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cats return

November 26, 2015

Please agree with me in prayer for my cats safe return home shes been missing for several days. Pray that she will be revealed wherever she is in Jesus name amen


November 11, 2015

Update. Thank you so much for your prayers. God is answering prayers as we speak. I have had several job opportunities open up for me since my prayer request a few days ago. Please continue to pray that God will lead me in the right direction. Also, continue to pray for my husband, my step-daughters and my son. Again, thank you so very much for the continued prayers. God is amazing.

Prayers answered

November 09, 2015

Thank you for your prayers! God has blessed me with a wonderful job where I will be in a wonderful warm caring environment. This is the job I have wanted for a very long time. I have had to sit back and wait on the Lord....but as usual he knows what is best for us. This job opened at just the right time and I was able to interview and was offered the job two days later. To God be the glory!

Please continue to pray for my brothers future

November 03, 2015

I appreciate everyone that has prayed. An update - he did quit his job because he felt they were making him do things that were unmoral and couldn't go on as such. Please continue to pray and let God's will be done in his life. That he will find a job that he enjoys and the purpose he has in this life. He is so down and My parents & I are worried about him

Prayer for Marriage

October 06, 2015

I continue to ask for prayer for my marriage restoration. I ask God to heal my wife's heart and make a space for me within it. I pray that God continues to work on me despite my continued failures and sinful acts. I pray for the power to surrender and the strength to maintain in that position.

Grandson making progress in the right direction.

October 02, 2015

Praise God from whom all blessings flow. Our grandson has eaten three new items this week and being more cooperative with us as we try and move him into a new way of doing things

Pray for M Curry

September 30, 2015

M. Curry is coming around he is doing better and now has a desire to earn his high school diploma. Thank you for your prayers continue to life him up.

Able to Purchase School Books

September 30, 2015

Just to update you on this story I have received my books one was loaned to me from my sister, and the other one I was able to rent for little of nothing through Amazon Rentals. Thank you for your prayers.

Church Issues

September 30, 2015

Just want to update on the issues I asked prayer for concerning our church. The new pastor appears to have the right motives and is trying to make improvements to the congregation. He is very servant minded and does not act as if he is too good to humble himself to assist in any matters. He preach strong supporting messages to the congregation from the Word of God. With prayer and support I believe he can lead God's people in the right path. The only issue now is the emeritus pastor allowing him to be the pastor. He keeps taking over when the new pastor is trying to implement something new. Than you for your prayers watching and praying that God prevail in the situation.

Miracle Rescue in India!

September 06, 2015

I ask for prayer for a missionary from the Bristol area who was trying to come home from India. The day she was to leave they placed false charges against her and held her from leaving. She was to go before 3 different magistrates before she would find out if she could leave. Well now she is back in the United Sates!!! She only had to give her deposition one time and they released her to leave. She has been going to India for lots of years and has been in buildings where there were shootings, and was once near an exploding bomb, but she says this was truly the hand of God! Thank you, thank you thank you for all the prayers!!!!

God answers prayers! He is faithful!

September 03, 2015

I asked a few months ago for prayers after my husband and I had experienced miscarriages earlier this year. We have experienced a wonderful blessing and are almost 2 months pregnant now with a healthy baby!!! GOD IS SO GOOD!! Thank you friends for all the prayers! He is faithful!

God heard prayers!

September 02, 2015

I asked prayer for my sister who was an alcoholic and away from God. Thank you all for your prayers and thank God for his grace and mercy because she has stopped drinking and has given her life back to Jesus!!!

miracles is for real

August 25, 2015

I want to say Thanks to all people for yours prayers God heard all this prayers and make a miracle in my wife she before surgery has a hiato hernia and Barret sophagus, we have a hard time in this process but never give up we stand in hope and faith in our lord Jesus and almighty father God,my wife now has no more Barret sophagus, and the hernia was be fixed all in the name of Jess, thanks to everyone for this prayer request for the healing of my wife

miracles is for real

August 25, 2015

I want to say Thanks to all people for yours prayers God heard all this prayers and make a miracle in my wife she before surgery has a hiato hernia and Barret sophagus, we have a hard time in this process but never give up we stand in hope and faith in our lord Jesus and almighty father God,my wife now has no more Barret sophagus, and the hernia was be fixed all in the name of Jess, thanks to everyone for this prayer request for the healing of my wife

neighbor and I

August 06, 2015

We have gone our separate ways. Thank you for your prayers.

neighbor and I

July 30, 2015

my neighbor and I are once again enjoying each others friendship and are speaking again. We are doing well as i have visited him in the hospital for the past month. Thank you for your prayers.


July 25, 2015

praise God Vivian is better, She is back at home but still has problems so please continue to pray for her and that God will give her complete health restoration!

eviction & cutoff

July 22, 2015

We went to court yesterday. The landlord was there. We talked and agreed that I would be moved out by the 1st of AUG. He delayed the preceding until the 15th and said that he was not going to seek judgement against me. He also said he would give me $400.00 to help out. Glory be to GOD.


July 20, 2015

Thank you for all prayers God got my mom through her surgery fine today continue to pray for healing

answered prayer

July 18, 2015

Thank God my a.c unit is fixed they came today to fix it continue to pray for me the right job

Praise Jesus!!

June 15, 2015

Just wanted to update all of you who prayed for my mother Betty last month. She is doing better, they couldn"t do a heart cath on her because the doctors were concerned about her kidneys. So they were treating her heart with medicine and its helping her. Plus she had a home health nurse come to her house to help her with exercise. Thank you all for your prays for her. All the time God IS GOOD!!

Daughter councling

May 04, 2015

My 16 year old is supposed to go and talk to a new therapist for depression and anger issues on 5/5 so far she is refusing to go. Please pray she will go and start getting the help she needs.

sister in need of a miracle

March 26, 2015

my sister has been in the icu ward at the hospital since last satrday,she is on a ventilator to help her breath she has double pneumonal in both lungs and other health issues going on,on top of that she has bronchitis so they are trying to keep her sedated and clear up the infection she is holding her own right now,i need a miracle let the lord touch her and heal her and let her open her eyes .i don't want to lose her i haven't talked to her in 2 years i miss talking to her i need my sister back to her old self again. pray for my brother in law give him peace and comfort at this time i need all the prayers and love and support i can get.let the doctors see a miracle and let god guide the doctors on her recovery. bless all of you for every prayer she receives she really needs it .

praise the Lord

March 24, 2015

PRayers being answered in bunches yay. Financial issues working out and my anexity has really lowered in every bit of my life glory to God for I know he is the only reason things are going well

Friendship restored

March 14, 2015

My neighbor and friend have spoken with each other. We are close friends again and plan to move forward. We spent last weekend in each others presence speaking and enjoying each others company. Thank you for your prayers. Glory be to God for you all. .

Prayer Changes Things!

March 11, 2015

I just wanted to thank the prayer warriors for stepping in to help me step up! I'm feeling stronger, more able, and ready to deal with the tasks ahead! Thanks!

thank u lord and thank u prayer warriors

February 25, 2015

thank everyone so much but most of all thanks to God for the blessings my husband got the call today he got the promotion I prayed for on here Tuesday !!!! God is always good :)

Marriage needing repaired.

February 20, 2015

Please pray with me for I truly love my husband...

help lord and thankyou

February 18, 2015

Today was my first time praying here.Within the hour I received news that I have a job starting tomorrow! I thank God Almighty for immediately opening a door of provision! For the last two days God has blessed me this way! I pray that the Spirit of this blessing is contagious to all readers of this testamony! I command this blessing on you reader for your needs to be supplied instantaneously in Jesus name, so be it, so be it! Please e-mail me and confirm that God has manifested your blessing!

Thank you for the prayers

February 18, 2015

I wanted to thank everyone who has or is praying for our uncle, but I wanted to let you know he passed away this morning at 3:05.. please continue to pray for us as the next few days will be the hardest... thank you so much

Prayers for Tatum

February 17, 2015

Thank you to everyone who prayed for this sweet 6 month old at Vanderbilt Hospital. She went home and is with Jesus and is not suffering any more. Please continue to pray for her parents, aunt and grandparents as they are suffering a huge loss. Thank God their faith remains and they know that God is still on His throne. God bless.

Prayers for my friend, boyfriend and family

February 11, 2015

God is good!!! While I was unable to mend the relationship with boyfriend, I am happy to report that my friend jovani and I are talking to each other now and my family is doing much better financially. Continue to pray for my friend Jovani and me that we may be more closer and have a better relationship. and continue to pray for me and my family to be protected and safe. I also pray for a better job that will allow for me to go to church regularly. And pray for my coworker who's husband is in the hospital with leukemia.

God is Good!!

February 09, 2015

Just wanted to say Thank you to everybody who prayed for my friends son Coby!! They had a good news today, he went for tests today and the doctor said he didn't see any tumors! Praise Jesus for his healing hands!!! I also wanted to say thank you to the ones who prayed for my father regarding his kidneys and my brother (skin cancer) and my uncle ( gall bladder surgery) they are all fine and doing well !! Praise be to God our Great and Almighty Physician!

fruit of the womb

February 08, 2015

I am pregnant after 10years..kindly pray for safe delivery and to get healthy baby

fruit of the womb

February 08, 2015

Kindly pray for the delivery of healthy baby..thanku for the prayer

answered prayer

February 06, 2015

Just yesterday I ask for prayer help from your prayer work. I ask for help in praying for God to bless me with another job , to deliver me of this place of work where I am surrounded by iniquity. This morning around 11:30 I got a call back from an interview and they offered me a job. Thank you so much Prayer Works it really does, have always been a strong believer in it but just wanted everyone to know and just wanted you say Thank You thank you more than I could possibly express. Jesus is my savior and he will deliver but patients is the hardest. Thank you Lord for all you have done for me, for so much of it I do Not deserve. You never failing LOVE ALWAYS SHINES THRU. Thank you WCQR helping me keep my faith strong. I luhh you for it. May God wrap his arms around each and everyone of us, so tight that we all lost and saved may feel his LOVE. Amen

Thank You!

January 30, 2015

So many people have been praying for me and I feel so much better! Thank you so very sincerely!


January 30, 2015

I submitted a prayer for anxiety/ depression and God has answered my prayers! Thank you to all those who prayed for me! Prayworks, WORKS! All glory be to God!

hospital patient

January 22, 2015

Thank God for His praying people! Hospital patient named Doug had a great night, doctors were able to get him on a feeding tube and he was awake and happy to see family!! ALL the glory to God...He is so good.

financial problems

January 20, 2015

This request is over a year old and God saw fit to answer it a few weeks after it was posted. I am still receiving notices that people are still praying. I am so thankful that people don't give up on praying for people's needs that they don't even know. God bless you all for praying and thank you WCQR for this very special ministry.


January 11, 2015

Thank you for your prayers!!! My husband's thyroid cancer blood work shows he has been HEALED!!! Nothing is impossible with GOD!!!! The power of prayer works! God Bless everyone who prayed for us.

500,000 dsollar debt

January 03, 2015

A while back we shared a story about how we had a debt of over 500,000 dollars and was going to loose our home on account of it. We did loose the home, but God placed us in another home that we were able to buy. You may ask how do you know it was God, the answer is that at the very last moment the home that we are currently in became available for us at the time we needed it. Thanks to God and all of our friends who prayed for us, we made it through the horrible storm. We owe on the home that we are in, but we are glad to have a home.

Daughter's Surgery

December 26, 2014

Thank you to everyone that prayed for my four year olds surgery! She is doing well and has very little discomfort or pain. Thank you and God bless everyone that prayed for us!

Thank You!

December 19, 2014

I have been asking for prayers for my husband to not lose his temper and say things he will regret. Well, prayer warriors, the Lord moved in a big way, and put him in another job! He's working his dream job now, and while we are facing new trials and tribulations with this job, he's so much happier and the Lord has removed the thorn that was troubling him so badly, so I thank you all again for your prayers. God, please bless each prayer warrior that touched heaven on our behalf.

Prayers Answered11

November 27, 2014

Last month I asked for prayers in regards to full time work. I started at a job this last week at a dream job for me! It will be enough to pay my mortgage and other bills that have accumulated over the last 2 years. In fact, I've celebrated Thanksgiving twice already and a third time tomorrow. Several friends and I have been able to get together for the first time since the one friend's husband passed away 2 years ago. Almost every aspect of my life has flip flopped towards the better. I've learned so much about myself and others during my time in the valley. I am so grateful for all your prayers...

Financial struggles

November 23, 2014

My hours were cut at work, student in college, choosing between food and bills. but I thank you for all your prayers. My son's student loan finally came through. While I am still struggling financially, Jesus meets my needs. I have food in my belly, a roof over my head, and my health. Thank you for your support.

God is moving in a mighty way!

November 20, 2014

Several months ago, I requested prayer for my dad to draw closer to God again & for salvation for my uncle, aunt, and their two daughters. Glory be to God, my dad is back in church & my uncle and aunt have both recently accepted the Lord. I'm still praying that they can be a light to their daughters that they would accept Him, too. We are richly blessed and I want to thank all the prayer warriors who lifted them up in prayer.

Prayers being answered

November 18, 2014

I just wanted to thank God for answering prayers. And thank you for all the prayers that have went up. God is giving me peace and love. Knowing that he is taking care of my family has been such a relief. Please continue to pray for us. I know God is there and with me every step of our lives.

Marriage Restored

November 13, 2014

Last January my husband left me and our young daughter seemingly out of the blue. I was devastated, broken and clinnging to any amount of hope I could find. God used this time to bring me closer to Him and placed people and ministries like this one in my life to encourage and uplift me daily. I'm now happy to say that my husband has been home for 4 months. I'm so humbled and blessed at how good our God is. Trust him, even when it's hard because there is a purpose for everything, even the pain. Be Encouraged!


November 09, 2014

Just when I thought things could not get worse, financially, they did. I lost my job of 17 years. For 25 weeks, I drew an unemployment check. It stopped several months ago. I have cried, gotten angry, gotten sad, and stressed out because we were already having problems paying our bills, now, the disconnect, termination, and cancellation notices are pouring in. We're behind in every single one of our bills. I used to make a good salary. We just weren't good stewards of our money. I have had to go to a food bank for 3 months now. I've prayed and prayed and have never given up on God. And I WON'T! I need a job. I've been humbled big time. Right now, I want something that pays enough to pay my bills, but groceries, pay my tithes and enough left over to buy Christmas presents.


November 03, 2014


Marriage saved

October 24, 2014

My daughter and son in law were on the verge of divorce with an affair in the mix. Now they are happily back together working in their marriage with God intervention and plenty of prayers thanks to everyone who prayed

Thank You

October 23, 2014

Thanks to those who have prayed for the mission trips this past summer, sorry this thank is late, still getting the hang of this thing Lol, but to God be the glory we were safe and we grew, and hopefully lives were changed!

prayers answered

October 23, 2014

We have been in a custody battle for about a year and a half, and it is finally over!!! God is good, and this case should not have turned out the way that it did, but God heard the many prayers that have been going up, and He answered those prayers. Thanks to each of you that prayed for us!!

prayers answered!

October 23, 2014

Thank you brothers and sisters for your prayer! We finally an owner of our beautiful home and what's more! My husband converted and accepted Jesus as his personal saviour from Muslim! Hallelujah! Nothing is impossible from God! Prayers worked! All it does takes times with many prayers! Thank you Lord Jesus and thank you all!

prayer works. Thank you God.

October 21, 2014

I ask for prayers for my mom because she was haveing high blood pressure problems and they cld not get it under control. Shortly after I ask for prayers they finally got it. Thank you all who prayed for her. God bless you all.

The girl I was talking about with her family

October 21, 2014

Her family has gotten better.. Thank you for your prayers..


October 21, 2014

When I was 22 years of age I encountered 5 strokes due to a blood clot at the stem of the brain. My family was told that I was not going to make it past the 12 hour mark. I had lost all bodily function including digesting food. I am now 38 years of age perfectly normal. I had to endure months of rehabilitation and am now on a blood thinner for the duration of my life. I thank God for Him having other plans for me. I encourage everyone out there suffering from an illness to have faith in God and keep praying for strength to overcome your illness. Know that He is working in you and is using you for His glory! Don't give up on Him because He knows what He's doing!!!

Patience Affirmed

October 08, 2014

A few months back at the beginning of the year, I wasn't sure where I was going to go for PTA school. I thought I was going to go somewhere, but that didn't work out. I put in an application for this other school, Walters State. After several trials to test my faith, I finally got an interview. After the interview, I knew it was God's will with whatever happened. I said everything I could to the best of my ability and honestly. Two weeks later, I received a confirmation letter that I had been accepted! I shouted and gave God the glory. I am in the program now and everything is going great. I have made friends and God is faithful! I am excited about pursuing this profession. Thank you for all the prayers!

Long time prayer request answered

October 08, 2014

I first started putting requests on here in 2011 for prayer over our IRS debt. We have had some of the penalties removed and a payment plan has been worked out for the rest. We still get emails showing that individuals are praying for us. Thank you so much. I had stressed over this for many months then finally decided that I have prayer warriors out there praying for me so instead of focusing on it everyday in prayer I decided to pray for others which actually helped bring about peace in my life while waiting for an answer.

Prayers are answered!

October 06, 2014

Thank you for praying for my daughter to receive a job. We continue to pray for her to receive a teaching job, but she is now working in the school system and loves what she is doing. God is in control and all prayers are answered in HIS time. Thanks so much for lifting this request up in prayer....God bless each of you!

Prayer request answered!!!

October 06, 2014

My prayer request was answered and God opened all paths for my new house on Gorham Rd. I was approved for the home and moved in safely yesterday! God is great! And prayers have been answered with a yes! Thank you all for praying and may God bless you and this site!

