an extremely heavy heart that I wanted to update the KCBI family on a previous prayer request. I had requsted prayer a couple of weeks ago for our first/unborn baby-we found out a week ago that we lost the baby (I was about 2 months along). Of course we do not understand (and maybe never will), but but know and trust God that "it just wasn't meant to be for now"(that gets us through the rough patches sometimes). Please remember me and my husband in prayer as we travel through this impossible, Red Sea road in our lives, that He would give us the grace to trust and rely upon Him more and more (every second), and that He would heal our broken land). SG

Provision from the Lord

July 14, 2013

We ask for provision from the Lord. For two and a half years we have been in litigation with a Client who did not pay our fees. We won our case and Client appealed. During this time the Lord has provided so we could pay our company and personal bills as well as the legal fees. We had several large bills and payroll to meet. The Lord has always provided just enough and just in time. Thanks for the prayers! Thank you Lord for hearing and answering our prayers! You are all we need. We just need to hand our issues to you!

Remember "flooded"??

July 12, 2013

PTL! :) My insurance will pay for the restoration work (pulling up my less than a year old wooden floors!), electricity for 16 large industrial fans plus water sucking machines for 4 days, work to restore home (floors, cabinets, furniture, etc.), materials needed, and put me up in a hotel from tonight until July 16th (four nights), but a plumber (which is really expensive with service call, work and materials) isn't covered. However, praise the Lord, a friend who wouldn't take pay (so I took him to Schlotzsky's! ) helped with picking out a new water filter, parts to install it and doing the labor. :)

My sister, Mary Smith went to be with Jesus July 27, 2012

July 04, 2013

I asked for prayer for my sister over a year ago, as she was dying of cancer. Her battle was long, but she fought that battle with grace and peace, knowing that she would soon go to be with her Lord and Savior. She was very much loved and is missed by all who knew her. Thank you all for your prayers. She went peacefully and I know that I will see her again, in God's timing. Again, thank you for your prayers. It meant a lot to me and helped to give my family peace.

God Provided Me With a Job

July 01, 2013

I had asked prayer concerning my job and financial situation about a month ago. Tonight (July 1st) I received a call from a job I had interviewed at last Friday--I had first encountered this job at a recent Career Fair here in Dallas--and they asked me to come in for training tomorrow morning at 8:15 PM. Praise the Lord!

Passed my test for work

July 01, 2013

I recently had posted for prayers regarding a newly mandated test for work in order for me to stay within the healthcare system. I was just a step away from completing it, which required me to retake it. My deadline was yesterday and this morning was my last shot before my job loss became official. I was to meet with my boss this afternoon to be dismissed from my position. Lo & Behold I passed my test and was able to announce the good news of passing my test and keeping my job. Everyone was amazed. Such a blessing for me & my girls that I still will be able to provide for them. It was definitely a test of Faith & God showing me how much he can take away or give, due to obedience! I believe I passed His test most importantly in the next level of serving in His sweet name. Praise the Lord!!! Thank you, Thank you to all for taking the time to add me to your prayer list. What a heavy burden lifted off my shoulders. Thank you! Never give up, God will provide if we just trust in him regardless of the outcome, he is in control. Thank you and God Bless you all. (((HUGS)))

how God speaks to me

June 29, 2013

I enjoy nature. I enjoy riding bicycle off road in the woods. I enjoy running and walking on these trails. On one occasion riding bicycle I came upon a black snake. Not willing to stop, I pulled my feet free of the pedal clips and raised my legs. I rolled over the snake. After doing so, I stopped to go back and look at it. It was gone. As I pedaled on, I realized God telling me to stop going back to look at my sin. As with the serpent, it is gone -- the minute I confess, God is faithful to cleanse me from it. At another time, while running a trail marathon, God spoke to me how easily the trails can overlap. I was on the trail appropriate for the mileage I was running. However, for a brief time, the trails merged. I found myself hearing Pilgrim saying the trails are overlapped, the trails are overlapped. Lord help me choose the path of life, they look so much alike. Most recent, I was in east texas running another trail run. I know this trail inside and out, have ridden, walked and run this trail in all directions. About 3/4 from the finish, a man on the sideline yelled "it's only 1/2 mile more." I thought about where I was and knew that to be incorrect. I wasn't fooled, although it was tempting. This trail is hilly, and the atmosphere humid. I'm glad I knew that trail and did not believe this man. That was early June. Just this past Thursday our women's Bible study finished Titus. The primary point is to know what you believe while contending for the faith. Don't let false teachers throw you off. If I hadn't known that trail so well, I might have been bewitched by that guys incorrect information. Know the Bible. Know what I believe and believe what I know!!!!

Child MRI Successful

June 25, 2013

Thanks for praying for little Peter. He did well with the MRI today. Praise God! His results show that he needs brain surgery to remove a likely benign tumor so please keep praying for him!

Keep KCBI just as it is

June 22, 2013

I want to thank KCBI for the continuous blessing you are to so many people. I used to listen to another 'Christian station ' at work, but found they encouraged me to think I needed whiter teeth, smaller hips and nose, better hair cuts. I have enough trouble avoiding carnality. Please stay listener supported. The music and the messages keep my mind being transformed. I praise God for you!

Henry doing well

June 20, 2013

Many thanks to all for the prayers for little Henry. He is home and eating and playing w his big brother!

My sister excelled in her finals

June 19, 2013

I had asked a while back for prayers for my youngest sister Les who was taking her final university exams. I wanted to advise that she got her results last friday and she did so well. She is in England and with her grades she will be able to attend any masters program she chooses. Continue to pray for us for a way for her to attend one of those tuition free as she did her undergraduate. God bless

I am on administrative leave

June 17, 2013

I have been an medical interpreter for 7 years in a clinic setting, this year I had to test at the hospital which in 7 years I have only been there twice I did not pass my competencies and they put me on administrative leave. I am a good employee always now this. My flesh is weak and am trying to study again because I am 57 years old and am rusty please pray for me I am caring for 3 grandchildren and my husband is on disability. I need prayer for strength and for me to keep my job I love the Lord and have gone through a lot have seen his miracles in my life I do trust and love the Lord

praise be to God

June 16, 2013

Praise God and thanks to all who prayed for my son. He is now back on his drug recovery program and his rage is now replaced with placing things at the feet of God and thanking him for the outcome. God is good and blessed him with being able to purchase a modest home and that has allowed the return of his beloved dog and companion to help ease the loneliness after the abrupt end of his previous relationship.

last week I asked for prayers

June 11, 2013

Thanks to all the listeners,who included me in your prayers. Reconciliation is occurring now in my marriage. Mainly from the results of prayer and movement of the holy spirit in our hearts. Thanks God bless

God's word; a prayer; a post card

June 06, 2013

I received a prayer post card from KCBI today. It was filled with God's word. I cannot express the joy and peace I experienced! I looked up every verse written on the card. I read the whole chapter. Thank you for surrounding me with God's word and your prayers!!

Grandson dyslexia

June 06, 2013

I just want to say Praise be to God who answers all prayers my grandson has a part time job as city parks aid thats a start. Thank you all who prayed for him. I love Jesus.

Test results good

June 04, 2013

I asked for prayer for my father who has been getting a barrage of tests in the last couple of weeks and i asked for prayer that the results be negative all any illnesses. i wanted to share that i spoke to him yesterday and the last of his current results are back and they were all good. Thank you for your continued prayer for him.

Being blessed by sponsoring children

May 30, 2013

I wanted to share my personal story and experiences with sponsoring a child to encourage you to release children from poverty and pray for them.


May 29, 2013

Praise God! Heather received a heart May 13. She is recovering well. Thank you all for your prayers. To God be the glory!

Birth of first grandson

May 27, 2013

I had ask prayer for a safe delivery for my daughter of her first child, I received several emails from people who prayed for her. The delivery went well and we have a beautiful baby boy, which we have thanked God for and we'd like to thank all who prayed for my daughter.

Job for Son Miguel

May 27, 2013

I asked for prayers that my son Miguel get a job. Tomorrow 5/27/2013 will be his first day at his new job this will be his first job we are all excited. Thank you KCBI my brothers and sisters in God for your prayers. Prayer changes things:)

Thank you, fellow Christians!! :)

May 27, 2013

My daughter actually talked to me recently. She had gotten mad at me and hadn't responded to texts, e-mails or calls. Thanks for praying.

Our Faithful God is still on the Throne

May 24, 2013

A big thank you to the KCBI prayer family. The road was rough, the burden was unbearable, and the challenges seem endless. Whoa, we are experiencing God's promises. My husband, an obgyn specialist from Africa was unable to practice medicine and take care of his family due to inability to get into residency program despite passing all the required exams. I had to take up a second job to sustain our family. My hubby was unemployed for many years. However, God in his mercy opened a way in a pharmaceutical company. I give God all the honor and glory. For anyone looking unto God for something, please keep holding on, trust in God, and keep the faith alive. It is well in Jesus name. God is good all the time.

Prayers Answered

May 20, 2013

My professor gave me a C and this means i can graduate! Thank You to everyone who has prayed for me. God is good and has heard our prayers. God is simply amazing

Niece found safe

May 20, 2013

My niece has been found safe and sound. She is having a lot of issues at home. God is good. thanks for all the prayers.


May 19, 2013

Thanks for praying that I find the right house, not only did my house sell for more than the asking price, the one I found to buy was a FSBO as the owner wanted to save realtor fees. I am buying it at 5k less than asked with a HOW, mineral rights and the refrigerator (2 yrs old) all included. God is so Good to me!!!

Neighborhood Prayer Box Ministry Coverts Your Prayers

May 19, 2013

Neighborhood Prayer Box Ministry at Buckingham Road Church of Christ wanted to thank KCBI and its many prayer partners for your continued prayers for those affected by cancer and other prayer requests in NPBM area prayer boxes through Garland, Dallas, Plano, Frisco, and other areas. Many thanks and blessings for the support and uplifting of praises and prayers to the Lord.


May 19, 2013

I want to give God all the glory!! In February I asked for prayer as I wanted to purchase a 100% cash down modest house in the DFW area. I do pay tithes and offerings as well as give on a monthly basis to KCBI. I have always lived in apartments but I REALLY wanted a little house. Well in April while looking at online realtor sites I spotted a small house less than 7 miles from my job (which is wonderful with the gas prices). I immediately called the realtor and was the first person to see it. To make a long story short the sellers accepted my bid and I CLOSED ON IT AT THE END OF APRIL AND MOVED IN THIS MONTH!!! It is IDEAL for me!!! It is a small house with a large yard for my clothes line, a big garden and even room for me to plant some fruit trees!!! I LOVE IT!!! AND I PUT 100% CASH DOWN ON IT...SO NOOOOO MORTGAGE!!! When God says he will throw open the floodgates of heaven and pour out a blessing (Malachi 3:10) he means it!! I am pinching myself as I can not believe it...GOD IS SOOOO GOOD TO ME!!!

Update on my niece, Chanel...

May 13, 2013

Thank you all for your prayers for her...She was able to go home weeks after her lung surgery. The Mayo Clinic performed the biopsy and it was not cancer. We are all so relieved. But the best news is that she is now back on the kidney transplant list!! God is incredibly faithful!! To HIM be the glory and honor for this. =)


May 12, 2013

I'm claiming my daughter for the Lord!!!!! Happy Mother's Day to you. Candace has been mad at me for 10 days and didn't call or text me today. PLEASE pray for her salvation and for God to get a hold of her anger! Thanks!!!! :)

Son's incarceration

May 10, 2013

Thank you to everyone who helped and prayed for my son. He was completely reinstated on parole as the charges were dropped in court! It has bolstered his faith and he thanks all who lifted him to God.


May 06, 2013

Thank you to all who have prayed and will continue to pray. Heather is still hospitalized awaiting her new heart. She has had some setbacks taking her off the list temporarily. But hopefully will be put back on soon. Thank you again!

Trying to find every way I can to help a freind's brother

May 03, 2013

Co-Workers brother broke a leg and found out only has 3 to 6 months to live. My name is Danny and I have a work associate that his brother broke his leg and when at the hospital found out he has one of the most aggressive kinds of cancer. He is a new Christian, praise GOD, however he just lost his job and has no insurance to assist in paying for medicine for pain. They also have a funeral to pay for with no means. My wife and I are helping and have set up an account at Regions Bank for anyone that would be so kind to help. If you can even afford to send just ten dollars it would help. If so send to; Regions Bank P.O. Box 368 Lancaster, Texas 75134 Attention Chris Jordan Branch Team Leader Please make the check to Tim Montano c/o Bert Montano Thank you so much and GOD BLESS You can call Regions Bank at 972-227-2131

Thank you for praying for me.

