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My prodicol son...

August 18, 2014

Will you please pray for my son Sean...he is in the midst of a lot of change and I am just praying for some doors to be slammed shut and other doors of blessing and favor to be opened. And that Sean will know that it is only God who could do these things... It was about this time last year he was baptized and rededicated his life to the Lord... went through treatment etc...I sent him the texts from last year so he could be reminded of how God is/was there for him and BLESSED him...! I asked him to try a new and better way... He's in a position where God has his vehicle-he totaled his truck last week-distracted driving...he has no home as of 9/1, girlfriend-no job. I know it is all concequences of his choices. Dear Lord when is enough, enough! Thank you for your heart is so heavy for my son, I love him so.... May God Bless you.

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