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October 01, 2014

So my daughter quit 1 of her part time jobs. Plus her car engine is locked up and the mechanic can't fix it. She is looking at another automobile that she can't afford. She didn't even have insurance on the old car. She is behind on rent by $800. She makes less than $200 on the job she kept and the hours are not regular. We have had her kids since Thursday morning. Basically she hasn't been communicating with us either we had to find out a lot of what I just said through Facebook. My health well I'm trying to really watch what I eat and trying to get plenty of sleep at night. Lost 2 nights of sleep due to the grandkids waking and needing held all night. They are only 2 1/2 yrs and 4 months old. I am holding up but I am very tired by dinner time. Have called an attorney also. Please continue to pray for us as you can see the situation has gotten worse. Every time I receive a email stating that someone has prayed for me it makes me smile because I know exactly when that pray was being prayed. God Bless you all and thank you.

alone with medical issues

September 21, 2014

I thank each one who is praying for myself, daughter and husband during this difficult set of medical issues. Each time I feel like giving up, someone else sends notice that they prayed for us. I tripped over the cat so that has compounded the joint/back issues now to core muscles. Keep praying!!!

Clarity in decision for my relationship with husband. Sent prayer request Sept. 8

September 21, 2014

GOD has moved! I have peace and direction. HOLY SPIRIT has helped me to see past my emotions. I am so very thankful for all the prayers! Prayer IS A MIGHTY WEAPON and GOD IS FAIRHFUL! GOD CAN MOVE MOUNTAINS...HIS timing IS PERFECT! HOLD FAST TO HIM and NEVER GIVE UP!


September 19, 2014

daughter's surgery wasn't done today. she has to wait till the 3rd when surgeon returns. keep praying for relief of the severe pain and all the other issues associated with this. blessings

Family is a mess ... UPDATE

September 18, 2014

My brother is the happiest I ever remember him. He has had some really strong convictions lately to change his destructive ways and be a good husband and dad. He is on his way! Thank you for praying. My Grandpa is out of ICU and home recovering. He and my grandma both have so many health issues but there haven't been any "upheavals" lately and it's such a relief! It's such an encouragement to get that "someone prayed for you" e-mail. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

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