Wife & I praying for purchasing house in better area.

October 01, 2014

Prayer works. We got our better house & at a price we can afford. Thanks to God and everyone who prayed!

prayers answered!

September 30, 2014

Thank you guys for your greatest prayers. I am now an owner of the house with the dream that I had prayed for and also the greatest news is that my husband converted into Christianity from Muslims and saves our Marriage! Praise God for nothing is impossible!!!!! Hallelujah hallelujah! Thank you Lord Jesus!


September 23, 2014

growiI am still here...holding on to the promises of God. Almost 5 months had passed since the end of my marriage. I have aquired worked that had proven to be not only a blessing, but a lesson in humility as well. I am growing stronger each day. My heart longs for the restoration of my marriage. I cannot give up on him. I know God has great things planned for our lives. I pray I will know which direction to turn. People tell me to forget about him, but I can't close my heart. He has not given me any indication either way. If God had other things prepared for me, I need to know.


September 21, 2014

My daughter is doing better. She is seeing a therapist and doing well.

My grandson

September 18, 2014

A few days ago .I requested pray for my grandson Israel that was in the burn until in Winston Salem. Praise God he is home today. Thanks for all your prayers. God still answers prayers.

Prayer for 6 yr old grandson answered

September 12, 2014

A few days ago I asked for prayer for my 6 yr old grandson who was having pain in his hip and leg when walking. He was diagnosed with a condition known as toxic synovitis. It isn't as bad as it sounds though! It is an infection from a virus, such as a cold, that settles in the hip joint. He has to take some medicine for about 10 days but is expected to make a full recovery! He is already feeling much better! Several people prayed for him and me and I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart! I also want to thank WCQR for providing a place where we can come and request prayer and pray for one another! Mostly I wanted to thank God for His love and grace!

Peace for a broken heart

September 05, 2014

Just a couple of days ago, I asked for much needed support in prayer as my incredibly adored two year relationship came to an end. Throughout this week, God's endless and invisible love has poured over me. In moments that I just couldn't understand why all of this was happening, I would "sense", "feel", "KNOW", that I was being well taken care of. Just a few seconds later I would receive an email saying that someone had just prayed for me. The feeling was enough to bring me to tears. Every aspect of this situation has God written all over it and I have finally come to peace with this. Not just peace but I am incredibly overjoyed with the beauty that God has created in what I believed to be the worst pain I thought I could feel. This heartbreak was meant to happen for both myself and the man that I was with. We have both been overwhelmed with the absolute conviction that God is doing what was always meant to be done. He is healing and rebuilding both of us from the ground up and I am so excited to see what my amazing, beautiful, lovely God has planned next.

Prayer for finances

September 05, 2014

We had asked for prayer for our finances. We were presented with several areas where our finances were being drained by irregular expenses. Our daughters car had transmission problems. Our investment property in Arizona had A/C issues. Our house had a leak which damaged drywall which needed to be repaired as well as trees to trim. Since we have been prayed for, God has shown His hand of mercy. The transmission issue was fixed for $500 including the repair of a suspension problem. The drywall was repaired for $250 and it looks like new. A christian brother did it as well! And the trees will be done today for the amount that we held out for despite several professionals coming and wanting to charge way too much. Our daughter had her full scholarship reinstated yesterday as well! PTL! We continue to wait on the Lord regarding our pledge to our church. He is faithful! Thank you for your prayer support, for standing in the gap for our family!

we need prayer

August 22, 2014

My husband was out of work so i was the only one working making ends meet but thank god he got on another job after about six weeks.He was put into hospital and now is in between insurance and he ass in a wreak and our car insurance was just reinstated so were not sure if it will cover damages please pray

baby with blood issues

August 03, 2014

I asked for prayer for my nephew that was born on 7-26 they thought he might have to have a blood infusion but thanks to God and all of you that have prayed for him he is home although he still needs prayers . He is unable to hear in 1 ear . hopefully the medicine will build up his blood Thanks to all of you who prayed I know God can heal him completely.

He is SAVED!!

July 31, 2014

Several months back I joined prayer works and requested prayer for my unsaved husband. For 2 weeks be battled with the devil, but this past Sunday he became saved!!! It was like the weight of the world had been lifted up!! Praise the Lord!!

Kidneys restored

July 28, 2014

Glory to God! My sister went into cardiac arrest and was revived after two hours. The following few days were very tough as all sorts of medications were being administered to stabilize and save her life. As a result, her kidneys also started failing and completely lost function. She was on dialysis for two weeks. Jesus performed a miracle this past weekend. She does not need the dialysis anymore. Also, the welling of her brain has gone down. She still has a long way too recovery but we have told the doctors that God is going to fully restore her.

Insurance to cover damages!

July 28, 2014

On July 15th, eight week old baby in my arms; I opened the door of our starter home of 6 years and found the devastation! I froze as I realized our ceiling was literally lying in the floor of our home. Our living and dining room covered in dry wall and insulation. Still standing/hanging were all of our family pictures, a reminder to cling to my faith and know that no matter the future, our faith in God and our family was still standing. Is there anything else that really matters? The "what if's" raced through my mind...what if I had stayed home from maternity leave longer, (as I had planned but returned early due to being unable to confirm the amount of time off I had left)? What if I lost my family? What if it hadn't rained out the party we were supposed to have at our house, etc.? I knew God had already begun to answer our prayers. We have been blessed by prayers, phone calls, texts, and face book messages, etc. We felt Gods arms wrapped around us through others. We continued to ask that our community, family and friends pray our insurance would cover the damages. Thank you to all who prayed for our family, we waited patiently and our insurance agreed to cover 100% of the damages! Payers answered! Thank you 88.3 for praying for my family! We serve a BIG God who we know is in control and we praise him through the ups and downs! Isaiah 30:18New International Version (NIV) 18 Yet the LORD longs to be gracious to you; therefore he will rise up to show you compassion. For the LORD is a God of justice. Blessed are all who wait for him!

my son

July 24, 2014



July 07, 2014

About 4 weeks ago, I requested prayer for our family. My husband lost his job and need a spot in school. H was one of 6 people out of 28 people they interviewed to be accepted into school and he accepted a job that pays 2$ on the hour better ! God has blessed us and he heard our cry for help. Thank you everyone that prayed with us !

Praise report to the Lordð

June 27, 2014

Prayer works on here! Thank you for everyone Who prayed that I get approved for the house in Elbridge NY. I was approved! God is great! God is good! Praise The Lord

How green is the grass?

May 23, 2014

In the past few months many opportunities have been presented to me. While that sounds like a great place to be it left me confused and anxious over where God wants me to be in order to fulfill his plan for my life. I posted a request for a feeling of peace in making some important decisions for my future. I was house hunting and also had opportunity to change jobs and cities. In the midst of all the decision making I was offered a job in Nashville. The offer forced me to focus on that decision and to analyze my life from the pasture of Nashville. My husband and I passed a field of cows just yesterday where acres of tall green grass was abundant. One of the cows had its head stuck through the fence in order to munch on the grass along the road side. My husband commented on how silly that cow was for not realizing it was in a beautiful green pasture and stretching its neck to reach the weeds along the road. I think this is a really good analogy for where I was. I turned down the job in Nashville realizing that all that God has blessed me with is here in my own back yard. Thanks for praying, I know it was the prayers of our spiritual family that opened my eyes.

Please pray

May 14, 2014

Please pray for my parents for spiritual healing and restoration. They are under major spiritual attack.. pLease pray for guidance and protection and control their mind body heart.

Restore Relationship update

April 25, 2014

I posted a prayer request about 1 month ago about God restoring my relationship with father of my children. We were engaged when he broke it off. Although we are currently not back together I believe that the Lord is working it out. He have shown me so many signs speaking to me telling me not to give up have faith and patience. I noticed one thing that's stood out to me is the word restoration pops up at me everywhere I go. God can and he will make things that seem impossible possible. I just wanna thank the Lord for all of you out there that have continued to pray for me and my family. May God bless each and every one of you! I DECLARE IN THE NAME OF JESUS CHRIST THAT MY RELATIONSHIP WILL BE RESTORED AND IT WILL BE MY TESTIMONY! please continue to pray for me.

God gave grace

April 24, 2014

I listed on prayer works that I needed direction on how to provide for myself. I had many prayer partners respond. God has blessed me with ability to do what I love and provide for my self, although It is not the most ideal for me. I do know that God has a plan just for me. My advise to all Christians is to stay strong and stead fast in prayer. God does answer prayers. We are heard.. Blessings to you

Thank you

April 12, 2014

Thank you for praying for my job situation. I was working 2 put jobs and no benefits. God blessed me with a ft position that I love! I have benefits now ad I am so thankful!

daughter recieved job

April 05, 2014

Thank all of you for pray for my daughter job search. She was turned down for the job she really wanted. But I ask for pray for the job that God had for her. After being turned down for the first job a couple of days later she applied for the second job, got an interview the next day this was on Thursday . She started work the following Monday. Thank God for his amazing grace. Thank you all for your prayers.

Awesome report from my colonoscopy

April 04, 2014

THANK YOU for prayers about my colonoscopy that I had earlier today. My colon was completely normal!!! I am so excited because it was completely ulcerated in 2010 with a diagnosis of Crohn's disease, which my GI doctor at that time said I'd need to be on prescription medication for the rest of my life. Well - here I am two years in May without ANY prescription medications!!! I have claimed full healing through Jesus Christ. Today's procedure is further confirmation that God is bigger than our physical problems. Thank you Jesus!! :)

wow thank you for all your prayers

April 01, 2014

I posted my prayer request two times on here. And it was mostly about my relationship with God. After two weeks nothing happened. I'll be honest, it made my faith drop more that prayer was useless. However, God answers prayers in ways we do not expect I thought one day I'd just read my bible and it would come but he used my local church. My local church had a 3 day encounter where they talk hardcore about Jesus and Gods love, generational curses, sin, etc. And I left there full of faith, I believe Gods word works for the first time after going to church for 4 years. And it may be simple but your relationship with God is foundation!! It's key! My depression went away! I realized prayer worked because so many people and myself were praying Before I would pray faithless prayers and nothing happened. Join with people on here because God said when two or more ppl agree on earth it will come to pass. Thank you so much guys!! Love you brothers n sisters in Christ!

Answered prayer

March 27, 2014

I wanted to thank all of you wonderful people who prayed for my son to get a job. He received a job offer this week and accepted. So, our Lord is amazing and you are amazing for praying. Thank you!


March 18, 2014

Many thanks to all the prayer warriors! Paula is home and continuing to recover nicely from her surgeries. The power of prayer is simply amazing. Thanks be to God.

Thank you

March 10, 2014

I feel compelled to thank you prayer warriors! It seems just at the exact time I am feeling afraid or discouraged because of the situation I am in right now, I get an email from prayerworks that someone has just prayed for me. It never fails to lift me and I always say "thank you Jesus" Even though my living situation hasn't changed (yet) I do believe God is working it behind the scenes. Thank you!

Please continue pray...

March 09, 2014

Please pray for me, Please ask God to remove this evil spirit in me. keep soaking my whole good spirits.. include blessings, crowns, gifts,,, mind heart,,llike soul like body is me but my whole spirit is belong to someone else. Also try to control me and ruin me..Please pray for forgiveness and mercy and ask God to restore what I messed up during healing process. please ask for give back everything .. even I spit out.. even I rejected... even for my parents and my brother...please tell Him that I still trust Him.


March 08, 2014

My son was in the hospital for a insect bite or hair follicle the Doctor did some testing of the puss and catscan then following ultrasound they saw a lot of infection down near his stomach so surgery was next our prayers were sent out to our family and fb friends he was in so much pain six days in the hospital still not sure what this was the day he was to leave the hospital the doctor tells him it was cepsis this could have taken his life my sister and I had prayer for his recovery he was sent home with his side opened up a pump to get all this posin out 2 day after home health can to change and clean his wound and amazed at the healing so fast she tells him he should see the Doctor all I could was praise God he is the healer and the Doctor that brought my son back from his near death experience!

Thank you for prayers!

March 06, 2014

I have posted many prayer request. My family went through some rough times. I KNOW God has brought us through all of this! I've also been taught that tithing is so important. That 10% is Gods. I just want to express how much I apreciate all the prayers! I never want to forget where everything comes from.

My sons legal issues resolved

February 27, 2014

Two years ago my son had major legal issues but God was merciful and the issues were resolved in a favorable way. Now he is 19 and no longer is in any kind of trouble. He is looking for a job, has plans to go to college and has matured. His dad and I continue to pray for him and covet any prayers lifted for him. He is a good kid and was saved a few years ago but has strayed from his faith. Please pray that he was be restored to it.

Thank you all for Praying for my mom

February 27, 2014

My Mom's Cancer is gone I Give God the Glory


February 26, 2014

We did loose our home in VA because of the judgment aganist my wife. We got another home and God helped us find it the day we were evicted from that home. Never give up on God.

Its a Miracle God Has Literally Healed My Heart !

February 21, 2014

I've have such good and tremendous news that I'm literally vibrating with excitement. The Lord has performed a miracle by healing my heart which had a pumping capacity between 25% to 30%. The doctor wrote on these words on my echo-cardiogram - EXCELLENT and YAY !!!!!! - It now shows a completely normal heart ! No damage. No blockages, Completely healed and normal ! Thank You Lord Jesus! Thank You for the HOPE that is You !


February 21, 2014

At the end of last year I requested prayer for a miracle. I was diagnosed with breast cancer. At the time we were only aware of one mass. We did not know there was a second mass that has not shown up on the mammogram. I decided to go ahead and have a mastectomy. When the second mass was sent to pathology it turned out to be cancer also and was only 2mm from my chest wall. If this mass which did not show up on the mammogram had went another year, it would have spread and the outcome would have been completely different. I praise God and Lift Up His Holy Name for This Miracle......GOD IS GOOD ALL THE TIME AND HIS TIME IS RIGHT ON TIME. AMEN

Job search / finances

February 20, 2014

A while back I asked all my brothers and sisters in Christ thru WCQR to pray for my husband to get a job he applied for because the place he was working had been up and down for months, also no insurance, my daughter a single mom lost her job and I asked that you all pray for her.... Here is the update: My husband didn't get the job however his employer stopped laying off and calling back repeatedly. He has even had the opportunity to work overtime on occasion and for that we thank God above. No insurance yet but when the time is right God will show us the way. My daughter has had 3 interviews with a very reputable employer and should know something definite by middle of March. God is so good, to answer in His time, Thank you all for your prayers, please continue to pray.

Thank you and please continue pray

February 18, 2014

Please pray.. Please ask God to give me my parents and my brother back good spirits, blessings, crowns, and gifts.. Please ask God for mercy and restore what I made mistake during healing process.. Our whole good spirit is taken to someone else and we got their physical evil spirits..and keep lost good spirits during praying.. Even healing moment.sleeping.. Through phone...just looking at them..Please ask God to give us back. Please ask God for mercy.. I still believe and trust Him... Please pray for us. Thank you. Sent f

Please pray for me

February 14, 2014

This girl have been steel my good spirits for than like 10 know how evil people are.. She've been take my people talent whole good spirit blessing crown and gifts soul...from God..some times even moment I pray moment of healing she is soaking my good spirits.. I don't want to live this way anymore please ask God for healing and restoration. Also my parents and brother.. Thank you.

Thank you Lord I must give you Praise!

February 12, 2014

Lord I must give you praise and honor before men because you died publicly and in my place. The only way that I can ever repay you is to live my life for you. I ask you to give me the strength to stand and to tell others of your GREAT LOVE and GRACE. Lord; you've given me the courage to finally say "Here I am" take my life and do with it as you will. I'm going to finally trust you. I place into your hands the thing that I treasure the most, "My Soul" for safe keeping until your return.....

Grandson doing great!

February 12, 2014

I requested prayer for my grandson in California because he developed seizures 2 days after his tramatic birth. Praising God that my grandson's episodes are now under control with medication and there should not be any long-term problems. Thank you for your prayers!

Prayer answered

February 12, 2014

Even if we did lose our home that was paid for over a 500,000 dollar debt, God helped us find a rent to own home to live in. We had searched everywhere and at the day of the judge told us that we had to move we were contacted by the company who gave us the information for the home. It seemed hopeless at first and we were crushed over the loss of the home that we had, God provided us with another home. God is good we praise HIM for helping us and still asking for prayers to heal over an emotional issue. Thank you for praying for us and May God bless you.

Please pray..

February 12, 2014

please ask God to give me and my parents and my brother back our good spirits, soul, blessings and crowns,gifts..,, and please ask God for mercy and restore what I made mistake or messed up during healing process,,,,our whole good spirit is taken to someone elses and we got their evil physical spirits..and keep lost good spirits even during praying and even healing moment.. God works in different way but please pray for me to more sensitive with holy spirit and for courageous,,, and for only holy spirit controls me...still trust HIm.. please ask God give me back even gift He was going to give me... THank you.

Career prayer request answered

February 11, 2014

Yesterday I ask for a prayer request for my husband and I. I had the job interview today, before I went I prayed for God's guidance & guess what? I now have a full time nursing position, all praise to God. My husband has a evaluation next month at work, things are definitely falling into place. This morning when I checked my emails & was told 6 people are praying for me, my heart just felt so great. Thank you for prayers.

Praise report! Prayers answered!