April 30, 2013

On April 12th I submitted a prayer quest, because I am a victim of a student loan theft that began 15 years ago. I had just been awarded Social Security Disability benefits. This included 2 years of back pay in one check, as well as monthly payments. A total of 18 people chose to have emails sent to me, to confirm they were praying for me. To this day, I don't know how I found the write phone number to call the very right agency to get me free of the fraudulent student loan. They sent Sallie Mae orders to stop with their attempts to garnish my disability pay and well as my monthly disability payments.

Thank you, fellow Christian sister!! :)

April 30, 2013

I have been here. My husband was into the same things. Then he all of a suden quit AA then later church and completly left JESUS. I am fighting for him back now. I have learned that he has been cheating on me. Just be careful my sister I will be praying for you dont lose your husband by pushing him away with nagging words or expectations. Win him over with love and yes a GODly suport system. Ask him if he will start a CELEBRATE RECOVERY group at your church or town BUT be led by THE HOLY SPIRIT (The LORD). Look into CELEBRATE RECOVERY online. With Love your sister in CHRIST Dear Sister in Christ, I'm SO sorry for your situation!! I'll be praying! I do not nag him. I used to and he said that I was not his mom so I don't even nag when he promises & doesn't do what he promises. He is SO against the church that he'd not even go to Celebrate Recovery. Many former AA individuals do once they accept Christ. PTL!!! :)

PTL My daughter got a car insurance settlement!!!!!

April 30, 2013

Remember my daughter who was contemplating suicide? She texted that she is getting a car insurance settlement for her car. She will either use it for another car or to pay her bills and then finance another car. Continue you to pray for her salvation and her many home repair needs.

Urgent: O'Donoghue needs healing from sickle cell disease. He also needs Jesus.

April 30, 2013

Please pray for O'Donoghue. He needs salvation and healing from sickle cell anemia. It's gotten really bad. He's only in his 30's, and I'm scared it's going to kill him. Please ask God to heal him and let him live a long time so he can live a full live. He also needs salvation. Please ask God to save both his life, and his soul. Thank you.

House was saved!

April 29, 2013

I'm going thru a brutal divorce from an abusive spouse. He is trying to force my children and I out of our home as punishment for filing for divorce and has said so. His goal was to cause extreme distress and that worked. He was nearly successful and it was at the last hour the buyers could not get financing and for now the house is saved. It was a pure miracle and answer to fervent prayers. Desperation is an understatement of that situation. He tries to cause terror and often succeeds but God has intervened. Please pray we can get our home off the chopping block. We have several other properties that can bring more money and be sold but they are not even on the market. Please pray for a change of heart for my spouse. He is being so cruel and professes to be a follower of Christ. I pray for a peaceful equitable resolution to our entire divorce which he's prolonged into years.

Continue praying for me.

April 28, 2013

I was surprised when the Bank called me that some one sent Money on our Church Account,but that it was a miss take and wanted it back and it was $1000. almost enough for the Need of the Motor Cycle,because they needed it back we said yes,but this to us shows God is about to help us. I will keep you informed,would you need to pray for the Account Number it self let me know. In Christ. Christopher.

Answered prayer

April 26, 2013

On 4-22-13 I asked for prayer for my friend Ken that had been diagnosed with cancer. He went to M. D. Anderson for testing on that day. On Thursday, 4-25-13, the test results showed no cancer to be found. Praise God.

Auto accident in Kansas Update on Organ Donor

April 25, 2013

From injuries sustained in auto accident on 4/23/13 in Kansas. The family of Shealyn has donated her liver and a kidney to two recipients. Shealyn will live on in others. May the recipients bodies accept the organs to live a healthier life. Thank you for your prayers for this family at their time of loss.

Brother's Surgery

April 25, 2013

Our brother had surgery on Monday and went very well. We will not know if this will help him walk normally, but he seems to be doing a little bit better. Continue to pray for him as he is feeling anxious from all of the medication he is now and needs to know Jesus. Pray for his salvation and healing.

Business Problems

April 25, 2013

i asked for prayers for our business for which we have been having some challenging problems. We seem to be seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. We still need prayers for wisdom in handling some of the situations that we are facing, but God is good and faithful in providing the help just when we need it most. Thank you all for continuing to pray for us.

praise report

April 23, 2013

I asked my KCBI prayer family to pray for my boyfriend Campel to have wisdom and find favor with the courts, well, thank you Jesus because he was completely cleared of all charges. Thank you KCBI for praying with us and for having the prayer request line. You are such a blessing.

Colin is young adult who urgently needs healing and salvation.

April 23, 2013

Please pray for a man named Colin. I care very much for him, he' s so young, and may be battling cancer (Stage IV penile, it's rare, it's aggressive, and he's only 32 years old). Please pray that God will heal him. He's been battling this for a while now, but he recently learned he still has it. I am afraid, and want Colin to live a long life. Please ask God to give him total healing, a long life, children, grandchildren, and most especially, salvation in Jesus Christ. Colin needs Jesus and while I realize this may be God's way of drawing Colin to Him, I hope that there would be some other way, any other way He could do that without threatning Colin's life. God is still in the healing business, isn't he? So, why not Colin! Please ask God to heal him, and to save him. Thank you, so much for your help to pray for him.

I am believing in God.

April 18, 2013

I believe that the Motor Cycle I need God is about to provide for it. because it is for the use of His work in ministry i move every day to the Church and spend many hours in the road yet i have some pain in my right side of my leg. i will let you know when the miracle happens. keep praying for me.

Thanksgiving and Praise

April 18, 2013

I want to thank all of you who prayed for my mother. She had a heart attack last Monday and had a quadruple bypass surgery on Thursday. She was discharged from the hospital 5 days later and now is receiving physical and occupational therapy. Praise God. Our lord is sooo good. This was not a surprise to Him. Thank you for your prayers and I ask God to bless you all abundantly. Thank you Father in the name of Jesus. Amen

Prayers for Mark

April 17, 2013

God is so good and He is our healer. I had asked for prayer for my 24 yr old nephew who was diagnosed with cancer in January. Asked for strength as he went through Chemo. God saw him through this, then i asked for prayer for complete healing as we waited for test results and God answered our prayers. Mark is now cancer free. Thank you so much for your prayers and thank you KCBI and staff for all your prayers and for all you do. May God continue to bless KCBI.

Surgery and Recovery

April 16, 2013

I wanted to share my testimony with all prayer warriors at KCBI and elsewhere. Prayer works and is alive with us. My wife shared my upcoming prostate surgery. I was uplifted by the KCBI family an God has seen me through and everything has come out successful. Everything from the moment I went in to my post-op meeting has been witness to the power of prayer and Gods unlimited blessings. My recovery has amazed me and my doctor made the comment that I am ahead in my healing progress. Thank you KCBI family and thanks to my wife Lydia who jumped and uplifted me in prayer and encouragement. Love the Lord and love you guys. Sincerely, Pablo

Praise & thanksgiving

April 15, 2013

Our son Kyle, age 27, went into multiple organ failure in December. In the beginning, and at several points since, he has not been expected to live. His progress has been slow and painful, and with many setbacks. Yet, God has provided the grace and help needed at every point. Kyle still has months of healing and rehab ahead, but we are seeing more progress and have greater hope than ever. I thank our beautiful, merciful Lord, and I thank each of you who has stood in agreement with my prayers for healing. We still pray for further healing physically, and for healing and renewal of Kyle's faith. God is good, all of the time!

Answered prayer

April 14, 2013

Thank you all for your prayers. I submitted a request about 2 weeks ago asking for strength and patience while potty training my son with Autism. I am happy to report that he is potty trained!! A child with Autism can take months to potty train, Thanks to your prayers my son was trained in a week! Praise the Lord!!

God is Faithful!

April 12, 2013

I asked for prayers about a week ago. (See request below) I received so many responses that people were lifting us up as well as personal prayers. I am here to say that not only are we pregnant, but I received a promotion at work. 1 year of praying and God is faithful! I hope this can be encouragement to someone today! THANK YOU! God is so good! (My husband and I have been trying to have a baby for 1 year. We are both over 35. We are going to try more aggressive treatments, but insurance does not cover the expense. I am praying that if it is God's will, He will provide a way. Also, asking that we in the meantime prepare to be Godly parents and know that God's timing is always perfect. Lastly, if a child is not in God's plans for us, that we will have peace with that and live an abundant life.)

Answered Prayer to A Bad Week

April 10, 2013

WOW! It is truly amazing... You know I listen to KCBI every morning and I always here the lady's voice, I think it's Rebecca, reminding the audience that prayer should be first. Well, at the beginning of the bad week I prayed and as it just kept going on and on, I some what steered away from the thought of prayer. THE MOMENT I asked for prayers from KCBI, my bible study leader and a few of my close friends, and prayed a tired and weary prayer myself.... Things began to turn around just in that moment, both within the bad week but also my perspective. The prayers lifted up had given me clear vision to move forward in a better light a light that was Christ filled!! How amazing and awesome God is!

I just want to hear his voice

April 09, 2013

I really want God to hear me out because I feel like he doesn't hear me and I also feel alone like I have no one by my side. I just need to hear God voices so I know that he hasn't left me alone.

Daughter Nasty Divorce

April 09, 2013

I don't have a direct answer yet, but the peace and the words that I text to my daughter, I know is not from my own, but the Holy Spirit. Every second of my life I give thanks to God because He has been very clear... We all need to Trust on Him! I know it is very difficult, but believe me, it works! Thank you God for your protection, provision, and more than any for this peace in the middle of the storm... This is a wonderful medium of communication to express to the rest of the world why we worship God... because He is the Creator, Counselor, Lover, Provider, Strengh castle, my Rock...thank you Lord!

Brother's Illness

April 08, 2013

I asked for prayers for our brother who is suffering from a spinal disease. He will require surgery and is quite unsure of the procedure. He does not attend Church and is keeping to himself. Please pray for wisdom for the doctors and for his well being and comfort during this waiting time.

Pray for Business

April 08, 2013

I requested prayer for our business regarding some of the challenges we have been facing. I feel God is already working on some of the issues that we are facing and grateful to everyone that has prayed for us.

update on Sam Dubose

April 06, 2013

Elm Grove Church is asking everyone to keep the family in their prayers as they are only asking God to let Sam get back home. He is terminal now after some surgeries atere month long treatment again. MD Anderson has done all they can. God Bless this special ministry to send the word around the world that people are praying and God is still in control even when we don't understand we must lean not on our own understanding but God is in control! Thank you KCBI for this special site again. Blessing from Elm Grove Church for all the prayer clicks we received.

my little brother is a Marine and injured

April 05, 2013

This is to the family and friends of my son Karl. Most of you might not know but Karl has been going through a very painful year. You know he had serious head injuries while serving in Iraq and it seems that the injuries are surfacing again in ways we were not prepared for. Karl had a very successful recruiting assignment and was stationed in Midland, Tx. Karl is now in the Wounded Warrior Pattoon in NC in and out of doctors every day. And will be looking at a medical discharge from the Marines he loves so much. He is now in a wheelchair which is heart breaking for all of us. You can talk to him one minute and he talks fine and the next he is past out or suffers so much pain. He wouldn't be pleased that i have posted this but I can't call or talk to each one of you. Please try and contact him off and on so that he knows that you care. once again put him on your church prayers list and keep him in your prayers for Gods healing touch.

injured Marine

April 05, 2013

Karl Phillips is a Staff Sergant in the United States Marine corp.. Karl was injured in one of his 5 deployments' to Iraq.

Jordan Newcomer

April 05, 2013

Praise God Jordan seems to be improving! This morning, the doctors have indicated that they do not believe the staph infection has gone into the bone (praise!) -- which means that surgery to remove the infection from the pelvic bone is not recommended at this point (praise). Overall, the intensity of Jordan's pain seems to have diminished (praise) -- although he continues to be administered heavy doses of pain killer and antibiotics. Jordan slept last night (praise) and ate some apple sauce (praise) very early today. He is sleeping again this morning -- preferring a very dark room with no noise. He is very weak. Please, no visitors. Tom stayed the night at the hospital and says that he was able to get some sleep. Chris was able to go home for the night to get some rest. Daughter, Jana, is expected to arrive from college in Tennessee this afternoon to see Jordan. Please continue to pray for Jordan's healing. God is listening and answering!


April 04, 2013

This is my first experience with Prayer Works. Although I'm still waiting for the answers - I felt comfort when my e-mail displayed that people were praying and even got a note. I'm in an unusual position in that I have no family, no relatives, no one and I'm living on SS and foodstamps and faced the unexpected emergency surgery of heart bypass-x5 and was not expected to live. I have no insurance and now will be forced to go to the VA which I really don't want to. I can't afford to continue seeing the two doctors who literally saved my life. But it was a comfort to know people are praying and even more of a comfort that God is not running all over heaven going oh me, oh my, He knows what He is about and I must trust Him. He has allowed me to live and must have something for me. So yes Prayer Works -- Big time !!

