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A job for my Daughter Brittany

April 14, 2014

Thank you to everyone praying for my daughter Brittany for a job. I want to give a praise report that she has a full time permanent position with benefits. God is so good.

My mom broke her hip

April 13, 2014

Thank you all for praying for my mother. She came out of surgery just fine. We are now going to ask you to keep praying that she may be able to walk with physical therapy down the line. May God Bless you for praying for her. Thank you!

Thank you!

April 11, 2014

Everyone in our family has been out of work for almost 2 yrs. and no amount of praying has helped or improved our situation and I've become very angry at God for it. My son has now become so discouraged he's taking it personally and wondering what's wrong with him and feeling there's some secret blacklist out there that must have his name on it. We have no money or source of income and stand to lose EVERYTHING we own this month! Yesterday, my son spent the day at a friends helping him set up a hammock and playing games with some additional friends. Last night when the friend brought him home, he shoved $220 into my son's hand and ran back to his car and left. In an email this morning, the friend said he and his wife had been deciding what to do with their offering money for church and had decided to give it to us because he said if it hadn't have been for Christian friends he and his wife wouldn't have been able to make it. It brought tears to my eyes when my son told me this. I'm very thankful and grateful, however, it doesn't begin to pay the bills and doesn't resolve the issue of not having a job. It's only a drop in the bucket.

God and My Bubba are listening to my prayers

April 10, 2014

one night i was sitting in my room praying to God and when i am finished praying i talk to my Bubba who died on February 18 2014 from cancer he was my dad growing up because i had the misfortune to not know my dad and as i was talking to him Worn by Tenth Avenue North had started to play which was one of the songs he wanted to be played at his services because the song described his life fighting cancer and i asked god the same night to give me one more day with my Bubba in my dreams and he did he gave me the opportunity to spend another day with him and in that dream he had met my girlfriend and told me that i picked a great one. God never sleeps because he is always granting prayers

So very grateful to God for a beautiful 5-bedroom family home in an exceptionally good school district and very close to family and friends that he has blessed us with in faith. May his name remain blessed

April 10, 2014

My heart is so broken now because I and my husband were deceived by our realtor who all along made us believe that we are getting a 4-bedroom home we found. Just yesterday we found out that the deal has been cancelled long ago but he , the realtor kept making us believe that the deal was still on. we spent our hard earned money on this property only to be lied to. The only thing I want to do now is to give the God almighty the glory for even a bigger and better family home. I believe this will happen in faith.

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