February 06, 2014

I have requested several times to have prayers regarding the custody battle that has taken place for 3 and a half years over my stepdaughter. Thank you to all who have prayed! God has answered our prayers in his own perfect time and we have received custody of this beautiful little girl! As well as being blessed with now our third child on the way! God is so good, and his plan is perfect! Praise God and thank you to all who took the time to pray for our family!

spiritual difficulties

February 02, 2014

please pray for me and my parents for spiritual healing and restoration. we are going through major spiritual warfare,,,and keep loosing good spirits and evil spirit keep attack us; also pray for restore what satan tried to destroy and steel from us.

financial burden

February 02, 2014

thank you for your prayers! my husband and I struggle with finances. we sat for our income tax with our preparer. we were quiet throughout the session. we both thought we would have to pay. however, not only did we get money back, we got more than we dreamed! the glory goes to god! when the preparer told us the news I started shaking and crying because i was happy. i told her my story. praise be to god!

My son needs a full time job

February 01, 2014

Please continue to pray for my son who is in desperate need of a full time job. We all feel The Lord is working in his life but he is struggling with what his next move should be. I pray The Lord will guide him on his path and continue to bless him. Thankyou and God bless all of you


February 01, 2014

I wanted to thank all the prayer warriors who prayed for my friends job interview on the 17 th he let us know that he did get the job and was very grateful for everyone's prayers

please continue pray

January 31, 2014

posted the prayer request about losing my good spirits, soul =crowns and blessings...please continue pray ..I felt different last night and realized whole me except body was taken to someone elses I don;y know it was weird....realized it was satan tried to destroy me but I still believe Him He is big enough to fix everything..yes God answers prayer but even healing moment satan tried to bother me....satan can do anything,,,,.but God is stronger...please ask God to hold me tight and touch me with love and mercy...I trust Him I believe Him .please pray for me and my parents and my brother... please ask God to heal and restore what I missed or messed up or satin destroyed during healing process.. ,,, I didn't mean to disobey Him or dissed Him..I have faith and still trust Him... please ask God for mercy and love...give all back to us.. Thank you.

Please please pray..

January 27, 2014

please ask God to give me back all the good spirits, soul , blessings and crowns taken to someone elses and even I pray, good spirit and soul is keep taken to those people...and please ask God for mercy and love...give all back to me.. Thank you.

Pressing Forward...

January 26, 2014

January 25, 2014 Flag as Inappropriate | View/Share Request Hello prayer warriors. You all are awesome. Just keep praying for me to keep moving forward in life! I just want to enjoy life right now, just want to enjoy my family/friends! I also ask God to keep all negative moods/people away from me. In Jesus name! Galatians 5:22-23

please please pray

January 24, 2014

During Gods healing process I made big mistakes.., I spit out I sould swallow and it went to someone elses.. mine, my parents and my brothers whole good spirit and blessings and crowns..... then we got all evil spirits.. and even I pray ..they soaking my good body is me but spirit and soul belong to someone else..also during I'm sleeping and just see FB logo..and phone..I my good spirits taken away and switched to wrong i';m like spread out evil wrong spirits.... Also please pray for complete spiritual mind body soul healing and heal and restore what satin had destroyed and had stolen. and what I messed up or missed. Thank you.

please ask God for mercy

January 24, 2014

please pray for me and my parents for spiritual healing and restoration

Prayers answered!!!

January 16, 2014

I had requested prayer in December for our daughter who had been falsely accused in a situation that could have meant life changing events if not resolved. As of 01/15/2014 the prayers have been answered and the issue resolved. A burden has been lifted and we have truly seen the power of prayer and God's goodness in this situation!!! Praise the Lord!!!

Plain Miracle Needed

January 08, 2014

I have a friend who has worked without fail for over two years on a project that would help many people. I feel convicted to ask for him to be strengthened and to be successful in the endeavor. I don't ask for this to be able to buy a bigger house or a fancy car, I ask so that I and others can buy groceries. I ask so that I can take care of my babies and that the others can do the same. I don't need a break or luck. Heavenly father I and others need a miracle much sooner rather than later. Pray for hell to be bound in the matter and God be glorified as the result. In the name of Jesus.

6 years old Hemophiliac boy being abused by his dad, dad's girlfriend, and by others on the property.

January 04, 2014

Right before Christmas Eve I posted a prayer request on here about my friend's son being abused. Well, the welfare here sent her son back to his dad on Christmas Eve to be abused some more. The Good news is that his dad's girlfriend who also was abusing my friend's son has moved out and the dad and her are no longer together. Please continue to pray that it stays that way and also prayer that his dad's heart opens up and truly see his son the way a father should see his son and want to love and protect his son the way he should instead of seeing his son as a nuisance. Thank you for all the prayers that have come through so far and for the ones to come now and in the future. Thank you and God Bless!

husband loosing job

January 04, 2014

Right before Christmas my husband lost his job I had put the prayer request on here about it. Just to give and update he has had 2 interview this week and the one he had onb Friday would be a great job with good insurance for our family. So just keep him and us in your prayers. God is good and I know that everything will work out according to his will. Thank you and God bless

re: urgent prayer request submitted prev ..

December 25, 2013

nah.. wev not had any christmas , not celebration, or christmas love, or christmas dinner. not even a slice of pumkin pie or cake ... nothing . wer hurting deep hurts jerrod angry some at God too and everyone else my heart hurts deeply inside AND its been hurting r r badly physically like as a heart attack could be coming or worse my blood pressure been going real high ! also w the copd and breathing i cant hardly breath and am very badly choked up an tight in chest w congested cant anything for And wev had no money for anything christmas or bills or urgent situation with need for veh and t hav our transpirtation theyv been saying prayer works and although i know its true ours have not been answered wer in overwhelming stress an pressure an hurts because of have cryed heart out for days theres no care no christmas love much longing needs but nothing ... no joy here has been , so just saying .... christmas day/eve 2013.

thank you

December 16, 2013

God has answered some of my Christmas worries money wise Thank YOU so much


December 15, 2013

God truly answers prayers. Thats all I can say. Also thanks to all the people who prayed also. Keep the prayers coming please.....

Thank you for prayers!

December 07, 2013

I requested prayer for my husband to get a job where I work. I would like to say, although he isn't officially hired yet, he has been asked to come in for a second interview. I feel like God answered our prayer and will continue to. I wanted to thank so many people for their prayers and most of all thank God.

results from request

December 05, 2013

I asked fro prayer for my family and I as we were going thru some financial trouble. We are not completely out of the woods yet but are managing to keep our heads above water and I know its because of your continued prayers and support. Please know that they are greatly appreciated and to please continue to be in prayer for us. Thank you.

Out of work

December 05, 2013

I had requested prayer for my husbnad and myself for patience regarding his unemployment issues. We are proof that prayere works, he now has another job, a much better position and he is much happier. I am working and we are off of unemployment. Thank all of you who read, listen and help with the prayer chain!!! It truely works


December 02, 2013

Jesus is wonderful my family had an awesome time with our nephews family n friends, w the Lord providing the little we had to feed all the people we had. Amen and thank you for all your prayers.

Jesus is awesome

December 02, 2013

I put in a prayer request for my friends' baby, well yesterday they took him home and for the glorious moment all seems to be going great. Jesus is truely awesome

thanks for praying

November 21, 2013

I posted a prayer about me and my girlfriend about my family and the problems we had and the choice of keeping them or her. Well praise the Lord things worked out with both families and we both are happy and walking with God. Amen. Thanks for the prayers.

prayer works

November 15, 2013

I want to thank all of the people that have prayed for my friend Jeff he is doing better the doctors aren't going to do the surgery they said he needed now


November 11, 2013

my marriage is falling apart after 22 years.I have been praying for God to change me and help me to control my volatile tongue and to help me and my husband work thru our issues. Everything seems to be getting worse. He left me and my daughter this weekend. I have lost all hope of ever changing. I don't have the strength to continue on the path I'm on. I have lost all faith in prayer and even question if God is even with me! I am lost and hopeless, and don't know what to do!


November 10, 2013

Update: Yamilet is texting me again by her cell she wants prayer for a problem she has and like she's testing if there is really any power in Jesus.

Best friend in ER

November 01, 2013

Thank you for praying. My friend is doing well now and we are all so thankful that she was not alone or driving when she had her seizure, but was around people who knew exactly what to do. God spared her from major injuries during the seizure also. She and her husband pass along their thanks as well for your prayers and we all give glory to God for His provisions and mercies in this situation.

Difficulties with family....

October 23, 2013

I have two children with special needs and a very challenging husband. When I see all who have taken the time to stop and pray for my circumstances. I am reminded just how much God loves me and my beautiful children. There is true power in prayer!! Thank you to those that have prayed!!

Prayer for Homeplace to sell

October 23, 2013

In July I asked for prayer that my Homeplace would sell. My Mother and Stepfather passed away in 2009. After going thru everything and getting the house ready to sell-it was on the market for over 1 year. It was a very nice place and neighbors along with me and my husband could not understand why it would not sell-the price was great. God had plans and we have it sold. The closing on the house will be Friday Oct. 25th. It is bitter sweet saying goodbye to a wonderful christian neighbor. We have taken a big loss on the house but things have happened that let us know God was guiding us to this family to purchase it. Thanks so much for all the prayers. Days when I could not understand, I would check my e-mails and see that someone had just prayed for me. Prayer Works-Works. Thank you every one and may God greatly Bless all of you.

Prayer for my son Brian who had a heart attack and mom with kidney issues

October 15, 2013

Thank you for the prayers for my son and mom. My son had a stent put in in April and bypass surgery in June. He is back to work and doing very well. My mom has had to go on dialysis and still having some issues Please continue to pray for her. It is our hope she will be able to go back to her apartment in the near future. She is currently in a nursing facility for re-hab


October 06, 2013

Thank you for your prayers, God has blessed me with a job that pays great and great benefits I have never made as much money and able to pay some bills off, please continue to pray for me God bless

Pray for finances and daughters finances

October 03, 2013

Some time back I asked for prayer for a financial breakthrough for my husband and I and our adult daughter who lives with us. Our circumstances have changed but we still need a breakthrough. My adult daughter works three jobs and can now pay a bill of hers that's coming out of my checking account. That's about the only breakthrough we've seen so far. My husband and I are still working full time jobs and I am thankful. Our oldest son and his second wife separated and he and his daughters moved in with us. Our house is three bedrooms and one bath. Very small for teen and preteen girls! My job is now in jeopardy and my superiors are really making my work life miserable. I work hard but do realize that all of this is an attack from the enemy which only confirms that I am living right! With the natural eye, my circumstances looks hopeless but I've been a Believer for a long long time and I know that I know that my breakthrough is coming! I will never give up nor give in. I thank and I praise God, for ALL things! Thank you for your prayers.

Pray for finances and daughters finances

October 03, 2013

Some time back I asked for prayer for a financial breakthrough for my husband and I and our adult daughter who lives with us. Our circumstances have changed but we still need a breakthrough. My adult daughter works three jobs and can now pay a bill of hers that's coming out of my checking account. That's about the only breakthrough we've seen so far. My husband and I are still working full time jobs and I am thankful. Our oldest son and his second wife separated and he and his daughters moved in with us. Our house is three bedrooms and one bath. Very small for teen and preteen girls! My job is now in jeopardy and my superiors are really making my work life miserable. I work hard but do realize that all of this is an attack from the enemy which only confirms that I am living right! With the natural eye, my circumstances looks hopeless but I've been a Believer for a long long time and I know that I know that my breakthrough is coming! I will never give up nor give in. I thank and I praise God, for ALL things! Thank you for your prayers.

Answered Prayers

October 03, 2013

We would like to thank everyone who prayed for our son. We finally have him home. It is going to be a long road ahead of us getting him straightened out but we can do anything with God's help. Please keep us in your prayers:)

Praises for custody battle!

October 02, 2013

I had asked previously for prayers for my family regarding our custody battle over our oldest daughter. We haven't been given a verdict yet, so we could definitely still use the prayers! But we were give great hope after our last trial date and we know that the Lord is in this! We also give praise that our next trial dates Nov. 25 and Nov. 27 have been set to guarantee that the trial is concluded then. So praise the Lord that the end is in sight for this 3 year custody battle! We still pray for his guidance and his will to be done first and foremost with our little girls future! Thank you all who have been praying, just a little while longer!!

1 year old in need of prayers

October 01, 2013

I asked you all to pray for a one year old in critical condition on Friday, guess what!!! He went home yesterday! The doctors didn't expect him to make it but God heard our prayers and that precious baby if FINE!!! Thank you all SO much for your prayers, we serve a Great and merciful God!!!!

Augustin Update ,Son's heart attack,Mom has gone on dialysis

September 29, 2013

I had requested prayers for my brother's son-in-law, Augustin he has received a pacemaker and is recovering well. My son had a heart attack and a bypass surgery he is back to work and recuperating well. My mom has been in the hospital and is currently in re-hab. Mom has had to go on dialysis due to kidney failure. God has answered so many prayers for our family Please continue to lift us up

New grandson - Caleb

September 27, 2013

*UPDATE* my new grandson Caleb is coming home today for the first time! He is 31 days old. He has been in 3 different hospitals since he has been born and tested from head to toe. God has brought Caleb this far and I know he will continue to keep him. All the praise be to Him. Thank you all so much for praying for Caleb as I know prayer changes things. Caleb was able to avoid two surgeries and continues to grow stronger everyday because of the prayers going up for him. He still has some hurdles to overcome in the days to come so please continue to lift him up. God is on the throne and prayer changes things!

mothers high blood pressure

September 25, 2013

Thanks for all the prayers. My mom got to come home day b4 yest from the hospital. her blood pressure is finally down. Thank you lord jesus. In your holy name. Amen.


September 23, 2013

We need a financial breakthrough. Our family is really hurting financially. We need our cars fixed, we need gas to get to work, our kids need clothes. We've been leaving paycheck to paycheck for a while now. A financial breakthrough needs to come soon.

Answered Prayer

September 23, 2013

To make a long story short, with the changes taking place in Josh's life, I wasnt part of that life. He completely shut me out. Josh came to me last week and asked me to forgive him which I did, but afterwards, I asked God for his protection and guidance, and for the whole week I was miserable. So I had to do what I thought was best and I thank God for what he has done. I will continue to pray for Josh and hoping his eyes will be opened to the truth. Just because he was saved in April and attending church doesnt mean anything. You have to surrender your whole life to God and allow him to direct our paths if we dont we will continue to go down hill until we wake up and see God was right.... Whoever the friend was in praying for me, I want to thank you so much.

Thank you!

September 22, 2013

I requested prayer for my daughter's back. She is doing much better. Thank you My Lord and the Great Physician. Thank you for your prayers. I was so encouraged by them. May God bless you.

Update on Newborn Grandson

September 18, 2013

Thank you so much for all the wonderful prayers for my grandson Caleb. He is still in the children's hospital in Knoxville, but he is improving everyday. Caleb is 23 days old now and we pray he will get to come home soon. If you did not read my first post, Caleb is not a premi and despite being past his due date and no difficulties during the pregnancy he was born at just a little over 4lb and had some difficulties. He has avoided a second surgery and all the tests (and there has been a lot) have been good. He got off of the feeding tube yesterday! Praise the Lord. The specialist say that even after he gets home it may be a while before he is completely well and they are not sure about long term. Although I respect their opinion I know the Great Physician can heal in an instant. Although my son and daughter-in-law, (along with the rest of us) are weary they have maintained their faith in the Lord and give him all the praise. Please continue to remember little Caleb and my family along with all the little babies and their families everywhere. God Bless.

Decisions to make

September 18, 2013

God helped us get the home that we wanted. God bought us to this home we had no where else to go. It was a real miracle that God did for us.

Update of seventeen young lady with heart problems.

September 13, 2013

The young lady now has insurance and will be in vanderbilt on Wednesday for surgery. Please pray that tGod works in this family. She will have open heart surgery. Thanks for praying the mother of this childd didnt feel so alone. The outpouring of prayers and love is keeping her going. Please continue to pray for the surgery thank you.

God works fast sometimes

September 04, 2013

I posted a request just day before yesterday. I admit I was hesitant to put my own problems out there. I am struggling right now to just pay bills and I am behind on several. My small business I opened in December is not soon well and I even lost my car! I am from Louisiana where I have not even visited in years. Last night someone from my hometown church informed me a check was on the way from a fellow Christian that thought I could use the extra help! Hard as it is to accept..I know it is from God and his followers! Thank you so much for your prayers! They truly work! Nobody from back home could know I am struggling right now! God is awesome!


September 03, 2013

I had requested prayer for my sister who had been out of work for 8 months. I got news today that she got the job. Praise the Lord! Thanks so much for all who prayed. Please still remember my friend who got laid off Friday and is still looking for work. Thanks again & God bless!

Good-bye Houston hello Kingsport!

August 29, 2013

Thank-you for all the prayers.It was a joy to get a message someone had prayed for my mom.She is now in a rehab/nursing home in Greeneville. She has a long road ahead but here in Tn. not in TX. With support from her family I know she will make home to Kingsport .Please keep her in your prayers because without God's grace we would not have made it this far. Thank- you


August 28, 2013

Last summer I requested prayer on this site as my husband & I prepared to undergo our 1st IVF procedure. Unfortunately It did not work out, so this past January we went through the process again without success. On our third & final attempt in May we were successful. Thank you to all who prayed for us. Our baby is due in February. Please continue to pray for my husband & I & our sweet baby.

prayer warriors

August 23, 2013

My brother who is bipolar was over-medicating himself because he was depressed. People prayed and God heard. My brother has been "straight" for a week. Plz continue to pray for him.for a week! Plz continue to pray fir him.

prayer warriors

August 23, 2013

My brother who is bipolar was over-medicating himself because he was depressed. People prayed and God heard. My brother has been "straight" for a week. Plz continue to pray for him.for a week! Plz continue to pray fir him.

Chest pain better

August 20, 2013

Yesterday morning I requested prayer for some chest pain I was experiencing. By yesterday afternoon, I was in the ER being evaluated for a possible heart attack or other heart problem. But after spending the night at the hospital, a full day of tests, and a whole community of prayer warriors behind me - all the tests came back negative and praise God my heart is perfect!!! They are thinking this episode has to do with my asthma but I know the Father can take care of that too. Thanks for your prayers!