Young mother has died

April 04, 2013

The mother I asked for prayers for yesterday has passed away. Her husband, son, and parents will need a lot of grace now.

Prayer for Mark

April 02, 2013

Praise our heavenly Father and thank you for your prayers for my nephew Mark, he went through chemo therapy and God gave him the strength and now waiting for results in two months. We are believing that he is cancer free in Jesus name.

A Baby

April 01, 2013

Praise be to the Lord Jesus Christ. My daughter went to the doctor today and the pregnancy test was positive. My baby will be having her own baby in 7 1/2 months. This is awesome for her. We lost her 30 year old sister in October. She has been wanting a baby for years. Now, God is blessing her with her new family. God is good all the time even when our heart is broken in a million pieces.

Daughter Nasty Divorce

March 30, 2013

First, I want to give thanks to God, because He is in control of all situations, especially my daughter's. Then, I will give thank to all of you that prayed and continues praying for my daughter's kids. Let me give you a brief update. My daughter paid $700 for a social worker to come to inspect her home in Florida, and to see where the kids will go to school, and if she has a job. After a very satisfied visit to my daughter's home and more satisfied with the school where the kids will go, she found no reason for her not to have her kids here with her (PRAISED BE THE LORD!!!). Social Worker (here in Florida), faxed the papers with a green light to the social worker office in Puerto Rico. That was two weeks ago, and my daughter has not respond yet from PR. When Viana (my daughter's name) calls to PR social worker office, they always respond that she is not there and will call Viana back. She still has no call from PR. Our prayer is that she has a positive respond from PR, and the kids will be with her no letter than this coming summer. My granddaugther is ok now, and dad knows he didn't react good so he is trying to buy them (grandkids). This situation is only because Viana's husband is holding a lie against her. When my daughter got her transfer to Florida to work, he said that Viana abandoned home; which is a lie because they together got in agreement to keep the kids until school was over. This was on January 2012...When Viana knew that Alex (husband) didn't have any intentions to send the kids to her, my daughter went to PR. She had a very bad car accident (taxi cab from airport was impacted by drunk teenage girl), and she was in the hospital for 1 1/2 week recovering from a surgery to fix her left shoulder. She loves her kids very much, and was in love when she was transferred to Florida from work. Even when he abused her in many occasions before, she never expect him to do this horrendous thing, just because he doesn't want to pay child support. He is already living with a pregnant girlfriend, even when my daugther and he are not divorced yet. Is this not adultery? he is a very violent person, he has been involved in various embarrasing situations which include getting fire because he was drunk while at work, he had been violent with the police in PR...and still the kids are with him...I don't understand, but what I understand is that God will be Glorify big time when the kids are with mom in Florida, and the divorce is final!! I praise God for everything HE has done for my daughter and the kids (protection, love, providing) ...and I praise God for technology that allow us to communicate through this channel...and thank you KCBI for being so supporting always, all the way!!

Postrate surgery

March 29, 2013

First,@ I want to thank God for seeing us through my husband's surgery . I also want to thank every single person that prayed for him. His surgery went well and he is now recuperating at home ! Thank you KCBI making this possible. May The Lord continue to bless your ministry .

MIL Surgery Update - THANK YOU!

March 28, 2013

I asked for prayers for my MIL yesterday as she is battling breast cancer and had surgery this morning. It went better than we could have imagined. We all waited in the waiting room and the doctor came out after 2 hours saying they removed 3 lymph nodes and are sending them for a biopsy. She came out of surgery cracking jokes as always. We learned that we caught this very early and for that we are so grateful. Thank you all for your prayers - They really work! Please pray that the cancer did not spread to the lymph nodes. As of now she only needs radiation - If it spread, she will also need chemo.

Praise and thanks for the prayers!

March 28, 2013

I posted a prayer request this morning about my friend Marti in St Louis; when they admitted him early this morning they told him to expect to be there 3 to 4 days.The doctors released him from the hospital around 3 p.m. today! They pumped him full of fluids and got his fever down and blood counts where they needed to be and the issue with his port has been resolved! They told him he could return next week to continue his chemo. Marti knows that the KCBI family has been praying today and he KNOWS that the prayers are what turned his 3 or 4 days into hours! Please keep him in your prayers for continued healing and his salvation. Many are witnessing to him and for him to admit that he knows that the prayers got him out of that hospital today and home to spend Easter weekend with his wife and daughter is such a blessing! Thank you!

Grandson with Dyslexia

March 28, 2013

My grandson (Anthony) is still trying to find a part-time job. He has had a couple of interviews but no job offers. Please keep him in prayer that someone will have a kind heart and will see that this young man is capable of working. All I'm asking is that the Lord open a door for him so that he will not become discourage by his disability.

Work and family issues

March 27, 2013

A few weeks ago I asked for prayer concerning serious issues my family encountered. 1st was my not being able to find work other than temporary assignments here and there since Oct '08 - 3-1-13 I received a call from my now employer offering me a direct hire position after a brief phone interview with his wife then a brief face to face with him. My heavenly Father gave me the position I wanted at the pay I asked for. 2nd was my daughter's college situation, she was accepted at a University close to home and we qualified for FAFSA loans & grants, I have faith that those loans will become grants as I have 2 more boys after her that will God willing attend College. 3rd my husband has been on a rocky road with work since he flipped over in the 18 wheeler he was driving back in June '12. The company he is with now is working with him and not against him so we can have a decent income to live on and provide for the one going to College and 2 more at home. My God is a God of wonders in 2013 like He was thousands of years ago! To God be ALL the Glory for what He has done and IS doing. Thank you so much for your continued prayers brothers and sister!! May God bless you as well!!!

Thank you

March 26, 2013

I just wanted to thank everyone who prayed and for the wonderful notes for me about the peace and healing I needed when I was betrayed by the guy I was dating. I am at peace now and feeling much better, now with the big picture that he was no good for me and it would have brought nothing but stress and drama in my life. I am happy to report that it didn't cause me to put a wall up and give up on men but to try again and I am hopeful about meeting someone better without making them suffer for the previous one's mistakes. All has been forgiven and I look forward to what God has in store for me. Thanks again

Fertility challenges

March 24, 2013

A few weeks ago I posted a prayer request as my husband and I were going to get some testing done due to our problems conceiving a child. We went to the doctor and the news was not good. I have a condition called PCOS. Polycystic ovary syndrome. My husband has a low count. The doctor says its still not impossible but difficult. So it's difficult on both parts. However we stand firm in the faith we have on God. We know that we will have children biologically or adopted. Thank you for all your prayers.

Wonderful Teacher Found

March 24, 2013

I am the superintendent of a public charter school district. I was in desperate need of a teacher to take over a classroom for the remainder of this school year. Finding quality teachers in the middle of the school year is difficult. However, God provided a better teacher than I could have imagined. Not only is she a wonderful teacher, but she is also a certified family therapist and a lady of great Christian integrity. My students will be loved and nurtured in such a great way. God is good and He's always right on time!

Family Issues

March 21, 2013

We are praising God and want to send a heart-felt thank you to all who prayed about our family situation. The very next morning we received notice via our attorney that the sister who has made trouble for almost two years is backing off the litigation and seems willing to settle.

Prayer request has been answered, GOD bless

March 17, 2013

To my radio listening, producing family, Thanks to all you have prayed for my request and needs in my life and the life of my family. My Son, Ryan is still in need of prayer, all I can do is pray for him and life by example, but any "Extra Strenth Tylenol Prayer " prayers are much needed as he is still not a believe of our Lord and Saviour. However I would like to give good news: 1.My sister has fully recovered from her surgery. 2. GOD found me a job that I simply LOVE and the job is close to my home. Thanks to all who have kept me and my family in your prayers. I do believe in the power of prayer!! I also have a newer request, I trust GOD, but also have fear of my financial situation. It scares me I am barely making ends meant as much of you are as well. And for that I pray for all....... with all their needs. To close I would like to thank this radio station, I listen to you eery day on my way to work and I always, always her something that I need to hear and it helps me thru each day.. I love you all.

Kyle Out of ICU

March 17, 2013

I want to thank you all for your prayers, and to give God the glory for my son Kyle's progress. He had been in ICU since 12/7 when he went into shock and organ failure. We were told all along that his chances were slim. By 1/28, when we moved him to another hospital known for expertise in this type of case, we were told he had next to no chance at all, and we should consider just making him comfortable. Since then, his liver function has greatly improved, his kidneys have begun to function again, and his persistent respiratory infection cleared. He had also developed extensive, paralyzing polyneuropathy as a consequence of the shock and multiple organ failure. He is regaining feeling and some movement. He still has a lot of healing and rehab to do , but is OUT of ICU and with God's grace and mercy, will continue to recover. Hallelujah!!!


March 17, 2013

I have been healed of alcoholism, I have no more desire to drink I dont even call myself an alcoholice any more because I no longer have had the desire to drink in 2 years. I also was setting in church one day had just broken my hip and sent home with a walker. 15 minutes into worship service and I was walking without that walker. was supost to be using that walker for 8 weeks . with gods love it only took me 2 weeks. I had a broken neck which I believe god healed they said with an injury like this most people ar dead. God does do miricles . jesus does heal. Amen.!!!!!

answered prayer!!

March 16, 2013

Wow 1.5 hours ago I ask for prayer that my friend Campel, for his safety and that he would call to let us know he was ok. HE JUST CALLED!! HE IS OK!! Thank you Jesus and thank you KCBI prayer family. please continue to pray for his safety and that his business will be concluded on Tuesday and he will be home very soon.

100% cash down DFW house...NO MORTGAGE

March 16, 2013

I want to give God all the glory!! Last month I asked for prayer as I wanted to purchase a 100% cash down modest house in the DFW area. I do pay tithes and offerings as well as give on a monthly basis to KCBI. I have always lived in apartments but I REALLY wanted a little house. Well two weeks ago while looking at online realtor sites I spotted a small house less than 7 miles from my job (which is wonderful with the gas prices). I immediately called the realtor and was the first person to see it. To make a long story short the sellers accepted my bid and I AM SCHEDULED TO CLOSE ON IT AT THE END OF THIS MONTH!!! It is IDEAL for me!!! It is a small house with a large yard for my clothes line, a big garden and even room for me to plant some fruit trees!!! I LOVE IT!!! AND I CAN PUT 100% CASH DOWN ON IT...SO NOOOOO MORTGAGE!!! When God says he will throw open the floodgates of heaven and pour out a blessing (Malachi 3:10) he means it!! I am pinching myself as I can not believe it...GOD IS SOOOO GOOD TO ME!!!

Experiencing the gift of love for City of Korean World Mission Baptist Chruch.....

March 15, 2013

The day i first accepted Jesus Christ as my Savior and Lord by trusting him as my Protection for his children of living God also that very i started going to Korean World Mission Baptist Church you give us a wonderful senior pastor who could preached the word of God to his KWMBC member it was very beautiful message in fact he teach us about what holy thing to do or not and my father in heaven started to watching over me as he had did for Abraham,Isaac,Jacob(recently change his name into Israel means it's God's chosen people) the Servant of their Father in Heaven then begin to do what God had commanded us to preach the gospel of Christ to other it was very blessing day for me and we want to make the nation of United States of America unto the christian nation i believe that it will happen someday and how please stand pledge with the nation of Israel and the pray for the peace of Jerusalem because they are wrong place in fact enemy of Israel are developing to make target at the God's chosen nation that why as Christian we should support Israel.

custody hearing

March 15, 2013

Thank you for your prayers. The parents did not agree to settle out of court. There was a brief (PTL!!!) hearing before a good judge. The baby will have time with both parents. I will continue to pray for the parents to draw closer to God and for good communication between them.

Prayer answered

March 14, 2013

UPDATE to Restore my Marriage. Earlier this week I posted a prayer request. After unsuccessfully and continuously asking my husband to continue to fight for marriage together, yesterday he called me and told me that he did not want our marriage to end just yet. I know that this is a work in progress and it will take a lot of work and dedication on our part. We will seek more of our Lord and with His help move forward with our family. I'd like to thank and praise our dear Lord for listening to us, KCBI and all who prayed for us. Thank you for your encouraging words may God bless every single one of you in anything and everything you may be needing. I am speechless, I am grateful . God is good. He's faithful and nothing is impossible for Him. So trust that he will be with you every step of your journey. Continuously praying for you.

Cancer baby now has loving family

March 13, 2013

The little baby I asked for prayer for back in August who had tumors in both kidneys and did not have a family now has a wonderful loving family. His adoption is complete and his tumors are gone. He is done with chemo but will not have his port removed for a little while longer. He will have tests this week to see if both kidneys are functioning or if just one is doing all the work. Thank you for praying for this beautiful gift from the Lord. He is a blessing to his new family and to mine as well. We can not thank God enough for all he has done for Joseph D. Arthur Black. His new parents had him dedicated to the Lord last Sunday.

