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answered prayer

April 22, 2014

First I want to thank God for answering our prayers and all who prayed for my friend Campel Sam Clark who was in a serious car accident while in Turkey last May. He has made it back home to his children! Now we have another request. Because of his injuries in the accident he started having seizures. MRI found a tumor in his head and has had 2 surgeries to remove it. With 2nd surgery the hospital doesn't want him talking on phones. Please pray for full recovery and that I will hear from him soon.( its been 3 weeks)

Prayer answered

April 19, 2014

I wanted to first thank my Lord and Savoir for everything he has done for me. I then want to thank everyone who prayed for my petition. My God has answered part of my prayer, my son has a job. Glory be to God. I know that he will answer my other one because scripture says Ask and you shall receive. I know my Lord will answer so please continue to pray. God Bless you.

Lord's plans supersede our plans

April 18, 2014

Spring 2013 I requested prayer for my family's housing situation. It was a rather difficult and complicated situation that only MY Lord could fix. April/May 2013 I received a postcard from someone in KCBI. 5.18.13 I received an alert for a house and scheduled an appt to see it. 5.19.13 I took my family to see it. On 5.20.13 after prayer and lunch with the realtor who is a Christian brother as well, I put an offer on the house. 6.20.13, ONE day AHEAD of schedule, I closed on my new house. The postcard told me to wait on MY Lord, wait on the house that HE has for me, not one that I choose. To wait for HIS time to move forward and that HE will facilitate everything. I didn't think I had enough money to do so, let alone move back to NJ and start over, but in the end, I had more than enough money to buy, close, move, paint and still save some money in the bank; the payments are more than affordable for a single income, it is in a wonderfully established, quiet, family friendly, clean neighborhood closer to their schools, the kids can stay in their schools and in the same district, I could afford to help my daughter in college with her personal expenses as well as take care of my boys at home. Every time the boys complain about it being a smaller house I remind them the house was a gift from GOD and that HE has where HE wants us, the things on this earth are temporary and that I will not be ungrateful for HIS wonders and mercies and I simply tell them to pray and be thankful that we have a house and did not end up homeless when we are 1,600 miles away from family and friends that could help or give us shelter. I dedicated the house to My Lord, and had my pastor anoint it in JESUS' name when we had a dedication service praying over the new to us house. We are fast approaching our one year anniversary with the house and it has been exciting thus far. Thank you Lord, for teaching me patience, to learn to be grateful, to learn how to call on you and praise you in my time of need and how to hold on steadfast to your gifts Father. I only pray you help me be the example my children need when it comes to you. ~ from a mother who is far away from her home


April 17, 2014

I asked for prayer because my wife and I were going to court today for a temporary hearing and I said we had to little ones. I don't understand. I got visitation 1st, 3rd, and 5th weekends when there is 5 weeks in a month. that's 6 days in a month I get to see my boys and 4 days a month if there are 4 weeks. If prayer works, I don't get it.

Praise Report

April 14, 2014

several months ago I asked you to pray for my 20 year old grandson Caleb who needed a job desperately. I want you to know he got a job, fry. He worked at that job for a few months and then God opened the door of opportunity for him to go to Midland and work in the oil fields. While it is very hard work, it pays good and he is finally able to buy a car, support his son and help his mother. Thank you for your prayers, God is good and I know the Lord will keep him safe. Your continued prayers for his continued success and that he will turn his life over to the Lord 100% . God bless you all!

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