Requested prayer to my marriage and family

August 11, 2013

I had posted my prayer request months ago and honestly had forgotten about it. I wanted to update. The Lord has really moved in my life. I prayed for The Lord to strengthen my marriage and bring us closer. He really has. The Lord has opened my doors for us within our church and community. I honesty couldn't be happier. We still don't have everything we need but we are so content just being a child of God and worshipping God together with our son. We still have plans for my husband to adopt my son and for a better car. I trust those things will happen in due time:) thank you all for all the prayers!

Answered Prayers

July 22, 2013

Sent in prayer request for a mortgage company to take over our house loan and for sufficient money to fix roof that was leaking. answered. Our roof has finally been fixed by the insurance company after (2) storms took off singles. Also the mortagage company our house was financed through has turned us over to another company and they have reduced our loan interest by 6 1/2 percent. God is good. Thank you all for your prayers.


July 22, 2013

I thank you all for praying for me in my time of great trouble, emotionally. My love relationship is back on stream, somewhat, but much prayer is still needed. Please keep believing and praying with me as I am not out of the woods yet and even if I were, the battle is not over and I cannot rest on my laurels. Please pray that this relationship will go from good to better to best in Jesus Christ's name and that it will culminate in us getting married to each other. Amen

Urgent financial need

July 20, 2013

Well God has done it again. Thank you to everyone who prayed. His ways are not our ways, and He answered met my need not in the way I asked, but in the way He knew was best. He is an awesome Father!! An encouragement to all who pray -- He knows the best way to meet your need. It may not be exactly what you asked Him for, but in His time, and His perfect will, He does answer.

Prayer for my daughter

July 20, 2013

God is amazing. God has turned things around & the young man that she was engaged to has told her that he cannot be a part of her life because he does drugs & she doesn't need to go through any of that. Actually, God had answered this prayer just 2 days after I had posted it. Thank you again. Please pray for my daughter because she is hurting & please pray for deliverance & salvation for the young man & his family.

Prayer for friend with allergic reaction

July 19, 2013

Thank you so much for taking the time to pray with me regarding my friends allergic reaction ..... She's doing much better now! Her face stopped swelling and all is back to normal!!! Praise God!

Dr Appt Results

July 19, 2013

I had my apt to day at the Cancer Center. They don't know much more than they did before I went in. They are running test and blood tests. I go back on August 9th so maybe I will know something then. Thank you for praying for me. I feel the peace of God. No matter what the outcome or the diagnosis, I will praise my God for I know He is in control and has a plan. Whether I am here on Earth or called home, I win either way because I am His.

Missing girl, Latasha

July 19, 2013

She has been found in Kingsport, healthy and ok. Thank you all for the prayers.

Love Relationship

July 15, 2013

God bless each and everyone of you who have agreed with me and prayed for my victory. There has been tremendous breakthrough - he is now speaking to me and is loving BUT he gave me absolutely NOTHING for my birthday. Not that this is a priority for me - I still love him - but I guess every woman or man looks forward for a birthday gift in some way from the loved one. Please keep praying for me that this relationship will go from good to better to best in Jesus name. Amen I will keep you updated. God bless you all.

I have a testimony to share...

July 12, 2013

I have a testimony. This is to show you all prayers do work. Remember my prayer for the Warren family last nite? Well, Danny was released today, I saw them at work (Wal-Mart) they had to pick up a few things before they headed home. I'm not sure if it was the very early stages of congestive heart failure, just not sure, I'll ask Sharon later. But, Danny told me to tell you all thank you and appreciated your prayers, so does Sharon. Danny said he was tired and sore, he did. Sharon told him I belong to a couple of prayer groups. I think he'd realized that I cared for him, since I went thru the same thing in 2002. Just wanted to thank you Lord Jesus Christ for healing this family, make sure they sleep well tonite. Also, I thank you for there little son Arthur who is 10 I believe. He gave me hugs, he was almost like a magnet, could not let go of me. Right now I just feel loved. :) it feels good. I also wanted to thank you all for your prayers. I wasn't sure how long Danny was in the JCMC before they saw me last nite, since I am off Mondays, Tuesdays & Wednesdays. I raise my hands to lord for releasing Danny today. AMEN! :)

Gods Grace will be done

July 10, 2013

On July 5 2013 I ask for prayer for my son about our court date July 8 2013 requarding the harm his biological father has caused him. We went to court with our armor of our Lord Jesus Christ.... The Judge ruled for 90 days that the father has no contact with my son, We go back in October for the final ruling ..... I just want to thank all of the prayer warriors... My do we serve a awesome GOD .....

husbands new job

July 10, 2013

I asked for prayer for a new position for my husband. Our prayers were answered he starts his new job today. God has continued to supply us with all our needs while waiting for this new job. Thank you for your prayers. It means so much to know that I have others praying in agreeance. My husband is very private and does not like for us to tell others about our difficulties. This website allows me to share our prayer requests.

answered prayer

July 07, 2013

I sent in a prayer request about my job situation, I have a full time job now instead of a part time job but still continue to pray for me I am still having financial problems due to the pay of this job I need God to bless me somehow in order for me to pay my bills and not have to live pay check by pay check. I know that God answered this prayer for me and I know he can turn this around!!! Thank you for your prayers and support! Thank you for your prayers and support

fiance missing update

July 05, 2013

I just posted a prayer request yesterday for my fiance' who I hadn't heard from in 6 days. He finally called today and although we have some things to work on I know he's ok and we are meeting to talk later. Thank you so much for your prayers. God is good. when we as a group pray together the love we share can move mountains.

Answered Prayers

June 29, 2013

I had gallbladder surgery Thursday and I have done excellent. Very little pain and no complications. Thanks for prayers.

Praise Jesus!

June 25, 2013

Thank you for praying -- your prayers mean so much to me! God has provided half of what I need by today's end. I am believing for the rest and I know I will have a praise report tomorrow.


June 21, 2013

Two very important prayers have been answered in the past six months! First, God has opened doors and opportunities to a new career that begins July 8th! Second, God has allowed my family to start the process of building our house! My prayer (and my prayer requests moving forward) are that both of the opportunities are used to bring Him glory and to further His kingdom on Earth!

Another Update

June 20, 2013

I was on here asking for prayers around June 2012 I have put an update on since then but did receive emails someone was praying for that prayer request so I want to make sure I update again Im not really sure if the last one posted I was having problems with the site. I really THANK everyone that prayed and continues to pray for me at the time I was 6 months pregnant and husband lost his job and our insurance ... It was a rough time but the Lord brought us through it I know have a healthy baby boy that's 7 months old and he is the light of our life :) My husband has a great steady job with awesome benefits he did take a 5.00 pay cut but it is well worth knowing your not going to be laid off at the drop of a hat ... I had a rough delivery with the baby and mine and the babies life was in danger but the Lord brought us through that as well so I just want to say Thank YOU ...

Augustin coma no known cause

June 12, 2013

Augustin has been able to walk with some assistance and talking more. He will be discharged to an in-patient re-hab on Monday Please continue to pray for him. He has come a very long way but has a way to go. His recovery is a true miracle Thanks for all who have lifted him up in prayer. Praise the most precious name Jesus

place to live

June 12, 2013

I requested prayer for a place to live that would allow our dogs. Thanks to all the prayers we now live in a wonderful place with a fenced in yard for the dogs and they are very happy to be able to run. PRAYER WORKS

Augustin Update

June 08, 2013

Augustin was talking more today. He is angry and wants to get up. His mom will fly in tomorrow and he does not want his mom to see him this way.We can see God answering prayers Augustin is 36 and has 2 young children

Augustin coma no known cause

June 07, 2013

Augustin spoke today and smiled He said Mom and yes. He kissed his wife Please continue to lift him up in prayer

The peace of prayer!

June 06, 2013

I reqested prayer for my family last week. My son was in the hospital and my husband recovering from a stroke. Although we aren't out of the woods yet, I just want to say "thank you" to those who have been praying for us. it is by God's grace that Aaron is home. We are still searching for answers but I know that God has a plan. Your prayers and support are getting my through each and every day as I try to survive my situation. Thanks be you God, who gets all the glory! May He bless each of you!


June 06, 2013

asked for help thru prayer for patience while my husband and I were waiting for word concerning his unemployment, and the possibility of work. After returning home yesterday, we were notified that his first unemployment $ had been applied to his card!! How wonderful is our God!!!!!


May 31, 2013

We sold our house and are moving in 3 weeks! Thanks for your prayers!

Prayers answered and confirmations

May 31, 2013

Through my journey thus far have learned many lessons. I once asked to pray for my addictions all of which of all of them are almost gone the only left remaining by traces are cigarettes. I met someone that God allowed once again to enter in my path from years ago when I was married and now divorced. We did not persue each other cause of that. Now that I am not we are together. Even though what I truly know about God and how he works he allows a person such as my awesome girlfriend soon to be more in a short period of time. The struggles she faces were not cause by addictions she faces medical problems from when she was younger a long list of them including Lupus. I thanks and praise God each day to strengthen me to allow him for me to feel all that which I feel from her. I once thought I would never obtain peace on earth til one day while helping a friend we started talking amongst ourselves. Now that we do everything that God offers is true. I believe things now that I used to not even though I knew God never left my side, now my eyes are wide open. For all that i say and all that is unspoken Praise God everyday and walk forever in his light

"Thank You" WCQR & Prayer Warriors

May 29, 2013

WCQR & Prayer Warriors - "Thank You" for being a radio station and Prayer Warriors that believe and encourages others in the Power of Prayer and Praying to a God who loves the world enough to send it his very best gift; his Son Jesus Christ. Throughout the work week I listen to the music on your station. It not only helps me to stay in a constant state of worshipping of my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ; but has on several occasions played a significant role in giving me the strength and embolden me to encourage others at the right moment in time; pointing them to the goodness of God the Father and his Son King Jesus! God Bless you all and keep doing what you do in your service to the Lord !

God's will & direction

May 28, 2013

My husband and I are trying to get into the ministry. We need serious prayers for guidance, wisdom, and discernment. We are willing to go anywhere and do anything, we just need The Lord to tell us where He wants us to go. Thank you!

2 friends with job

May 26, 2013

Thanks for the prayers, keep praying! One friend ended up with 2 part time jobs. The other is getting some training, and starting in business, but it's still very, very rough I think. Please continue to pray for both families! Thank you

My prayers were answered for my son

May 23, 2013

Last year my son was in a heap of legal trouble for hacking into the computers at school to get on Facebook. He was expelled from school and charged with vandalism. Since that time God has worked out everything according to his plan, I believe. So many people prayed for us, I had requested prayer through WCQR and was overwhelmed by the response. My son has now graduated from online high school and is working. We hired an excellent attorney and he was able to plea bargain for 35 hours of community service. Soon he will be done with the legal system. Thank you to all who prayed for us!

Prayer request for financial help in 2012

May 22, 2013

I requested prayer last year for financial help. At that time, one of our children lived with us and now a second one does along with his children. I am very glad that we are able to be there for our children in their time of need. Although we'd still like to have better financial stability, I know that through the Grace of God, we'll be okay.

My Husband's Cancer

May 22, 2013

About a month ago my husband was diagnosed with multiple myeloma, which is cancer of the plasma cells in the bone (bone cancer). Multiple means that the cancer is different areas of the bones in his body. The worse area is his femur bone in his right leg. He had to have a bone biopsy done first to confirm that he had multiple myeloma. He also had to have a bone marrow biopsy to confirm the myeloma and other things the doctor looks at in order to let her know how she wants to treat it. Three weeks ago, he had to undergo surgery to put a rod in his femur to give that bone support because the bone is very thin and fragile. He is still recovering but doing well and is walking now without assistance. We have a long road ahead of us. He will be starting chemo on June 4th. They will be doing some very aggressive chemo to try to get him in some sort of remission so they can do a stem cell transplant in 6 months. The stem cell transplant is like a bone marrow transplant. They have progressed all of the treatments over the years. We have some financial difficulties on top of this and so stress is my best friend. I will continue to have faith that God is going to see us through our troubles and trials. Please keep us in your prayers.

praising instead of praying

May 21, 2013

I learned this weekend that sometimes we need to praise God in time of despair. When something is wrong we pray for Gods help. Sometimes He wants to hear you priase Him in time of your despair! You will be amazed at the relults......God needs a "curtain call" sometimes!

army for God

May 21, 2013

My husband and I were talking and he was upset that God is allowing us to go through such a hard time with finances. He was giving up on God and I said to him...."God will allow us to go through struggle so we can become stronger and closer to Him....its like joing the go through the basic training to see if you will make a good, strong, committed, loyal soldier. In training you are put to the test. Its like Gods need to stay true to God in every battle you encounter!" My husband said, "but you have to sign a paper to enlist and I never signed a paper for this!" I looked at him and said, "did you ask God into your heart?" and he smiled and walked away!

money and God

May 21, 2013

I learned this through preaching, observation, researching and praying. It's like a do you expect to get promoted when you don't commit to the job, muchless don't do it correctly to help the company. Everything is the Lords. He is our boss.....He allows us to manage His money and if we don't manage it well we get ourselves in debt......then He may not give us more to manage because we don't do a good job. The more He gives ... the more we dig the hole deeper. If we can show God that we are good stewards of His things here on earth then He will bless us with more to manage!

Surgery is successful!

May 18, 2013

Thank you so much for prayers for my brother-in-law, Bobby. His surgery for colon cancer was a great success. He got to go home today! ( much ahead of doctors' expectations!)

Prayers for support.

May 18, 2013

I asked a couple of months ago for prayers for our family as we like so many others have been dealing with financial problems. I just wanted to update that we are not completely out of the woods but are doing much better and are just taking it one day at a time. Thanks so much to everyone for the thoughts and prayers. God is good and does take care of us.


May 18, 2013

Thank you all for your prayers - my aunt passed away last May 2012 - It was difficult to go through but she is in a happier place.. God Bless you all

Surgery is over!!!

May 17, 2013

Thankyou to all who prayed for my stepson today. He is out of surgery and expected to be just fine! God is so good! Praise his sweet name!!!

MY SON>>>update

May 14, 2013

Last week or so I posted a request for my son. He will be 23 on May 16 and has not been speaking to me. Well PRAISE GOD....he text me Sunday for Mothers Day and we talked in text yesterday about alot of things. So I KNOW God is working on him Thanks to all for helping me pray about this. I have received many emails Thank God for all of you. Please continue praying

Healthy report

May 11, 2013

I wrote a story about my health exactly one year ago today on my daughters 3rd birthday and today is her 4th birthday. God gave me the knowledge to use something that was right in front of my eyes. I had written about kidney stones, low white blood cell count and lymph nodes flaring up. I just did not feel like it was a kidney stone. The thing that God showed me that was right in from of my eyes was something that a woman in my church showed me is Young Living Oils. I read up on a kidney infections and I applied the oils exactly as the oil bible stated and within 12 hours the infection was healing and a week later it was completely cleared up. Went in for a blood test later and my white blood cell count was up and my lymph nodes were not inflamed. Praise God and thank you so much to all of you that prayed for me.

Continued pain from gallbladder surgery

May 05, 2013

Just an update on how I am doing- I requested prayer due to having the same chest pains I had prior to gallbladder surgery after gallbladder surgery last week. I am grateful to post a praise now. I haven't had those pains since Wednesday of last week. I am also able to start eating as before. I received many notices that someone had prayed for me and I believe it was God's healing hand the prayers of many that has healed me. I appreciate all of your prayers And WCQR for making this site available. May you all be blessed and filled with the love of Christ!

500,000 dollar judgment

May 04, 2013

We lost the home in Bristol, VA, but God provided us with another one in Bluff City, TN. Thank you for all your prayers. They were answered.


May 02, 2013

I want to thank everyone who prayed for me and my baby. I recently was told that my baby was at high risk for Trisomy 18, and was sent for a special ultrasound, after having the ultrasound everything looked ok, but my chances were still high. I decided instead of doing an amnio, that i would take a new blood test called the Harmony prenatal test, that was just as accurate as the amnio. I just found out today that my results were normal and that my baby is fine and does not have Trisomy 18. Praise God and thanks to everyone that prayed for us.

Iraq 100% disabled Vet. Needing help..

May 02, 2013

Urgent: O'Donoghue needs healing from sickle cell disease. He also needs Jesus.

April 30, 2013

Please pray for O'Donoghue. He needs salvation and healing from sickle cell anemia. It's gotten really bad. He's only in his 30's, and I'm scared it's going to kill him. Please ask God to heal him and let him live a long time so he can live a full live. He also needs salvation. Please ask God to save both his life, and his soul. Thank you.

School Closing Prayer Update

April 29, 2013

Thank you all very much from the bottom of my heart for all the prayer and well thoughts that were sent our way. As you may know form the news Range Ele School will be closing after this school year. Many parents, students, and faculty are very saddened by this decision and continue to need your prayers. As for my mother in which i had asked for prayers to begin with, she is still in need of a job. They have not found a placement for her yet(if any). So she is very worried and down right now. So if you would please continue to remember her as well, that would be wonderful. Again thanks so much for all that you all have already done.

Teenage daughter

April 24, 2013

Thank you all for your prayers. My daughter seems to have taken a turn for the better. She's still a teenager & faces issues but, at least she is trusting in the Lord. Her heart is tender once again.

Colin is young adult who urgently needs healing and salvation.