Answered prayers

March 11, 2013

Thank you KCBI and your faithful listeners for praying for me. I have been battling a very severe case of pneumonia for a few weeks. I am feeling much better now. I am heading home tomorrow from the hospital.I appreciate your prayerz for myself. Thank you all very much. May God Bless you all.

Prayers answered for my daughter!

March 11, 2013

My daughter, Jenna, has been looking for a job since December, when she graduated from nursing school. We reminded her constantly of how tough the job market is right now, but told her that God would provide a job in His timing, not ours. She wasn't getting any call backs on any job applications and was getting discouraged and depressed. I went onto the KCBI prayer request site, and requested prayer for a job for her and for encouragement and strengthening of her faith. Within a couple of days, she received a call for a job interview. I requested prayer again to ask for the interview to go well. Two days later, she got a call back for a second interview with them. For a third time, I requested prayer for the interview to go well. Then a week later, she got a job offer! She starts on April 8th! Praise and thanks to God for answered prayers and thank you to the KCBI listeners who earnestly prayed for her! I have no doubts that God answers prayers!

Update on prayer request in April 2012

March 09, 2013

My husband and I (Kim) have tried having children and had pursued IVF back in April. It failed. Yesterday 3-8-13 God blessed us with twin boys! His timing is perfect. Thanks for your prayers!

needed deliverance from nasty co-worker/boss

March 07, 2013

GLORY TO GOD IN THE HIGHEST!! Thank you all for praying for me in this situation. Starting Monday, I will be moving to a different department within the same company with a raise and a new boss who is a believer!!! Hallelujah!! :) :) God is good, He is good all the time!!! :) Thank you KCBI family for your prayers and support!!

My Mom

March 07, 2013

I have asked prayer for My Mom who is batteling cancer and inoperable diverticulitus, she is to weak for surgery..So many have prayed and she has got better but still hasd a ways to go. But, I wanted to thank everyone who has prayed or is praying...Thank you prayer does work...

Rebecca prayed for Casey "out of thin air"

March 06, 2013

Yesterday just befor 7am Rebecca prayed a verse in Isaiah, telling us to insert a name and she selected a name (in her words) out of thin air. The name was Casey. I stopped dead in my "getting ready for work" tracks and could almost not move, Did she really say Casey? Yes, she did! Some ladies in my Bible study had just offered to fast & pray with me for 3 days in contention for the complete healing from seizures for my now 15 year old son. He has struggled since before age 3 and we rarely make it 1 week without multiple debilitating seizures. God has great plans for Casey and loves him immensley. Thank you so much for clearly confirming that for me. God is in charge of thin air as well!

I need God to will give me my soulmate.

March 04, 2013

I am 35 years old I have been here almost 4 years. I growth in orphanage around church as I feel as church my first and last home of my everything. I do not have any families on earth except God,So in this new world with life things for it is not bad,but I need a pray to get my soulmate God to will give me.

friend in psychiatric ward went home

March 04, 2013

Thank you all for your prayers for my friend who was in the psychiatric ward of a local hospital. I asked for prayer for her early last Wednesday morning, and on Thursday, the doctor released her to go home! God answered your prayers! Pray for wisdom for her psychiatrist to know how to help her now. She will see him on Monday, March 4.

Praise Report - Denise -pharmacist job

March 02, 2013

Praise god. My wife Denise has landed a full time pharmacist job. Thanks for your prayers; please continue to pray for guidance and wisdom. Glory to God. Paul S.

tumor problem

March 01, 2013

prayers received and thank you ..home again and healed!!

DFW Neighborhood Prayer Box Ministry

February 27, 2013

Neighborhood Prayer Box Ministry at Buckingham Road Church of Christ wanted to thank KCBI Radio and its many prayer partners for participating in the 2012 NPBM Kneel to Pray, Stand up to Cancer Prayerathon and for your continued prayers in 2013 for those needing help and consolation from the Lord...The Neighborhood Prayer Box features a picture of praying hands and appeals in English, Spanish and Vietnamese for the community to share prayer requests at its Garland location. "It's overwhelming to us when we consider that those who have deep physical and spiritual difficulties ... would entrust us, virtually strangers, with the responsibility to present their desires to God," BRCC elder Willie Hunter said. - Many thanks and blessings, and please to to for more information and locations...

Mental clarity for work/health/stress/depression

February 25, 2013

Please pray for God to give me the strength & ability to stay focused in hs light and to bless and watch over me when I just I want to to sometimes give up.

Sister and children

February 24, 2013

I would like to ask for prayer on behalf of my sister she is a mother of three boys ages 9, 4, 1 she recently pulled her shoulder bone out of socket while unloading trucks for wal-mart she is going back tomorrow after going to the emergency room early Thursday morning. She needs deliverance from her addiction so God can help her become a great parent to her children and strength to come from amongst those who are hindering her relationship with the Lord. I want to thank you all for the prayers for myself and my four wonderful children if you would keep me up in prayer while I'm seeking direction in my search of jobs and going back to school to obtain a higher degree of education in college for myself and children to one day become self sufficient as single mother and women striving to reach my hopes and dreams.

i need prayer in,the error im going through, this hurts inside

February 21, 2013

I love the lord a lot im struggling with this sexual sin on the web an i be know the spirit of God warns my heart to not do it i over come it alot but i still fall into error with that stuff im asking of paryer to help keep me stronger with the Lord. I hate to have this spirit within that cause me to sin

Grandson with Dyslexia

February 19, 2013

God Bless you all for praying for my grandson who is out looking for a part time job he hasn't found one yet but with your prayers God will guide him in the right direction..

Financial Blessing - Car Repairs

February 18, 2013

I was overwhelmed with fear and panic when I decided to write asking for prayer. I asked for God's peace and strength. It was a matter of hours when I received peace. To make a long story short - God blessed me with His Peace so I could think clearly. God led me to a Christian mechanic The cost of repairs were more money than what I had... God touched someone's heart to help me financially. I cannot explain it - I needed God's help in my situation and God helped me. Thank you all who prayed for the peace and strength I needed in my time of despair. God is faithful!

Share Christ and see 50-100 come to Christ in 1 week

February 18, 2013

I serve with a mission origination that goes around the world taking people like youself to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We are seeing thousands come to Christ each month, discipled and baptized. We partner with the local churches overseas. We have over 45 projects for this year and are looking for Christians who have understood God's command to Go. Please respond and I will send you some more information.

Paid for exam

February 18, 2013

Thank you to everyone who prayed for me about getting the money to pay for my registry exam so that I could become registered in Cardiac Sonography. I have paid for it and sent off everything they request and now await their reply on when and whether or not I can take it! Praise the Lord for what He's done and what He's still gonna do!!!

Thank you Jesus

February 17, 2013

I'm over joy today i got a full time job! God heard all your wonderful prayers .thank you all for your prayers .Please pray that job can be permanent .That all the people i'm going to work with be friendly and helpful so we can work together as a team and for Gods protection its a night shift. also please pray for my financial need and for my house payment to go down and for my family and personal issues. Thank you

Repentance of Sin To Jesus Christ

February 15, 2013

This my very own first life that i broken his law and regulation of Ten Commandment but i will tell myself not to sin nor bringing living the life of evil desire we must committed our past life to him knowing everyone alway should making the decision of living for accordance to God's will putting my trust as my Savior and Lord whom have died on the holy cross for us also now to this day let us praised and worshipped the Jesus Christ giving our glory and homor to him everyday of daily life and thank you guys in PrayerWork praying about my made of confession to him.

journey of Encouragement

February 14, 2013

I want to express my gratitude for ALL the prayers, and notes about how the Enemy, and his attempts to break my spirit, can be overcome with words of truth, biblically, that I received from those who stood in prayer on my behalf. The reminder that Jesus Is King of Glory revives my soul like nothing else can ever do! Thank you to. all whose words of strength lift me when I needed prayer to defeat the lies of the enemy..

Granddaughter being bullied at school

February 13, 2013

I apologize I did not finish my story about my granddaughter. I want to thank everyone who prayer for Aviana. While the situation is not completely resolved the young lady who was bullying her has decided that while they could not be friends they would go their separate ways. Aviana decided to not let depression set in and to get back on track with her school work. Your prayers were heard and our God has continued to watch over her and placed a hedge of protection around her.

Granddaughter being bullied at school

February 13, 2013

I requested prayer for my granddaughter, Aviana, who was being bullied at school

Thank you for praying for my daughter-in-law, Brenda

February 13, 2013

I requested prayer for my daughter-in-law, Brenda. She was suffering from pneumonia and was not improving as she should. God heard the prayers and He answered by healing Brenda. She has been free of fever since Thursday, February 7 and chest x-ray shows her lungs are clear. Brenda still is run down and needs to rest frequently, she said my 11-month old granddaughter has been taking nice long naps and this is helping a lot. My son still is working long hours in preparation for a major inspection of the US Air Force base to which he is assigned, but this will be taking place soon and he will be home earlier in the afternoons and have more time to help with the children. Thank you so very much for lifting Brenda before the Lord in prayer. God is so good and so merciful and loving. From Psalm 118 Give thanks to the LORD, for he is good, for his mercy endures forever. My strength and my courage is the LORD, and he has been my savior. The joyful shout of victory in the tents of the just.

Thank you

February 13, 2013

On July 29,2012 our 16 year old daughter was killed tragically in a car accident. She is the youngest of our four children. We had been visiting with family that Sunday, she was going to friends after we got home, and I was going to work on a bldg. in town. Everyone excited to get up early the next morning to go to hospital awaiting birth of new granddaughter . While working on bldg. there was a knock at door, friends there to tell me of a car accident out on one of the country roads. I gave them my full attention thinking that poor family. Never even crossed my mind that it was our daughter. We are Christians and very grateful to know that our daughter is a Christian. I hadn't been a very faithful Christian, just seemed like everything else came first. A first after the accident everything was wrong,anger loss of faith, kept asking why. Then one day was driving in our truck,listening to the radio and turned on kcbi, Dr. Robert Jeffress was preaching on Gods gift to us of his son for our salvation. I had to pull over and think about what a sacrifice of his son for us. Since then we have rededicated our lives for Christ. Gods strength has given us joy in our hearts for the 16 years we have been blessed with. I see things in a different way now. I still have what feels like a hole in my heart, but Gods light is shining thru it now to comfort me. Thank you for all your prayers. And thank you for such a wonderful radio station that can touch people. We hope to go to Dr. Jeffress church soon to hear him preach in person. We are thankful. I

Sister and Family

February 13, 2013

My sister has been off the ventilator for over 24 hours. Son's say she is off sedation, eating ice chips, only recognizing one of the son's, but doctor's are hopeful for recovery, Swell is beginning to decrease and she should be able to go back to rehab facility soon. Crisis is over, thank you Lord for all you faithful prayer warriors. Thank you, KCBI for this wonderful communication tool, and thanks for sharing on air, I did hear it.


February 10, 2013

Thanks to all of you who have prayed with me. Thanks to the merciful God, we have begun to see some improvements in our son's liver function. Things have gotten a little better each day this week. His liver function is still very impaired, but we believe that God is still at work here!!! Please continue to pray for Kyle's liver function, and for recovery from his neuropathy, which currently renders him unable to move.


February 08, 2013

Pastor went into surgery around 2pm and has just completed. The doctors informed his wife that all went as planned. Pastor will be in recovery and stay overnight. More information forthcoming as it is received.

My Mom's Surgery to Remove Cancer Successful!

February 07, 2013

I asked for prayer this morning for my mom, Imelda's surgery. Tonight we are praising God for a good report from the surgeon that all cancerous areas were removed! Not only did we feel the comfort of the Lord, today, but there were many circumstances that had the "hand of God" on them. We praise God and testify that He answered the prayers of His people by tenderly, mercifully getting my mom through this vital first part of cancer treatment. As she recovers tonight and we look toward chemo in weeks ahead, we have the confidence that the Lord Jesus will be with my mom all the way.

Share Christ and see 50-100 come to Christ in 1 week

February 06, 2013

I serve with a mission origination that goes around the world taking people like youself to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We are seeing thousands come to Christ each month, discipled and baptized. We partner with the local churches overseas. We have over 35 projects for this year and are looking for Christians who have understood God's command to Go. Please respond and I will send you some more information.


February 05, 2013

I want to gladly inform that Javier did apologize,and wants to actually change his ways...thank you all for your prayers.


