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September 16, 2014

i posted a prayer regarding my son as he was going down the wrong path with wrong friends but to God be the glory he is back on track as a child of God and has resumed praying with us again and he back in school. Thanks to all prayer partners of KSGN. BLESSINGSN ALWAYS!!!

Pregnancy Condition Healed

September 14, 2014

I had an ultrasound done during my 2nd trimester. After a few days, my doctor called me letting me know I had a pregnancy condition called Placentia Previa, which is the placentia covering my cervix. My doctor explained it may cause complications during the remaining of my pregnancy, a C-Section may have to be performed or may cause early labor. A few days later my mom went to prayer night and asked God to heal me and protect my baby. That same night she prayed, I felt something I never felt before during my pregnancy, to the point that I almost called the doctor to see if this was a normal movement. I did another ultrasound the following week to follow up on my condition. A few days after my ultrasound, I get a phone call from my doctor. My ultrasound showed I no longer had Placentia Previa and my baby girl is healthy and right where she is suppose to be at. Praise God!.

Marriage Restored

September 13, 2014

Praise God, I am so blessed to share with you all that 6 months ago my husband of 10 years (while he was deployed) was ready to walk out of our marriage. With all your prayers, my faith in the Lord, and holding onto His Promises, my husband and I are now on the path to righteousness. God has been so good to us and EVERYTHING has fallen into place. His blessings have shined down on us as we stay strong in our faith. My husband and I have moved to Arizona and are actively going to church. We spend more time together, and are starting to pray together. God has changed my husband's heart and opened my eyes. We are learning to cherish one another like God cherishes us. My husband is saying he loves me more now then ever before and we even went to a couples communication class together. We did a Bible Study on the book Love and Respect by Emmerson which has made a tremmendous difference in our marriage as well. Thank you all again for all your prayers!!!

Prayer for mother fighting stage 4 cancer

September 12, 2014

A few days ago I askef for prayer that my mother's referral to go to city of hope to get approved and thank God it was approved. I want to thank all who prayed as well.


September 12, 2014

I want to thank you all for the prayer request I submitted a few days ago. Our son is really blessed. God has delivered our son from the law suit we were all worried about. They called and told him they would not be filing any law suits.We prayed about it and left it in God,s hands and he did not disappoint.To God be the glory.

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