April 23, 2013

Please pray for a man named Colin. I care very much for him, he' s so young, and may be battling cancer (Stage IV penile, it's rare, it's aggressive, and he's only 32 years old). Please pray that God will heal him. He's been battling this for a while now, but he recently learned he still has it. I am afraid, and want Colin to live a long life. Please ask God to give him total healing, a long life, children, grandchildren, and most especially, salvation in Jesus Christ. Colin needs Jesus and while I realize this may be God's way of drawing Colin to Him, I hope that there would be some other way, any other way He could do that without threatning Colin's life. God is still in the healing business, isn't he? So, why not Colin! Please ask God to heal him, and to save him. Thank you, so much for your help to pray for him.


April 20, 2013

Thanks for all the prayers GOD is faithful even when some are not.

Thank you

April 16, 2013

Thank you for all that have prayed for my family. I submitted a few requests last year as we have been praying for God to bless us with another healthy chlid. We have just recently discovered that I am indeed pregnant! All things come in the good Lord's time!

Raising my Hands in Praise

April 12, 2013

I just want to say Thank You for those of you who prayed for me. On April 4, I submitted a prayer request under the heading of "Just remember me." At that time I felt that I was feeling pretty depressed at the news that the doctors had given me. Once again I slipped back into placing God in a box, doubting his love and power to heal. I want to tell you that God has answered the prayers that were prayed over me! I'm back at work; and still shining my light for the Lord Jesus as best I can. Thank You all and God Bless!

Healing for my sister

April 12, 2013

Just an update on my sister. she did great in her 12 hour surgery at Vanderbilt. She was supposed to be in the hospital for 2 weeks but thanks to prayers she is already home. she still has a long road ahead of her. Doctors took out all the cancer they seen and adminstered warm chemo in her belly to kill anything else he didn't see. she will still need to have more chemo treatments just as a precaution. please still continue to pray for her healing and that the cancer is all gone. God is the ultimate healer. Amen

cats healing

April 05, 2013

Several months ago I requested prayer for my cats healing. She had a gm disease and needed all of her teeth pulled but still had trouble eating. I had to take her several times to the vet to get steroid shots and I was told she would have to go on life time medicine for this, I kept praying and got others to pray including you. Thank you all so much for your prayers, she is HEALED!! I see a difference in her that I have never seen before she is actually playing and more active and eating lots of food, I know she is a miracle!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank GOD for this wonderful miracle he is a healer still today. I have been praying for her for over a year, so don't loose hope no matter what you are praying for he will answer in his timing. This is not the only time he has healed my animals when they needed it I give him all the praise and glory, he is good to us!!!!!!!


March 25, 2013

I posted a request for the students going to ridgecrest. Wow. God showed up and He showed out. Over 30 teens came to know Christ. Countless more said they were saved but were not walking toward the light. And they said they wanted to turn around and walk right. What an amazing weekend!! Great band-the Jason Louvins band. Look them up. Great speaker- Brent Gambrell. Great God!! Keep these kids in your prayers. They are tomorrows church. Can't wait to see what God is going to do in their lives.

Answered praise

March 24, 2013

My fiance improves in attitude and faith. Thank you all for the prayers.... I must now create a home for us and we are taking our time. We hope to start as a married couple in April or May 2013. Please pray for our continued faith in times of financial need.

hope for son Brad

March 18, 2013

Thank everyone for all the prayers. He seems to be doing a little better and I have more hope for him now.

hope for son Brad

March 18, 2013

depression, guilt, etc


March 16, 2013

Even though we lost our home God provided us with a better home. We were so scared over the 500,000 dollar ordeal. God got us over all of our fear and helped us with our current home. Thank you so much for your prayers, we are sure that they were answered at a time when our family needed help.

My Mother

March 15, 2013

Thank you WCQR friends, things went well at the doctors office, and my mom's health is improving with each day. Your prayers meant a lot to me,

Brother home from the hospital

March 15, 2013

After a month close to 2 months of my brother being in the hospital, he is finally home...thank you so much for all the prayers....he is doing well and is back to his old self, praise God for he is good all the time!!

Prayer's for my friend's 2 month old son

March 10, 2013

My friend's 2 month old son, Jack was admitted to a children's hospital Saturday morning with RSV. He has since gotten worse and has an IV and a feeding tube. He is still having a hard time breathing and his little body is getting tired. They are trying a CPAP machine now but if that does not help by tonight, he will have to be sedated and put on a ventilator. My friends have 3 other children as well and they are expecting Jack to be on the hospital at least another 4 days. Please pray for this sweet baby boy and his family!

Prayer for financial help

March 05, 2013

Placed prayer request on list in November for financial help for new roof and for mortgage company to take over our home loan because the company we had was killing us. As of Saturday, March 2, 2013 both of these requests have come about. We have new roof and we closed on our home with another mortgage company with an interest rate 6% less than the other company. Praise God for his blessings. Thanks to all who prayed for me and my family during that time. I have placed two more request for help for my daughter and my sister and brotherinlaw. Continue to pray for them.

uncle billy

March 03, 2013

Billys surgery went better than expected. He does have mrsa and will be in the hospital for another week to treat it. The great part of the situation is that he still has his foot. The infection was not as severe as originally thought and he is on th e road to recovery.

Had A Heart Cath.

February 28, 2013

I had my heart cath. done on Monday and Praise God everything came back ok. They said I had a little blockage but not bad enough to do a stent. I know God was the reason for my great results, I give Him all the Praise and the Glory and I want to Thank ALL You Prayers Warriors for your Prayers, Thank You so much. Isn't God Great?

My Dad got the job!

February 26, 2013

I posted a prayer request a few days ago concerning my dad. He had been passed over for promotions time and time again, and for the first time in years, he asked for me and my family to pray for him going into this interview. We had so many people praying for him through this site, and we found out he got the job! God is great!

Financial help

February 19, 2013

In November I requested prayer for help. We have storm damage to our home on one occasion and the insurance company did not want to pay for replacing it. I also requested prayer for the mortgage company that had our home to do something because our rate of interest was 11.5%. As of a month ago, we have a new roof on the house and as of this week received papers from the mortgage company that has taken over our home because our previous company wanted rid of us. Our interest rate has dropped to between 5 1/2%-61/2%. Prayer was answered on both request. Thank you for all your prayers. Linda

Praise for new job!

February 18, 2013

I started posting a couple of months ago on Prayer Works about a job opportunity. It's been a long drawn out process and after 2 months of waiting and many prayer request God has answered my prayer and I received a job offer today! I am sooo thankful to The Lord! Praise His holy name! He is good and His love endures forever! It's all in God's time not mine! Never doubt Him. He won't let you down! :)

How God spoke to me through the music you play.

February 07, 2013

I have to tell you a story. Many people wouldn't even believe this. I saw a man outside when I walked into CVS about a week ago. He was walking on a cane and I was on the phone, but, noticed him. When I came out he was sitting against the building and slumped over. I wasn't quite sure if it was safe to approach him, but, thought he could be in medical danger. I saw someone else that I went to school with was in another car looking at him, almost laughing at him. Something just made me stop my car. I went over to him and asked him if he was ok. He said yes, but, that he didn't feel well. I noticed that he still had his arm band on from the VA center (I was in Johnson City). I asked if I could call him a cab or something, he said no. I asked if he was hungry and he said yes. I told him to wait and I went to Bucs Deli and got him a cheeseburger fries and a drink. While I am in line waiting on food (in the car) I was thinking about that song that says give me your eyes so I can see what I have been missing, give me your love for humanity. I was trying to remember the rest of it and thinking that I must have needed to look at that man. I had the radio turned down (because I had ordered food). I turned it up and that song was on the radio (your station 88.3). I was so shocked. I was like okay God I am listening. I know he was speaking to me that day. What a clear message.

God's NOT Finished Yet

February 05, 2013

I recently requested prayer for my friend, Jennifer, who has breast cancer. She went to Vanderbilt last week for several tests. They found out its not anywhere else in her body, just the lymphnodes? Under her arms and in both breasts. It is aggressive and they told her she has a higher chance if it returning. She's going to go through 8 rounds of aggressive chemo following a mastectomy. So, all this being said, God has not allowed it spread and please keep praying that Gods will be done. She has an 11 month old baby girl and has only been married for a few yrs. Her brother also has serious health issues and they are talking about taking his colon soon if his medicine doesn't start working. Just a sad situation, but I know God is a healer and I see his miracles everyday! Jennifer has the best attitude towards all of this and still gives God all the praise. I know Gods not finished yet! Thank each of you for all your prayers! God bless you all!!


February 05, 2013

I rember when I went to center fuge and me and my friends were taking what we could find and making good beats and beats from different Christian songs one guitar five metal buckets and rest were singing and we rased over 850 dollars over a two days after lots of praying and we gave it all to our church people in need and people going on mission trips

Replacement Vehicle

January 27, 2013

We have had a difficult time keeping my vehicle on the road and I have missed multiple days at work because of it. Our mechanic has told us repeatedly to stop putting money into repairs, but we have had no other choice. I have been driving for months with no heat, which can be dangerous when rain or fog freezes on the windshield (defrost doesn't work if your heat doesn't). My car finally died to the point of no repair just days after Christmas. I started having to leave work early in order to get home in enough time that my husband could arrive at his job on time, obviously my boss has not been happy with me lately! Then one Saturday morning our mechanic called and asked us to come see him. A gentleman in the area who was going to trade in his older vehicle decided instead to give it to a family in need. We are know the blessed owners of a "new" van that was much needed! Thank you dear Sir and Thank you Lord!


January 21, 2013

Storms I would like to tell you two true stories that have been taken straight from the pages of my life. I tell you these, not to draw attention to myself, but to draw your attention to the Lord Jesus and the power that God the Father has in his control and for us believers in him have at our disposal. Psalm 73:26 My flesh and my heart may fail, but God is the strength of my heart and my portion forever! When I was a child I was scared to death of storms. The very sound of thunder sent me into terror, I would find myself staring at the sky and plugging my ears as I ran as fast as I could for home. Now looking back in retrospect, I believe God was preparing me for future storms in my life that I would face as a man. The more I read in Bible the more that I am convinced this to be true. Several years ago my brother John was working in the field with the tractor. I stepped outside and could hear the sounds of thunder off in the distance. A few minutes passed as I began walking out into the field to get a better view of the mountain valley where I live, and as I walked I was watching John riding the tractor, I knew that he couldn't hear the thunder. Once out in the field looking down the valley and coming over the top of Bays Mountain black angry clouds filled with lightning appeared, and on top of that I could see trees bending way over as it topped the mountain! I began to run towards my brother, waving my arms and pointing attempting to get his attention and to warn him of the coming wind storm. John's back was to me and the tractor's motor drowned out any sound of my voice as I ran to get closer, he turned the tractor around facing me. Our eyes met and I pointed to the mountain off in the distance and John finally saw what I was seeing. The tractor's throttle was pushed forward and the sound of the motor increased in speed as we both made our way to the barn and shelter. I held the doors open as the wind and rain hit us full force with its power, and into the barn we went. Once inside, we both laid down under the tractor, with the sound of hail stones pounding like a thousand drums on the barn roof tin. The wind howled and the walls on the barn were heaving as if it was alive and breathing on its own. I began to pray and John joined in with me as we lay on the floor, with lightning and thunder surrounding us as the storm raged outside. Psalm 32:7 You are my hiding place; you will protect me from trouble and surround me with songs of deliverance. The storm passed right over our heads, and as the rain and hail subsided, we came out of out from our hiding place, watching the storm continue to move down the valley. Our prayers turned quickly to ones of thankfulness and the belief that the Lord had protected us through it all! This second story I'm writing at the advice and suggestion of a friend and co-worker of mine Captain Shea Payne. He told me that he thinks it's a story that should be told and after several months of thought and consideration, I agree. I think people need to know that there is a God, and he still has power over storms! In the summer of 2011 during Kingsport's Funfest a yearly festival that our city holds for ten days during the summer months and where everyone attends concerts, balloon races, and fun games for the kids. There hundreds of things to do and attend. Little did I know at the time that I would be faced with another storm in my life, and once again would have to call upon my God to calm my nerves and those of others. The day started out as a typical hot summer day with lots of sweat and drinking lots of cold water. The crowds were large and at about twenty plus thousand strong both inside and out of the high school stadium for the Christian concert and the artist Jeremy Camp. Being an Assistant Fire Marshal during the concerts as you can imagine is to protect these crowds as best we can, providing medical assistance if needed, ensuring that we have proper egress incase we need to get everyone out in a hurry, and of course listening for orders that maybe given over the radios by our command who monitor the weather, among other things in case of an emergency and the need to evacuate. We were receiving constant updates throughout the day as the humidity was very sticky and hot, a typical summer day. The clouds began to increase along with the radio chatter about approaching storms that could affect us right at concert time. I watched the clouds turn from light to dark, and the flag at the other end of the field begin to straighten out as the wind began to pick up. The time was early evening and most of the crowd of adults both young and old along with children had already entered into the stadium. Police, Fire, and Ems teams were scattered throughout the area and in were place to escort the crowd if needed to safe areas that we have had established for years just for any type of emergency. Just like the boy scout motto of "Be Prepared" pops into my mind; so is that of protecting a very large crowd during Funfest. I've got to tell you; many has been the time that I have prayed on school property during Funfest. I've prayed for the protection of children, adults attending events for their safety and safe return home. I've prayed for Police, Fire, Ems workers, along with many city workers who are doing their jobs to support their families. Many times I have prayed right there in the midst of thousands without them even knowing it, and right there on school property. I don't do a Tebow in the end zone or anything; but I pray to a Holy and Righteous God none the less! He gives me strength, and is my all in all! The radio sounded with alerts from our Command center that very ad weather and storms were heading our way, and the need for evacuations were to take place immediately. A weather disc with commands for the crowd to hear and follow was given to the public address announcer to begin to sound over the stadium speaker system. Groans of disappointment could e hear coming from the crowd as they began to get up and leave their seats, walking towards the Dobyns Bennett Dome one of our established safe haven in case of a storm. Lightning flashed and the thunder roared outside, but everyone was seated inside the Dome all safe and dry. Police, Fire, and Ems personnel kept me informed with their smart phones updating me with weather updates as we began our stay to wait out the storm. A crowd close to five thousand plus was inside, as teams of us checked on them trying to make the best of a bad situation. I had a bull horn at my disposal and would from time to time enter into the dome to make announcements to those who could hear me, to give them weather updates, and instructions. Several people were telling me that they could not hear me with the bull horn and my batteries were starting to die after several minutes of giving announcements. To top all that off, I was now getting reports of possible tornados developing to the south of us and heading our way. I looked at the children playing all around me on the covered basketball court, and it was then I excused myself, feeling the pressure of five thousand souls weighing down upon me. I felt all alone. Stepping out side the doors and onto an outside porch that I had all to myself, I began to pray once again right there on school property. "Heavenly Father, I need your help, I asked. There are over five thousand men, women and children inside of that dome, families, Christian families that I've sworn an oath to protect. Lord I ask you in the power of Jesus name to move these storms away from us, and to protect us if it be your will." A peace that passes all understanding enveloped me, and a still small voice came to me and said this, "Barry.... Be calm your not alone, I am with you. I want you to go back inside and be with those people and I want you to witness to them in my name." My knees began to knock and my teeth chattered so hard at these words, I said but, Lord you want me to talk? There is five thousand people in there! Once again the small voice spoke to me reassuring me with these words. "I'll be with you through it all, If there ever was a group of people that you can speak in front of in my name it is this group of believers, my people." Armed with that I stepped back inside and began to ask about obtaining a microphone and having the speaker system turned on inside so that all the people could he me. After a few minutes with a microphone in my hands, I walked onto the floor of the Kingsport Dobyns Bennett Dome filled to capacity with Christian families numbering five thousand souls. I began to speak and told them about the storms. "I want to re-assure you that we are doing out best to take of you, I can't control the storms but, I know the one that can." Once again, I began to pray, this time with a great crowd of believers, God people! The warmth and peace that I felt as I stood there I will never be able to put into words. I can say as I spoke and shared my testimony with these people a lifting up of my spirit was felt deep within my soul, it felt as if I was floating just above the floor. Little did I know at the very same time I was praying Captain Shea Payne was praying in another building along with other believers in Jesus Christ. I have heard since then that a man's soul was saved that night, before the concert began, a precious soul in the eyes of God and his Son Jesus. I believe in my heart that the love of King Jesus is so great for us that he would've left his Kingdom in Glory to come and die for just one of us. That's Amazing Grace, amazing love! We didn't realize that God was working that night, and that God had a very special plan using storms for his glory and that of his Son! God came to me that night, and as long as I live, I will never ever forget that moment in my life! I can only stand and wonder at the possibility of the seeds that were sown in his name. Thank King Jesus for loving me....... Isaiah 41:13 "For I am the Lord, your God, who takes hold of your right hand and says to you, Do not fear, I will help you."

Financial miracle

January 19, 2013

Thank you for all the prayers so far on my financial miracle needed prayer request. I am overwhelmed by all the praying for me. So far I have been able to get gas without overdrawing my account! Thank you Lord for that! But I am still in jeapordy though so please continue to pray for my miracle..ideally a full time job with benefits at a bigger zoo would be ideal for my financial situation. My current zoo doesn't have as much money to offer benefits to everyone therefore they make some positions just below full time. My employer is wonderful, a very thoughtful family owned zoo/park! But it's just not cutting it for my finances..again thank you so much!!

Prayer for salvation and a job for my ex husband

January 14, 2013

Thank you for your prayers, My ex husband starts his new Job today and Yesterday at church he repented, received the baptizim of the Holy Ghost, and was batized in Jesus Name. My 3 children and I are so thankful. God is Good and On Time. I.L.M.C.