February 04, 2013

The other day i desided to take a stand against some addictiont that i have been struggling with for a min now, and some one i know came by and had some stuff we call fake bake and wanted to smoke with me at first i kinda caved took a hit thought to my self that its ok nothing is wrong with it , and i dont want to cast my pearls, but somthing came over me i told him no more and more excusese came and i told him all the time its just one more this one more that and it just continues on preputully adding and just feeding the beast i told him no more just one more. no more anymore and walked away and felt good about it i say all this cause i posted on here for some prayer and its only been a few day but i feel different and stronger than i ever have not condemed or ashamed and i no longer feel those chains that bind. thankyou all for your prayer i actually feel victorious and good

Strength Lost OF A Close Family Member

February 02, 2013

Hello, My name is Amanda, I'm 20 years old and I just recentely lost a very very close dear family member two weeks ago. I lost my Uncle which is my grandmother's brother from a heart condition. He was like a father to me and now I ask that GOD helps my grandma be strong and know that I'm always here for her and my Uncle will always be in our hearts. This is to my grandma I love you and Uncle Gary you will be missed and never forgotton. I'm thankful to still have my grandma in my life. Please pick a song and do a pray for me and my grandma during our time of loss and give us strength. Amen with Love Amanda

Pray for Lucas' safe return!

February 02, 2013

Lucas was abducted by his birth mothr on Dec 22. Our hearts are broken...please pray for his safe return....we do not now where he is and we are o worried about this 2 yr old boy! Please pray for his birthmom, who claims to be an atheist, pray tht God will convict her heart and that she will become a beleiver! We mis hLucas so much...but as a grandmothr, i am praising God that one day this precious lttle boy will give his heart to our Lord and Saviour!

Kevin lives!

January 31, 2013

November of last year a coworker asked me to pray for a family who was asked to abort the child she was carrying because of severe health problems the child would not live and if he did he would have severe health problems well this family prayed and trusted God and went full term the childs name is Kevin he has had one surgery and is doing wonderful so thankful when God has the final word.

Asked for prayer after death of our daughter in July 2012

January 31, 2013

Having trouble with missing our daughter after she was in car accident in July 2012. We are thankful for the 16 years that God gave us with her, she is a Christian and we know she is in heaven, but are struggling with missing her presence here on earth.


January 30, 2013

I asked for prayer for my husband at Baylor Cancer Center who was fighting leukemia and fungal pnemonia. He has recovered enough to be sent home and seems to be in remission! Continued prayer is appreciated because the next stage of treatment would be a bone marrow transplant if he decides to go for a complete cure. We want to hear God's heart and will in this matter-do we believe the medicaine will continue to work or do we believe God wants him to go through the process of a transplant??

prayer for blessing

January 30, 2013

Thank you so much Ruben I need your help. call me at 2143547037 or email at

Prayer for my two and half year old son

January 30, 2013

Praise God for he is an awesome God and never fails! Thank you all so much for your prayers! My son's teacher did want us to take him out and I believe that God had directed us to a wonderful Christian Child Carer who is going to be a very positive influence in my son's life. It's only God's doing that we found this wonderful person two days after we were told to remove from my son from his current place. The doctor's visit last night went great, he does not show any signs of autism (Praise God!) but just needs speech therapy. We had a speech therapist see him and he was already trying to say words. I know he will be talking in no time and it's all thanks to you all and your prayers but most of all to God above! Please continue to pray for his speech and that we find a good and affordable speech therapist.


January 28, 2013

thank you all that prayed with me for Javier. he did not get fired.OUR LORD IS AWESOME

Praise God! April Ropollo has fully Recovered!

January 22, 2013

Praise God! He answered our prayers for our sister April! She has fully recovered and will be back at work by the end of this month!! God is not only good! God is just Awesome!! Amen


January 12, 2013

The past year has been such a trying trial

I made it through Christmas

January 06, 2013

I made it through Christmas and holidays. If you don't have depression you have no idea what that means. I long for someone to understand me, yet at the same time, only a depressed person would get it, so I also pray that nobody gets me because of what they'd have to go through. In that way I have only Christ. I wouldn't say I don't celebrate Christmas. I do celebrate it, just usually not on 12/25 or sometimes even in December or the winter. I did "catch the Christmas spirit" for about 30 minutes or so a few days ago. I played a Christmas song I loved in the past and for a few minutes I was filled with Christmas spirit and joy that a Savior has been born, and not just for the world but for me. I know all the things I have to do to battle depression. I need to go outside for a walk every day, go to the mall and just sit, not even shop or buy. Just be around people, be outside. Do anything I used to love doing before the depression. Go to church! If I drag myself into church, I almost always leave lighter. Some days it's impossible to get out of bed. I just got up and I'm probably going to go right back to bed. So it's one of those days. I have lost hope and I lose hope all the time. But it is so strange and amazing even, when I lose hope Christ finds it and brings it back to me. From a worldly perspective, my faith is not enough to save me. Certainly not my works or "being good" will save me. But I feel like even my faith isn't enough. If we were honest, no, our faith isn't enough to save us. But what faith is,faith is opening the door just a crack, or faith is swinging that door wide open, or for some of us, it's merely trying to reach that doorknob. The rest is Christ. My faith isn't even mine it seems. Even my faith is the result of Christ. I'm not saying we don't have free will or we don't have to respond on our end. I'm saying when I am bound and gagged and thrown in the basement by the monster depression, Christ still comes and finds me. For being so hopeless I have a lot of hope I realize. So all of my hope is going and gone, but all of Christ's hope is coming and is here. And it can't be run out. And Christ can't be run out. Depression might win the day most of the time, but Christ wins the war eventually. I have this visual image of doing somorsaults in the most perfect grass, and it doesn't hurt my back, and I'm not aware of my age or ability, I can just run and jump and it's warm and happy and peaceful and restful. One of these days. Maybe not today. But one of these days. So I will hold on and hold out even when I can't. It's not my faith that won't fail, it's the Object of my faith, Christ, who won't fail, who can't fail. He's my path and my bridge and my stable ground.


January 05, 2013

thank you for prayers. Joshua is healed and home.

Restored Marriage

January 04, 2013

On Nov. 12th I came home to find my wife of 38 years had left me and almost took everything we had. My heart was broke and I sought God and my wife has come home and it is a story book relationship. Thanks to all who prayed for us.

Update on Prayer Request for Casey

January 04, 2013

A few weeks ago I posted for prayers on finding my best friend, Casey, who had been missing for several months. I want to thank everyone who prayed for my friend and her family, the Holy Spirit did provide comfort and peace throughout the ordeal. Unfortunately, Casey's life was taken from us by some very bad people, but we were able to find her and give her a proper memorial and arrests have been made. At this point, I would like to continue to request prayers for her family and loved ones. The next step is to let justice prevail and I know her family will need the strength of our Lord to get through this dark time. I pray Casey rests peacefully and I am confident that I will see her again one day...

God restoring my marriage

December 27, 2012

I want to thank everyone who have been praying for me and my family, most especially Gods love and mercy on my family. He answered my prayers when I needed him the most, he is a wonderful God. He did his work and touch the heart of my husband, he changed him and made him a better person. Our family is reunited again and happy and we praise him and thank God every day of our life's.

Lord Answers Prayer

December 26, 2012

We won our case and we were awarded our fees. The Client is appealing the decsion. But I have seen the Lord move and provide money for bills, legal fees and other answers to prayer. Through my faith and everyone's prayers the Lord will answer and he will provide. All you have to do is ask!!

made my house payment

December 18, 2012

Thank you for your prayers. My everlasting Father is taking care of my house payment and depression. Thank you

Sick baby without parents

December 13, 2012

The baby has had the cancerous tumors removed and both kidney's were saved. He has bonded very well with his new family. He loves his new big brother and loves to hug and kiss him. He even looks like his new dad. This baby is truly a gift from the Lord! He still has more chemo to go and hopefully the adoption will be completed soon. I am so grateful to the Lord for letting me witness the miracles he is doing in this baby's life and the lives of his new family.

Moms prayers answered

December 13, 2012

I posted yesterday a prayer request for my mom to be accepted into a 30 day treatment center for her pain pill addiction. She was placed in the program as of last night! Praise The Lord! Thank you for all of your prayers...please continue praying for a successful recovery.

Back around may I asked fro prayer for Dizhwar he had fell in to drugs and was just making the wrong choices laning him in trouble.

December 03, 2012

Praise the Lord for all his grace, mercy, love and forgiveness. God says that if you ask, pray and have faith in him he will do. Thank all of you who prayed and had faith. Dizhwar has been been drug and alcohol free, he has been more loving and caring toward everyone and has even been blessed with a job. Thank you all!!!!!!!!!!!

Update on Ms April Ropollo

November 28, 2012

Thanks for ALL your wonderful prayers for my dear friend April, God is hearing us and April is doing well! She's improved a lot! But still a long way to go! Please keep her in your prayers! Praise God! He is doing amazing work!!

thanks for praying for my son Steven A., my and your prayers for him/me/family have been answered! Praise the Lord

November 26, 2012

family issues

Praise the Lord for new full-time job

November 22, 2012

After 6 years of being in Glen Rose with too much over qualification, I got a full-time job. Pray as I learn the ropes. Thank you, KCBI and KCBI friends for ALL your prayers!!! :)

Recruit Makes it to become a United States Marine! OORAH!

November 16, 2012

Thank you for praying for my son while on the wild and crazy ride of becoming a United States Marine, The Few, The Proud! He became very ill at the end of Boot, losing 25 lbs in a week, and was more sick than I had ever seen him in his entire life. He pressed on to the next training and will be graduating soon! Please continue praying for these fine young men who are willing to step up and serve our country, during these shaky times. Blessings to all and Semper Fi! Once a Marine Mom, Always a Marine Mom!

My company decided to keep me on the payroll--no layoff!

November 14, 2012

A day after a great saint prayed for me through the KCBI radio connection, my company called me up to put me back on the payroll! Praise the Lord.

Thank you to the person who responded.

November 12, 2012

Thanks to the responder. Here is what she said. God will give the answer....ask what's best for you...ask Him to show you in a dream or give you a huge hint.....ultimately he has a plan for you...........about Eddie....get the book of The Wife that prays for her husband , by stormie has helped me a lot...

PTL - two full-time job offers within days

November 12, 2012

PTL - two full-time job offers within three days of each other. I've waited six years for this!!! PLEASE pray that I have God's wisdom in which to take.


November 04, 2012

The Lord provided Nancy a position at the right time. Thank you all for your prayers.

New ministry

October 31, 2012

Thank you for praying for the launch of the new ministry that will ministry to women. The "debut" was a success, thanks to your prayers. God is so faithful! My specific requests in my prayer were all met that night. Thank you, Saints. :-)

New ministry

October 31, 2012

Thank you for praying for the launch of the new ministry that will ministry to women. The "debut" was a success, thanks to your prayers. God is so faithful! My specific requests in my prayer were all met that night. Thank you, Saints. :-)

abcess in brain

October 28, 2012

Josh is so much better with draining of the abcess and now is working on his FaceBook account. Thank you for prayers

Successful Ministry Launch!

October 22, 2012

Family Of God! Wow! Thank you for praying for a successful debut of the new ministry that will benefit women in low income areas and those who have been victims of domestic abuse...all our needs were met Friday night! To Him be GLORY! Thank you, KCBI, for being a beacon of light in a dying world. God Bless You All!

Kneel to pray, stand up for Cancer Prayerathon

October 08, 2012

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Please contact: Neighborhood Prayer Box Ministries,, 972-494-0136, Willie Hunter (972-880-5116) or Bo Carter (940-898-2185) Oct. 8, 2012 Neighborhood Prayer Box Ministry Hosts 24-Hour Prayer Marathon GARLAND, Texas -- The Neighborhood Prayer Box Ministry at Buckingham Road Church of Christ, located in Garland, will host a 24-Hour Cancer Prayer Marathon beginning Saturday, Oct. 13, at noon through noon Sunday, Oct. 14, as part of its October Breast Cancer Awareness Activities -- Kneel to Pray, Stand Up to Cancer." Every five minutes during that time span, the church's prayer team will concentrate their prayer efforts on the name of an individual on the church's cancer lists. The prayer list consists of names from the congregation's regular prayer list as well as names obtained from the prayer boxes the church has placed in retail locations around the city. The highly-successful Prayer Box Ministry began in April 2011 and has reached over 11,000 homes and individuals throughout Garland and surrounding cities. The bright green prayer boxes have received very positive responses and numerous prayer slips. On Saturday from 9am to 12pm, church members will be in the church's parking lot to accept drive through prayer requests and to pray to with anyone in their open sanctuary. The signpost outside BRCC denotes: 24-Hour Prayer Marathon -- Oct. 13-14 Praying for a Cure 24-Hour Drop-Off Prayer Box Your Prayer Requests The 7-24 Prayer Box at Buckingham Road is available during the entire coming week for "drive-in" requests with prayer slips available and the service box open throughout that time. The highly-successful Prayer Box Ministry began in July 2011 and has reached over 11,000 homes and individuals throughout Garland and the Metroplex. There are several area locations, and the bright green prayer boxes have received very positive responses and numerous prayer slips. Buckingham Road Church of Christ and the NBPM spent a month of Sunday worship times in which each person in the church and those sending prayer requests had special intentions and individual invocations for prayers and cures for breast cancer, which affects as many as 300,000 new women and men annually in the United States. Thanks to prayer and research, the percentage of deaths from breast cancer has been decreasing slightly annually since 1990, but one of eight women living in the United States has had a diagnosis of some form of the disease. "We would love to have involvement from people both coming to the church to pray during the marathon," said NPBM founder and director Willie Hunter, "and we also welcome Neighborhood Prayer Box Ministry slips. We will have special material promoting the Prayer Marathon at each Prayer Box location. This is an honor, privilege and special calling for all who assist in NPBM." Buckingham Road Church of Christ also sponsors ministries for helping underserved families in the community, community outreach, special worship opportunities, Cleaning For a Reason (where volunteers clean homes with women affected by breast and other forms of cancer as a free service), and other service opportunities. Neighborhood Prayer Box is available for dropoff intentions at most locations 24 hours, seven days weekly, 365/366 (Leap Year) days a year. Chick-Fil-A locations with Prayer Boxes give their employees Sundays off to observe the Lord's Day. For additional online information or to submit prayer requests via email, please access the website, or contact or 972-494-0136.

