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prayer for salvation

April 20, 2014

I was born in Karachi and moved to US in 1996 when I was 16. All of my family is Muslim. A Christian girl married me so I could get a green card but in the process we became true husband and wife and now I am blessed and have become a believer also and our kids are blessed. Our future generations will be blessed. Pray with me that the Holy Spirit will lift up my parents, siblings, cousins, uncles, aunts and miraculously open their hearts, minds, and souls whether its through dreams, visions or witnessing that they will come to believe Jesus Christ to be our lord and Savior.

What a great story...

April 16, 2014

Seriously, my daughter makes me So Proud. This morning on our way taking her to school, we were listening to 90.9 KSWP, and I see ileana in the mirror waving her hand around in the air and her eyes were closed. I said with a smile, "...what are you doing? are you praying?", she said " yeah, I really like that song".... PROUD Mommy Moment, that my daughter Loves Jesus and Loves to worship him as well!

Doubt turned to Belief

April 11, 2014

Have you ever thought something was not real? I had my doubts about the KSWP/KAVX PrayerWorks Prayer site. I thought it would just be a bunch of fakers. You know, I was wrong. Since I've posted some of my prayer requests, God has actively worked in my life! Thanks for opening my eyes!


April 07, 2014

if anyone has not gone to see the movie "GOD'S NOT DEAD" it is a must see. is almost as inspiring as the "PASSION OF CHRIST" movie was/is. love to all

Healing Prayers

April 06, 2014

Thank you so much for the prayers. You have no idea what it means to me. Doctors performed a scan couple weeks ago. The latest results shows it continues to shrink. The Doctors will hold more treatments soon, please pray for it to be healed. Thanks again for all your prayers.

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