Dad car crash and insurance

January 12, 2013

First off I want to thank each and everyone of you guys for the prayers! For those of you who don't know: my dad was involved in a car crash on Christmas Eve and was sent to the emergency room, the lady who ran a red light wasn't telling the truth about how the accident really happened to recieve the financial benefits. God has heard our prayers. He is truly amazing. My dad is now 100% better and our car is being payed for! Praise The Lord. Even when I doubted him, he proved that anything was possible! Thank you guys so so much for the prayers I can't thank you enough. God bless you guys! And remember if you are going through struggles, it's not over, God is listening. Even though it might seem like he isn't there, he is. Keep fighting. God bless you and thank you guys!

Thank you Lord.

January 06, 2013

I will be the first one to tell you that I never dreamed that the Lord could do what he has done. I never thought that he could use or even want someone like me. I once felt like I was the lowest of the low. That's not the case anymore. Jesus has changed me, empowered me, and emboldened me to stand, not in my power but, in his power and that of his Holy name! I do not know what he has in mind for me in the future but I know and trust in the fact that he's already there waiting on me. Thank you Lord Jesus, my King !

my cats healing

December 30, 2012

Thank you for all of your prayers for my cats healing she had all of her teeth pulled and had complications eating and blisters in her mouth but thanks to God , and all of prayers my cat has been eating like crazy and drinking water, her two weeks is suppose to be tomorrow that the vet wanted to see her and possibly offer a long time medication that causes cancer, please continue to pray for her complete healing and she will not have to go back to the vet or to have to take anymore medicine, she will continue to eat without any pain and the blisters are gone in Jesus name. God has healed her and we rebuke satan when he tries to come up against us in Jesus Name.I thank God for her healing and your prayers, prayer does work.God Bless you

My nephew

December 29, 2012

Thank you for all the prayers that I have received on my nephew...he has been such a help around the house and I'm grateful for all the people that has prayed for us....he still has a lil ways to go but for the most part he has changed...thank you and God bless you all.

Thank you for all the prayers we received in regards to the Habitat for Humanity house

December 21, 2012

I just want to say thank you to everyone who prayed for us when I placed the request for the Habitat house. We got approved today (12/21/12) and I thank God and Praise him for hearing those prayers. I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas and God bless to each and everyone of you who prayed!!!

Wanted prayer for sufficient money to fix roof, and have a mortgage company to help refinance our home because the present mortgage does not want to drop the interest rate

December 11, 2012

As of today 12/11/12 money was available from unknown source that has our roof fixed for the moment, we will need a new one soon but still do not have the $3500 dollars to do that but prayer is being answered. Also, the mortgage company that currently has our loan decided over the Thanksgiving holiday to sell us to another company and are even paying for the appraisal and refinancinig charges, they must want rid of us bad. Anyway the new company that we are dealing with has contacted us and we have sent all the pertinant information so continue to pray for this to all go through, our interest rate would drop 7% if approved. Thank all of you who have prayed, please continue. Praise be to God our creator and Savior. Also, please pray for my sister and brotherinlaw who are raising their grandson that God will bless them, they are really struggling financially to provide for him. Thank you for that.

Thank You

December 10, 2012

I want to thank u for your prayers for my stepson. He went to court Wednesday and has since been placed in Knoxville. He is waiting on a bed to become available. We received letters from him today and he asked forgiveness from us. He said he prayed God.would forgive him. This is such a BLESSING! Please continue to lift him up, he has such a long road ahead of him. He is just 13... too young to throw his life away. God Bless...

Thank you for Prayers for Bubba's recovery

November 30, 2012

I had posted a prayer request for my husband's cousin Bubba. He was in a major car accident & was not expected to recover. We were told that if he did survive, the best-case scenario would be quadriplegia with slight movement in his shoulders. It has been two weeks since his wreck. Bubba's brain began to swell, so the doctor performed emergency brain surgery which relieved the pressure immediately. That was the turning point. He was slowly taken off of his coma medicine. In the past three days, he has moved his fingers, shown movement in his shoulders, and has opened his eyes. Two weeks ago, the doctors were certain these things would never happen. God has already shown His healing powers and will continue to, we're certain! God didn't stop at that! God performed even bigger miracles! When He sent Jesus to the earth to die for us & to forgive our sins, He performed the most amazing miracle in our existence. Since Bubba's accident, Bubba's father and aunt have both accepted Christ as their Savior!!!!!!!! The family has prayed for Bubba's father's salvation for more than 30 years! Thank you for your prayers and please continue to pray for Bubba and his recovery. Also pray for his aunt and father that they will grow in The Lord. THANKS!!!


November 15, 2012

Last Sunday in Sunday School, I had the honor of meeting a WWII Vet that served onboard USS ATLANTA (CL-40). and I served onboard USS ATLANTA (SSN 712) during the Cold War. Later that day, Pastor Randy Johnson of Valley Forge Freewill Baptist delivered the message of Missions & Methods. WWII Vet & I shared same Mission - Freedom. Different methods no doubt. God shares his Grace & Mercy everyday if we only take the time to see it. GOD Bless.

Baby Steps

November 14, 2012

I requested prayer last step son has been very abusive with me both physically and verbally. Praise God there have been no incidents for the last 8 days. Pls continue to lift him up. Baby steps are still answered prayers!!!!

I had asked for prayer for sufficient money to fix a leaky roof from a storm that the insurance company does not want to pay for. As of last night still had water coming in. Also to pray for a mortgage company or credit union to take over the house loan

November 13, 2012

Please continue to pray. Roofers there today as water came in again last night. Pray that I will have enough money to pay for this, only so much as been accumulated to pay.

Today I prayed & emailed a prayer request 10:18am & at 2:48pm a Miracle Happened!

November 01, 2012

Today I felt God, saying pray for the people. I prayed for everyone on the prayer request list and I sent in my first email prayer request Nov.1, 2012 10:18am for a woman (mother of 4 young children) having a (college school) problem since July 2011 and today Nov.1, 2012 a Miracle at 2:48 pm Confirmed! This woman did not know I had emailed in and requested prayer for her and this situation. We both cryed and praised God in His AWESOMENESS!!!! Thank you, Thank you. Prayer works wonders! No words can express the Beautiful Love Our God has for us.


October 27, 2012

i have posted here before and things just seem to be getting worse. im the 26 year old gay male that doesnt have a truck any more and with no job, i keep losing my tempure with the people i care for the most, i said some words today to my brother and i feel so bad about it, ive thought about just ending it all. it would make things so much easyer for everyone if i wasnt here any more. ive grown up in a home where my father beat my mother and my brothers and i, he all ways cheated on my mom, none of my other family has every been there for us, my grandmother has always put us down and told us that we would never amount to anything, geuss she was right i geuss everyone was. im not shure if i even have anyone that truly loves me. im all alone

Praise God for healing and answered prayers

October 26, 2012

Several months ago I requested prayer for a young man in our church that had had a horrific motorcycle accident. The drs gave no hope to the family. I am blessed to say that that young man is back home, walking with a cane and has no brain damage. He is a miracle and I just wanted to thank all of you who lifted him and him family up to our heavenly Father. He is an awesome God.

prayers for upcoming mission trip

October 22, 2012

2 weeks ago I requested prayers for an upcoming mission trip to Honduras in July 2013. The request was for provisions to go build a church and repair an old building that would be turned into a children's home. It is with an overflowing grateful heart this morning that I report that your prayers are being heard and answered! There is a church in Mississippi that is sending a check that will cover all but $7500 that will still have to be raised. WOW. What an awesome God we serve. I'm not surprised that He has provided. I'm standing amazed. He still amazes me to this day and I am so thankful for His provisions. Thank you so much for your prayers and keep praying! We're almost there.

Redeemed !

October 20, 2012

Redeemed ! I will never listen to that song the same way again. Jesus Christ has revealed to me and others just how much he truly loves us. Redeemed, forgiven of all my sins, freedom and living in the light of his freely given love ! Yes, Redeemed has become my theme song. Jesus Christ with his blessed assurance that he is indeed mine ,has given me the strength and the courage to share him with others on a daily basis ! Thank You King Jesus for searching , saving and bringing me out ! Glory to God and his Son Jesus Christ, I am REDEEMED !!!

God is really the Ultimate Healer!

October 18, 2012

My friend Tait Obadiah White, was 21 years old and a senior at ETSU! Earlier last week he was complaining about pains in his chest. He went to the ER and they said it was Pneumonia! Thursday Morning (October 11) he collapsed and went into cardiac arrest 5 times, and went 5 minutes with no heartbeat! Later Saturday night 4 DOCTORS confirmed he was brain dead, the doctors ran one more test to see where the blood was flowing, it was in the entire brain. They did surgery to relieve the pressure and then it showed he had brain activity! Yesterday (October 17) The Lord was ready for Obadiah to be Home with Him! We all prayed for healing and God answered our prayers! God truly is the Ultimate Healer! Obadiah will be greatly missed! Just have to keep thinking Obi is in a much better place than we are and God needed Obi more than we needed him here on Earth!

Mother of 2 facing cancer

October 14, 2012

Last week I requested everyone pray for my friend who is the mother of two small boys and facing cancer. She was given the official diagnosis of stage II adenocarcioma. She was told she would have to have surgery and chemotherapy. We have been praying for her to have strength and peace but what she received was so much more. She had the surgery to remove the cancer. When all the tests were complete she was told today that they got it all and she will not have to have chemotherapy. Praise God that He has delivered her from this illness! This is truly a miracle! Thank you to all who prayed for her and please continue to pray for her recovery from surgery. Thank you WCQR for this wonderful place to go and request prayer. This station is a gift from God to our area.

Praise God For The Faith of a Child !

October 06, 2012

I want to share with you how God and his Son Jesus are working in this city. Several months ago I was sitting silent on the sidelines doing nothing for the Lord. Satisfied with within my own salvation. However, the Lord Jesus wasn't satisfied and began to burden my heart, soul and mind. Sleepless nights, waking up in sweats, burdened to tears. I asked the Lord in prayers....What was it he wanted from me ? He told me he wanted me to "Shine my Light for Him"! After making every excuse not to do it......I finally gave in. Ever since I surrendered my life.....nothing has remained the same ! Things that can only be attributed to God have taken over and he has moved in my life in a Mighty & Powerful Way. Since then I've began speaking about the Goodness and Saving Power of my King Jesus ! A one Recent speaking engagement the Lord Jesus revealed to me and others the True Saving Power that he is capable of doing if we let him. Two little eight year old girls gave their lives to Jesus ! As I was knelling and listening to the Pastor explain the plan of Salvation to them , I realized that I had just witnessed the births of not one but, two children of God into his Eternal Kingdom......Jesus said suffer the little children to come unto me.......I'm thankful that I obeyed Jesus and was able to play a small role in pointing those children to the saving Power and Loving Arms of my Rescuer King Jesus ! Jesus is good all the time if we will only come to him with the Faith of a child !

God's healing!

October 04, 2012

2 years ago my son was having severe seizures and I placed a request on WCQR Prayer Works. Glory to God he is healed!!! He has no seizures or takes no medications today! God works miracles through the prayers of his saints. This ministry is so close to my heart! God bless each of you! :) If you are struggling today know that you are not alone. We have a God who hears our heart and understands our tears!

Prayer works!

September 28, 2012

My story is not much different than most. I lost my job back in 2009 for not a really good reason, but it was God's reason. I was to be there to take care of my Momma for the last 2 years of her life. My husband was still working and I was able to draw unemployment. Then God allowed another thing to happen...My husband lost his job that following May..just a few days before his birthday in 2010. He ended up having to have surgery for a perforated bowl..which God helped heal him from. Then in 2011 on August 20th my Momma went to be with the Lord. My husband and I still had no job. My unemployment ran out...I was able to find work but it didn't pay much. I was thankful. Very thankful. My husbands unemployment ran out...never giving up on believing God had a plan for us..I kept praying..I had everyone I knew praying..people I didn't even know..praying..Today we found out that after 2 1/2 years my wonderful husband received a job. It means leaving our family to move to another state..but I know in my hard as it will be to leave them here..God has a job for us where we are going..not just employment..but something more wonderful..I thank God with all my heart and that isn't even close enough to how grateful and thankful I am. There are no words...I thank God for this radio station that I get to listen to every single day at work. I thank God for being with us during these trying times..they only made us stronger and brought us even closer to Him. Praise God from whom ALL blessings flow!!!!

thank god I fell closer to him then I ever have

August 29, 2012

I ask for prayer toget closer to god, well all your prayers have been answered, I fell colerer to god than I ever have. he talks with me very often and I answer , he is so wounderfuk. he is my best frind, I go to sleep at night listeing to your radio program, Thank you again. I love your readio station,best of all I love God. roy will;iams

Recovery from adultery

August 20, 2012

A couple of months ago I posted a request for prayer for me, my wife and family for my adultery. We separated for a while, and God even blessed me with a place to stay that would allow me plenty of alone time to allow me to reconnect with the Spirit of God. I had reconciled with God the creator, and Jesus and the example and sacrifice, but I had denied the Spirit for years...far too long. During that time I began a relationship with the Spirit that I have come to cherish. The word "repentance" always seemed very churchy to me, so I describe my change of heart as a Spirit-led "turning away". I truly believe I am not the same person I was, and that is largely due to one specific and extended prayer time which I truly feel the Spirit came to me and comforted me greatly. That prayer created a desire in me to know the Spirit more, and I've developed a daily prayer time (usually in the 1/2 hour range) of just me and the Spirit, plus many small prayers throughout the day. As for my and my wife, I am living at home again. We have a long way to go, without a doubt, but we are looking to God individually and as a married couple. Any other way will fail. I am immersed in recovery, as I should be, by books, groups, people and prayer. My wife's grace toward me is immense, God's grace is expansive. For anyone going through similar problems, or dealing with sexual addictions, there is hope. You're not alone. Admitting the addiction is probably the hardest thing you will ever do, but the freedom afterwards is...well, freeing. No more masks, no more lies. Admit where you are spiritually. It's never too late.

Praise God Praise God

August 09, 2012

Praise God for the breakthrough that came after posting my prayer request. God rescued me. Thank you prayer warriors for your prayers. They truly were answered!! Bless you and Praise God forever for His mercy and Grace and above all things our Lord Jesus!!!!

My story how the Lord made me into a Prayer Warrior

August 03, 2012

In 1999 I came under conviction from the Lord and I knew that I wasn't living the life that the Lord Jesus wanted for me. Worldly pressures of living day to day in dishonor and disobeying what I knew to be right weighed upon me heavily. One evening I fell to my knees under heavy conviction and asked the Lord to make me into a "Prayer Warrior" little did I know or understand at the time what I was really asking for and opening myself up to from a Holy and All Powerful GOD. It has taught me a lesson on being careful on what I pray for, because the Lord just might give me what I ask. In that time period of my life I had never been in anything where I had or that of my faith had truly been tested. That all would be changed in one night, a night that has forever changed me and my faith in GOD. I've been a firefighter for almost 32 years, started when I was nineteen years old. I never dreamed that my family and I would ever have to go through the terror of a devastation of a fire. I was a fire captain at the time working at Holston Army Ammuntion Plant when the phone rang at 3am in the morning and I was awakened by the voice of my wife telling me that our house was on fire. I screamed and told her to get our two children and to leave the house, and to not go back inside under any circumstances,and I was on my way. I woke my crew up and told them what was going on and I left my Lieutenant in charge of the fire station. I drove like a mad man to my house, and about a mile away I could see the glow upon the low hanging clouds that were above my house that night. I was begging GOD to spare my wife and children , who at the time were 2 & 3 yrs old. When I arrived fire trucks were everywhere and a ambulance was leaving my driveway with no lights on it. I jumped up on the side of the rig and begged them to tell me that my family was not inside. They told me no that they were with the firefighters back at my house. When I got to the house, there stood my family, all three, blackened by the soot and smoke of the fire, the smell of burnt hair and smoke. I picked up my son who was two at the time and held him in my arms and I cried uncontrollably he said in a scared a weak little voice "Daddy we had a fire". I told him I know baby, but, Daddy is here now and it will be alright, I will build a new house. My wife and daughter were covered in soot and debris, it was terrible, hell on earth. My mother and father came and took my wife and kids to a neighbors house, then to their home to clean up and to rest . At that time I didn't know it but, my wife in trying to get the two children out had to go back inside the house to rescue my son who in a panic had pulled away from her and went back inside and hid under the dining room table. My wife took my daughter outside, and told her to stay there, she was going back to get my son wearing nothing but a t-shirt and a pair of panties. She found my son under the table, by now the smoke and flames were just about four feet off of the floor. My wife Mary is my Hero ! I love her very much and we've been married now for 22 years. I went back inside with the firefighters and as we walked through the burnt out shack and remains of home. I stopped and paused for a minute, then I said, "Guys there were Angels here this night", and when I said that in an instant, a little red fire truck that belonged to my son lit up it's lights and the siren sounded !!! As if to AMEN , what I had just said ! I have never been the same man since that night ! GOD showed me somethings that night, and since then my faith in him now is Great ! He rescued my family and I from the flames. We as a family have been through the fire. The Lord has answered my request to become a "Prayer Warrior" for him, After years and years of running from him, a rebel without a cause, I recently became the Chaplain at the Kingsport Fire Department. The Lord Jesus answered my prayer, I'm now a Prayer Warrior for Warriors of the Flames. He brought us out of the fire, and now I can kneel with others showing Christ's Love, and telling them that I know how you feel and how it hurts, for I have walked in your shoes,and Jesus has brought me and my family out !!!! This is for the Glory of my Father and his beloved Son Jesus !!!! I hope this story gives someone out there, hope in a loving and saving King Jesus ! Thank You Lord !!!

Asked for healing and a new job.