Continued prayer

October 06, 2012

Please continue to pray for my mother. Since I posted the original request, my brother was supposed to rent a home and get my mother 24 hour care but he changed his mind and now my mother is in one of my maternal cousin's senior care homes which is not good. She doesn't do background checks on her aides. Her last aide is in prison for involutary manslaughter because she was drunk while driving a patient to a doctor's appointment and crashed the car into a telephone pole. The aide had 5 aliases and warrants for her arrest. I fear for my mother's safety. So far she is doing good. But she's been in the hospital due to being overmidicated. I have no money or transportation. I want to take care of my mother. Please pray that God will change things around and allow me to take care of my mother again. I'm still standing on His Word knowing that He will do what He says. He always does! Thank you! Be blessed!

Thank You for the prayer

October 04, 2012

Princy got the driver's license the i'st time.Thanks everyone for the prayer.

THANK YOU, JESUS, for miracle healings proving PRAYER WORKS!!

September 30, 2012

God has not given up on keeping our family well. I give Him the glory each time I have the opportunity because He deserves it, right? Thank you for praying for their healing because the Great Physician has indeed heard their prayers!

God allows free will AND the consequences of wrongs

September 30, 2012

Grandson, age 14, constantly lusted over by two 16 yr. old girls who planned to lure him into sex by seduction. One girl's dad is drug dealer, recently got evicted. She, with help from the other girl, put their plan into action, began texting grandson continually, tempting him with sexual advances and outright foul suggestions. Last night they persuaded him to meet one in his alley, during the rain. He became so excited that he crawled out of his room on second floor narrowly escaping a fall into broken wood/metal parts ready for recycling center, then met her in alley. During their escapade, he accidentally sat on his tiny cell phone which then called his Dad -who answered at 3AM to the sounds of them during sex ! - Terrified, Dad flew upstairs to find his son's bedroom door locked, then ran out to find the son coming up the driveway soaking wet from the rain! [The Lord allowed this to happen to the son I believe because He allows free will lessons to be learned.] Dad took him in to get the whole story, info about the girls, finding the whole 'seduction texted' dialog from when they began seducing his son, a miracle to prove he was seduced, not the planner. Yet, he held the son fully responsible, said his son knew it was wrong and that the girls had bad intentions from the beginning, grounding him for three months/ removing cell phone/ adding chores/ reminding him of how he could have not only been killed in a tragic fall from the roof, may have gotten the girl pregnant [son denies intercourse but is what the text requested], could have cost a $500 fine for being out past city curfew, and must begin again to earn family trust. Please pray that my grandson will not be so ashamed before family and God, or that he is punished too harshly that he will not leave home to live in another state with his promiscuous legal mom; that the Lord will draw both father and son closer to Himself and each other, to give further godly love and guidance; that he will not be so traumatized by the event that he turns away from heterosexuality to homosexuality, because their church is very open to the large numbers of gays in attendance, the church saying, "They have a right to come to know the Lord, too." denying they ever approach male children, or have sworn both boldly, arrogantly, and publicly to 'sodomize' them anytime they get the chance, and the church does not require them to change 'lifestyles' once a member of this church -where my son's wife works full time. Pray also that God will keep His warring and ministering holy angels around son/grandson/daughter in law, and open their spiritual eyes to the Truth of God's not condoning immoral activities, perversions of any sort, sex outside of marriage between man/woman OR within any other 'union', and will strengthen grandson's faith/hope/courage to continue on at school where he is on the honor roll, in Latin Club. My heart aches for my family but I praise God for the way He has helped them all to publically accept Him as their Lord and Savior. Lucifer/satan knows this and watches to find a way to deceive, seduce, separate, and/or destroy families, especially Christian ones and during these End of the Age of Grace days of unprecedented danger all around us. Pray the Lord will help my grandson to willingly and humbly receive his dad's discipline -as the Lord's discipline, too- because they love him enough to let him make some mistakes along the way, but not without proper and appropriate SELF-discipline. Pray that my grandson's hormones will settle down, that he will cry out to the Lord for the help he needs in controlling them and himself, that he will believe the Truth of what each of us tells him. Lucifer/satan has begun to suggest to him to doubt who God is, to doubt the Bible as God's Word, just as Lucifer did to Eve in the Garden of Eden . Join me in thanking God for the way the family should go, for strengthening them in these spiritual attacks, for standing firm in their faith in Him alone, for teaching them all to draw nearer to Him and each other. God bless those who pray!

Thank you to the ones who prayed.

September 27, 2012

Candace must have misunderstood her boss. She decided to go in today (Wednesday) and her boss said nothing. For some reason, Candace had missed calls and texts from her boss so Candace thought that she'd lost her job. She'd gone to talk to an attorney on Monday and she was literally sick on Tuesday as she couldn't afford the attorney or the court cost to get her son, Ashton, back full time. PLEASE continue to pray for her job, her salvation and getting her son permanently.

My Sister Mary

September 26, 2012

I believe it was June when I asked for prayers for my sister, Mary. She was fighting cancer and was getting weaker everyday. We had a family meeting with her doctor, and were told there was nothing more they could do for her, so she was moved to a Hospice Center in Tyler, TX. On July 27, at 1:37 pm, Mary went to be with the Lord. Her battle was finished and she went in peace. I want to thank all of you for your prayers. I believe that the prayers of so many people helped Mary and her family to get through the rough times and to accept her passing as a miracle. We all miss her, but we know we will be with her again, in God's timing. Thank you all for being there with your prayers.

Thank you to the person who responded.

September 24, 2012

THANK YOU FOR CARING. I INCLUDED WHAT WAS SAID. :) If I were you I'd keep praying my friend doesn't sound like this relationship is gonna work from the demands! Back away and pray. if you feel pressure, back away. When God grants you peace you will know all is well. let there be no doubt!

God knows who you are!! :) Thank you!!!!

September 23, 2012

Thank you for sharing! I needed to hear your hurts, too. God bless you! You're in my prayers, too. What a sweetheart you are!!! :) I put what you said below so you'd know that I appreciate you. I can relate to your situation about your daughter. I raised both of my children, a son also to wait until marriage before sexual intercourse. They both disobeyed and are paying the consequences. My daughter is very successful in her career and wants to get married and start a family. she is 30 years old and think time is running out. my son lives with his girlfriend and nothing seems to be going right for him. Like you i have surrendered the situation to God and let him fix it. I recently underwent breast surgery for cancer and need a job that is appropraite to my physical needs, since I am limited to lifting anything or people more than 15 lbs. I worked with handicapped individuals prior to my surgery, lifting, bathing, feeding etc and according to my doctor, i can no longer perform some of the duties. I pray that God grants us divine favor, wisdom to our children to turn to God and not man for their desires and he will surely grant our requests because he loves us.

Praise Report for getting to Hold my Grandbaby

September 17, 2012

Thanks for all who are and have been praying for Lilliana Grace and Me her Grandma! I got to hold her last night just for a minute. She is such a Beautiful Baby and truely a Blessing! She needs continued prayer as she will have surgery on Wednesday 9/19/12. This is the beginning to geting to go home for the first time! God Bless everyone for your continued prayers!

Prayer for (Pastor) Darin Hufford

September 17, 2012

Please pray for Darin Hufford and his family.He has been very sick and in the hospital for well over a month.Yesterday Darin had a CAT Scan with dye to determine the condition of his organs. The doctors discovered that his pancreas is completely gone. It has necrotized and disintegrated within his body. As a result there are currently 3 to 4 areas in the abdominal cavity that are severely inflamed. If these areas were to become infected the results would be devastating. Please pray with us t hat infection does not set in. The dye from the CAT Scan has not flushed out of the kidneys as they had hoped it would. In 48 hours they will be able to determine what kind of damage it caused. Please pray that the kidneys are not negatively impacted by the procedure. In addition, Darin's left lung has collapsed and we need to pray that they will be able to inflate it. The doctors have said that it is a miracle that Darin is still alive. Finally, please say an extra prayer for Angie and each of their 5 children (Landin, Sidney, Emma, Eva, and Jude). They are beginning to break down and they need our prayers like never before. Most of you know that Darin and Angie do not have medical insurance. Today the hospital presented Angie with a bill. They are aware of the situation and they have reduced the amount of the bill by 70%. The portion that they are responsible to pay is $90,000. Obviously they do not have this kind of money. The hospital has asked for them to submit a plan describing how they will ultimately pay off this debt. Thank you so much for your prayers for this family.

Sick baby without parents

September 07, 2012

Thanks to all who have prayed for baby Devon. He just met his new parents and they are wonderful, Godly, people. Please continue to pray for his healing and the blessing for each of his caregivers. Also pray that he bonds quickly with his new family and the transition will be smooth for all involved.

I Thank all who prayed for me regards my prayer request - 'OUT OF JOB FOR ALMOST 6 MONTHS" on Aug. 24th, 2012

September 05, 2012

UPDATE: Human Resources called me back today with an awesome offer of $50,000 more than what I was making when I lost my job 6 months ago. I wish I can personally thank all those KCBI well wishers that prayed for me before and after my nerve racking conversation with Human Resources? GOD IS AWESOME and MERCIFUL. AND, KCBI YOU ROC!!

Thankyou kcbi

August 30, 2012


Panick attacks, anxiety, depression

August 28, 2012

Praise Yeshua! The anxiety has lowered and I am taking something for my thyroid, just thank God for his blessings and love, Just Praise the Lord for loving us and is faith full when we are not.

Depressed and struggling in my profession and marraige

August 26, 2012

Thank you for your prayers. My head is beginning to be clearer and I feel like I want to be closer to the Lord. School starts tomorrow and I really need the spiritual strength and faith.

Daughter's MRI was done THIS MORNING.

August 15, 2012

Thank you all for praying. Our prayer to find a way to get the MRI we could not afford was answer 1 hour after we prayed here. Thank you, Jesus and all of you. Please pray that the results will show what our next step needs to be. We want COMPLETE HEALING. Thank you all and God bless.

Am tired of the ministry.

August 11, 2012

Reason to live

Prayer for my son in Marine Recruit Camp

August 06, 2012

Thank you for your continued prayer cover on this matter. As you may know Marine Camp is 13 long weeks LONG! It's one of the most extreme trainings in the military. Just wanted you to know, to my utter surprise, yesterday, his Senior Sgt. communicated with me and encouraged me greatly by telling me my son is doing well, thus far with all the stresses and challenges put before him. Certainly our prayers are being answered. Thanks for continued pray cover for him and his mom! =-) Thanks so much. Eccl:3:11

I am being laid off work next week. I am 63 years old with no career track. I am a security guard right now.

July 23, 2012

My company decided to delay my being laid off! PTL. Right now I don't know what will happen next but I do know the God who has me in His hand.

serious need

June 27, 2012

Jeff, thank you!!!! Thank you for praying for my daughter, Candace, this morning at 1:33 on KCBI! It means SO much. Well, things have gotten worse. Candace texted me at 5:30 p.m. today while I was at work. Here is what she said: "We had an issue with Michael today. My boss stated that she will take my case and I will only have to pay court fees. Please pray as I have to do something." I don't know who "we" is talking about. Michael is Candace's ex who just spent 1 year and 32 days in state jail. I don't know what he has done now as Candace must already be in bed. Her boss is a family lawyer. Pray, too, for her court fees. Candace is already on a VERY tight budget.