August 02, 2012

I believe in the power of prayer. Although my health is still a concern, I am feeling better. I have been offered a new job that I am accepting. My new job does not have benefits, but I feel blessed to have a job when so many are out of work. Continue to keep my health in your prayers. I know God still works miracles and he is always with me. Thank you for praying for me. It has been uplifting to see the prayer online notices. It has been good to know that there are believers out there who will pray for me and they do not know me. God bless all of you!

Answered prayer for my dad

July 30, 2012

A few weeks ago, I posted asking for prayer for my dad who had a grapefruit sized mass in his chest. Last Wednesday was the surgery at Vanderbilt, and it turned out to be a spring water cyst, which is where your body creates this cyst that takes on water/fluid from your body. It held about 33 oz of fluid! They drained it & removed the remainder of the cyst & he came home the next day! He is sore but healing & there is no cancer! He is breathing much better now that it isn't pressing on his lung & heart. Praise the Lord our God! Thank you so much for all the prayers!

Answered prayer

July 29, 2012

I asked a few days ago for prayer for my great aunt Leta after her serious car accident. When she first went into the hospital, it didn't look good. So I finally asked prayer on Tuesday night on here for her. The Lord showed your prayers to me on Wednesday, when she miraculously got a lot better. Literally overnight. She's been through all her surgerys, and still has a long road to recovery. Months of recovery. But I'd rather her have that than for us to not have her at all. It's amazing what the Lord can do. Thanks for all the prayers. Please continue to pray for us.

a prayer answered

July 26, 2012

I recently asked for prayer for a work related issue..Things have been much better & I thank you all sooo much for all the prayers..It really helped me get thru all this!!

I did not know how to recive god.

July 26, 2012

but all it took was I got down on my n knees and ask god to forgive every thing that I had ever done. and to come into my life and rull it. and thare was a peace rushr ed over me like I had never felt befor. it was then that I knew that my sins was forgiven and I was on my way to heaven. thank the lord I fell like a new person. well i am a new pearson I belong to ge od now Praies the lord it is wounderful. and I would like to thank all those that prayed for me it relly helped and keep praying for others, god anwsers prayer. well just thank you. roy williams


July 03, 2012

My doctors nurse called me this morning. And the blood work came back that I have mono. I have no idea how I caught it. Just pray that I get rid of it somehow.

Baby Molly!

June 22, 2012

Thank you so much for the prayers for my friend newborn daughter! A trip to a heart specialist showed there was a small whole and a murmur but they are minor and should heal on their own! God is good!

New Job by God's grace

June 21, 2012

I requested prayer for a new job that would allow me to work where I felt like I could make a difference. I got the job and I am so excited. I met some of the children and their families that i will be working with last week. Thanks for all your prayers. I pray now that I can truly make a difference in their lives.

God answers Prayes.

June 17, 2012

My husband I were able to find a home that meets his needs. The home we found was out of our financial limits about $50,000 and our credit wasn't the best in the world due to our situation. The owner actually came down the 50,000 and did owner financing for us for the next two years till we can get on our feet. Praise God for everything. And thanks to everyone that prayed for us prayer means everything and prayers are answered.

Thank you for the prayers!

June 16, 2012

I requested prayer for an allergic reaction to meds I was taking. I was able to get some new meds and oral steroids and am doing much better. Praise God!

Divorced after 30 years together

June 15, 2012

Around a year ago, I came here for prayers for me and my family. My wife was unhappy with our marriage and was talking divorce. We have been together for 30 years. We dated 5 years before we got married and our 25th wedding anniversary was on June 6th. Although I received many prayers and have prayed everyday since she said she was unhappy in our marriage, she filed for divorce in January and our divorce was final June 25th. Although I hurt very much, I want to thank everyone for their prayers. Those prayers are still getting me through the hard and difficult times of my wife being gone and my family broken up. Our children ages 22 and 16 are taking it better than I thought they would but I know they still hurt. I have left this in God`s hands and will continue to let him lead my life and whatever plans he has for me and my family. Just remember those prayers were not wasted they helped me so much! Thank You to everyone that prayed and continues to pray for us. God Bless!

Thank God for answered prayers!

June 08, 2012

I just want to say thank you to the sweet angel that sent me an encouraging note and prayer through this website. I get chill bumps when I read what was prayed, and I know that God can and will move in this situation. I don't know who sent this prayer to me, but I ask that God bless their heart and their soul. Trust me, God is still in the prayer answering business! Praise him!

Difficulty with child...

May 25, 2012

I know this may seem like a meager request compared to others that are more serious, but it's one that is having a deep impact on our entire family. My 8-year-old son is a highly sensitive child. He's a wonderful, intelligent, and independent kid that loves Cub Scouts, Legos, and Star Wars :-) All too often, however, he becomes easily angered and disrespectful to everyone in the family. Often times he is very disobedient. He tends to think and act negatively to any situation or circumstances... mostly with irrational reasoning and responses. He chooses to have a bad attitude as it relates to what's expected from him in tasks or responsibilities. He's also an easy target for bullying at school. He has quirks about him related to his intelligence or anti-social tendencies that invite other kids to tease him. I know that the stress of this can very much play into his behavior and we have tried to help him by home schooling him. Even though he is no longer in that environment, he still struggles to not get angry and take offense to very minor things. My wife and I have had him in sessions with the school counselor and have had him in therapy for the better part of a year to help him control his anger and disappointments. We've read help articles and books on how to help him. We've taken advice from professionals and other parents. Everything we have tried seems to help initially, but then is later rendered ineffective. The stress that it has caused us as parents is unbearable at times. Personally, it's hard for me to find the joy in being a parent when I feel like all I do is discipline. His behavior rubs off on my other two younger children as they think it's okay to act the same way. It's hard to go anywhere without a struggle to deal with or an attitude to address. My greatest desire is for my son to live confidently and obediently so he and everyone else can have peaceful days and enjoy spending time with one another. We want all our children to grow up well and to live up to the potential that they have. Most of all, we want them to honor God with their lives. We just need to know how to help our son. Prayers would be greatly appreciated.

daughter in pain, far from home

May 25, 2012

thank you all who prayed...she got home safely, did not have to be hospitalized while far from home. She still has a lot of pain from her disease though...I would love it if anyone would still pray for her pain.

UPDATE on my daughter and her husband injured in a house fire.

May 24, 2012

May 5 my daughter was married to the man of her dreams. That night their house caught fire and my daughter received 2nd and 3rd degree burns and had to be air lifted to a burn center 4 hours away. Since then she has been released from the hospital and although she is still undergoing more surgeries for skin graphs and such, she is doing amazing! She is getting her facial features back and is smiling and laughing all the time! The best part of all is the overwhelming support of their friends and even complete strangers! Through all the prayers and the way she is healing my daughter has chose to live her life for Christ!!!! She wants to use her story to help others and I pray that God will use her in a most powerful way!


May 24, 2012

Thanks to everyone that prayed for me. Prayer really works.....I got the loan yesterday. God is so Good!

thank you

May 23, 2012

I would just like to thank each & everyone for the much need prayers for my sister & brothers

daughter's severe disease/pain, far from home

May 22, 2012

thanks for praying...she did get some relief!...she is still usually in great pain though, often. her disease affects all her muscles and gastro intestinal...

answer to prayer

May 22, 2012

I would like to say thank u for all who are prayin for me. God provided a way for us to get our car tags. I just want to give him all the honor. God is so good.

Answered Prayer

May 04, 2012

Wow, you all rock! The lord has already graciously moved in this situation. Knowing there are people all over, reading my prayer and sending up prayers for me, moves me to tears. Financially, I can't support WCQR like I want or need to. But I know that God will move, and enable me so that I can. I can't begin to express to you all how much you have touched my soul and heart. You all are like family and I ask God to keep pouring those blessings down on you all, and then let them trickle out to shower us all. God Bless!

Gigi update

May 04, 2012

The three month hold that has a hole in her heart. Sunday a private jet with a medical doctor on board is flying to the Dominican Republic to pick Gigi her mom and dad up and bring them to Vanderbilt all the services for the surgery are PRO BONO which means it won't cost them anything. So the surgery will be sometime next week. Keep them in prayers please

Still praying, but things are looking up

April 16, 2012

I recently asked for prayer for my husband. He's a former police officer who is out of work and trying to get back into the field. After feeling like our situation was hopeless, he spoke to a chief in a neighboring town who is interested in hiring him. The town is having a counsel meeting tonight, and the cheif is going to ask permission to hire. Please keep praying for us. We know the Lord is in charge and is going to take care of us!

Peace from disturbing letters

April 06, 2012

I was getting letters asking me for money from a ministry that was fake They were sending creepy letters trying to personalise it to me and others. They were sending objects through the letters as well. After about 5 months with 5-6 letters. My prayers were answered thanks to the mercy and wisdom God gave me. I found the way to get them to stop sending letters and they obeyed God's command for them to stop.

Thanks to God for helping me with my teeth

April 06, 2012

Thanks to God for helping me with my teeth, he provided the money to have my tooth bonded as it had a hairline fracture on it and he made it successful. Helped me with travels and money and a good experience. Helped me save the money up and have the right time, have it done fast that is my teeth whitened and blessed it to work very well! Thank the Lord he helped me with the money and also helped me with removable braces. I got through the treatment fast and never had to pay, my orthodontist was good and understood and granted me removable braces because I didn't want fixed ones as I was self conscious and they take longer. God spoke to him and changed his mind and I got them for free. I got discharged quick. Not only did they successfully straighten my teeth but also lift up my gum in level with the other so I didn't have to have gum surgery thanks to God! When I had an extraction the dentist couldn't get the root out but God did cause I prayed and remembered God can move mountains and I believed I received and it came to pass. I went for my scan and they found no root at all! Thanks to God for that I didn't have to be delayed brace treatment nor suffer getting it surgically removed. God cares about our small issues.

Thanks to God for helping me with my GCSEs

April 06, 2012

Just wanted to say when I was in school and doing my GCSEs. God never let me fail any of my exams. I prayed and he helped me and gave me good results. I got miracles cause I thought I failed knowing I never answered some questions correctly. I got all C and above. Praise God!

Thanks to God about my surgery

April 06, 2012

I just wanted to share with you a testimony. Nearly two years ago I had surgery done. I was unhappy with my appearance and I wanted to change it. I kept worrying about whether it was God's will or not until God was speaking to me through my thoughts and telling me if it made me happy then I could have it done. I prayed to God about it three years before I had the surgery and I would say I found him leading me to have it done. God provided the money, spoke to my dad who at first refused to take a loan for me and I got really upset. God guided him and God guided me and made all travels afforable and well. Found me a good surgeon and blessed me with very healthy and successful surgery. God answered my prayers and made me more confident and happy and gave me the look I wanted and protected me from all risks and complications. God also lead me to have it done at the time I wanted. I was the youngest candidate and didn't have to wait long to have it done. I got it done soon so I could enjoy my life with it. God blessed the journey to be short, smooth and successful. He was there for me when I was in need so much, he helped me mentally and emotionally. God also helped me find him after this surgery I got much closer to God and learned more of who he was. My experience lead to faith.

prayers make a difference

March 30, 2012

I asked for prayer over a month ago due to our financial situation. The IRS is still garnishing wages, but with over 60 prayers going up on our behalf just through WCQR I know God is in control over this situation. We have seen small victories and have faith that other victories will come. Thanks for your prayers.

Healing From Stage 4 Brain Cancer

March 29, 2012

Thank you to everyone who has prayed about my aunt's surgery yesterday to remove a tumor identified as stage 4 brain cancer. She came through the surgery well and her doctor feels like it was successful. There are a couple of small cancerous places still left, which they plan to treat with chemotherapy and radiation treatment. Please continue to pray for her full recovery.

Hard Drive

March 28, 2012

Thank you all for your prayers. However My drive was unrecoverable. They saved a few picture but were unable to safe all. I really felt your prayers. & grateful for them

Answered Prayers for a Job

March 17, 2012

A few weeks ago I asked for prayer for my husband and I as he was looking for a job. I would like to say thank you for all of the prayers because they have been answered. He was offered a job about a week ago at the hospital and he starts on Monday. I just pray now that he likes it and it works out. Thank you so much.

update on blendstep-family wars

March 06, 2012

It is one of those problems that wears me down. Blended family with an adult single daughter who keeps returning to stay with us. Step-father & step-daughter wars with me caught in the middle. Finger pointing threats. I want to thank each of you so much for you prayers. Bit by bit there has been changes. She will get another place in Knoxville with a room-mate come Summer-I should be grateful and I am cautiously. Sadly, I had not all prayers come as fast as I had wanted. Th I lost a new job which leaves me very unemployed without any unemployment benefits. Leaves me hearing the fight between them. Then just last week the two joked among themselves.I was left wondering if there was going to be peace between them and our household. Well, let me apologize if I seem grim. We need to understand the Lord's perspective. I will.

careful what you vote for

March 05, 2012

there are wolves in sheep's of the contestants is posing as a Christian, but she has affairs, cheats, steels, and lies all the time. she is not a good mom or positive role modle. be careful who or what you vote for, sincerely pray first!

Husbands shoulder surgery/ job

March 01, 2012

Thanks to all of you that saw my prayer request and took the time to pray for that request. My husband's surgery went really well on his shoulder. He is doing bettter and is resting at home. The job that I interviewed for, well I didn't get it BUT I know God has a reason and his way is always the best way. I know that he will put me were I need to be and that his will for my life is the best and everything will work out for his will and my good. Please keeping praying for my husband as he is home healing at this time. Thanks again and God Bless!

Prayer answered

February 29, 2012

I asked please pray for us my wife left me and my 3 little girls thank everyone for there prayers she came home its a little tough right now but God is going to get us through this thank you all again know matter what happens in your life prayer and faith can make any thing happen

Prayer answered

February 29, 2012

I asked please pray for us my wife left me and my 3 little girls thank everyone for there prayers she came home its a little tough right now but God is going to get us through this thank you all again know matter what happens in your life prayer and faith can make any thing happen

Prayer Answered, Continued prayer please

February 24, 2012

I have been asking for prayer for my husband during a difficult trial in his life and our lives as a family. I praise God for answered prayer and request continued prayer for my husband. He knows that God is in control and I request a blanket of prayers for him, that God would put the armor of trust and peace upon him and the helmet of protection. Thank you all for your prayers, it is so uplifting to get notices showing someone has prayed. Thank you all so much.

Update on 4 yr old Mason

February 17, 2012

Several weeks ago I posted a request for 4 year old Mason, suspected of having brain tumors due to some recent health issues. Since I posted the request, Mason has had no seizures and no further indications of anything wrong. All testing done has shown nothing. More tests upcoming, but God has healed this little boy!

It is one of those problems that wears me down. Blended family with an adult single daughter who keeps returning to stay with us. Step-father & step-daughter wars with me caught in the middle. Finger pointing threats

February 16, 2012

I must have one of the most difficult prayer request. i see some quietness but there is still upheaval. Please keep praying. Again, I can't thank each of you enough.

my wifes kinda lost her way

February 16, 2012

my wife left me and our 3 little girls but thanks to all of your prayers we are talking please keep up the good work and please keep praying for us thank you all very very much

Mother's Hospital Stay

February 14, 2012

I asked everyone to pray for my mother who was in the hospital with chest pains. She is out and doing great. First I want to thank you Lord for your healing hand! Second I want to thank all those who prayed for my mother and our family. I appreciate all your prayers.

Back problem

February 10, 2012

Thank every one for your prayers. I have been able to get the meds I needed because someone I have helped felt the burden to give some money (the exact amount the meds cost) and I am already back to work and doing well. God never fails to amaze me when He listen to our prayers. Thanks to everyone and thanks to WCQR for the format to allow us to encourage and pray for one another.

Blended Family WAR

February 04, 2012

It is one of those problems that wears me down. Blended family with an adult single daughter who keeps returning to stay with us. Step-father & step-daughter wars with me caught in the middle. Finger pointing threats. Truly thank you for your prayers guys. Any changes yet?, you might ask. Nothing greatly visible with the human eye, yet, this is my year of HOPE for each day. Its rocky still. NET-Trans of Johnson City step up to help a tiny tiny bit with one of the rides to college classes in Kingsport. Please do not stop praying,please? I have got to have resolution.

Prayers Answered

January 30, 2012

Last week I requested prayer: Thomas had an EKG done and his heart is fine. In six months he will go back for an Ultrasound as a base line to watch when he becomes of puberity age for Marfan's Syndrome. Right now though...he is a healthy, active, precious 3 year old little boy (as of March 3rd). Praise God and his mighty hand. Thank you all for your prayers....may you be blessed.

Dad's surgery

January 26, 2012

Earlier this week we requested prayer. The second surgery my father needed was approved by insurance. He has now had both surgeries and is recovering well. Thanks for all the prayers.

Prayers for my friend

January 17, 2012

I asked for prayers for a friend that was feeling weighed down with heaven burden. Things have improved and I wanted to give thanks

Out of Hospital

January 11, 2012

I asked everyone to pray for my mother who was in the hospital with pneumonia. She is out and doing well. Thank you Lord! I appreciate all your prayers.

Answers for mom

December 28, 2011

I submitted a prayer request the other day and I jst wanted to give an update! Her heart cath was good! Her endoscopy was good! She is home and her diagnosis was pneomia! PRAISE GOD! Thank each and everyone that prayed for her! GOD IS AWESOME!!!!!!


December 22, 2011

After the 3rd scope of the esophagus and thru the brochial tube, the lung specialist believes he has gotten samples of the tumor that is behind the left lung. We have not gotten those results yet, and are actually glad to not know if we're dealing with Cancer or not, until after Christmas. It really helps to know that people we don't even know are praying. I believe that WCQR has a great, committed group of listeners, and we know that prayers can make a huge difference. Will update more later. Merry Christmas.

Strughling With Addiction

December 20, 2011

Thank you for everyone who has been praying for me. Every time I receive a notification that someone has prayed it gives me a bit more hope and encouragement. I truly feel God working through all of you. Please keep praying.

Prayer Answered for Better Housing

December 19, 2011

Great News! This evening we just signed a year and a half lease for the townhouse we had looked at. It is 7 minutes closer to work and in a much safer part of the town. The paperwork all went through and the owner told the manager that we were the best choice to rent there. Now we can start the process of having cleaners, painters, etc. come in over the next few days/week to get things ready for us to move. I am really happy about it and my husband is too. Praise God! Thanks for everyone's prayers. I greatly appreciate them.

Daughter's Thyroid Cancer

December 02, 2011

My daughter was diagnosed with Papillary Thyroid cancer in August 2011. She is only 12 years old. We faced the worst thing that had ever happened in our lives but through the Grace of God we have overcome this terrible thing. We received so many emails of prayers that it was almost overwhelming. Each time an email came that someone had prayed for her and us, we got just a little more hope and found a little more peace. Her surgery was in August and her radioactive iodine treatment was earlier this month at St Jude in Memphis. I cannot thank all those that prayed, put her on prayer chains, sent notes of encouragement and St Jude enough. There are no words except we are eternally grateful with all our hearts!!

Struggling Mother

November 22, 2011

Thank you, thank you, thank you all for your prayers - Still in debt - and now possibly facing moving because my outgo is larger than my income. We really don't want to move - it's heart-breaking. We live in this tiny little cozy house on this beautiful wild edge of town and really don't want to live in an apartment. Our home was truly an answer to prayers last year ... Trying to get with the landlord ~ APPRECIATE PRAYERS! Had a meltdown at work last week, confided in my boss (probably didn't need to), don't know what God's gonna do with all that, but am once again (daily) putting this mess of a life in His more than capable hands. I know this all sounds pathetic (especially with others whose needs are so much greater), but I am so desperate for His help in every area. I know I'm harder on myself than anyone else - how do I forgive myself? And really receive His Grace? Please help, God. Thank you again to all who have prayed for me and my daughter. Than you God for the wonderful relationship I have with my teen daughter, for her safe travels to see her father during these holidays, for my job, for YOU, Lord - for hope, for this season, for the body of Christ ... It means SO MUCH to know there are people interceding for each other - who don't even know each other! Thank YOU WCQR for providing this forum for Christians to support each other in unity ... God bless us everyone!

Keeping Warm!!

November 16, 2011

I had requested prayer 2 times concerning my not having heat this year. Well Praise the Lord as He has answered once again. My landlord gave me a propane gas heater from another place he owns and the my boss brought me a 100 lb propane gas tank full!! Then he and our plant manager went to my house and installed it for me and all I had to buy was a $35.00 hose and regulator! Now that is prayer answered. And it is such warm comforting heat it burns this beautiful blue flame that my dog and I love to watch as we to to sleep. I know God will continue to provide means to fill the gas tank and keep me warm. Thank you to everyone who prayed so earnestly for me. God is Great and life is good and Warm!!!

still need job

October 31, 2011

Dh was restructured out of his job about 6 weeks ago. God has blessed with many odd jobs so far. We are thankful. We did receive word that he didn't get a home ministry type position. I'm not handling this well. It was part of a long-term dream. Don't know if he will be automatically considered for another position in this ministry or not.

mission prayers for our daughter

October 20, 2011

training camp in Atlanta for the World Race this week has been demanding waking up at 5am every day doing exercises and even one day packing everything they had into their backpack including their tents within 10 minutes and then heading out into the rain for a long hike carrying them on their back. Everything they own and take is in their backpack for trip and everything they do is to mentally, emotionally, and physically a challenge for them and what they will endure for over 9 months of traveling different countries and sleeping in their tents and eating food from all the different countries they will be living in. It is very important the training they go through in Atlanta to begin to prepare some of the who have never been on a mission trip. Thankfully our daughter has been on several mission trips before, even so The World Race is so much more demanding. You can read more at

mission prayers for our daughter

October 17, 2011

Our daughter began training in Atlanta this weekend with an unpredicted situation that was going to prevent her from attending the training camp that would have allowed her to continue to go through the process of her mission trip to leave in Jan. Prayers were answered within only a few minutes and things were taken care of. God continues to meet her needs along the way proving over and over to her He is there in a mighty way as she puts her trust in Him. Thank you to all who have prayed and continue to pray for her. More information


October 15, 2011

Thanks for all the prayers. My pastor had thriple bypass surgery and is doing great. Thanks ! God is great !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Grandpa is doing better!

October 14, 2011

My grandpa is doing better. The doctors said he has Myelodysplastic syndrome (MDS), which is a precursor of Leukemia. He is taking Sub Q Chemo in his stomach, and is doing well with it. Please continue to pray for his well being.

Always Looks Brighter

October 10, 2011

Everytime I go online thinking I am really in the ditch and no one is having it this hard and I don't think God is listening etc... I start reading the prayer requests and realize that I have been there and had that answered beyond what I prayed for so instead of requesting I end up praying for and uplifting others to God and in return being so very blessed. My needs are still there but everytime I lift up someone else my burden lightens. Thank You for past prayers and thank you WCQR for this forum that serves us and God. Praise the Lord for HE is mighty.

looking for job

October 10, 2011

While dh doesn't have a job yet, God has graciously provided a nearly steady stream of odd jobs for him. We were able to get a major bill paid. Please continue to pray as he has applied to both "work" and "ministry" jobs. We are thankful for showing us our dependence on Him. Still need a heatpump, but aim to be thankful for however He keeps us warm! Got a "someone prayed for you" right now when I was feeling quite overwhelmed with "normal" things. Thank you

transplanted kidney in distress

October 04, 2011

my creatnine came back 1.9 just one tenth better than last time which is still not good. I am starting to worry that I may be in rejection please pray that it is God's will that this kidney will remain healthy & functioning good within my body. Praying that my labs come back better and that my creatnine will come back down to 1.5. Whatever the case may be I will praise God & remain strong in faith

husband lost his job

September 28, 2011

Just received a text from my husband, he has a job interview with the JC School System Monday @ 9:30, please pray for God's will in this.

transplanted kidney

September 27, 2011

I wrote that all of a sudden after a year and 8 months of good labs since transplant I suddenly got a bad lab & was worried. I asked for prayer that my creatnin will come back down & it did a tenth but I am still in need of prayers thanks

Prayers for Our Band Director

September 23, 2011

A few months ago, I asked all of you to join us in praying for our Band Director, Cindy Roberts, who taught at Wallace Middle and John S. Battle High Schools in Washington County, VA. Cindy waged a courageous battle with cancer. The Lord answered our prayers and called her home yesterday morning(September 22, 2011). She is now at Home -- free from pain and rejoicing with our Savior! Please continue to remember her family (especially her husband, Tem, and her daughter, Cameron) as well as her band family, as we journey onward. Her life was a shining example of the love of Christ and she leaves that legacy to us to treasure.

Job is in jeopardy

September 23, 2011

Well my job of 26 yrs came to an end on Mon. but I can't wait to see what God has in store for me!!! Understandably I'm kind of scared because I spent well over half my life at the same job but I'm also excited about the journey that lies ahead! Please continue to pray for me as I look for another job and that God puts me where I can be happy and make a difference in the lives of others!! Thank you all!

Job Decision follow-up

September 20, 2011

I request prayer about a month ago concerning taking a new position with a new company. The thought of change and the insecurity and fear was almost over whelming and my nerves and body felt he stress. I noticed where several people prayed for me and one email was sent to me that touched my heart and helped me look forward, and move forward. I'm enjoying my new job better than any position I have ever had before. I want to thank the person who replied(and God or it might have been God who emailed me) This is his note to me,GOD BLESS YOU WHOEVER, I know how you feel, it is scary but I took a new job 2 years ago after almost 15 yrs with another company and was so certain I would fail that I made myself physically sick. But what a blessing it has turned out to be. I am happy here and working with some other Christians which has been a great help. Try repeating Is 41:13 when you get scared or upset it has become my mantra for the Lord thy God does hold your right hand and take away fear. Good luck and go for it God has opened this door perhaps just as a reward for all your hard work until now, walk in and see what He has for you

Working Sundays

September 17, 2011

I recently posted that my job place was going to start being open on Sundays which is the only time I get with my family when I posted on here I was very concerned that I wouldn't get to teach the teens at my church or spend time with my family, but PRAYER WORKS and God gave me an even better schedule with not only Sundays off but Wed also. Praise God I wont be missing any church.

Job is in jeopardy

September 17, 2011

Thank you for your prayers and please keep praying! I now will not know the outcome concerning my job until Monday and it's not looking good at the moment but I know that God is still in control and that He has the final say! Thank you again. It's such a blessing to see that people who don't even know me care and are praying for me

Praising the Lord

September 06, 2011

I wrote a prayer request a few weeks ago that I had been in the hospital with a GI bleed and had lost a large amount of blood. After weeks of still not feeling good, I returned back to the doctor and told him that I was to the point I could not function anymore, I had pushed all I could push. We agreed that 2 more units of blood was needed. The procedure went well and I am now starting to feel like a person again. I will go back in a few weeks and check the levels and then have an iron infusion. Right now due to my resistance being low, I have to be careful about catching colds, etc. Also I wrote a prayer request concerning my daughter and her teaching career needing a job. We thought all the doors had been closed but after several weeks of not getting a full time position, the Lord showed up and showed us who He is and what He can do with giving her a teaching position. When we think He's late, He always shows up on time. Many thanks for all of the prayers.

Healing Marriage

September 02, 2011

Hey everyone, I had asked for prayer a few weeks ago because my husband had cheated on me for the 2nd time and I was and still am at a difficult time in my life. We have found a christian counselor who we have seen 2 tms. On our 2nd visit this past week the counselor told me he would like to see me for some 1 on 1 sessions basically because of my depression. He says until I get a backbone my husband will continue to do what hes doin. He wants to fix me before we can work on our marriage. Right now my husband is not very receptive to counseling anyways. He answers questions but that is about it. I am really having a hard time with all this so please continue to pray for us. thank you all for the letters of encouragement and especially the prayers you have sent our way. Its a miracle he even went to counseling at all.

Healing Joshua

August 31, 2011

We just got his Lab Results back and Praise God it is NOT Juvenile Arthritis! We are praying he just over did it and that is what caused the inflamation. We return to the Shriners Hospital in a few months unless he has swelling again and then they will do some more test. It has been such a Blessing to see the emails from PrayerWorks. It helps so much to know that other people take the time from their busy day to say a prayer for Our Joshua!

Father in hospital

August 27, 2011

Thank you to all who prayed for my father and our family. We had him in the hospital and he went from being very confused and agitated and not responding very well with the dr's not able to figure anything out to back to mormal litterally over night. Our prayers were definitely answered as there is no other explanation. Thank you all again and thanks to our Awesome God.

Answered Prayer !

August 22, 2011

We want to thank everyone who prayed for our home to sell. I had put a request in back in July and it was a blessing everytime I saw a 'someone just prayed for you' email come thru. God is faithful and we just got a signed contract on the place yesterday. Now the moving adventure begins!! God Bess.

daughter with thyroid cancer, spread to lymph nodes

August 18, 2011

after every one of our updates there has been a huge outpouring of support! all four of us have felt a sigh of relief knowing so many people are praying for one little girl. this is proof that God is alive and well in this country, no matter how hard some people try to take that away from us. may God bless all those who have shown their support!


August 09, 2011

I previously requested prayers for my husband's depression and back pain and I have been awestruck at the numbers of people praying for him (us). It has helped so much I cannot even begin to tell you. He returned to church with our family on Sunday for the first time in over a month and the sermon hit home with him. He struggles daily with a multitude of medical problems but I have always told him to just try to keep the faith. I am wholeheartedly thankful for WCQR and Prayer Works--because it most certainly does!!


August 06, 2011

I sent in a prayer request to get a job cuz me and my mom are homless. Well i Got one. Full time!! thanks for all the prayers..God Bless :)

My Eyes

August 04, 2011

Thank You Thank You Thank You!!! The power of Prayer is amazing!! Its been 1 week of no eye problems!!! First time in a long time!!! Thank you for the prayers & thank you Lord Jesus!!!

Mom's Brain Surgery Rescheduled

August 04, 2011

It is amazing how God has used prayer to give us peace through the cancellation of a surgery in Little Rock. Rather than rescheduling it there, the Lord led us through prayers of people on this website to reschedule it in Kingsport. We have seen the hand of God in so many things leading us to this decision. I have entered a new prayer request for the new surgery date here. Thank you for praying!

Aug. 1 Brain Surgery Cancelled

August 03, 2011

Mom's brain surgery to remove a large tumor was cancelled due to her surgeon becoming very ill. It was to be delayed 3 weeks, however we feel God is leading us to another doctor in a closer location for Aug. 11. Thanks for your prayers. They brought so much peace to us as we wrestled with the cancelled surgery - definitely devine peace is the only way to describe it. I have entered a new request about making this tough decision.

Strength at work

August 02, 2011

I asked for prayer on Monday for strength for my husband at work in the situation he faces daily, and for God's direction for us. I want to tell everyone that Monday was the best day he has had in quite a few weeks! With all the prayers Our Father heard on my husband's behalf yesterday from all of you, he was blessed with a peaceful day and the mouths of the evildoers was shut all day! What a blessing that was. We still need you to keep praying for our direction in this situation, for strength, and for salvation for those who are coming up against the Christians at this job daily. I don't know what today has been like for him and the others, but we trust God has a plan in all of this. God Bless each of you for praying for us.

Grandmother Is Recovering

August 01, 2011

My grandmother had surgery and God definately intervened and answered prayer!! Gangreen was in her toe and doctors thought it had probably spread into her leg but it had not..Praise God!!! Only had to remove the toe. The only concern now is for it to heal. She is a diabetic and had PAD, which is bad circulation, BUT I'm trsuting in God, the Great Physician, to heal her completely. So far everything is looking good. Please keep praying for my grandmother, Artis Warren. She is my angel!! God bless you all for your prayers!! :)

Grandfather now in Heaven rejoicing

July 31, 2011

I posted a little over a week ago about my sick Papaw. He passed away Tuesday morning. I just want to thank everyone for all the prayers for him and our family. It has been difficult, but we know he is the presence of Jesus with a new body. No more sickness or pain. Please continue to pray for strength and comfort for my grandmother. I had also posted about a job for my husband. He is still searching. We are trying so hard to be patient. Please pray that we have faith and wait on the Lord to open a door for him. Thanks to WCQR for all you do. I can't tell you how many times I've turned on the radio and the perfect song comes on and lifts me up. God Bless You All!!

Medical Testing - Great News!!!!

July 28, 2011

Thank you to all that prayed for my mom. She went for her biopsy and it came back CANCER FREE!!! She does have a thyroid disease that is very treatable so please still pray for her. I'm still amazed at the power of prayer and our God who can do anything and everything. Thanks again and God Bless You! (He certainly has me!)

Son's Traveling

July 27, 2011

I would like to thank all of you that kept my son and his friends in your prayers! They had a wonderful trip & returned safely to their parents. Praise God!! I was so humbled and moved by each & everyone of you that prayed and sent an e-mail letting me know. I give God all the glory for my son having a safe trip and a great experience!!! God Bless you all. Your sister in Christ

Praise Report

July 27, 2011

Praise be to God my daughter's biopsy came back normal, no melanoma!!!! Thanks to everyone that prayed for her! Im so glad we serve an AWESOME God!!

Answered Prayer husband's health

July 22, 2011

I ask for prayer for my diabetic husband cut leg that had became infected. We went to the doctor today and the infection was not in the bone, praise GOD!. The doctor cleaned the wound and said the prognosis looks good for complete healing. Please keep praying for healing.

healing and finances

July 22, 2011

My husbands foot is healed praise God. We are still in financial need but God is good and faithful to his children. Thanks for your prayers please keep praying for us.

Answered Prayers

July 22, 2011

Well a few weeks ago I sent out a prayer request because my famiy and I have been through so much lately. And then I had court last week for custody of my 17 year old son. His father won custody and my son didnt look at me or even speak to me the whole time we were there. Which was extremely hard for me esp since we were there all day long. But before I left that morning, sick to my stomach from nerves, I prayed for Gods will to be done, no matter what the outcome. When we left the court house I was upset to say the very least and I pitched a little fit. But then I said a prayer that I didnt understand why things worked out this way but that I prayed for his will to be done so there must be a reason for the way things worked out. And so from there I prayed that he just walk with me and keep me patient while he does his work. I havent felt this at ease in months.. I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who prayed for my family over the last few weeks. I couldnt have made it through all this without the love of God and your prayers... SO thank you all of you and bless you!!!!


July 18, 2011

I had posted a prayer request over a month ago for my boyfriend who was searching for a job and was having ex wife issues. Praise God he found employment with benefits and good pay. His ex wife has also paid him some of the money she owes him. He has also found a new home and has just moved in. I had told him to lay all his burdens at God's feet and dont pick them back up, he finally did and everything started falling into place!! I had also posted a request for my daughter who found a spot on the bottom of her foot and was referred to a skin cancer dr. She had her first visit last week, they done a biopsy so we should have the results in about 2 weeks. Please continue to pray for her and that we get good results! God is so GREAT!!!

My Precious Daughter

July 16, 2011

I asked for prayers for my daughter - she has been struggling dealing with a mistake she had made. A change happened last night that I pray will help her go forward and make time for God in her life again. thank you for your prayers. Please continue them.

a big thanks

July 10, 2011

i want to thank each one who has prayed for my brother and mother My brother is to be realeased from jail in august and my mom found a peaceful place to live after her eviction again thanks and God bless

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