PTL & prayer requests

June 20, 2012

PTL Candace called tonight. She went to a Bible study tonight where they're using Priscilla Shirer's book, "Discerning the Voice of God". Priscilla is the daughter of Tony Evans who has a dynamic mainly black church in Oak Cliff. Priscilla was either on Focus on the Family recently or on Dr. Dobson's new radio program. She was talking about the importance of family and marriage. :) Candace also went to Half Price Books and got a Bible for Mother's with extra things like prayers for her children. The church just got a new singles' pastor, too. Pray as I've gotten her to consider changing jobs as her female lawyer boss has gotten worse (since she had a baby plus wants to have another one!!) and was cursing Candace and the other girl who is a lawyer! It is NOT worth it! Candace is a hard, conscious worker. She doesn't deserve that! She is also having issues with one of her knees. However she doesn't have insurance.

Gave up on God...

June 19, 2012

A few days ago, I posted a prayer request about giving up on God. ("Hello. I accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior on January 27, 2010. He has brought me through alot of things and has changed my life since then...") Saw a picture about how Jesus is returning soon, started to panic, God grabbed my attention REAL FAST. Turned on the radio, this guy wanted to be saved, so I felt the need to pray the prayer too like he was. Short story, I rededicated my life to Christ. I do feel like I am a somebody. I am a Child of the most highest God :)

Thank you to the person who responded.

June 18, 2012

Thank you to the person who responded. This person is praying for my daughter and family plus suggested a book by Robert McGee. THANK YOU, friend in Christ!!!!!

God is so awesome!

June 16, 2012

I want to thank everyone that prayed for me. My thyroid labs came in and they are NORMAL! Prayer really works. Thank you Jesus...

Praying for a good job

June 08, 2012

I'm may have a job filing, which I love, by a stable company close to home. Keep me in prayer about this one because it has benefits when I work my way into full time, IF I get the position! I also landed another part-time job with a reputable company working evenings and weekends. So much appreciation for all of your dear prayers!!! Jesus Christ bless you and keep you forever in His care!!!

Candace is in church, Bible study and more.

June 06, 2012

Candace is in church now when just two months ago, she was contemplating suicide. She is also in a Bible study using the book, "Discerning the Voice of God" by Priscilla Shirer. PTL She spent the weekend with me, her mom. :) PLEASE keep her in your prayers as her ex is talking to her in a negative way (calling her fat which she isn't and more) and talking about getting full custody of Ashton. Her ex just got out of state jail after a year and 32 days so I don't think that he has a chance, but he has Candace VERY upset.

Elizabeth is home and feeling well

June 06, 2012

Thank you to everyone who has been praying for Elizabeth (age 20). She is home from the hospital and has been feeling very well. It was amazing that when we were at the hospital, we could see the prayer request answered. The day I placed the request, she began to feel much better and recover much faster! God is good! The new request is to pray that the infection is abdomen would be completely gone and that she would regain the weight she has lost (originally 99 pounds, but now is 88). Thank you! To God be the glory!

little boy in ICU

May 29, 2012

I recently put in a request for prayers for my nephew who was in ICU after being abused. I want to thank everyone for their prayers and let them know that on Friday May 25, 2012, Anthony left us to be with the Lord. His mother is sadly grieved and we are doing all we can for her. I asked for everyone to pray that Anthony goes to a home where he is loved and it may not have been what I was expecting but I know he is in the best place and wrapped in the arms of someone who could take away all his pain and give him the unconditional love he deserves.

Liver transplant recipient update

May 29, 2012

Thank you for your prayers. My Jewish friend, Lois, died almost 9 months after receiving her liver transplant. After months of not improving, they finally discovered pancreatic cancer that had moved to her liver and she passed away 2 days later. We can only hope that she cried out to the Lord for salvation before that time, and continue praying for her husband and daughters to come to know Jesus as their Jewish Messiah.

anxiety and depression

May 24, 2012

I just want to thank everyone who was able to read my struggle with anxiety and depression. Thank you KCBI for offering this blessing of a service, truely a gift from God. I felt all the prayers that came my way from here and friends and family. There were so many sleepless nights, but I from it all, I was able to get closer to my Lord. It has been about a month or so now and God has changed my thoughts. I refused to take meds and just talk to Him and friends and family, and WOW, how amazing He is. I have been sleeping better, I believe I have shaked it off. He is strengthening my faith everyday and I am enjoying every step of the process. I was to continue to be fed with his word and his love. God bless you all for your prayers. Thank you KCBI!!!

have been without a car and a job!!

May 19, 2012

thank you for your prayers whoever prayed because a friend came to pick me up and we both went to a few places to see some rental suites for me to do facials and her to do massages and its a few options out there its just a matter of someone giving us a oportunity to get a foot in the door and for GOD to bless us to come up with some equipment we need to get started and for finances to start the busines,please continue to pray for us some finances and for me to get a car somehow ,i feel bad because i always have to wait to see if i get a ride to go to church and my monday nite classes at church too,but i have faith and hope in my father in heaven that he is providing for us,,thank you GOD in JESUS ALL POWERFUL IN LOVE n MERCY N GRACE for US:)

19 year old son Steven

May 16, 2012

Steven is in a good facility now and is safe. For the moment he has embraced life and does not want to die. Praise the Lord and great thanks to the many of you who prayed. May the Lord richly bless you as you stand in the gap.

My Son Lance

May 15, 2012

I just want to say God is Good and is working in my son Lance. I requested Prayers last week for him as he battles addictions. He sent me a text a few minutes ago with the following: "Time to make moves, woke up this morning and said to myself no more being stuck in a rut..I'm gonna stay positive about every negative thing in my life till my positive attitude changes them...I'm tired of not making money and being stuck...If I just give my heart to God, Praise Him all day a good positive life I think everything can change! I'm ready and I know you are mom :-). God is Good! Thank you for the Prayers and keep them coming..God Bless all the KCBI family!

God provided a job!!!

May 14, 2012

After months and months of searching, God has provided a job!!!! Hooray! He did it 1 or 2 days after I "humbled" myself and asked you guys to pray for me. (I was embarrassed to be unemployed and to admit that God seemed so far away.) I started my new job today, and it went find. It's only a temporary job, but so much better than not having a job! My goal is to pay off my 2 credit cards first and then to start saving. Thank you for your prayers! I appreciate them. Please continue to pray for my recognizing that God hasn't abandoned me.

Prayer for my brother

May 12, 2012

I want to thank everybody that prayed for my brother Chivers. Today he was welcomed into the Kingdom of Heaven. No more suffering. Love you always brother...

needed more money and better job

May 09, 2012

with in days of entering my request and receiving prayer, I meet a woman in the Brookshires and I do not even know why we started talking but we keep running into each other and the next thing i knew she was telling me that I was about to receive my blessing, and she knew nothing of my situations. I received money back from overpayment to my mortgage company, the company I work for suddenly had so much extra work we were given extra hours, my plumbing needed to be fixed and that was fixed for free, by the plumber. i have just last night excepted a job that sounds like it has to be from God himself as in perfect. Thank everyone for the prayers, this is for real, I would feel when I was going to get a message in my emails that someone had prayed for me. the messages stoped and so did the feelings and then day before yesterday I felt the feeling and looked in my inbox and someone had started prayer for me again. I am so thankful to all that prayed. I tell every one that will listen about my KING JESUS and about KCBI.

Candace is not being bother by former fiance.

May 05, 2012

Candace's former fiance just got out of state jail, but PTL he is NOT bothering her even though he wrote her a lot over the year that he was in.

Grandma went to be with the Lord tonight

April 30, 2012

Please keep my family in your thoughts and prayers as we just lost my grandmother after a year long battle with many illnesses. She has gone to be with the Lord and is no longer in pain and suffering. Thank you all for your prayers as she battled and beat MRSA staff infection and as we prepare to celebrate her life and 74 years God gave her to us. And we know this is our temporary home were just passing through!

My daughter is smokeless for three weeks!!

April 30, 2012

Candace texted me on my 56th birthday that she hadn't smoked in a while. She knew that I was down as I had to go into work on my birthday. That sure helped hearing from her!! :) Pray that it is permanent and that she also quits drinking SO much!! Thank you!!! :)

Prayer for coworker

April 26, 2012

I asked for prayer on Monday 4/23/12 about a coworker having to much work put on them, and asked the Lord to intervein, well he has...For now, he has stopped the new work going forward and my coworker is just amazed. I want to thank all who prayed..


April 26, 2012

Last Friday, My family was going through a rough time, we had lost our grandmother, was 2 months behind on the mortgage, and our shop was about to be repossessed. I post on the KCBI prayer request page, and had lots of prayers (thank you all). Within the less than a week, we were able to catch up on everything!! We still miss Grandma, and always will... but, we know she is with God in Heaven, and is much happier and not suffering. God is AMAZING! Thank you Lord!!

out the hospital & at home

April 22, 2012

Dianne was release from the hospital this Friday. PTL & thanx for your prayers. She believes she will have to stay again but I declare her healed in the name of Jesus!!

another visit by estranged husband

April 17, 2012

My husband came by again today to visit for several hours. Keep praying for his salvation and our Christian ministry.

PTL I've sold some items.

April 11, 2012

I've just sold more items via Somervell County Buy, Sell and Give Away! PTL I didn't have to have a garage sale, pay a permit to do so or pay to have it in the paper!! :) There 's over 1,500 members just in this small county!

PTL to person who prayed for my daughter

April 09, 2012

Thank you to the one who prayed for my daughter: Sometimes it helps to hear wise counsel from others. I would recommend to her listening to podcasts about a study of Song of Solomon geared toward college students. It's at

PTL to person who prayed for me

April 09, 2012


PTL for my estranged husband

April 06, 2012

We are spending the afternoon on the motorcycle so pray that I'll be a witness. God loves Eddie SO much!!! Max Lucado's prodigal son came home so I know that He'll do it for my husband and my daughter, Candace.

PTL My Missing Brothers Have Been Found

April 01, 2012

Words cannot explain my gratitude to the Lord! We serve a mighty God that is good all the time. My younger brothers were abducted in Mexico but the Lord intervened & somehow they were able to escape. I want to thank all of my brothers and sisters that joined with me in prayer, my family is so grateful.

PTL and prayer

March 31, 2012

Eddie, my estranged husband, met and talked 5 hours. We will probably reconcile. However he STILL needs the Lord. He still thinks that Christians think that they're superior to other religions. I think that Christianity is a relationship with God and not a religion as God is reaching out to us whereas the world religions are searching for a god.

My son is home now!!

March 26, 2012

Thank you all and God bless you all for praying for my son, he's 14 years old, and was arrested at school. He's home now and has long road to recovery, he knows he doesn't ever want to go back to jail. But a lot of it starts with me as dad to pray with him. But thank you so much

She's still here.

March 25, 2012

3-24-12 was Candace's 24th birthday. She is still here and hasn't mentioned suicide for over a week. Thank you for ALL your prayers for her!! :)

answered prayer

March 24, 2012

Thank you all who took time out to pray for my marriage. My husband was undecided about leaving the marriage but God moved his heart and gave us a miracle. My husband chose to stay and work on things. I truly appreciate all of your prayers, especially since we don't know each other. Thank you for speaking on my behalf.


March 23, 2012

Monique, you're a sweetheart and your thoughtful words and prayers are SO appreciated!! I will pray for you, too!! :)

Sister's Surgery

March 21, 2012

My sister had her surgery today. And GOD is good and thank all of you that have prayed for her. The doctor said that her went way better than he expected. All is well and her recovery is going well. So thank you KCBI for having this web site that prayer lines are open. Thank so much

good talk

March 19, 2012

My estranged husband and I talked for over an hour. He did talk calmly without yelling or using profanity. However he still sees me as wrong and see nothing wrong that he's done.

PTL - prevention of suicide

March 16, 2012

PTL Candace was watched over by a friend and angels the night that she was considering suicide, prayed for by many here and all around. I "stood in the gap" for her tonight at an anointing meeting. Now KCBI prayed for her at 10:27 p.m.!! :) Thank you!!! :) Thank you!!! :)

call with clean bill of health

March 14, 2012

Yesterday the nurse left a message to call about my pap smear. I'd been told if the nurse called that there was a problem with my pap smear. I called and had to leave a message, too. I prayed and listened to God. When I called again over three hours later, the nurse said that all was well. God is on the Throne for sure as I've had to have two pap smears in a week, but both were fine. Thanks for your prayers!! :)

Grandmother passed away

March 12, 2012

Thank you for all your prayers, Grandmother passed away on February 25th and we had her homegoing celebration on March 3th. The family was very humble and everyone was in unity. We were able to share our faith with many family members and they are asking questions about God. We hope to invite my Father-in-law to church, he is an unbeliever. Again thank you for the prayers we could really feel we were covered in prayer.

Mother & Family

March 08, 2012

I really want to thank everyone who is praying for my mother and my partner. My mother had a cat-scan a week and thank God the cancer hasn't spread. She will be starting radiation and chem on March 19th, so please cont. to pray for the family and my father.

Thank You All For Your Prayers!

March 07, 2012

God is so good to me! He has never let me down. I have never feared the feeling of HIM letting me down but lately I have been have that fear, why I don't know why? I been praying about it. But I just want to tell you the good news, Praises to the KING!!! My answer came through....Thank you Jesus!

Doctor wants me in her office.

March 06, 2012

Please pray as I'd been to the doctor on 2-29. I was SO impressed with her. I have had bloodly discharge and other discharges and now cramps. I'm on two medications from her. I called today and she wants to see me tomorrow. PLEASE pray for my health, my estranged husband's salvation, my daughter's salvation and my parents' health. I have A LOT on my plate! This doesn't count my need of a full-time job and my daughter's dating ONLY Godly Christian men.


March 03, 2012

I'd receive information on Prayer Works (recently installed online prayer requests with KCBI) from an anonymous person with information on memory aids for my mom : olive leaf extract, coconut oil and juicing greens so I sent it to Aaronda (my natural doctor cousin) a couple of days ago. She texted today around 3:00 while I was doing yardwork. Here 's what she said in 3 texts. "Olive leaf helps the immune system. Greens help mood and memory cause U need B vitamins (& other nutrients) to run the chemical processes in UR body including UR brain. Coconut oil DOES help memory and has some good research behind it (not poorly put together research). It is an omega 9 fatty acid and has been used in some research for Parkinson's as well. I would not mess with the olive leaf when I'm looking for memory support." Thank you, anonymous person!!! :)

Please pray for me to learn how to pray and for healing of my daughter's emotional problems

March 03, 2012

Thanks to much prayer by all of you my daughter has been stabilized on her medication and seems very happy and our relationship seems to be so nice now. She seems like the daughter I knew before all of this happened. I cannot thank all of you for the many, many prayers on our behalf. Prayer DOES work. God Bless You All!

Wow! 9 prayed for me today!! Thank you!!!

March 02, 2012

I spent a lot of time calling and texting and even face to face with a city councilwoman. She used to live and go to my church in Duncanville, TX. She understands that my $82.40 water bill is too much. She was VERY supportive. Also I had to clean a cabin for a teacher friend today. The people who rented left 10 food items there so I was allowed to take them. Most were almost full! PTL They even left me money. I then had a church friend, Barry and his nephew, Cory, come over as my A/C unit wasn't working. He wouldn't take any money!! I kept telling him that I had some money! Pray that God will bless Barry from Glen Rose, TX. :) I then came home to work in my yard and found money on the side slope of my yard. Thank you, Lord!!! :)

Bless Everyone and Thank U

March 02, 2012

Glory to GOD!!! I am hired even with a pay increase. Praise the Lord. Thank you for all your prayers.


March 01, 2012

Thank you to this person for this AWESOME prayer for me!! God, please REALLY bless this VERY special person. jesus TY for being in control of the hairs on our head to the 'important' stuff - help us to hear clearly and follow quickly as you tell us to pray. You are the shepard leading Your sheep, let us follow You and fall in love with you. Jesus Thank You for Your caring for every aspect of our hurt, our life, this day - May we love You more

Wow! 43 prayed for me today!! Thank you!!!

February 29, 2012

I went to Cross Timbers Health Center in Stephenville, TX, today. It is a Christian center. PTL My new client visit, doctor visit, part of my medicine and lab work would have been $285, but with my sliding scale, I only paid $57! PTL!!!! :) Everyone was SO nice, too! I really liked the doctor, Dr. Hill, who explained EVERYTHING as we went along! :) She informed me more than my other doctor did when I had insurance. I have two serious infections, but I'm excited about how so many prayed and believed with me!!

Loss of a Pet

February 29, 2012

Thank you to those who have prayed alongside my desperate prayers to find my pet. Unfortunately, it has been just over 3 weeks and there has been no sign of him. Still very upset about my loss of my dear first Fur-Baby, I have had some moments of happiness from the new puppy my boyfriend got for me. So for those praying for some relief, I wanted to let you know that there has been some. People have been so good to me, even strangers I have met in looking for Skylar have been praying for me. Friends have rallied around to look. Thank you for your prayers.

child custody

February 28, 2012

God is good! Thanks to everyone who has prayed! Lynn will retain custody of his two girls at present, and false allegations against him were dismissed. Truth prevailed!!! Lynn, his girls and their mother still need prayer to help them survive the impact of divorce.

In-laws in Panama'

February 25, 2012

My husband was able to reach his ailing dad before he passed. His dad never appeared to regain consciousness but by the power of prayer, he may have received the gospel of Jesus and His saving grace. My husband returns home tomorrow. Please continue to pray for his safety and for the salvation of his mother. Many thanks.

I found a new job. :)

February 23, 2012

Thank you to everyone who has prayed for me. I applied for and recently accepted a new job that I will start soon. I was so overwhelmed with strangers willing to pray for me and my job situation. God is good!!

PTL two hours with pastor and his wife

February 23, 2012

I spent two hours after church with the pastor and his wife. They anointed me with oil for my healing and also had a special prayer for my husband's salvation.

PTL estranged husband here 12:15-6:55

February 20, 2012

Thank you for ALL your prayers! Eddie and I had a LONG talk. He and I still don't agree on all things, but we will move forward slowly.

PTL as I meet with my estranged husband

February 19, 2012

I never thought that I'd see this day! My estranged husband wants to me at noon at my home. PLEASE pray that God will definitely put the right words in my mouth and that my estranged husband would be positive in his comments.

PTL for prayers and sweet comments

February 18, 2012

Thank you, a Prayer Works praying heart, for the comments below. I pray that you too will have peace in your heart. My wife left me a few weeks ago, but God has us all where He wants us and we have to trust Him. He will lead us according to his perfect plan.

Candace is back in her home.

February 17, 2012

Candace is back in her home AFTER a week. She had to pay Arlington a $100 city permit! She had to pay a guy $300 to say that what was done was okay! She spent $60 for the parts and her boyfriend, another friend and she fixed the six leaks. She was told by the gas company that the leaks were reported BEFORE she moved in three years ago! Well, the inspector missed that and the $6,000 plumbing problem that showed up when she'd been in the home ONLY a week (three years ago). That inspector needs to be fired!!! She is in debt now thanks to this irresponsible inspector.

THANKS FOR PRAYING for Nitty(in jail)

February 16, 2012

Thanks for all those who prayed,and are praying for Nitty who is in jail.She is still improving,let 's continue.Blessings and increase to YOU ALL.p

PTL for over 100 Prayer Works praying people!!

February 13, 2012

I'm SO overwhelmed by ALL the people who are praying for my serious needs of my husband's salvation, my daughter's salvation, my daughter's gas leak complications, restoration of our marriage, & my parents' health needs. Thank you!!!!! :)

Eddie is willing to meet.

February 12, 2012

Eddie and I talked by phone for almost two hours. He is willing to meet. Please pray for his salvation.

PTL and prayer for parents' needs

February 10, 2012

Dad just called. He is getting his free chair (I guess like a hover chair.) on Monday. He was excited. PTL He still needs a lift, but God can answer that prayer, too. Pray that Mom can get this product, Nuero Life, that will help with her memory. It is an organic product, I understand.

PTL (13)

February 10, 2012

My daughter got out of her home as she smelled gas! It is serious! See her prayer need below. Pray for Eddie (my estranged husband) as I got two his texts this morning a bit after 4:30. His mom died late Wednesday so pray that the family comes to the Lord. There are only one or two that are Christians. I also need to replace a A/C unit that will cost $6,200. Candace (my daughter) is also out of her home as she smelled gas. The company came out and there were 6 leaks in and out of her home.

Praises and Thanks to Our Mighty God and Awesome Prayer Warriors

February 08, 2012

Thank you to so many who have prayed on my behalf regarding my injury and workplace difficulties! God is working mighty things in me. I am not sure that those around me have changed at all, but God has changed ME! I can hold up for myself again with His strength and words through me. I am still having panic situations, however, God is providing peace when I focus on Him and pray for these to be calmed. Thank you again for your prayers and please continue to pray for me as I do for each and every one of you, we will do well here on earth as long as we stick together! But, I admit, I can't wait to get to Heaven! Thank you!!!

PTL (12)

February 06, 2012

Dorian and the one who also prayed for my daughter, thank you! I have a loving family, but they are so far away & haven't been through all that I've had to endure. My parents are 3 hours away, my kids are over an hour away and my siblings are all missionaries in Mexico, El Salvador and Uganda (Africa). I moved to where I am because of my husband who is now out of the home as he was SO abusive in every way. It's tough, too, with a BIG job situation.

Sidney is been sick for about 2 year now please help us to pray for her

February 05, 2012

PTL (11)

February 05, 2012

Thank you to ALL who continue to pray for my family: estranged husband's salvation, my daughter's salvation, my parents' health and my job situation.


February 04, 2012

Thank you for all who prayed for Nitty,who is in jail,just got a mail from her.She reading the Bible,my prayer is that the Lord will help her to understand.And fully surrender to the Lord,again thank you so much for your prayers,God bless you,

PTL (10)

February 04, 2012

Thank you to the recent four people who've prayed for my daughter, my estranged husband and my parents!! :) There have been SO many who have prayed and also shared a word of encouragement. Thank you, too, KCBI, for adding this AWESOME prayer avenue!! :)

PTL (9)

February 01, 2012

PTL for the special person who prayed over my daughter through PrayerWorks. Thank you!!!!! :)

PTL (8) midnight call

February 01, 2012

My daughter (my prodigal) called at 12:30 a.m. She'd had a bad family dream. She lost her dad (12-31-00) at the age of 12 and she'll soon be 24. She and I talked about 17 minutes. I'm glad she called me and not her wayward friends. She also has a VERY heavy load at work as her female lawyer boss had a premature baby and spends a lot of time with this baby. As a result, Candace (my daughter) is doing her job and her boss'. Her stress is WAY too high! Please pray.

PTL (7)

January 30, 2012

Thank you!! Thank you for praying for my plateful of prayer needs. I'm still looking for a job. I'm still expecting Eddie's and Candace's salvation and I'm expecting my parents' health to improve. No, I'm anticipating total healing! :)

PTL (6)

January 29, 2012

Thank you again for praying. Two more did today. My pastor also prayed both publicly and privately for me today over my job situation. He says that my job will come from a place that I'd not thought of. Keep praying for Eddie and Candace's salvation. Continue praying for my mom's memory issues and my dad's walking problems. Thank you!!! :)

Thanks for prayers!

January 28, 2012

I am grateful for all of your prayers! God has heard and has kept His promise to me and we are truly blessed! We may not be gifted with lots of material things, but we have everything we need! You are all blessings and sources of encouragement for those of us going through many adversities.

Thank you for your prayers! :)

January 26, 2012

I've not gotten the job or interview, but it is in God's hands. My estranged husband and daughter haven't asked Jesus into their hearts and my parents' health hasn't improved, but God is in charge. As a matter of fact, my estranged husband who will have nothing to do with me wanted to do our taxes together! Of course, it'd help him as I have less pay and more deductions as I give freely to missions and the church. Please pray that God will not only save him, but give him a Christ love for me.

PTL (4)

January 23, 2012

I lost my hours at my job because of a coworker (assistant manager) not doing her job and another assistant manager was called in so I went from 46 hours to 8 hours this week. I lost 38 hours! My manager had to take my hours to give to this new person as my manager has been told by the DM to not add any more hours to the week! I know God has something better for me. Thanks for praying. Keep Eddie's and Candace's salvation on the list and my parents' health, too. I have A LOT of my plate right now.

prayer for my destructive husband

January 23, 2012

I want to thank every one who prayed for us!! We had our meeting and God has lent real clarity to our marraige and how we do things. He sees the truth and wants to work on things the right way!! Thank you again for praying!!

PTL again (3)

January 21, 2012

More family members are getting involved to make decisions about my parents. Dad is finally making an appointment for Mom so she can get help. Thanks, too, for those praying for Eddie's and Candace's salvation & my job need.

PTL again and again!! :)

January 19, 2012

I've had more prayer warriors! Diana, thank you SO much for your encouraging words. God bless you, too, Diana!!! :)

PTL again

January 17, 2012

I want to thank you ALL for praying. Answers are coming. I want to also thank you the person who wrote and prayed that I'd have a vision of what God wanted me to do. I have A LOT on my plate with a job need, my parents' health and their possible move here with me, and my family's need of salvation. My estranged husband and daughter DESPERATELY need the Lord


January 16, 2012

I know that my prayers are being answered for my job situation, my parents' health, and my family's salvation as many are praying and I got a positive response from one that is praying. PTL for each one who prayed and responded!! :)

God's amazing work

January 11, 2012

We've seen God working in amazing ways recently at our workplace, as we've submitted our calendar to Him.

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